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  • 5E W. 8 months ago
    A great place to take the kids to look at aquatic life that's unique to Hawaii. The kids had a blast at the inside and outside exhibits. There's an area where they can interact with some live creatures and there was an area to create a take home shellfish made of arts and crafts. The young ones had fun making those. You can see everything and do the activities in an hour or so.

  • 5Daniel L. 9 months ago
    Great local aquarium to take the kids or visit on your own. You can walk through the entire place in under 30 minutes or take your time and spend a couple hours there. The tanks are filled with tropical fish that seem very vibrant. Unfortunately, when we went the Monk seal was sent away for educational purposes; however, there were still plenty of things for the kids to observe. The kids found the sea dragons the most interesting. I can't be certain, but my wife felt that the fish here seemed brighter than at the other aquariums we've visited in the past.

  • 5Robert L. 10 months ago
    Great location especially if you have kids. A lot of sea creatures and interesting fish to look at. With your phone you can login to get an audio your if you so wish. Recommend

  • 5Melanie A. 1 year ago
    A small but rewarding place to visit. Friendly and knowledgeable staff on hand to answer questions. See and learn about corals, fish and vegetation found in the waters of the Hawaiian islands.

  • 4Tony J. 1 year ago
    It's a cute little place, they charge the same as the big aquarium in Chattanooga TN and it only has about 1/10 the amount of stuff to see and do. plus they still require a face mask inside which makes no sense in Hawaii.

  • 4Alicia C. 1 year ago
    Very small aquarium that was educational and only took about 45 minutes to an hour to get through - they had some big fish and lots of facts about coral and the ecosystem around the island.

  • 5John F. 1 year ago
    A small aquarium, but don't let that you prevent from coming here. Lots of interesting colors from each section. Would love to find again when all of the exhibitions are opened.

  • 5Matthew H. 1 year ago
    I came here many years ago and while it is a smaller aquarium than many others, I still find it both charming and interesting enough. I probably spent a good hour or so here walking around, definitely worth it! Just be sure to arrive early and close to opening to get one of the limited parking spots in front. It's free for 2 hours if you are visiting.

  • 2Impulse “Scott” 1. 1 year ago
    A very small aquarium. Even if you really try to take your time at this place, you'd barely be pushing an hour. It cost $12 per adult to get in and it comes with 2 hours of parking. Considering the accessible beaches with first-come-first-served parking, on a busy beach day, I would almost recommend just sending one adult in, pay the $12 dollars, get the parking pass and go to the beach instead. It does have some okay exhibits, but it's one room of fish exhibits and after that, there's nothing else left to see. There is an area for seals, but as of December 2021, it's drained and under maintenance. Even if you really have nothing else to do in Waikiki, $12 per adult is still too expensive for roughly 30-45 minutes of looking around. That's almost the price of a movie ticket, and those last at least twice as long.

  • 5Ali C. 1 year ago
    Such a great Aquarium! The gift shop has so many cool gifts! The guided tour that you can download is awesome. My favorite were the jellyfish I love how they have black lights in them to make them glow and the bubble pods are a super cool way to view them. So many cool fish and the the staff was super helpful and kind.

  • 4Lindsey C. 2 years ago
    Very small aquarium. It has a lot of local fish to see which is very neat. Just don't expect a large aquarium. Staff was SUPER friendly & interactive. It's away from the heavy beach traffic too which was great.

  • 4David S. 2 years ago
    It's a relatively small aquarium, but the fish are pretty cool. They have a lot more coral than other aquariums I've been to. Think of this place as a fun diversion, but don't expect to be wowed by it.

  • 4Steven Y. 2 years ago
    Solid. A little small but mainly based around coral reef type marine animals and it is excels in this area. Would recommend, probably a 60 to 90 minute trip

  • 5Carolyn Y. 2 years ago
    Our 7-year-old loved it !! She read all the details and had fun identifying all that she saw. She left the place saying that she learned a lot !! 👍👍👌

  • 5beth s. 2 years ago
    Interesting about all the coral. Sea life, sea horses. Interesting. The most fascinating were the dragon horses. Very different. Plus,we bought some actually all our pictures.

  • 5C. De la T. 2 years ago
    Such a quaint little aquarium with great sea creatures!

  • 5Myrna V. 2 years ago
    About right for my Baby who Enjoyed this Place Very Much

  • 5The M. 2 years ago
    Our family loves fishies, and in any place we visit it has become a great tradition to visit local Aquariums. 90% of the exhibit is indoors in a simple but fun maze type style. Is not long nor to short but enough to make a quick stop, learn and continue your day activities. From sharks to dragon like sea creatures, they all are worth looking and learn off.

  • 4S. 2 years ago
    It is affordable and something that kids and adults can enjoy together. Getting in was fast. It didn't take long to walk through everything. It was busy but not overcrowded. Staff was friendly and they seemed knowledgeable.

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