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  • 5Skywatcher C. 1 year ago
    Our family visited and paid respect to the fallen soldiers. The place I can bring my children to remember the sacrifice for our freedom. Tranquility and peace!

  • 5Julie H. 2 years ago
    Great and humbling experience.

  • 5Hiro's J. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Arizona Memorial. Where the war has begun. It ended with the battleship Missouri nearby. Impressive in the movie "Final Countdown". (Original) アリゾナ・メモリアル。戦争が始まったところ。近くに戦艦ミズーリで終わったところ。 映画「ファイナルカウントダウン」で印象的。

  • 5S M. 2 years ago
    An amazing experience for any age.

  • 5Shivam S. 2 years ago
    Im not sure why anyone would give less than 5 stars. This place is serenity. Just the thought of being there gives me goosebumps. I also recommend paying the $20 and doing the USS Bowfin submarine tour. It's worth it.

  • 5Hugo N. 2 years ago
    You have to step foot here. The history speaks for itself.

  • 5Brandon H. 2 years ago
    Little pricey but other then that it was great

  • 5Kayla L. 2 years ago
    Very sobering and well-documented and designed. A must-see for any patriotic American and lover of history.

  • 5kelly f. 2 years ago
    Wow, a must see!!!

  • 5Jim S. 2 years ago
    An excellent tour.

  • 5Terry B. 2 years ago
    Worth your time and effort to be here.

  • 5Koerrea B. 2 years ago
    My first time here and will not be the last. Amazing place to visit and very humbling. Will have to come back to view the Missouri and the submarine....

  • 5Shaun A. 2 years ago
    Bucket list.

  • 5Sade R. 1 year ago
    This is extremely extensive. Be prepared to spend a full day here. We were there 4 hours and didn't even get through everything. You can bring a water bottle for refills but no bags. There is a storage area for baggage though. The Passport to Pearl Harbor also includes the opportunity for a virtual reality experience. The docents are knowledgeable and can share more of the history behind what's happening as well.

  • 5Rocky O. 1 year ago
    The Arizona memorial was closed for maintenance, but the narration from Jame Lee Curtis was powerful coupled by the testimonials from witnesses and service member survivors. The audio tour was very educational and incredibly emotional. The powerful experience is not what I was ready for.

  • 5Rich Flores (. 1 year ago
    Beautiful memorial with PLENTY of history to see and explore. I really need to do these things by myself because I could have spent 8 hours in the Missouri alone reading everything but with the family they kind of just like to walk through at a quicker pace. I didn't get to go to the air museum or see the USS Bowfin but that's okay I'll be back and give myself much more time. Unfortunately the USS Arizona was not accessible due to a faulty dock so I'm pretty bummed I didn't get to see that either

  • 5Dzmitry M. 2 years ago
    Time has stopped here... RIP defenders of the USA🙏 It is necessary to remember not to experience it again. Well organized place with free entry for visitors. You need to buy tickets only if you want to visit submarine of battleship museum.

  • 5Karly W. 1 year ago
    Plan ahead! To get the most out of your visit, plan on spending the day to experience all the museums and sites. Wake up early and get to there early. Stay on getting your tickets to the Arizona memorial. Tickets are available 24 hours in advance. The line for stand by was LONG, so I would not put my money on that working out. Don't skip the shuttle to the Missouri and aircraft museum. We used the Oahu City card for our day at Pearl Harbor and it was a money saver. We greatly enjoyed the helpful staff and stories from the rangers. Don't skip this on your Hawaii vacation!

  • 5Rosie B. 1 year ago
    What an amazing and emotional experience. Everyone working is very helpful, but you may want to reserve tickets ahead of time or you're waiting in the standby line. If you go when they first open, the wait isn't long. But later in the day, the lines are huge for the boats unless you have tickets. Pay to check out the submarine named the USS BOWFIN. Definitely worth it 👌

  • 5Dwight W. 1 year ago
    Definitely worth visiting! No worries if stopping here is a last minute decision, there is no cost to enter, walk the grounds and visit the museums. However, if you want to visit the USS Arizona memorial, then you need to plan ahead and get your tickets way in advance. The entire facility is well maintained and very peaceful to walk around and check everything out. Large, flat walkways and sidewalks to accommodate strollers and wheelchairs. Plenty of benches to sit and relax. There are also several volunteers and workers around with tons of knowledge if you have questions about anything. If you're on Oahu, you need to stop!

