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  • Tuesday: Open 24 hours
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  • Friday: Open 24 hours
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  • 1Warren P. 2 months ago
    So, I came in at 130am today after I checked into my hotel. I just came in from San Fransisco and figured I’d renew my membership and get in some cardio after a long flight. I walked in the front entrance and not a single employee and/or manager in sight. I had time to waste so I figured I’d wait.. I ended up waiting for 45 mins. until I finally gave up. As I was about to leave, a guy that just finished working out asked me if I seen any employee around because he needed help with his locker. He was unable to get it open with the PIN code that he was provided. He said his keys and wallet was in there and he has to go to work soon. I told him I have been waiting here to speak with someone for 45 mins. about renewing my membership and I have not seen a single employee. The guy ended up calling security for help whom also tried to look for any employee in the building and they couldn’t even find one. This place needs better management. Especially at night. The poor guy is probably still there trying to figure out what he is going to do, now that he can’t access his locker or get a hold with any employee so that he can get his belongings and go home. Also, they lost me as a returning member. If I was in that guys shoes, I’d be so pissed.

  • 5T Payne (. 2 months ago
    I’m horrible with names but I wish I remembered the managers name. Long story short I tried to cancel my membership due to the excessive amount of people in the gym around peak time and couldn’t because I passed the 5 day cancellation trial. The manager was super nice. He’s a genuine person who talked about when the best time was for me to come workout instead. Granted, neither of us can do anything about the overcrowding but he did soften the blow to ease my disappointment lol. In this day and age we have to cherish, appreciate, and acknowledge outstanding customer service skills and he has that!

  • 4Juergen S. 4 months ago
    Well equipped , nice pool with 4 lanes, nice jacuzzi , so so sauna . Kapolei and Mililani 24h are the two best on Oahu .

  • 3R. 5 months ago
    It has a good selection of equipment, you just won’t be able to use it because you’ll be waiting around. You’d think with the a gym this size would be designed well but everything’s kind of just stuffed in there. This seems like a large company so I don’t know how this space isn’t 2 floors. It’s always dirty. The patrons don’t really take care of it too well and I’ve never seen anyone cleaning, even late at night. The same dirt and grime spots have been in the locker room for weeks. This would have likely never happened if KD didn’t join a 73-win Warriors team that we blew a 3-1 lead in the Western conference finals to, and ruined the NBA. Eat Arby’s.

  • 1Brian H. 7 months ago
    I'll preface this with saying, the gym and workers are friendly. However, my wife cancelled her membership 1 1/2 years ago, but we are still being charged (to this day). We have gone in personally to talk, called them, emailed them, and we are still being charged. We are owed over $1,000 but have yet to be reimbursed. They ignore our issues, but have no problem taking money from us in a down economy. I recommend taking your business elsewhere.

  • 1Delanie V. 8 months ago
    I hate this gym. I have hesitated leaving a review but I have been a member for a year and, in my opinion, nothing has changed. It is so disgusting and dirty - I highly recommend the team members take 1 day a week to actually deep clean and maybe this can improve. There are way too many members - I have tried different hours of the day and cannot find the "sweet spot" to avoid the crowd. It is so rare that I can walk in and just use a machine without having to wait +5 minutes (including the cardio machines). I leave more times feeling defeated than thinking I have had a good workout and it is so frustrating.

  • 3C. 8 months ago
    Finally open 24 hours. Almost always packed though. I only use power racks (6), half racks (2) and deadlift platforms (6) which are really showing age but get job done. Six of the deadlift mats are under the power racks, so if someone is using the rack, they are standing on deadlift mat. Ties up equipment easily. Employees are nice, gym folk are nice. Just wish gym wasn’t so packed all the time.

  • 5G. 10 months ago
    It’s a cool gym, clean not dirty! Staff was pretty cool as well. Overall I like it, will comeback sometime in the future!

  • 3Lawrence H. 11 months ago
    Your new favorite exercise will be the "Stand around waiting for the equipment you want to be open" This gym is ALWAYS busy. If you work a 9-5 job, might as well forget about it. It's called 24 hour fitness, but for some reason, this is the only location on island that isn't open 24 hours. The gym itself is fine, theres plenty of equipment, and broke stuff gets fixed pretty quick, but again, there's so many people here you'll never be able to use any of it. Only come here if there is nothing else avaliable. It's not worth your time to wait 10-15 minutes to exercise per exercise.

  • 4Dan H. 1 year ago
    Gym is well equipped but it's a must to open for 24 hours, I'm in the trades and commute all over the island so it's absolutely packed when I get there at 5pm. I would definitely go at 4 AM before work like many others to help relieve the over crowding in the evening but no can.. Covid is over, reopen 24 hours!!

  • 4Ill . .. 1 year ago
    Staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Just like all gyms this one gets really busy during peak hours of the morning and afternoon rush. They have good promotions going on where the most you'll save is the lump sum payment. This facility has a pool and sauna along with free weights, machines, and cardio equipment. The amenities are okay. Definitely has what you need to either take group classes, bodybuilding, strength and conditioning, etc.

