$ Iconic fast-food burger & fries chain McDonald's - Fast food restaurant in Honolulu, United States

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4561 Salt Lake Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96818, United States




+1 808-483-4750

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3.90 (619 reviews)

Working Hours

  • Friday: 5AM to 11PM
  • Saturday: 5AM to 11PM
  • Sunday: 5AM to 11PM
  • Monday: 5AM to 11PM
  • Tuesday: 5AM to 11PM
  • Wednesday: 5AM to 11PM
  • Thursday: 5AM to 11PM


  • Crowd
    • Groups
  • Payments
    • Credit cards
    • NFC mobile payments
  • Amenities
    • High chairs
    • Good for kids
  • Offerings
    • Coffee
    • Kids' menu
    • Quick bite
    • Late-night food
    • Vegetarian options
  • Atmosphere
    • Casual
  • Highlights
    • Fast service
    • Great coffee
  • Popular for
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
    • Breakfast
    • Solo dining
  • Accessibility
    • Wheelchair accessible seating
    • Wheelchair accessible entrance
    • Wheelchair accessible restroom
    • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Dining options
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
    • Dessert
    • Breakfast
  • Service options
    • Dine-in
    • Takeout
    • Delivery
    • Drive-through
    • Curbside pickup
    • Outdoor seating
    • No-contact delivery


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  • 5Roel de j. 1 month ago
    It’s a McDonald’s so you already know. This location get crowded AF when the kids get out of school for The day.

  • 5Kim H. 1 year ago
    By far our choice McDonald’s for four years. Always friendly, always fresh food, and when you ask for extras you get extras! Not once have we been disappointed at this location. Thank you!

  • 5Lloyd T. 3 months ago
    My last order for Spam, eggs and rice came with portugese, eggs and rice. This is one of the few times I did not check my order before I left. Kind of frustrating, but I ate it anyway, yuck. BTW, we eat at McDonalds for breakfast everyday.

  • 5Kip A. 6 months ago
    Very fast service which is what I needed with 2 hungry liitle grandchildren. Food was fresh and hot. First time visiting 5his location.

  • 5Chelsey D. 4 months ago
    Needed wi-fi to get some work done and the popular coffee shop across the way was packed with dudes watching anime instead of working so I came to McDonald's. Great choice and highly recommend!

  • 5Edwin Roger Wells, Jr. (. 7 months ago
    Mickey D's is a reliable "guilty" pleasure. These days I prefer my order pretty basic: a McDouble (no pickles or onions), a small fry (no salt), and a small Coke. Might not be the healthiest meal, but when it tastes great, no complaints from me.

  • 5Nicole “Nicky” A. 8 months ago
    Office Of Planning Policy and Program Development OPPPD Vital Records Office

  • 5ryan r. 3 months ago
    Hard workers at this McDonald's. I really hope the McCorporation is gonna give them McRaises for their McHolidays. McGet it Mctogether McDonald's.

  • 4Stephen S. 1 year ago
    It is a McDonald's. Personally, I prefer the one off of Kuhina in Ewa, but this locations food is typically fresh, rarely messes up your order, but it does happen occasionally.

  • 4Adam Y. 4 months ago
    What do ya want? It’s McDonalds. Nowadays though you gotta enter the order yourself. Unfortunately doing some of the work doesn’t net a discount

  • 4Randy K. 5 months ago
    This McDonald's is awesome!!! I LIKE that even though they are busy the drive true is always fast.

  • 3Jaspar R. 3 weeks ago
    I love how they have a picture of the homeless man sitting in front 🤣

  • 3Velvet O. 1 year ago
    I don't know, man. I want to say nice things about the place, but you can't ignore what is. Of the couple places I've visited recently, the people were like non-interested in the fact that you were existing and ordering food from them. I think they're understaffed and they're over working their people so they just can't care. I mean, they're not slaves or nothing but you need a minimum of decorum when you interface with people and they don't seem to have time for it. I don't really blame them. But something should be done to make it better for them so they can be more the way they used to be. Oh, and their fries are still the bomb; you just can't change things like that regardless of decorum.

  • 3Gregory T. 2 months ago
    First time visiting this location and the staff was very pleasant and nice, a definite upgrade from a few other locations. Order was taken promptly and food was made very quickly.

  • 3Barrett F. 1 year ago
    Typical McDonald’s but couldn’t get our items (3 happy meals and a Big Mac) to us in time so they made us pull into a parking spot. When we got it they had forgotten the ketchup we requested. I went inside and the guy in the lobby apparently didn’t speak English because when I politely told him that we didn’t get the ketchup we had ordered, he just pointed to the line. Had to wait another 10 minutes to just be handed four packets of ketchup.

  • 2g. 3 years ago
    Reading online it says this can take a half day. What it doesn't say is there are limited tickets for the Arizona memorial and they sell out fast. Which was the case when I got there. Park personnel told me if you want tickets get them ahead of time or be there by 8:00 AM. So you've been warned. The Mighty MO is easier to get too.

  • 2n. 8 months ago
    First off, it's a McDonald's. Second, I waited long enough in the line to order at the counter that the car I noticed that opted for the drive through was long gone before I ever put my order in. Total time to simply order a meal to go: 17-ish minutes.

  • 2David B. 1 year ago
    This place used to be beautiful and clean. Seems like the owners are letting it get run down over the years. The food is typical McDonald's so no issues there.

  • 1Galaxy. W. 1 year ago
    Why are the bathrooms still closed?! This is stupid. Dining room open but no bathrooms!? You cater to kids..you should have a bathroom available.

  • 1jazmine o. 4 weeks ago
    I went thru the drive thru, they took my order and never gave it to me, I sat for a hour and couldn't even get my money back.

  • 1Alex W. 1 month ago
    Store needs more employees focusing on the customers in the dining area, employees seemed more concerned with the drive thru while there was 25+ people waiting in the lobby.... ridiculous

  • 1Andre R. 1 year ago
    I bought 2 burgers from this place, when I open them there was no burger meat inside

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