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Center, 1450 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96814, United States



+1 808-638-2212

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4.00 (615 reviews)

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  • Wednesday: 5 am to 11 pm
  • Thursday: 5 am to 11 pm
  • Friday: 5 am to 10 pm
  • Saturday: 7 am to 7 pm
  • Sunday: 7 am to 7 pm
  • Monday: 5 am to 11 pm
  • Tuesday: 5 am to 11 pm


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  • 1Dr. Austin M. 3 months ago
    The air inside is completely stagnant, and it is literally cooler and more comfortable outside than it is in this gym. There is no air conditioning. The lack of airflow and humidity possibly makes this a breeding ground for viruses. The gym isn't very clean. The equipment is old. No bottle filler station so you can't completely fill a bottle at the fountain. Recommend going somewhere else.

  • 2Daniel M. 3 months ago
    Only open till 7.p.m . Have to wait forever to use a shoulder press. Not set for someone who is serious about his or her routine. Owners are happy 😁 making money. They could careless about people who have to get home after a long day working. So happy I never signed up.

  • 5Thomas B. 4 months ago
    The management and staff are second to none. They greet you as you enter and get you pumped for your workout. They never fail to thank you as you exit. Their professionalism, knowledge, and hospitality let you know you are at the right gym. Their eagerness and willingness to train and assist spills over to the workout floor and makes for a comfortable and respectful space. To whom it may concern, this team , this gym , should be individually recognized as a TOP STOP GYM. The sanitizing of equipment and overall sanitation and cleanliness of the gym leaves nothing to be desired . Thank you to my fellow members as well. Sincerely neil

  • 1Elisa E. 6 months ago
    It is very dirty, please CLEAN that gym; and many machines are broken and they don’t fix them. They just stay broken for months. It smells bad and it is overcrowded so you can’t have a routine as machines are always taken. Not enough machines for the number of people. Many people don’t clean after using the machines.Lots of people who don’t know what they do who tries to twirk the machines as a result break them, most people there just seat with their phones for long times not allowing others to use the machines and no employees say anything. Employees are literally absent. They just stay in the front, don’t even greet you or say bye. The music is so loud and obnoxious that you can’t even hear your EarPods and the hours of the gym are bad. Weekends close at 7pmwhich is ridiculous, way too earlier. Everything is just wrong with this gym! And weight area too crowded, can t even go there(A La Moana PF) I read the five stars reviews and those are definitely fake; they are absolutely not a reflection of what is going on in that gym. Planning on changing gym; going there feels more stressful than anything

  • 1Juliette Z. 7 months ago
    Great Staff and service but the planet fitness is so small. The area to stretch/abs is so small can only fit 4 people. It is also so crowded in the weight area. So hard to find a place to workout people bumping into each other especially during the 5pm and early in the morning around 5am-6am. I would suggest getting a membership at 24hr fitness or the UFC gym those gyms are worth the price more room to workout, better equipment and you do not have to wait around to use equipments. Plant fitness use to be 24hr but switched their hours so now it’s more crowded and is such an inconvenience when you are trying to squeeze a workout in your busy schedule.

  • 2Allan M. 7 months ago
    I would like to first say that Planet Fitness is a great place to work out when your trying to get fit or tone your body to how you want it to be but I will say this on the changing of hours issue. There are people that rely on late night hours that planet fitness is open because alot of us work and can,t get to the gym at 5 in the morning. It really is sad that the hours have changed. When it was 24hrs it really worked out for me and my schedule but now I can only go on the weekends. I hope at some point they go back to 24hrs during the week.

  • 5Gary M. 9 months ago
    Rather clean area to exercise. Friendly staff , and 24 hours access and free parking is great. Wish they would bring back sports channels like espn that i enjoyed watching while working out

  • 4Jimmie J. 10 months ago
    Nice gym, with friendly staff and users, just very crowded. If anyone is looking to open a PF this area could use another facility. Would use it again just early in the morning instead of after work. Great spot

  • 5n. 10 months ago
    Today we visited PF located in Ala Moana, I must say this gym is kept high and tight. Well stocked with cleaning supplies and 99% of the members are respectful, as they wipe down their equipment after use. Today I witnessed Jennifer working hard cleaning the workout equipment, not just a courtesy wipe down but an elaborate detailed cleaning to all workout machines. I watched her elevate each and every treadmill to clean underneath the machine! This gym has alot of pride and it shows. Front desk is always very welcoming upon arrival and departure. Thanks again PF for keeping members safe and the gym clean. Keep up the GREAT WORK !!!!!!