  • 5Kearn O. 1 year ago
    Love this 24!!!! Love the Open single floor plan. Saves time in allowing me to quickly see from anywhere if equipment is being used or not. The Staff here have Great Attitudes! Makes for a pleasant experience when needing to ask for anything.

  • 3Daniel U. 1 year ago
    I love this gym because of the location and the staff is great and friendly. However, while other 24 hour gyms moved to 24 hours, this gym, located in the 2nd city and every so growing community still has Covid hours. Which results in crowds from opening to closing. You cant catch a break. I’m not sure why Kapolei members are paying the same amount as other members when we don’t receive the same full benefits. This gym needs to transition back to 24 hours asap.

  • 1Jason King (. 1 year ago
    At least 50% more expensive than mainland and 100% more crowded. It may be a good gym years ago but it is an old (for it's price), crowded and expensive gym. Sadly it's the only large gym in Kapolei (maybe Anytime Fitness) so its monopoly will last for a long time and people will still come here for workouts nonetheless.

  • 2H B. 1 year ago
    Equipment is pretty decent. The only problem is having to wait 30 mins to an hour or longer to get to use the popular equipment. It's overcrowded. If you want to work out after 4pm on a weekday, forget about it. You wont be able to get on any piece of equipment.

  • 3Gem L. 1 year ago
    Been going here for > 1 year now. Pros: Good sized gym with a pool and sauna. Conveniently located with free parking. Lots of power racks and olympic weights. Landmine attachment is good but tbh hardly any space to do exercises where it's located. Good selection of weights. Usually somewhat tidy and you can find weights/barbells where they are supposed to be. Staff is generally helpful and friendly. Cons: Gets crowded easily. They need 2-3 smith machines (they are popular) and get rid of the cable machines barely anyone uses by the wall to the entrance to the men's locker room. There's barely room for functional training and/or stretching. The floor is too hard for stretching and they don't have mats available unlike the gym in Kapiolani which has a nice turf, mats and space for body weight and/or functional training. Also it takes a while for machines that break to be fixed. Only one rope attachment for the cable- they used to have two but it broke from overuse. It took ages to buy a new one. Now they only have one of the good rope attachment. Someone mentioned good ventilation - it's a hit or miss. The cardio area gets good ventilation but there are spots in the gym with little to no airflow - corner where smith machine and squat racks are, area with free weights and benches. This is more of a space issue but also lack of overhead fans.

  • 1Dakota H. 1 year ago
    Overcrowded. Constantly packed. I tried 5am when they opened and there’s a line at the door, lunch time: you’re waiting 10 mins for EVERY machine, after work? Forget about it. Literally just save your money, and try the Kroc Center or work out at home. You’ll spend too much time trying to fight for a machine, a dumbbell, or a space to even get body workouts done; than actually getting a good workout in. When approaching the front desk or management about what can be done… you’re treated like the problem. If I hadn’t have paid for my year in full, I’d be canceling today.

  • 5Charles B. 1 year ago
    I just payed for a one year membership and feel that was an incredibly good investment in my health. Staff at the Kapolei location where I go are incredibly helpful, polite and courteous. Locker rooms and entire facility is kept spotlessly clean. Typically I can find parking within a two minute walk. Being across the parking lot of a mall gives the location added convenience.

  • 5Cristian R. 2 years ago
    Best 24hr fitness on the island

  • 5Chance M. 2 years ago
    Great gym with lots of weight training equipment, cardio, pool and sauna/hot tub.

  • 5Kaimakana A. 2 years ago
    I use to go there back in 2016-2018 before getting sent to boot camp. Came back looked around in the place love the equipment, the stay are family members to everyone and great people, love the area they built this place in closer to home .

  • 5C. 2 years ago
    Big open space with a variety of exercise equipment to get the perfect workout in. Sanitation supplies and cleanliness are great overall. Employees are courteous and helpful. 10/10 experience

  • 5Erica M. 2 years ago
    Nice facility great friendly staff...always clean too!

  • 5Jonathan C. 2 years ago
    Love it here. New hours perfectly fit my schedule. All the covid safe protocols are in place. Treadmills, ellipticals, weights, and a friendly staff are all waiting.

  • 1garrett f. 2 years ago
    The line to get in is ridiculous and then to top it off once inside, plenty of the equipment is broke. I have been coming for about 3 weeks straight and the same machines are still broke. Specifically the stairs. They have about 10 yet only had 3 in use. One broke down and instead of opening up an unused machine they just left it at only 2. What a bunch if BS. Where does our mbership fee go?!

  • 5Timothy P. 3 years ago
    I always enjoyed my workouts at 24 hour fitness. But now during the pandemic, I have a new found respect for the staff here. They are very on it. Keeping everything clean. Also I thank everyone who works out here for wearing their mask and doing all they can to keep things clean so that our gym can stay open. Mahalo everyone and keep safe!

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