  • 5Pat K. 11 months ago
    Very very nicely done. I've been to many national parks/monuments and this was definitely worth the trip and the ticket expense. Would go again. By the way don't bring a bag they require a bag check in a locker, no bags past a certain part.

  • 5Martina Sadler w/ Howard Hanna Real Estate S. 1 year ago
    What an experience. Definitely glad we came. Can't bring in any bags or purses of any kind. Small clear bags are acceptable or JUST what you can fit into your pockets. No outside food or drinks allowed. Entrance to memorial center is free. Different costs to tour ships etc. Pic of Missouri tour receipt provided.

  • 5Marcus W. 1 year ago
    Humbling and learning experience at the Arizona and Missouri memorials. Be patient with the lines and crowds, and have sunscreen on hand for the outdoor factor. Aviation museum has some good historical panels at hangar 37. Entry was free. But the sites cost $25+ to visit. Plan accordingly.

  • 5Rachel D. 11 months ago
    Lots of tips for anyone going to visit. It can be virtual impossible to get tickets to see the Arizona. Instead they have a stand by line that we waited in for at least 2 in a half hours. WELL WORTH THE WAIT THOUGH. BRING WATER AND SUN BLOCK. If you can, the earlier you get there the better. They don't allow any bags or purses in the park. So leave them in your tunk unless you want to pay the locker fee. My husband and I took turns waiting in line and went to view the rest of the park. Lots of amazing things to see.

  • 5Oug D. 9 months ago
    So this review will primarily address the Battleship USS Missouri tour. Arrived at Pearl Harbor National Park around noon on Friday and walked through security to purchase 2 tickets. No issues. If you have a military or veteran ID present it for a discount. Discount is only for the individual holding the card. Drove to the Battleship on Ford Island (ensure you can do that as the Island is actively guarded and has restricted access, if not no biggie as there is a nice air-conditioned bus to take you). We walked to the entrance. Go to the end, basically where the ship is, and turn left. Past the concession stands there is another checkpoint to enter the ship. They will take your picture there and then you proceed to the ship. If you want buy a bottle of water at one of the stores and you can bring it along otherwise no food and beverages are allowed. As we boarded a volunteer group informs you of a free guided 3 stop tour. We opted for the tour and enjoyed it greatly. Price seemed expensive but the experience was unique, educational, and fun. Highly recommend if you have the time.

  • 5ashley s. 10 months ago
    Really enjoyed our morning in Pearl Harbor. Facilities are much improved since my last visit 16 years ago. The reservations we easy to get and definitely the way to go. After a short intro to the memorial site, they take you over to it on a boat. Just enough time on the memorial to look around, talk to the rangers and get any photos. The museums are full of info and artifacts. This site participates in the Junior Ranger program for kids. Also make sure to arrive early since parking is limited and no bags of any kind inside the gates. Definitely worth checking this historic site out.

  • 5megan a. 10 months ago
    It was humbling and an absolute honor to be able to visit Pearl Harbor. Please be aware you should RESERVE a ticket to go visit the USS ARIZONA. Also if you want to visit Ford Island where the Memorial of the USS OKLAHOMA and USS MISSOURI are you either need to be a member of the military and have an ID proving this or have a seat on the shuttle bus, otherwise you will NOT be allowed to see them except from a distance... they are on an ACTIVE MILITARY BASE. The museums at Pearl Harbor are very informative, and have lots of WWII history on display, please visit and learn! Also, I think you would benefit greatly from watching the short video provided BEFORE visiting the USS ARIZONA, it provides more perspective and makes more of an emotional impact on what you are seeing, what those people who were there fought and died for. Be quiet and respectful at all times while visiting this Memorial.

  • 5Adam H. 9 months ago
    What an amazing experience. The passport package was the way to go as this offered the most sight seeing and the whole experience. The boat ride and memorial was sobering and impactful for myself as well as my children. The stories told by the staff were amazing and truly hit you in the heart. You can spend 3 hours to all day and be extremely happy.