  • 3Cristian R. 10 months ago
    Just started going to this location recently. I believe that this gym is in a great location and for that it has great potential to get better. Better machines but mainly, more machines would be a great addition. I understand that the place is not huge but with a new or improved layout of the floor, space can be made for more equipment. There is a lot of people that come to this location and it gets very busy most of the time. This situation means that there is a lot of waiting around for machines to be avalaible. In regards to the staff, I think that they can be more welcoming when greeting members. The facility seems to be pretty clean so I do have to mention that. I hope my rating will change for better in the near future.

  • 5Zoe R. 10 months ago
    I have been a member of Planet Fitness for 3 months. This gym has everything we need with great equipment and it’s clean. 5 star to the entire staff at Ala Moana. They have been amazing since the first day we joined. Kind, honest and always helpful. Well Pleased.

  • 1Taylor U. 11 months ago
    I've been to ~20 different gyms (including PF and otherwise) throughout my life, and this is unfortunately the worst gym I've ever been to. I've noticed that there seems to be a signficant turnover rate with staff... This may be because of the nature of young people in HI moving in and out, but this turnover does not surprise me, because I have always found the staff to be unprofressional and rude. I am usually not one to comment on employees attitudes, because it could just be a bad day or whatever, but the amount of consistency that I've noticed with the inappropriateness and just general unkindness from workers has honestly been too regular to not mention. This is the most unclean gym I've ever been to, which is probably my biggest issue with it. Have found gum in the lockers, can tell tanning booths aren't cleaned, paper towels from gym users are often scattered throughout the gym, etc. This is also the gym I've been to in which the most machines/items are consistently not working properly... I feel like stairmasters are all not working 90% of the time (which is crazy with how many they have and how popular this machine is), most of the stationary bike machines don't work/don't get fixed properly, many lifting machines don't work far too often, tanning booths aren't properly lit/functioning, hydro-bed doesn't work like 40% of the time. I don't mean to be overly-negative in this review, but it's just honestly hard to find the light here... I've had so many positive experiences with PF (at MANY locations) on the mainland and because of all of these these problems, I am planning on switching my membership in HI.

  • 5Kiley C. 11 months ago
    Facility and equipment are clean and well-maintained. Staff is courteous and helpful. No high-pressure sales, no chatty, judgy, or intimidating trainers. Most importantly, minimal socializing, flirting, and horseplay on the part of members. For introverts like me, who already generally know what to do, it’s the perfect workout environment.

  • 1seth b. 11 months ago
    Couldn't help butt notice you removed my review and then commented. Your manager is rude Rebecca. Your staff is poorly trained and also rude, unaware of your own policies. Also your district manager is lazy, I came in at around noon on a Tuesday, and asked to speak with him, I was turned away and told he's at the store but not working, that he's using they gym equipment? Why is that house own personal routine more important then customer satisfaction? Working out at noon on a Tuesday and not addressing our concerns? Unprofessional, poorly trained, inadequate staff and company as a whole. Discriminatory also.

  • 4Connor G. 1 year ago
    Glad this is here - but it’s very, very busy I’ll take a conveniently located PF over none at all, but the space is small for the demand. Only 3 smith machines, no open floor space to speak of for body exercises, and some machines are in need of replacement or repair (rubber handles torn off, squeaks, loose cables, etc.) I ended up going twice and had to really fight for a bench for free weights and couldn’t get a smith machine for love nor money If you’re touristing around like myself and have a car with plenty of time, consider a different location just so it’s not so many people competing for limited resources Nice staff. Clean location. Just super super busy for the available space

  • 2C. 1 year ago
    My biggest complaint is that the gym is filthy. When doing lunges, if my knees lightly brush the ground, they turn black. The mats are not clean and the spray bottles/paper towels that they offer seem to make the grime even worse. The AC could also be turned down way lower given how many people are in there at any given time. The weightlifting area is always super crowded even at non peak hours and there is very limited space to do any sort of circuit or mat workout. This gym should be kept much cleaner, especially given the fact that we are still in a pandemic... I only joined this gym because there is only 1 tredmil at my apartment.

