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  • 5Anonymous -. 8 months ago
    This review is for coach Brandi! I have been going to her for 1:1 coaching. I am definitely seeing some definition in my muscles that I have never seen before. She really emphasizes quality over quantity which really perfects my form! She is such a valuable asset to Mililani UFC

  • 1David J. 11 months ago
    My 15 year old son had a membership here and paid his first month and last month apon signing up. It was fine until the Pandemic hit. He paid for the month of March 2020 in advance but they shut down early due to state orders which is understandable. He tried to cancel the membership over the phone but they wouldn't allow it. They opened in June and said have to come in person to cancel. He came in with me and we were able to cancel but they said he still owe's another month??! He also paid his last month dues when he signed up so where does that get credit to?! I've explained this and now the $71.22 monthly due has turned into $626.00 and now will ding his credit!! He tried everything he could and make this right. If a lawyer reads this there a case for punitive damages since my son tried everything he could and now his credit is damaged for future earnings?

  • 1Tisha K. 11 months ago
    We had a membership at this location prior to Covid shutdown. We were still charged for membership while they were closed and we could not go in the gym. We attempted to cancel the membership but they said we had to come in to cancel (when the location was closed). Poor management and poor customer service will loose customers.

  • 2Nick J. 11 months ago
    Great gym definitely recommend if it weren’t for their billing practices. I paid for three months as I had moved to the mainland and my account was not closed correctly. Cancellations are difficult. I was told that my account had been cancelled but it wasn’t. I signed a document on the way out but apparently it was my responsibility to ensure that I received a confirmation email to ensure the employee clicked…save. That cost $150+ I spoke with the manager to get it fixed. Received a lot of grief and no real help. She claimed that it was closed. But when i followed up a couple weeks later the Mililani manager had not closed my account. I validated that it was not with an employee at Mililani and I then reached up to the Honolulu branch, the manager there was very understanding and immediately cancelled my membership and worked with me to close the loop as the account was still active. Seems excessive for a cancellation. If you are cancelling make sure you cancel 30 days out (which is not unreasonable) but also ensure that you get an email confirmation as well. Fingers crossed that it worked this time… Why you can’t cancel over the phone or via app eludes me. However underwhelmed by the management there. But the gym is really nice as are the people. Horrid billing practices.

  • 2D Q. 1 year ago
    Words cant describe how frustrated I am right now. I sign up with Darlene and she tells me I can freeze my prepaid membership and that there won’t be an annual fee. She ENSURES me that I will be able to do those things. Fast forward to about a month into my membership, my card is charged over $50. I send her countless emails and she NEVER responded. I went in person countless times and left notes. She NEVER got back to me. It took about a month to resolve this when she then told me in person that there is in fact, an annual fee. A week ago I go to freeze my membership because you know, Darlene said I could do that. I get met with the worst attitude from this lady telling me I can’t freeze my membership. I realize that Darlene lied straight to my face and it’s sickening. It hurts because I actually love this place man.

  • 5Warren M. 1 year ago
    Love the UFC Gym in Mililani! Workers are helpful and I always see at least 2 people cleaning and sanitizing. Members are also very good about sanitizing after themselves, especially when using the equipment. My favorite area is the heavy bag area, always a great outlet to relieve the stressors of the day!

  • 5Marc A. 1 year ago
    Love this gym. Coach Randy was very knowledgeable and got me dialed in big time and on a lifelong path of fitness. Big love to all the coaches and staff

  • 5Buddy R. 1 year ago
    I love this gym! Everyone so helpful and friendly. Group classes are fun and it a great workout. I also enjoy my alone time to workout with free weights or machines. Gym is very clean and sauna is so nice after a workout

  • 2odaine e. 1 year ago
    Absolutely terrible experience with the childcare services provided. If you have children of color i would reconsider bringing them here. On multiple occasions my child has been ignored even when crying. They let her sit in a corner by herself away from the other kids, this would be ok if the other kids weren't playing together also but this seems to be happening just to my child. My child got hit with a block, which i understand will happen as kids play together but the attendant didn't even acknowledge my child. I have also noticed when picking up my child they dont walk her out like i observe them doing with the other kids. This blatant discrimination is unacceptable and i refuse to be paying for a service that doesn't care for my child. Besides that the gym itself is ok, with a variety of equipment and programs to utilize.

  • 2Jeremiah S. 1 year ago
    Has many classes at decent times and the one-on-one coaches are great to work with. Never crowded. Way too pricey though There is no plus one allowed (costs $25 for a day pass). Nearly impossible to cancel a membership, let allowing billing. If you want to cancel a membership, you need to go in person with the person who signed you up a month in advance.

  • 5Leon BIGPAKE H. 1 year ago
    Aloha; this location is my favorite due to the clientele and the area. I like that thr crowds are never really that bad compared to other gyms in town areas. The staff is really helpful and kind.

