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151 Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815, United States




+1 808-926-3191

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4.20 (8199 reviews)

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  • Monday: 10 am to 3 pm
  • Tuesday: 10 am to 3 pm
  • Wednesday: 10 am to 3 pm
  • Thursday: 10 am to 3 pm
  • Friday: 10 am to 3 pm
  • Saturday: 10 am to 3 pm
  • Sunday: 10 am to 3 pm


  • Accessibility
    • Good for kids
    • Wheelchair-accessible car park
    • Wheelchair-accessible entrance


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  • 5S. 1 year ago
    Had a blast. Perfect little day outing for the family. Plenty of fun animals for kids to see... The moneys were HILARIOUS. They are so smart! Once a good crowd had gathered it was like they noticed us watching and put on a show. They started chasing each other and screeching really loud. They had the whole zoo chiming in. It was really cool, and the kids LOVED it! We were pleasantly surprised to see they even had a few giraffes and zebras! Such a blast.

  • 5Nolen V. 1 year ago
    Best zoo I’ve ever been to! The animals looked happy and healthy. Their enclosures were large and natural looking. They all seemed to have food, water, and toys. It was also clean and beautiful through out the whole place. Saw some animals I’ve never seen before. Good price too!

  • 5Sam K. 1 year ago
    Can’t say this is our typical choice attraction when visiting a new city but it was close by and my husband really wanted to go. We spent just under 2 hours walking around and we had a great time. Lots to see and learn, great way to enjoy an early morning or afternoon. Zoo was clean and well kept. Staff were very friendly.

  • 5Keith L. 1 year ago
    The zoo is so much bigger than the initial look. We spent almost 3 hours in it observing the animals. The various different animals were nice to see. The only downside is that due to COVID, there were several spots that were no longer accessible. Plus it looked like there was several spots where they were upgrading and revamping the enclosures. But all in all, so very worth checking out. Park was beautiful and clean.

  • 5Pamela B. 1 year ago
    I have never seen a prettier zoo in my life. We bought tickets in advanced due to covid but I don’t think you have too. The animals are in an open area. Not cages everywhere. A beautiful park rest in the middle of it. If I was a local I would take my kid here all the time. I’m so surprised to see so much preserved nature in such a busy place. Worth checking out. 100.

  • 5sam b. 1 year ago
    Parking at the zoo fills out quickly so Prepare to park further from the zoo. Parking fee was less than $10 bucks for 4 hours so bare that in mind. Kids will definitely enjoy themselves at the park after your tour at the zoo. Comfortable shoes and loose clothes are encouraged since it's usually hot and long walking.

  • 5kimberly v. 1 year ago
    Really cute zoo, it's small compared to others but very well kept. Everything was clean and well decorated. The weather was perfect in the day we went 02/12/2022. After all we are in Hawaii but the weather was cool and there was a great breeze. The animals are all so beautiful and there's a great playground at the end for the kids to run around the last bit of energy. The petting zoo is cute as well but there wasn't much to do as covid has kind of out a damper in things. All in all a wonderful place to take your kids ❣️

  • 5Csilla F. 1 year ago
    Super zoo. No smell at all. Animals are often hiding from heat. Be patient. Plants and trees are also magnificent. There is a small gift shop and clean tpilets. You can buy refreshments too.

  • 5Jeremy S. 11 months ago
    Great place to visit with kids. My 9 year old had a blast. Plenty of good animal exhibits. The birds were amazing. Try the shaved ice in the back of the zoo. Nice cool down on a hot day!

  • 5Ke'alohilani M. 1 year ago
    It's a fun idea for a family day out! We hadn't gone in a while and it was exciting to see all the different animals. The zoo is undergoing some renovations so some exhibits were closed but there was still so much to see. We recommend going early enough to spend about 3 hours there, some of that time is for parking, most is for leisurely strolling through the zoo, and leave some time at the end to sit and have a snack and rest before leaving. We brought our own water bottles and a few snacks but we also bought a few snacks along the way to support some vendors as well.

  • 5Dave G. 1 year ago
    Great open air zoo with lots of fun activities for young kids and easy to get around for older kids too! Lots of benches and places to sit. Very easy to get to if staying on the beach on Waikiki!;

  • 5C. 1 year ago
    We’re very much enjoyed the zoo here. We went there through the week shortly after it opened, and it wasn’t overly crowded. They have plenty of exhibits to enjoy. The Hawaiian beauty that surrounds the zoo makes the experience that much more enjoyable. As a family of four, we saved $40 with a military discount. Thank you!

  • 5John A. 1 year ago
    This is a great little Zoo if your looking to due some non beach activities with the kiddos. The 5th star if pretty much because this is the 1st zoo I've ever been to that doesn't smell like a zoo and its impressive. There's plenty to look and see...the animals all seem to be very well cared for and a staff who loves what they do. Great little side adventure in Hawaii.

  • 5AJ K. 1 year ago
    We had a delightful time at the Honolulu Zoo. 🦁We got there about by 2 and the gate attendant was extremely thoughtful and kind. 🦤 The Zoo closes at 4 so they gave us two hours to explore which was enough time to see almost all the exhibits. They have many exotic animals 🐒 with beautiful bird aviaries 🦩 and lizard exhibits.🐊

  • 5Elizabet G. 1 year ago
    Interesting. Bigger then I thought. Fun gift shop. The animals where mostly sleeping when they opened. But still was nice to see some in action.