  • 4Chad Norris- High Desert D. 1 year ago
    We used this gym for the week we were in town and it was an easy process to sign up and the cost was reasonable for the short time, which is essentially the monthly fee. There are a lot a machine and only a few racks of free weights but still a great place to maintain a work out when traveling.

  • 2Jeremy M. 1 year ago
    So much of the equipment is rusting and it doesn't help that it is smaller than other planet fitness locations so it's probably always packed. Lots of machines have unnerving creaks during usage that aren't seen at newer or more modern PF locations. The front desk was nice but you don't go to the gym for that. I of course am only visiting but I feel for the people that have made this their home gym as the standards are low.

  • 1Robert E. 1 year ago
    The facility itself and the staff are fine overall. However, the amount of open area provided for free exercise and stretching is abysmal. And they make it ridiculously difficult to cancel membership when they make it so easy to sign up. Even after I went in person to cancel my membership, I still got charged even beyond the following month. I disputed the charges on my card and they countered the claim. My card provider sided with them and didn't refund me, and my credit score dropped as a result. Thanks for screwing me 'til the end, PF!

  • 1Alyssa M. 1 year ago
    UPDATE: I reached out to your member services team at the same time I wrote this review and have yet to hear back from them. Terrible service to the end. I’ve been coming to this planet fitness since it opened (whenever I was back in town), and have never had a problem or asked for anything. I liked how affordable it was and how nice the staff was. However, I came back home for rotation last month and got sick the last week of Feb, so I couldn’t come in to cancel my membership before March 1 and got charged the annual fee. I’m still a student so $40 is a lot, especially when I used the facility for less than a month. I know it’s policy to charge, and it’s my fault for canceling do late, but the worst part about this is I’ve tried to call multiple times and the manager REFUSES to even talk with me. Absolutely no customer service. The first time I called she was supposed to call me back, but she had another worker do it. Then I tried to call again the next day and she still refuses to come to the phone. She’s more interested in making money I guess than helping customers. This is unacceptable behavior for a manager of a business. I will add though, the other ladies I talked to were apologetic and helpful. It’s a shame because I enjoyed coming here. I recommend people look at other gyms because it also gets really packed especially if you’re looking to lift weights, and you’ll be treated a lot better.

  • 5Byron J. 1 year ago
    This is a great location. Facilities are solid as all PF locations. Very clean and everyone has masks and is wiping machines. EVERY person at the front desk has been nice each day over weeks. Manager addressed one situation that came up VERY well. Super impressed and any time I am in Honolulu will be very comfortable coming here - 30 year old man

  • 3Brian N. 1 year ago
    Overall price is very reasonable for a gym. Affordable for most people even on a limited budget. Out-of-order machines are worse than expected. I am slightly annoyed that machines are not kept up to standards, but I understand the covid restrictions on their profitability. I'm hoping maintenance will improve as restrictions are relaxed. I would recommend this gym to family and friends

  • 1Reiley H. 1 year ago
    Still haven’t received the help I deserve on my billing issue. $60 in unjustifiable overdraft fees, my bank said they set it up incorrectly which is why it wasn’t able to pull from my account. I signed up for this membership in hopes of raising the quality of my life at little expense only to have them take $140 from me in two months. I’ve only had one quality workout because they are non stop busy I’ve come in at many different times of the day. I’m completely disappointed and cried today out of frustration.