  • 5Steven C. 10 months ago
    It is the place you need ti visit once in your life time! The parking space is limited, so if you drive, you better come early or take an Uber! You need at least 4 to 6 hours to somewhat quickly looked the entire site. Buy your ticket online and early! The boat ride to the Arizona manorial are sold out very quickly everyday and standby line are long! No bags or backpack of any kind are allowed in the park!

  • 5Maria S. 7 months ago
    Good to visit and pay tribute to our fallen. This museum gives us a chance to stand over the ship wreckage and feel the somber peace of the battle site that occurred unsuspectingly on December 7, 1941. It is such a deeply and moving experience. Never forget.

  • 5Todd B. 7 months ago
    This isn’t just for history buffs, this place is a somber reminder of the beginning of our involvement in WWII. This entire site is a reminder how great a country we live in. The memorial and couple museums don’t have to cost. You may want to pay a few bucks and visit the Bowfin, Missouri, or flight museum attractions. I had to say I had been to Ford Island so I caught the flight museum and exhibits. Very interesting. The Missouri is a must see too. Easy way to spend an entire day brushing up on why the US is the greatest.

  • 5Mohsen k. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Great (Original) عظيم

  • 5Brad C. 2 years ago
    Covid rating. Very few people were there. Less than 250. Made for a tremendously quiet experience and very serene as we could spend as much time at any display that we wanted. The ferry to the USS Arizona had less than 30 people on it so our time at the memorial was not complicated by large crowds, either. The Remembrance Walk was, again, a fantastic experience because no crowds. The entire experience was sobering. A must visit!

  • 5Lucia C. 2 years ago
    Beautiful memorial. Extremely important to remain respectful, rangers and security will give you a nice intro about the ship, survivors, and ask you put your phones on silent and only use them for pictures once you're on the memorial. Also all bags must be kept at lockers for $6-7 dollars a bag, my family put all our medium sized bags inside one bigger bag and only had to pay for one.

  • 5Jordan G. 2 years ago
    Beautiful and well cared for visitor center. Several staff around to help and guide people to where they needed to go. I enjoyed walking through the grounds and enjoying the education plaques that were informative and inspiring. The boat ride to the USS Arizona was particularly great. My overall experience here was fantastic.

  • 5Jon R. 2 years ago
    Very important to arrive early if you're headed to USS Arizona! They leave about 10 minutes early for each escort out there. This historic site is beyond a bucket list item. This is the only place in Hawaii not on Island Time. Like I mentioned prior just get here early. We spent easily 2.5 hours listening to the audio tour. Map out plenty of time as there is plenty to see, read, and take in.

  • 5Amanda W. 2 years ago
    Beautiful experience to learn about a very sad day in history. If you have a specific day in mind to visit? Be sure to check out the NPS website for how to make reservations. Reservations are time specific and released a week before. If the time you want sells out (which it will), they release ~20 more tickets for each time slot the afternoon before. I was able to login right at 3pm HI time the day before to get 4 spots at 10am for Thursday. The reservation is only $1/person but the availability is the issue. The theatre room meant to display a video about the history before the visit to the memorial on the water is closed due to COVID but the video does play in a covered outdoor area on the visitor center grounds FYI. The boat ride and memorial visit itself are very moving and well done. Definitely sit in the back of the tour boat on your way back to the visitor center to get the best views for pictures from the water. There’s a nice gift shop at the visitor center too.

  • 5johanna r. 2 years ago
    The memorial or museum has about four different tours. I was able to get onto the USS Missouri and the submarine. It’s good if you really like history or want to learn more, being that I’m not much of a history fanatic I skimmed through the majority of it. The Missouri had a lot of interesting points with a spot dedicated to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There’s also two rooms/areas to walk in for history on the attack and aftermath that are free. Two gifts shops and a food truck. Definitely get the pack for four that’s more affordable but make a whole day trip of it!

  • 5Wendol R. 2 years ago
    Beautiful place, I have wanted to visit my entire life and I was not disappointed. Everyone should go at least once in your lifetime.

