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  • 5Jax K. 9 months ago
    OMG that was an awesome work out this morning ugh lol 😝 Thank you!!!! seriously You guys are the best! I have never been to a gym that really cares about the people and take the time to make everyone really matter. Please share with Egan and Marcia that you are all truly wonderful and this is such a blessing for me. I’m so glad that I am now able to have a place that truly cares and from being sick and having my debilitating illness at home for years makes this even better!!! I think I’m getting stronger too yay!!!! You guys Rock!!!!🥰❤️💕 Love you!!!🙏🏽💕

  • 5Ruthie Ah H. 9 months ago
    My first time here in town and for Prestige Agility workout, was not what I was expecting was an awesome suprise for me especially if im not a morning person. It was a wake up call, this experience has put me in a whole different level and I'm pumped for the next round. Shout out to coach Jaden!

  • 5Kuulei N. 9 months ago
    When I started approximately two and a half months ago, my goals are, get strong in body, mind, but I got more than that it’s a caring community of professionals and people . I’m feeling stronger, I’m able to walk up stairs. I noticed my chronic aches between my shoulders are no more, my clothes are hanging on me. The workouts helped teach my muscles in my hips, legs, arms everything!! Each time I go, I take it slow, concentrating on the workout at hand and try to be consistent in attendance. If I have a question the coaches are there to help. I love that I was introduced to Egan’s and excited how I will progress in the next year, Thank You Egan’s & Coaches!! Mahalo!!

  • 5Collette A. 9 months ago
    Probably like you, tried just about everything and I can say Egan's Bootcamp works! Benefits of a coach without the hourly coach rate, variety workouts for full body, flexible class schedules in-gym and remote, surrounded by fun & supportive people. Covid precautions taken.

  • 5Lee O. 9 months ago
    I joined Egan’s because 4 years of sedentary lifestyle had taken toll and I was heaviest Z I’ve ever been. After 3 months, I’ve lost weight, gained muscles and friends have commented that I’m looking slimmer. Follow their 3 pillars of exercise, diet and sleep and you’ll get steady results.

  • 5Marta V. 10 months ago
    Incredible experience! After the workouts you just want to continue with another one! First time in my whole life that I enjoy so much with such hard workouts! Congrats Egan’s Team

  • 5Jonathan S. 10 months ago
    Prestige Athlete workout was a blast! Enjoyed the friendly competition, team workout, and the different workouts taught! The camaraderie was amazing and the coaches assistance and did great pushing us to keep moving!

  • 3NYOB N. 2 years ago
    Not where you want to go to practice combinations, build strength, or focus on functional fitness, but it's great if you're looking for workouts like tabata, AMRAP, or dumbbell routines. You definitely, get your heart rate up and work up a good sweat during most classes, partly because of the mask you'll be wearing. But the classes are really short (~30 min), so it feels like you are just getting into rhythm when it winds down. The trainers make you feel welcome, like old friends. Rei and Tricia went out of their way to give me options to gain some personal space when I was uncomfortable with the number of people in a class. They even searched for me when I (thought I) snuck away during one crowded class. The rates and membership fees are not posted at the gym, available online, or provided in writing anywhere. There are sometimes flash sales that will only be available a few days, and are conveyed verbally by the GM. I recommend new users ask others gym attendees what they are paying and ask the gym for a written price schedule before committing to anything. Negotiate the membership fees and the 6-month rates. Some COVID protocols are in place, but there are gaps. There are sprays and hand sanitizers for gym users, staff spray equipment and steam clean the mat at the end of the day, and attendees and most staff wear masks. However, I attended two Wednesday evening sessions where one owner ran the video and she didn't wear a mask either time. Recently, an email was sent out indicating there was a policy change because some gym users who had traveled got COVID, but the email didn't indicate which locations or classes were impacted and only recommended travelers work out from home 5 days after they return. It is unclear whether the gym will restrict class sizes to be in compliance with the August 2021 restrictions on the size of indoor gatherings.

  • 5Pam S. 3 years ago
    Egan’s is a great place to workout whether it’s starting or maintaining your health journey. They have expanded their services to included sculpting, yoga, and even stretch classes. Now I know this might seem like...they have these classes at other gyms, but there is one thing that is priceless about this feels like family. Everyone is welcoming from the staff to the participants. Teamwork is constantly promoted, and camaraderie is full of energy. I have made great friends here and they keep me accountable.

  • 5Cathy-Anne Y. 3 years ago
    I've been with Egan's Bootcamp going on 6 years now. When I first started I had been out of surfing for about 4 years. One of the problems was that I was discouraged with my ability to pop up on the board quickly. After starting Bootcamp, I tried surfing again one day and was pleased to discover that I got my energy back and I've been surfing ever since. I'm 52 years old and feel like I'm 35. I love going to Bootcamp! It's a quick 1/2 hour and there are lots of classes to choose from. The coaches are all energetic, encouraging, and give various workouts for all and they are all great. The facility itself is wonderful. Showers and lockers. They provide hair dryers, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, and even lotion! Everyone that attends classes are very nice and like a big family. I highly recommend Egan's Bootcamp!