  • 5M. 1 year ago
    Good gym with lots of equipment. They have a guest pass for $15 so if you're vacationing and need to maintain your routine it's a good spot in a nice location.

  • 5The Forthcoming T. 1 year ago
    I go to the Brazilian Ju-jitsu classes and it's a really safe and clean environment. They have some cool classes I want to try out like yoga flow, kickboxing skills and technique, body pump and a few others. They're really knowledgeable and friendly. I'd love to hangout with my friends here after work and I've made a few since I started going here.

  • 1Brian M. 2 years ago
    That staff are super unprofessional and don’t care about their paying customers. Don’t waste your money here, better gyms on the island.

  • 5Mark O. 2 years ago
    Awesome staff and members and a clean gym

  • 5Marlen P. 2 years ago
    It has everything I need. I enjoy working out here

  • 5Damien E. 2 years ago
    Probably the best UGC on island. Clean, easy parking and not too crowded.

  • 4Eddie C. 2 years ago
    They need to extend their hour's of operation to at least 12am. The current 10pm closing is not too good. Other than that excellent friendly gym and staff

  • 1Oh Yeah Yeah Oh Yeah Y. 2 years ago
    4 AM to 10 PM weekday hours while others around the island stay open for the full 24 hours AND are the same price. Ridiculous.

  • 5Alexander Y. 2 years ago
    Great place to workout! Make sure that you bring your own towel

  • 1Laurie W. 2 years ago
    Vey disappointed in the unethical billing practices at UFC Mililani. My credit card was canceled due to fraud, so me and my husband's automatic payment did not go through. There was no way to make my payment online, and I was never able to get through to a billing representative. I finally called my gym and made my payment. The women who helped me said they would waive the $10 late fee. But, when I looked at my credit card for March payment I noticed they still charged us the late fee. I called the gym to discuss this problem, and got the same women who waived our late fees. She said she would discuss it with her manager and get back to me. Which never happened. We have not used our gym membership since the COVID shutdown, but chose to keep our account active until this month. We wanted to support this local business. However, we now regret our decision because they are dishonest!

  • 1a. 2 years ago
    Tried to cancel the membership, they insisted it could not be done over the phone and that we had to come in to do it and two months later after still being charged said we had never come in to cancel it and there was nothing they could do about it. After that they were extremely rude and gave us poor customer service.

  • 5F. 3 years ago
    Great gym, great Stagf

  • 5Cecili A. 3 years ago
    Best place to get your workout in. Music is always on point and the staff are super motivating and friendly. It's impossible not to enjoy the UFC family environment!

  • 5Daniel H. 3 years ago
    I love this gym. Clean, very friendly staff and a great place to watch UFC fights.

  • 5Adam S. 3 years ago
    Love this gym! I live on scholfield and have a free gym, but this place is so good I'm willing to drive amd pay a membership to work out here I never EVER see equipment down. It can get extremely crowded from 5pm - 7pm but hey its Hawaii and everything is smaller so it makes sense! Prices are also very great and staff is very welcoming! Would rate this place 6/5 stars if I could!

  • 5Reid M. 3 years ago
    Nice, clean and friendly

  • 5thomas a. 3 years ago
    Nicest gym i have seen in 25 years of lifting!

  • 5SUPREME UFC C. 3 years ago
    Best Gym in Hawaii. Clean, family orientated, and the BEST staff PERIOD!!!

  • 5Chester L. 3 years ago
    An amazing well kept place. The entire place is well kept and always having someone cleaning something. This gives me ease and confidence the equipment is both clean but also its always being inspected for safety as well. Moreover the people are friendly, some of them may be off putting or intimidating, but i retort what gym doesn't have those types of individuals. Nonetheless, overall a great place to get the results that you want for your body, make everlasting relationships, and most of all learn how to make those results faster and faster.

  • 5Ryan S. 4 years ago
    Staff here is beyond amazing! Thanks Rachel!

  • 5Tashia B. 4 years ago
    Love the Classes and equipment.. childcare and sauna, also option for a personal trainer

  • 5Daniel S. 4 years ago
    Very good customer service Very awesome bjj and mma coaches My son really enjoys his boxing, kickboxing and bjj coach as well

  • 5Kathlyn M. 4 years ago
    Staff greets us as we enter the gym giving the welcoming you as it was your second home. Then when we drop off our kids to the “Kids Club” they take over as quickly as they can so that you can make a grand escape to your workout as they try to calm your child by distracting them with toys around them. UFC Gym Mililani has a great community with everyone being mindful of the gym equipments by either wiping down the equipment they use to putting back your own weights. Gym is always clean and staff is “On Point” when it comes to friendly service.

  • 5Kiana B. 4 years ago
    Very welcoming staff who are willing to go above and beyond to help those willing to learn.

  • 5BJ Miguel I. 4 years ago
    VERY CLEAN! Lots of variety, many selection of equipment! Staff was excellent! Restroom and lockers are nice and clean! Overall nice facility.