  • 5Rajesh V. 2 years ago
    This is a great memorial to those lost at Pearl Harbor. Plan to spend at least 4 hours just for the Arizona Memorial, videos, exhibits, and Waterfront Memorial. The exhibits and videos are very educational. The boat ride to and from the memorial is nice. The memorial is well done. You get good views of different parts of the sunken ship and can still see the oil slick. The audio tour is definitely worth it. It is easy for two people to share one audio tour by either sharing ear pieces, playing on speaker, or taking turns listening. You need reservations to grantee going to the Arizona Memorial. Some tickets are released a week ahead and then some more are released 3PM the day before. It is helpful making an account at before the tickets are released.

  • 5mike b. 2 years ago
    Love it

  • 5Allie N. 2 years ago
    Must-see when you come to the island. USS Arizona memorial closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Theater isn't open. Parking is good. Open restrooms.

  • 5Adventures Around the W. 2 years ago
    I came here many years ago as a teenager. It is still an amazing place. There is so much reverence and respect for those who sacrificed their lives here.

  • 5Rhonda S. 2 years ago
    Place of high honor and regard for past era of heroes. May they rest in peace.

  • 5Cynthia N. 2 years ago
    Truly surreal. All I can say, surreal.

  • 5Kirt R. 2 years ago
    A must see while on Oahu. Moving tribute to fallen heros.

  • 5Alexandria T. 2 years ago

  • 5Chris C. 2 years ago
    Somber and significant, this entire park is very informative and well laid out.

  • 5Rondra K. 2 years ago
    Great experience

  • 5Dan B. 2 years ago
    A must do if you’re in Oahu

  • 5Jay G. 2 years ago
    Awesome and beautiful place to see. MUST see.

  • 5Andrew W. 2 years ago
    Very cool place but pretty emotional as well

  • 5G H. 2 years ago
    Honored to be able to bear witness to the memory of our brave soldiers..grateful for the freedoms you all have afforded us.

  • 5Barbara D. 2 years ago
    As the daughter of a veteran and knowing personally a Pearl Harbor Purple Heart recipient i was very proud and very emotional to visit this historic place. God Bless all our Men and Women in Uniform. Tha , you for your Service!-

  • 5J A. 2 years ago
    Be sure to get tickets 7 days out or at 1500 day before for Arizona Memorial. It was a must for us. A great learning opportunity & a way to pay respect to those who sacrificed so much.

  • 5S R. 2 years ago
    Always a great experience, even during co vid. Plan to arrive 30-45 minutes early so you don't miss your reservation.

  • 5Becky H. 2 years ago
    We walked through the park, read the history and paid out respects. Very nice place

  • 5Jeff K. 2 years ago
    Worth a visit for all visitors to the area.

  • 4Lynnetta F. 1 year ago
    The Navy has closed the Arizona Memorial due to loading dock repairs when we visited on 09/07/2021. We're getting a partial refund from the bus tour company. Otherwise, we enjoyed the other exhibits. Bags are not allowed unless they are clear. If bags are not clear, you will need to pay approximately $6-$8 for an onsite storage locker.

  • 4Luke M. 2 years ago
    A great place to visit for a several hours of understanding the importance of Pearl Harbor. The Arizona Memorial is a boat ride away to see what is left of the ship from above, a very peaceful place. No bathrooms on that part. There is a small fee to get into the large visitor area, you have access to numerous memorials and interactive exhibits. The Bowfin exhibit is an extra fee. COVID-19 guidelines were being followed.

  • 4William N. 7 months ago
    Great experience. Lots of information, photos, education. I paid an extra $20 to go up the tower. I think it was worth the money. There were only 3 of us plus the guide. Great view of Ford Island and the surrounding area. I paid for a "Go City" pass which allowed me access to many sights, so I'm not sure how much it actually cost me.