  • 5G&A Tik T. 3 years ago
    Egan’s Bootcamp is a place to be. Working out for 30 minutes feels Great!! The coaches and staff are very helpful and friendly. They know how to make you feel comfortable there. The first time I came to Bootcamp I was nervous. Seeing how the workout was, I was telling myself ,” oh my I hope I can keep up with everyone “. Surprisingly I could with the help of everyone there working out in the same group. Everyone there really makes workout fun! Thank you everyone including the coaches there for pushing me hard so I could reach my goal!!

  • 5Daphne H. 3 years ago
    I started working out with Egan’s Bootcamp about two years ago, and I love it! I’m not the kind of person that can motivate myself to work out on my own, so being surrounded by others who are supportive and fun, is important to me. Combine that with pumping music, a variety of exercises that changes every single day to keep it interesting, and fun coaches who help you get through the workouts, and it’s become something I look forward to! I only wish my schedule would allow me to go more often. But on the days that I do get to start off with a bootcamp workout, I feel way more energized, and more productive the whole day. And I notice how much more toned my body looks, when I take class more consistently. Which is definitely a huge bonus! I would highly recommend Egan’s to anyone looking for a great, fun, quick, daily workout!

  • 5Alex C. 3 years ago
    I’ve been going to Egan’s for five years for very good reasons. I needed exercise and attempts to do it on my own were useless. Going to Egan’s keeps you motivated when everyone in class is pushing through the pain and you want to stop. The class times are convenient as there are classes as early as 5:00am as well as evening classes after most people’s work schedules. I exercise at 5:00am before work to get it out of the way and to keep me on a schedule. They have showers if you need to exercise and head off to work immediately. The classes are short! The boot camp classes are only 1/2 hour. That is short enough of a time to squeeze into your busy day, but more than enough time to get your cardio and strength training in. They mix things up each day to target different muscles so coming everyday is not an issue. The style of class is also different each day which is supposed to be more beneficial because it keeps your muscles guessing. They also create different challenges that you can join to get that extra help with bonus exercises and diet and nutrition help. Everyone on staff and in class are very encouraging, welcoming and supportive. It is a great atmosphere to work out in. They do have introductory specials so call or stop in to get started!

  • 5Nina Z. 3 years ago
    Egan’s is the most amazing fitness experience I have had!! The 30-minute workouts are the perfect nugget of a quick but extensive and fun workout. I always end the class breathless and sweaty, but also ready to come back for more. I don’t think I have had a class with the exact same exercises and I’ve been going for nearly 4 months now! The atmosphere is very supportive and there is a wide range of “fitness” levels, so you really are only comparing yourself to, well, you! They also recommend a meal plan and there is a lot of encouragement and accountability check-ins from the coaches. All in all, if you want to start a more active lifestyle, Egan’s is the place!

  • 5B&P Y. 3 years ago
    We have been members of Egan's Bootcamp Honolulu Club for 2 1/2 years. The Honolulu Club is the BEST! All the Coaches are super GREAT. It doesn't matter if you are super fit or a recovering couch potato, they are aware of your abilities and your goals. You will be encouraged and challenged all while having fun. That's why we keep going!

  • 5Annette “Ageki” P. 3 years ago
    I love the atmosphere, the people and especially the coaches. Trust me you'll never feel alone. The coaches will always be checking on you and making sure that you stay focused and on track. The vibe there is always positive and it gives you the urge to keep coming in day after day. Come on down and join the fun. I promise 30 minutes of training is like nothing once you get the hang of it. One thing I must make clear, It never gets easy YOU'LL just get better.

  • 5Amber Caracol N. 3 years ago
    Love the people and energy at Egan’s. You can not only do a 30 min (!!!) Bootcamp class but there are also Stretch, Yoga, Sculpt and Fit Body Forever classes. The coaches are awesome and inspiring. They provide modifications when needed and also help me stay on track with my eating. Been going there for 4 years now and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Definitely recommend it!!

  • 5Yuko K. 3 years ago
    It’s been 10 months since I started going to Egan’s Boot Camp. I was debating between the Boot Camp and a membership for a fitness gym when I decided to do more workout. My decision was totally right. I would get satisfied with just staying at the gym doing nothing, but definitely workout hard at the Boot Camp with leads and encouragement. The coaches are so much fun and very good at leading (and pushing) us, and the people who take classes there are super nice and fun! I made lots of new friends there. Also 30 min classes are perfect fit in my super busy life. I usually take the class after dropping the kids off at the school and before going to work. I definitely made a right decision! My body has changed and I feel so much better and stronger now. Thank you, Egan’s Boot Camp!!

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