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  • 5Eugene S. 9 months ago
    Great collection of Polynesian artifacts mostly dating back to the 18th century. Some of the interactive and hands on exhibits are still not available though. Crowds are limited so be sure to book at least a couple days before your visit. However if you get there a little earlier or decide to stay longer than your reserved time, they seem to be okay with it. It takes at least a couple hours to see and appreciate all the exhibits. I went there on a weekday when it was not too busy.

  • 5Elizabeth Ah Q. 2 months ago
    It was an easy walk up, pay $5 for parking, and $26 (Non-residental) ticket for the museum. The museum has movies to watch (additional charge) and QR code narration at most displays. You can walk around and enjoy all the museum has to offer. The aquarium tank in the science center was not operational when I went. We spent probably 2.5 hours there. Just walking and reading all the historical pieces. Very educational and fun. Lots of stairs, but does have elevators.

  • 5Shelia J. 3 weeks ago
    This is a must see. I could have spent at least 3-4 hours here. The museum itself is an architectural beauty. Then you have all the cultural knowledge inside to learn about which is truly amazing. I loved the interactive aspects of the museum but like I said above the knowledge that you learn about the native Hawaiians and culture. From how they lived and thrived to know is wonderful. This is a must do when you come to the island. I think it will give any visitors an appreciation for the land and people and what they are fighting to protect and preserve.

  • 5Zachary S. 5 months ago
    I received my undergrad and graduate degrees from Hawaiian colleges. The overall collections of cultural importance, Hawaiian history, and animal exposure is impressive. There is so much to see and learn about the history of the Islands. The exhibits tie directly into college level education of Hawaiian studies. There is a good amount of walking so be prepared. A must see if visiting!!

  • 5N. 5 months ago
    A really lovely museum that’s fairly modern given the area. It’s got a ton of Hawaiian history packed into a relatively small space, and adjoins other exhibit halls meant for specific exhibitions and a science center for kids. The planetarium is small and bland, not required to fully enjoy the place. The main museum hall is where you want to be and it reminded me of some museums in Oxford, UK.

  • 5Chris L. 6 months ago
    We had a wonderful visit to the museum and science center across the lawn. Grandpa remembered coming here when he was in the 6th grade, which was sometime around 70 years ago, and he insisted that we check it out and we are so glad that we did! The grass hut that is on the main level of the museum is the same (though restored) one that Grandpa saw all those decades ago. Very interesting history of the Hawaiian Islands and greater Polynesian area and a fun interactive science center for all to enjoy!

  • 5Kamatis Wit P. 7 months ago
    Not any ordinary museum, Bishop Museum is jam packed with not only a deep cultural history of Hawaii but of nature and science. The first exhibit explores the history and roots of the islands and how everything came to be today. The other exhibits explore the explanations of the plants, wildlife, and even has a giant volcano you can explore! Oh not to mention the surfing game you can try out yourself. Fun and educational, perfect for all ages!

  • 5Michael A. 6 months ago
    Definitely awesome and worth going to if you're visiting. It's more than just Hawaiian culture but does dive into the history Hawaii and how it became the colony and then state. Some very beautiful shots of pre colonization Waikiki that makes you wonder how beautiful it was before the natural habitat was ruined. We went early and had no wait. Our hotel got us free admission, which was very cool

  • 5Ondirae R. 1 year ago
    Went to see the dinosaur exhibit! It was dope, super entertaining for children. There's a ton of stuff to see and a lot of information and activities. Plus. The dinosaurs look great! Come early though because the line to get in is slow and long. Parking is $5 and in addition to purchasing entrance to the museum, there's an additional $4.95 for the dinosaurs. Must be fully vaxxed.

  • 5Andrew L. 11 months ago
    Very cool museum. My favorite part was learning about the royal Kamehameha lineage. The science museum was super fun and interactive too. Great place to go in a rainy day. Book online and use code ONLINE for a couple bucks off your entry.

  • 5Andrew Seelall (. 11 months ago
    With so much information, you can earn your Bachelor's degree in Polynesian culture here! The design and layout makes you want to check everything. Come here early to beat the crowd! Amazing artwork and history is packed into one building. The science hall is more for kids and also the dinosaur exhibit. Don't forget to set an alarm to see a show at the planetarium (lasts ~40 mins).

  • 5Kat J T. 1 year ago
    This place was amazing! It's such a unique experience rich with history, culture, art, and science. It was so edifying and so much fun!

  • 5Nicholas M. 10 months ago
    this museum is great and has so much to offer. i really appreciated the history of the royal family of hawaii. Also, Ms. Helene, a docent at the museum, gave me a wonderful introduction to the museum. and finally, they have a dinosaur exhibit for kids.