  • 5Anita H. 1 year ago
    Loved this zoo. Highly recommend getting a membership. Animal exhibits are not tiny. Seems to focus more on animal quality exhibits than cramming more animals into their space. Membership also gives you a discount at gift shop and food stands.

  • 5Bren D. 1 year ago
    Amazing zoo!!! Very few people were here at 2pm and all of the animals were out. Loved it!

  • 5Jacques Manuel (. 1 year ago
    We spent some quality time with animals together! Don’t forget your masks by protecting animals! Ticket for local is eight bucks and nineteen for visitors, fair enough! I love elephants, lemurs, gibbons,giraffes, turtles, both animals with slo-mo or cheetahs the quick ones(didn’t see them btw🥺), this is my second time visiting this zoo and I enjoyed it, a lot of animals to see! Good for family with kids! Avoid noontime, too humid and hot🥵

  • 5Jacob Z. 1 year ago
    Awesome zoo located in downtown Honolulu. Take your kids here. Even your reluctant tweens, and teenagers will enjoy their time here. The zoo has done a great job with managing traffic during the pandemic, making it less likely to have two way traffic on the paths. Lots of awesome animals who seem to be content with their living conditions. Plus, the dip-n-dot station is perfectly located to enjoy a cool treat in the middle of the zoo. There is a food truck and sitting area to eat food near the playground. There are pre-order QR codes around the zoo so you can order your food and then pick it up. Brilliant!

  • 4J M. 5 months ago
    Lots of different types of birds and monkeys/apes. The monkeys all seem to consistently be visible and enjoy swinging around throughout the day. They are quite impressive and fun to watch. Would recommend possibly going in the morning; several exhibits appeared empty during the afternoon. I imagine animals were sleeping and avoiding the sun/heat. We went in the afternoon, there was a nice breeze, but it was also quite warm. The few concession stands present were closed. Not sure if this varies by day of week or post-covid aftermath. In general; Smaller than most major zoos. The grounds are nice. There is a playground for children. Pricing is significantly discounted for children and military.

  • 4K L. 9 months ago
    Some areas are under renovation and there were a lot of animals that were not visible as most were hiding, resting or simply not there. If I could compare this visit from our last visit of 10 years ago, I would say I was a bit let down from this visit. The once clean and lovely place where the flamingos are at the entrance is no longer a sight to behold. I hope that after the reconstruction, they will also clean out the waters. We saw the elephants, giraffes, a zebra, lemurs, a tiger but for most of them, you really have to strain to find them. What I would normally recommend a 3 hour visit, we were able to finish in 1.5, since there is not much to see. I would hope that in the future, this place will be restored to it's glory from many years ago because it is a fun place to visit when in Honolulu.

  • 4BDub 2. 7 months ago
    The Honolulu Zoo was a nice walk with a good variety of animal exhibits. I was impressed at the amount of natural covering for shade as we walked through the grounds. We came on a weekday and the zoo was not overly busy. Admission was very reasonable. They do charge a small credit card surcharge if you pay admission with card. Bring cash if you don't want to pay the surcharge. Great place to bring young kids as they have a playground and a kiddie section.

  • 4M K. 1 year ago
    This is a decent small zoo. There is some construction going on so everything is not available. The restaurant was closed so food is available from a food truck with limited beverage selection. There is a soda machine nearby but it's an older machine that only accepts cash - $4.50 for a soda...sigh.

  • 4Josh N. 1 year ago
    Only 2 minutes from the insanity of Waikiki strip, it's a pretty darn good zoo especially for the low cost of entrance. Adults only $19 in children 11, it's about half that price if you are a military. Mostly your typical zoo with elephants, however there's lots of need if reptiles and other species. There are lots of animals in fish tanks that you can view through a window to class is not always super clean unfortunately. There's a small playground for children, and some interesting additions like a warthog. Food choices are fairly minimal we just brought our own food. Gift shop is fairly good size and is solidly average. There are rentable strollers for children.

  • 4Lehome' B. 1 year ago
    Go in the cool of the morning to get best views of our animal friends. Fun self-guided tour wirh added charm of lush scenery. 👍🏽👍🏽🌴

  • 4Glory N. 1 year ago
    I would consider this a "must" do in Honolulu with toddlers or young children. It is a place where the kids can run, see a great variety of animals and play on a giant jungle gym playground. It isn't easy to take your toddlers many places, but this zoo is a great place to take them! Large stroller friendly walkways or grassy areas to run and play. Bring a picnic or buy from the Wild Burger food truck. Remember to bring your own water because it is pricey to buy it there.

  • 4Aniekan U. 1 year ago
    We visited the zoo shortly after they opened for the day so some of the animals had yet to wake up. It was still a lovely visit. There was a wide collection of birds and reptiles, but not so much of some of the other animals. There’s a nice little gift shop, cafe for food and snacks and a park for picnics and just relaxing after looking around. Overall a good experience.

  • 3Wendy H. 7 months ago
    Warning: Do not go on a hot day in the afternoon as many animals are sleeping and hiding in cool sheltered places and are out-of-viewing range! Still enjoyed seeing the ones I was able to. Quite well laid out and lots of places to stop and rest and get refreshments. Good for families.

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