Picturesque landscaped gardens Daniel K. Inouye International Airport Cultural Gardens - Garden in Honolulu, United States

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342 Rodgers Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96819, United States



+1 808-836-6411

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4.10 (600 reviews)

Working Hours

  • Thursday: 4am to 12am
  • Friday: (Veterans Day), 4am to 12am, Hours might differ
  • Saturday: 4am to 12am
  • Sunday: 4am to 12am
  • Monday: 4am to 12am
  • Tuesday: 4am to 12am
  • Wednesday: 4am to 12am


  • Amenities
    • Good for kids
    • Public restroom
  • Accessibility
    • Wheelchair accessible entrance
    • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


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  • 5bonafide a. 1 year ago
    This is such a wonderful spot, right outside the checkpoint, and you walk "outside" to a beautiful garden. I take my breaks here. It's so nice to regroup yourself, enjoy the weather, the animals. There is no smoking here, and do not feed the

  • 5Kui Kantavee W. 2 years ago
    I feel the coziness of this airport and the warm welcome of Hawaii people. The coconut trees surrounding this place is amazing. Every spot is within walking distance, so you will never be tired of seeing things here.

  • 5Clayton T. 1 year ago
    A nice airport. It is easy to navigate. Some of the employees seemed a bit short but it wasn't anything out of the ordinary.

  • 5Randal W. 1 year ago
    Beautiful place to stop for a break in the airport if you have a few minutes. Right below the breezeway to the E gates.

  • 5vikki m. 11 months ago
    Great place to sit and eat lunch with your mask off. Beats sitting at the terminal gate. The fresh air, ducks birds water falls exotic plants, benches to sit on, restroom, elevator access, wheelchair accessible. Why there was noone there boggled my mind.

  • 5Josh W. 6 months ago
    Nice and spread out airport and very easy to find your way around. They have a cool garden in the airport as well.

  • 5Brad f. 7 months ago
    Even though the airport is one of the older ones, the people are super nice and the outdoor everything is super cool! And the Koi are huge!

  • 5V. 5 months ago
    So peaceful and well maintained. I spend hours here day or night depending on my flights. Beats sitting in the terminal. I hate going to the mainland, so it's nice to relax in the airport gardens beforehand. Lots of friendly ducks as well.

  • 4Gabriel S. 1 year ago
    Airport is very close to Honolulu downtown hotels, Ubers are always on surge pricing x2 to x4 are common so a 15 minute ride will run $35-$120. Staff is very friendly, both airport, airline and cleaning/maintenance employees, and will provide directions with a smile (all masked up but you see it in their eyes). Many stores and restaurants are closed but enough restaurants are open to load up before a long flight to mainland. Poor signage to airline clubs, and a very long distance to gate. Since most planes are wide body, arrive at least one hour if you are Pre checked and without bags , more if you are checking bags or need to check in. Boarding starts about 45 minutes before departure. When flying into Hawaii, ensure you get clearance using safe travel Hawaii website and verify yourself to the Hawaii desk at the mainland airport of departure to get a clearance bracelet, otherwise you will spend 30-60 minutes in health clearance upon arrival.

  • 4Ernest K. 6 months ago
    Nice place to come and sit and relax while waiting for a flight. Several places to sit and a quiet atmosphere for reading, contemplation or having a moment of peace in the crazy world we are in. The Koi are just mesmerizing to watch and if you like plants many are marked so you know what you are looking at. The Koi are amazing and whoever takes care of them must be satisfied as it is very hard to grow Koi this large.

  • 3Steven C. 6 months ago
    Big but easy to navigate, basically is one straight big hall. No A/C in the departure/arrival hall. Open air for you to taste the Hawaii air soon as you arrived! There is a very sad so call Cultural center on the lower level of the hall! Lots doves and duck there. Maybe because some employees been feeding them! Lots shop are still closed, maybe still due to the pandemic! Not too much WOOS ow WOW here!

  • 3Dr. Anthony J. T. 3 months ago
    Beautiful garden in the airport. Not sure how there is no smoking sections in the entire airport. I expected friendlier service here. Hawaiian time isn't great for travelers trying to get out.

  • 2Pete M. 1 year ago
    Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii. Please ignore the dirty stained carpet and odd smells in the international arrival hallways. This was identified in 2009 and we are working hard to fix it for our customers. Please enjoy looking inside the windows of all the shops that may never re-open. Hate to wear your mask as required by multiple municipal and federal ordinances? Please see the airport staff for the best way to wear your mask with your nose sticking out. We are happy to announce that we are now cleaning BOTH of our restrooms once a week whether they need it our not! Please enjoy your stay with us and spend any left over cash at the airport on your way out. Mahalo.

  • 1Jacqueline B. 1 year ago
    The worst tsa in all the us. It took us an hour to go in because the tsa enployees didnt know how to scan the bags. They were teaching someone and made a long line and we almost lost our flight. I tried to complaint but they said they didnt accept any feedback.

  • 1Peter B. 1 year ago
    Atrocious. Everyone here is super rude and has completely forgotten what customer service is. Most everything is closed or only open very limited hours. This airport is still stuck in last year’s lockdown mode and hasn’t figured out how to operate safely in the modern era. Other major cities have figured out how to reopen their airports effectively but Honolulu is a complete joke.

  • 1Alex B. 3 months ago
    What is the point of all them seats at the boarding gate and not allowing people to seat in them. I am not sure which government rule thought this was a good idea but it is makes no sense, everyone has already gone though airport security and yet it still closed. I would even go so far as to say that it is STUPID, as everyone is sitting on the concrete floor out the front while waiting to board the plane. So bring comfortable sitting clothes. Also very limited health food choices, and very limited other choices, and not a single ABC store in sight.

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