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  • 5J B. 9 months ago
    Visited this shop today and I must say I am so happy that I did. The quality of their aquatic plants is top tier. I’m so sad that I hadn’t heard of them sooner. I recently purchased a large order from an online shop that rhymes with oosay and literally 95% of the plants melted. I picked an anubias nana white (idk if I got the name right) and some hair grass. I can tell they are much more hardy and the pricing is better than online. I’ll be back for their new shipment.

  • 5Kaylan B. 9 months ago
    This place is beyond amazing. Such impressive and crazy beautiful tank displays. I was honestly expecting their prices to be crazy high it’s not and everything in there is so reasonably priced. The lady and man working there were both so helpful and nice. I unexpectedly got a betta fish after never owning a fish in my life and felt super lost trying to care for and give the betta the best living conditions. The guy was super informative, looked at pictures of my tank & fish, and helped guide me in the right direction. I kept asking him the most basic, newbie questions which he answered all of them. The lady helped me get the right driftwood for my tank as well as informing me how to glue and/or tie my plants to them and it looks amazing! I left there with a few new things for my tank as well as feeling more confident and at ease with everything regarding my aquarium journey. I never once felt like I was an annoyance to them and I really appreciate them both. The pictures I posted don’t nearly do this place justice.

  • 5Ashley B. 10 months ago
    Must see livestock; friendly and knowledgeable staff. At Aquascapes, I observed some of the most recent and desirable additions to our hobby... it was like flipping through a new edition of Amazonas magazine. The aquariums were clean, plants and fish were healthy and it was well stocked. The owner is a hobbyist and after speaking with him for a while I picked up some useful tips and was shown a few cool things about plants that I was unaware of, which was greatly appreciated. I highly recommend this store for those who are keen on aquascaping, fishkeeping and aquarium plants. The level of enthusiasm and knowledge was exactly what I was looking for. I'll be back soon... my wife loved the idea of expanding my fishroom... if it gets her back to Hawaii! Ashley's Dad

  • 5George B. 11 months ago
    - The owners (Husband and Wife) are very nice and knowledgeable. You will likely be warmly greeted upon walking in, and the store is really a spot you must visit at least once for inspiration for your next tank scape. They have plants, rocks, wood, and of course fish. - What differentiates this place from others is that the husband really knows his stuff and any question you might have regarding plants and Aquascaping will probably be answered from him. They have many ADA tanks and aquascaped tanks that will leave you speechless. They also have a dry sand bedded tank for you to test out your scape with their rocks and wood that they have for sale. - Another pro of this store is that when they get their fish in they do treat them with medicine so that you can be assured that they sell nice healthy fish. - It’s the litany of little things that come together to create this great store in which make it a must see at least once for me, and for anyone who has likes to look at, learn more about or just do business with good people regarding the Aquascaping side of the fish keeping hobby would absolutely love this store.

  • 1Hunter B. 1 year ago
    Honestly everyone who works here is so rude and doesn’t care about helping anyone. Every time I call they are so annoyed and irritated to talk to people, it’s just really disheartening when here in Hawaii aquascaping is such a small community. I was hoping to reach out and be met by aloha and kindness. Don’t waste your time calling or trying to get any info from these people. Hauna attitudes all around.

  • 5Jim B. 1 year ago
    This is a very small, but well kept aquarium shop. The amount of plants and "aqua scapes" is great. That also have a great vatiety of fish available. Items we have not seen on the islands anywhare else.

  • 4Magical P. 1 year ago
    Great place if you're looking to get your hands on the stuff in person. A bit of a mark up on the items I did see a price on but about right of you factor in time and convenience. However, a lot of things did not have a price on them. My experience was just window shopping and I didn't purchase anything. Fyi most of the tanks have snails, not sure if there was a process to eliminate them before selling

  • 4Tony C. 2 years ago
    Really cool place to check out. You want to start a hobby with live plants and fish. Go check out. It also on YouTube. Video is called, "breathtaking hawaiian fish store tour."

  • 1�. 2 years ago
    Went here a few months ago but the visit still left a sour taste in my mouth. First, if you are planning to go here, make sure you have some extra time to kill because we waited outside for nearly half an hour before we were let in. Second of all, the worker (male) was full of himself and treated us as if we knew nothing about the plants we wanted to get. Lastly, the goods such as the aquascaping turf, rocks, wood, and certain plants were very overpriced as well. In my opinion, it is more conventient and much cheaper to buy your aquascaping materials online rather than this store.

  • 3N. 2 years ago
    Nice setups, gorgeous tanks, and friendly lady....but wow, everything they sell is vastly overpriced. For something worth $6 at another store (and just as healthy, with a LOT more value..), its $20 here. Im sorry, but the prices are unbelievable. A small cup of nice, but barely grown moss for $20, when I could purchase a large cup(7-10 times of what is in the small cup) of very gorgeous, well grown same moss online for $5+$4 shipping? No thank you. Shop here if you're rich...

  • 5Erin M. 2 years ago
    Gorgeous tanks with lots of healthy fish that are different than what you usually find in the local fish stores

  • 1Heather C. 2 years ago
    Unbelievably magical aquatic landscapes, could not wait to dive in, but every time I've been there the only man I've seen work there was the rudest, most abrasive and uninterested person I've ever interacted with in a store before. The DMV is more accommodating, and the last time I ever went back I had to walk out because of his openly rude attitude. I think the ladies were nice though, sorry.

  • 5MM M. 2 years ago
    I think this place is absolutely magical! It's like being transported in to a wonderland. The owners are very kind and really took the time to explain a lot to me and to my daughter. We can't wait to go back.

  • 5Keoni W. 2 years ago
    One of a kind place to go to, for your home Aqua systems. The people are well knowledgeable on all kinds of aquatic systems. They specialize in the Co². They have a wide variety of setups that help you decide on how to start a beautiful set up of your own. They carry everything that's needed to start and maintain a healthy and vibrant environment and ecosystem for your plant life and marine animals alike. One of the best stores I have gone to in a long time. Family oriented and such humble people there that are so willingly there to help you with your needs. A one of a kind! A must go to before you start any aquarium adventure. I just wish I knew this place before I started long ago. I promise you that once you go here, you will come again and again. With or without Questions to your system. Guaranteed! So come check this place out first then go everywhere else. I promise you that this place will meet and exceed your expectations.

  • 5Madison M. 3 years ago
    They have an interesting and unique variety of fish for nano tanks that you don't see anywhere els on the island. Besides the fish, the plants,'s all of high quality

  • 5B. 3 years ago
    Store has beautiful aquascapes, and if you have any questions, the owners are very educated. Bought 2 low-light plants that really added to my aquarium.

  • 5Taylor I. 5 years ago
    Such awesome help from the staff! Love going there... starting my first planted tank! I’ll be back a lot more in the coming months to get more tips and help. Woohoo!

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