  • 4Gavin B. 5 months ago
    I've done this a couple of times. There's a lot to see and to do it justice, you really need to do it over a couple of days. Last time I did the Missouri and the Arizona, this time I did the submarine and aircraft exhibitions. Of course, you can buy a ticket that covers everything too. Getting there: I came from Waikiki where we are staying. This would be a familiar story for most tourists. It cost a little over $50 by cab. Coming home, I took the Number 42 bus which is more or less door to door and cost $2. The travel time in peak hour is similar, so I'd recommend bus every one. In peak season, ticketing and security is a problem but in mid-October, it was a breeze. Prices are reasonable and even without a ticket, there are a few museums to see. There are plenty of facilities and a couple of eateries. The main areas are very disabled-friendly but obviously, climbing around on the Missouri requires high agility. The submarine exhibit is the weakest, especially now that the submarine has gone. If you're going to skip one, skip that one. The Missouri is incredible and well worth doing. You get to see all over the ship and stand in one of the turning points of history. It's my second favourite part of Pearl Harbour. The Arizona is very emotional but overall it is a bit of a let down compared to the Missouri and the planes. There's not much to do there except feel sad and pay your respects. The aircraft section is easily the best part of the experience. There are several rare aircraft here across two hangars and you can walk amongst them. The descriptions are comprehensive too. All in all, if you're visiting Hawaii, you have to come here.

  • 4Cassie O. 10 months ago
    As a history buff, this was very interesting. We did the USS Arizona tour as well, and that was fantastic, the ranger was incredibly informative and offered so much insight into what we were seeing. The boat ride over is very calm, not choppy, easy to handle and there are good ramps to get on and off the boat. Many of the details of the attack we did not learn in school, and it was incredible to see and learn about the space where this all happened and read first-hand accounts. Would be nice to have a better welcome at the entrance to know which experience required additional ticketing and possibly a map, none of which was offered to us.

  • 4Nic M. 2 years ago
    Great experience

  • 4Maria Lucia Estivallet de M. 2 years ago
    A touching tribute to heroes. They were like sitting ducks there, they had no chance. God bless their service.

  • 4Christen B. 1 year ago
    We did not have tickets reserved, but were able to get to the exhibit through a wait line offered to non-ticket holders. We went to the memorial right when it opened and were able to get on the first boat. The naval submarine museum is not included, and is an extra cost. Also ladies, there's a strict bag rule. Advise not taking anything in with you.

  • 4Hector M. 1 year ago
    Great experience, probably what impressed me (besides the history of what happened in Pearl Harbor) is that there's oil coming out, you really can see it and smell it. The place is very very small, it is a quick walk. Of course it is a memorial so, not sure why people take small kids here, I would go to the Missouri boat with them instead

  • 4Jeff S. 1 year ago
    Great content and quite a bit to see. We paid for an audio tour which also included a virtual tour and received a souvenir shopping bag and coffee mug. Unfortunately, and although reserved weeks in advance, the boat tour to the memorial was not available because of damage to the boat dock. I did not get a refund for the reserved tickets. If the shore dock was damaged, why could our capable US Navy not create a replacement or substitute dock. If the tour boats could not land at the USS Arizona dock, could there still have been a boat tour closer to the site? The audio tour combined with reading the information at each area took about one and a half hours. Because we were not able to visit the actual USS Arizona Memorial, the virtual tour was nice because it was as if you were actually on the memorial and could 'move' to different areas for different perspectives and sights. I was impressed with the dedication to the Japanese-American Nisei Soldiers who fought not only the enemies of America but the prejudices they faced from their own American brethren who treated them as enemies.

  • 3Sarang R. 1 year ago
    Nothing amazing. The submarine tour is good. War ship tour closes at 4pm which wasn't mention anywhere. Wish there were more staff to help or more board sign or information to guide the tourists. Aviation can be skipped. Didn't like the museum. It's not engaging at all. Mostly, see it and feel it. No engagement at all. I think the only factor is that the museum is built at the exact same location where the actual Pearl harbor took place. So you can expect the security too. The world war 2 museum in new Orleans is way better

  • 3Alexis P. 2 years ago
    if you pay just for the USS Arizona tour go back and pay for the entire package because it’s just a memorial with 1-2 rusted parts of the ship sticking out of the water you’ll spend more time staring at white walls than the looking at anything because there isn’t anything to look at. The museum was nice and reading all the backstory to each ship that was lost at sea I just wish I could’ve taken the submarine and other ship tour instead.

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