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  • 5jem b. 4 months ago
    It is pretty popular/packed, but it is a satisfying hike. Great views especially at sunrise, too. As a regular not-usually-hiking-person, I found it challenging. Very. As other reviewers note, all shapes and sizes and skill levels of hikers CAN DO THIS. There are plenty of places to stop, take photos and breathe/sip water, so don't hesitate to take it on. At the gift shop there are self-congratulatory items to buy like shirts and hats.

  • 5V W. 1 month ago
    We visited on a Saturday, in October as part of a shore excursion (Princess). It was a beautiful sunny and hot day. The trail was very busy, so I wouldn’t recommend visiting during the weekend. The trail is uneven with smooth surfaces, wear hiking shoes with good ankle support and grip. Bring water, sun protection and maybe walking sticks. The walking sticks made a huge difference for me and my legs didn’t even get tired. There are benches and lookouts to rest, it’s approximately 1.5 miles and there are 77 & 99 steps. The views are breathtaking and I highly recommend visiting just try to avoid peak times and make sure you follow park rules. If you are a visitor from out of state, you need to make a reservation in advance. Checking the parks website is always a good idea.

  • 5Rachelle M. 2 months ago
    Great little hike. We went at 11am, was pretty hot but thankfully the climb up was only about 30 minutes for us. Need to get tickets ahead of time, but was a super easy process. It’s about a 500 foot gain in elevation in .80 miles. So it’s feasible but tough at times. Lots of stairs at then end! So worth it for the views. Highly recommend doing this. Just make sure to bring water, good footwear and take your time! Enjoy the experience:)

  • 5Deb R. 3 months ago
    What an amazing experience! Make sure you have water and comfortable clothes and shoes. The trail is very well maintained with railings, signs and lights in the tunnel, however it is uneven in most places, so pay attention! The stairs can be much but so worth it! I thought the tunnel was fine, actually nice and cool. The view is just spectacular from the summit. Just wow! Everyone is nice,.helpful and considerate on the trail and we went at a busy time (8am). Reservations are needed. It took us about an hour and a half up and back at an easy pace. Loved it!!!

  • 5gary s. 11 months ago
    Very busy trail but everyone was friendly. Make sure u go early since the traffic backs up to the tunnel and your rides have cant get as far. So glad we did it. The views gave us a whole new aspect of the island.

  • 5Ben Northcutt B. 10 months ago
    Great hike for several reason. First off it is not paved all the way so it might be challenging for really little kids and those that do not move as well. There can also be a lot of steps. There is also a 5 dollar per person hiking fee. If you can get over those hurtles the home is worth it. We even got soaked on the way back to the car but it was fun.

  • 5Andy S. 5 months ago
    This is a great hike and one of the must-do things if you visit Waikiki. They have now started charging and entrance fee and have done it up, but you cannot now walk along the top as far. But the views are still fantastic from Waikiki beach to Koko Crater. Its a reasonably easy walk if you take your time and do not go up the stairs in the tunnel (right) but rather go up the new stairs (left). Its well worth doing. Note you now have to pay for the hike from the ticket machine. This is in addition to the parking. But if you bring a picnic and take your time its a nice afternoon out.

  • 5Casey V. 9 months ago
    It was amazing and great. I wouldn't say it's hard by any means. I'd say more on the lighter side of middle? Definitely wear shoes (not flip-flops!), hat/sunglasses, sunscreen! An a water bottle or 2? We saw all shapes an sizes of folks doing it. Just go at your own rate an it's definitely worth it for the views.

  • 5Matt L. 8 months ago
    Great, well maintained hike that's accessible for almost all ages. For your average hiker/walker, it'll take about 45mins to an hour to get to the top. Highly recommend coming during the morning or near sunset to avoid the heat and crowds. $5 per person to hike the trail (not including the cost to park). Come for the views and end your hike with a refreshing snack before you leave.

  • 5Jacques Manuel (. 1 year ago
    Marvelous view, bunches of lookout points to overlook the whole city, valleys and the ocean. Will try to visit again! Nice hiking with my cute friends today. We were sweaty and enjoyed this cardio. Gladly we made it to the apex.

  • 5Craig P. 4 months ago
    Great, well maintained hiking trail. A little narrow in spots. Not hard at all. Actually one of the easier trails I've done across the country. Most people get up in 45 minutes. If you're really in shape, you can do it even faster. All shapes and sizes easily went up and down. Definitely wear trail shoes or shoes with good grip. A lot of steps towards the top, FYI. Go in the morning or around sunset to avoid biggest crowds. Bathrooms and water/vending machines at the visitor center. Just know that now you have to make A RESERVATION ONLINE to get into the park. $5 to hike. $10 if you want to park in the lot inside the park.

  • 5Donald S. 1 year ago
    Diamond Head is a very nice beginner trail. It has amazing views of beautiful scenery. There are many photo opps but the best is the view from the top. You can see almost the entire island even the houses going up the mountains. The way the houses are situated looks like a Brazilian favela but with a very modern and clean organization. Definitely a trail to try out for anyone needing to get some gorgeous photos and a chance to go out into nature and experience some of Hawaii's glory.

  • 5Sara J. 1 year ago
    Fun hike. Bring sunscreen if you go later in the day. The hike itself isn't bad. If you want an easier go at it, when you get out of the tunnel, take a left. There's a different set of steps that aren't as steep and also have a great view. Also, check out the stand at the bottom of the hike. The açai bowl inside the pineapple is amazing.They have other food and drinks as well.

  • 5Manny A. 1 year ago
    Good hike. It was fun very windy, felt great. Didn't have to worry about bugs and the pineapple smoothie was refreshing.

  • 5Kathryn M. 1 year ago
    This was an incredible experience! Views from the top are breathtaking. The hike was a trail and then stairs closer to the top. It's definitely a workout but manageable for most. We took our time and stopped frequently along the way. We rewarded ourselves with a dole whip upon completion. Definitely worth doing on your trip to Oahu!

  • 5Asaf C. 1 year ago
    Diamond Head was a GREAT hike. It’s moderate so I will recommend for the whole family. The whole way up there are lots of opportunities to take amazing photos. But the very top of the crater is amazing as you can see as far as your eyes can see. Waikiki looks amazing from there. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • 5Vanessa S. 1 year ago
    Wonderful hike, highly recommend it for sunrise!! Beautiful view and it wasn’t as intense as I thought before. Totally moderate, even for kids.

  • 4Sara L. 10 months ago
    best advice I can give you is that if you want an easier hike take the LEFT trail once it forks towards the top. the path to the right will take you through a steep set of stairs, a very narrow spiraling staircase and then you’ll have to crawl from under a ledge at the top. the left path also has stairs but they’re not covered and you’ll have plenty air and wind as you take them. this hike has gotten a lot more paving and rails since so I did it many years ago in high school. it can also get very busy with tourists. the view at the top is still breathtaking. you do have to pay to park. you can either park right outside (paid) and walk in or drive into the crater.

  • 4T. 1 year ago
    Diamond Head was a great hike. From the parking lot it takes about 45 minutes. The beginning path is concrete then is rocky and uneven but still easy with handrail. Absolutely not for wheelchair and not for cycling. There are several view points with unique scenery. The top view is really spectacular. For sure You will get top rating picture of Honolulu and Pacific Ocean. Entrance fee is only $5. If you want to go for the sunset forget it. The last hike up is 4 o’clock.

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