  • 1R. 1 year ago
    Absolute horrible experience by the “manager” running this location ; •1. I was rudely approached by an employee which had stated/claimed to be the shift “manager”, she had an unacceptable attitude & horrible mannerism, she rudely demanded that I put my mask over my nose after it slipped down after a set. •2. As i departed the gym, I went to the desk to sign into the “spa” to use the hydro-machine. I was immediately & rudely approached by the same impious & blank rude “manager”, after confirming my 2 black card memberships & 1 classic membership, she intermediately refused all entry to the spa with her instantaneous bad attitude, despite the fact that I provided not 1, but all 3 of my memberships. It’s completely unacceptable & below standard to have such an interloper running your business, Nobody should be treated with such disrespect I received, hence I cancelled all 3 memberships. She is mentally un-fit for such an occupation & a Complete Slob, her actions showed are disgusting. Spencer is an absolute Legend, Spencer shows all clients above-standard respect, world class customer service & overall good for business! I believe she needs to be replaced by Spencer.

  • 5Amber L. 1 year ago
    Came back because I havent been going to the Gym for awhile and I had a few issues going on with my membership. The front desk people had greeted me, and made me feel welcome. Leinaala had helped me restore my membership with no problem in minutes. Her customer service was excellent! Very attentive, and helpful! As my first time back, I would say that the staff seems like they have been diligent as far as maintaining cleanliness.

  • 5Brandon A. 1 year ago
    Super cool place! I like it, new to trying to workout never been motivated to do so but the equipment makes it so much easier! And the black cards great you can tan and use the massage chairs!

  • 5Mr. G. 1 year ago
    I've always been nervous about going to the gym. I enjoy working out and lifting weights but I'm pretty self-conscious around other people. Wanting to boost my confidence and improve my health was a huge motivator for me to actually sign up at a gym. And then there's Planet Fitness where I actually feel alright about being around others while exercising. Mostly because it feels like other people there are in the same boat as me. I don't really feel like anyone's being judged there. At least not a lot. Also it's $10 a month and that's hard to beat lmao

  • 5Jeff B. 1 year ago
    You’ll be greeted by the staff the moment you step in! The place usually gets busy when everyone’s getting out of work after 5pm but you’ll get your machine with a little wait. The staff keeps the paper towels well stock and sanitizer bottles filled, there’s always two bottles in each station. And there’s always one near you. The floor is always clean and you’ll see the staff sweeping and keeping the areas clean. Locker rooms and bathrooms are clean also.

  • 4julio r. 2 years ago
    If you are from another club make sure you have your barcode ready or have your account number. I had to call my home club to get this info as I didn't have my barcode handy. Other than that club seems kinda small for a city of this size. There were alot of people working out and masks are mandatory at the time of this post (9-17-21)

  • 5Tino V. 2 years ago
    Finished my 4th week of strength training, 20lbs stronger on all machines, worth the 20/month! The hydro massage is a bonus.

  • 2David L. 2 years ago
    They make it a major pain to end your membership. Be aware it needs to be done in person or in writing by the 10th of the month to avoid billing. Nobody will make this clear when you sign up even when you tell them you are only in Hawaii temporarily :(

  • 4c t. 2 years ago
    This gym is definitely a smaller gym than most. It only has three smith machines and it does get very busy so you will need to wait. Cardio did not seem too packed but the weight area did have a lot of people. Way better than a hotel gym but make sure to come with time! Bathrooms were very clean, floor around the gym was very clean, and front staff was friendly.

  • 4christian p. 2 years ago
    Has more treadmills than any other machine it's more open so for some that want privacy there's not rooms for workouts like other planet fitness... Staff is friendly and people are polite there though

  • 4E. 2 years ago
    Overall compared to the PF's in the states it maintains its quality. 2 downsides that are minor would be no chargers in the outer lockers like most locations have. The stretching area is ridiculously small. Overall good experience.

  • 5Laquisha G. 2 years ago
    This place is full of people but I have no problem getting the machines that I need. Everyone wipes down after use and the rotation is constant. I have great workouts.

  • 5Robert Q. 2 years ago
    Visiting the island for 3 weeks on business and coming from a high end $160 monthly membership “Lifetime Fitness” Diamond membership. I can honestly say, I hesitated to choose Planet Fitness. I was quickly impressed with the customer service,… Flora, Chad and Scott were amazing…Just super awesome. 🙌🏼 The equipment availability id a 4 star, but over all very good. I was also very impressed with the included massage!! You seriously can’t beat this gym… you really get a lot for what you pay! I will say, this is not a get huge bodybuilder gym which makes it a perfect place for those looking to begin their workout journey and even light body building.

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