  • 5Heavy B. 4 years ago
    Good prices, classes are great, & cool coaches

  • 4Natalie T. 4 years ago
    I loved the kids classes here. I don't love the parking lot, and it was often very crowded.

  • 1T. 4 years ago
    Front desk staff denied my wife and kids from passing front desk to wait for me. I have been a member for 2 years. My wife was sent back outside from front door with 2 babies crying for their father. Very disappointing.

  • 1Younghee M. 4 years ago
    I WAS DENIED ENTRY AT DOOR! VERY BAD BUSINESS! I had both of my babies and planned entire evening with my hubby who was working out at this gym as a 2 year member. Front desk would not let me past the entrance counter to wait for hubby on tables. Had to turn around at front glass doors with my kids. Missed our anniversary date with my hubby that night. UNFORGETTABLE!

  • 2keoni w. 4 years ago
    Love the gym and Coaches, but prices and Sales Reps are the Problem.

  • 1Michael M. 4 years ago
    I would never use it if you wanted you or your kids to learn mma! Super expensive and very pushy employees. Always trying to get you to spend more and more money. Always pressuring you to do personal training which is basic pad work that a friend in a garage can do for you. Like 250$+ just for someone holding mitts for you. Underpay there employees and treat them like garbage. If you don’t mind spending plenty money and getting hustled all the time by all means join this gym

  • 5c h. 4 years ago
    Used to be a member at 24hr fitness in Mililani. Ive always been hesistant to sign up for UFC because its A LOT more expensive, but since my son wanted to do mma style classes, I figured we'd give it a try and we LOVE it. Everyone is so friendly, clean spaced out equipment, awesome classes that kick ur butt. The busy times are usually between 4-7pm when the classes are in session, then it mellows out. My 12 yr old does the youth boxing/kick boxing with Coach Chev mon-fri. Hes super awesome and patient with the kids. Ive only tried the Boxing Conditioning and Daily Ultimate Training class so far, and both killed me, but in a good way.

  • 5James B. 4 years ago
    If want get fir do some dut

  • 5Erik B. 4 years ago
    Great instructors, clean and nice gym..

  • 5william m. 5 years ago
    training hard the rest is automatic great place to get it done...

  • 5Wayne N. 5 years ago
    Best place to get in some reps!!!

  • 5James S. 5 years ago
    This place was clean. Perfectly set up correctly. So much life. 🎶 music is great. Cant wait to workout. A little pricey. But we will see what happens. Everything is very neat there. i loved it. Nice. Hot. Professional employees. Thank YOU muchos.

  • 5James S. 5 years ago
    It was great. Clean. Awesomeness. Loved it.

  • 5Sasha D. 5 years ago
    I loved it here.. my daughter and I can workout together.

  • 5rosanna l. 5 years ago
    It’s an awesome place and it’s realyy big the have showers and clean bathrooms

  • 5Heather M. 5 years ago
    Gym is nice and clean staff very friendly everyone is so nice it feels like one big family. Class are great coaches are amazing and will help you. I moved and wish I can move back no other gym like this one.

  • 4CJ J. 5 years ago
    I generally just go here to shower after PT. It’s a bit of a drive but the showers and locker rooms are clean, well kept and usually pretty empty at that time. Gym looks bigger than the Waikele location but staff is just as friendly.

  • 4Jason S. 5 years ago
    Not the best gym I've ever been to but its clean and has nice equipment

  • 5Michele H. 5 years ago
    Great classes, inspiring and motivating

  • 5Chad G. 5 years ago
    New and clean. I like the class instructors. Yoga was different. Machines and free weights are plentiful.

  • 4Christine E. 5 years ago
    Always clean and friendly staff.

  • 5Doug G. 5 years ago
    5 star for: cleanliness, lots of weights, lots of machines, plenty of punching bags, awesome coaches, great place to learn BJJ & Kick Boxing, also strength & Conditioning is a must if you want to lose weight. Believe it or not, this is the cheapest place you can learn BJJ, Kick Boxing and lift weights all in one.

  • 1Nani B. 5 years ago
    The prices are too high. They charge the same membership for youth as the do for adults. My youth would only take class but is too young to use the exercise equipment therefore the fee should be different. They have no pool or Jacuzzi and they should as expensive as they are. I also dont like that membership includes only 2hours of daycare because you may want to workout longer than that. I'm not impressed with this place.

  • 4Hawaii S. 5 years ago
    I really like this gym. Both of my kids attend Jiujitsu and wrestling classes here, and they enjoy it. I was attending as well, but it got too expensive to have a five memberships per family. What I would like to see improved to be rated 5 stars. First of all, family membership packages. When one loses a membership scan tag there shouldn’t be a $25 charge for a new one. Late night yoga classes. If this gym offered a late night yoga classes I would re-join. The positives. The Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructors were totally awesome! The gym is inviting, and not too crowded.

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