  • 5Iva R. 7 months ago
    The museum is amazing and have way more to see than I expected. We had just an afternoon to check the museum but it wasn't enough to see much of what they had. You'll definitely need more than an afternoon and include some small breaks. There was a lot of standing to see everything so including some short sitting breaks help a lot. You can buy the tickets on the website. We couldn't get the ticket to see the navigation exhibition, it was full sadly. The museum is a bit far away from Waikiki and it took a while to get there. We got there by the public bus and it took a long time. I wish there was better connection to see the museum and more information promoting the museum. I would have loved to finish my visit virtually if possible.

  • 5Jesus C. 10 months ago
    A great museum to go and explore for the day. There are actually three different exhibits in different buildings. Keep that in mind if you want to see everything. There is the Hawaiian history in the main building which is some of the most beautiful architecture you will ever see. A dinosaur exhibit next door. And lastly a science exhibit across the court yard. Would recommend for all ages! Prices aren't bad for what you get and you learn alot.

  • 5Steven B. 1 year ago
    A bit off the beaten path and happy the cab driver recommended this museum. It is larger than expected but walkable in a couple hours. I was in awe at the amount of artifacts and representations they had on display. The architecture and woodwork alone in this place is museum worthy let alone what is inside. The science building was interesting as well for my kids.

  • 5CJ J. 1 year ago
    We love this place so much! All of the exhibits and areas are beautiful and very moving. Of course the kids absolute favorite is the science area. It's so fun... it's like going through the top, middle and abyss levels of Hawai'i. Totally fun... awesome for adults and kids and the souvenir shop is phenomenal!

  • 5Ann S. 1 year ago
    This museum has a lot to offer. We learned a lot of things we didn't know! If you want to absorb all there is to offer, you will need the full day. The contemporary graffiti exhibit was amazing! When we were there in August 2021 they had staff cleaning even during operating hours and sold a limited number of tickets each day. You will need to schedule and buy in advance.

  • 5Jose De H. 1 year ago
    It was my first time visiting the island of Oahu and I am so glad I visited the Bishop Museum. This place is top notch! The history, and the way it's presented makes for a interactive, interesting experience. I learned to much and felt a connection to it. I will surely be visiting again the next time I go to Oahu.

  • 5Jeff H. 1 year ago
    Best place to learn about Polynesian culture. We art pow wow exhibit is amazing place to find new hidden talent.

  • 5Andy H. 1 year ago
    Great museum and would highly recommend to everyone visiting Honolulu. This was recommended to us by a friend as somehow most guides I've read online didn't even mention this museum. Turns out to be one of the highlight of our visit to Oahu island. Museum has tons of Hawaiian and other Pacific islands historical pieces, artifacts, stories, etc. The main hall of the museum is breathtaking. It's very clean and very well maintained.

  • 5Kelicia J. 1 year ago
    The history of the monarchy is especially informative. Learned a lot about Hawaiian history and Polynesian customs in general. There’s also a temporary exhibit called Pow Wow on street art that is awesome.

  • 4Rebecca B. 8 months ago
    I only had 30 min to explore. Definitely not enough time, I didn’t get to see everything. I went in on a Thursday afternoon, it was very quiet not many people. I did enjoy learning some things about the culture I didn’t know before. Unique museum, could have some upgrades to it, had a strange ‘old’ smell in one building. I did like the option that they let you touch & learn, that part would be fun for kids. They did have a really nice gift shop with more authentic options for souvenirs then what Waikiki has to offer. Wish I had more time to check it out.

  • 4Nicole M. 2 months ago
    A lot of great information here, but my family and I all left feeling a little like we still didn’t understand the culture fully. We came to try to learn more about Hawaiian culture and Polynesia. However the information was sort of just jumbled everywhere. It would be better if there was a chain of events lined up for you. Organization is a huge part of teaching. They have the artifacts grouped together, but the timeline is missing. The artifacts they have here are priceless and extremely beautiful! But outsiders with no background of the history will have a hard time grasping the basic concepts. It seems like you almost need a little bit of prior knowledge before coming here to really appreciate everything they have to offer. If the museum could incorporate a timeline somewhere explaining the exact history of Polynesia and the islands, that would be helpful to everyone! Dumb it down for us so that we can all advocate for the culture and people of Hawaii 🌺🤙🏽 Some of us tourists want to appreciate the history and traditions! We aren’t all there for Waikiki beach 😉😁 My five year old daughter did really enjoy the kids science building across the campus. The slide for the volcano is hardly a slide though, the kids can’t even slide down it because it’s not inclined enough😅 could use a revamp! We did like the glow in the dark tunnel a lot though! But overall enjoyed our time there. The price was a little steep for three adults and a child, but I’m hoping that the museum will improve with feedback like ours🤞🏽 Would love to come back and learn more at some point!

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