$$ All-you-can-eat Korean fare & basic digs Stadium Camellia Restaurant - Korean restaurant in Honolulu, United States

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4510 Salt Lake Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96818, United States




+1 808-486-3311

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4.30 (358 reviews)


  • Crowd
    • Groups
    • Tourists
    • University students
  • Planning
    • Accepts reservations
    • Dinner reservations recommended
  • Amenities
    • Toilets
    • High chairs
    • Good for kids
  • Offerings
    • Comfort food
    • All you can eat
  • Atmosphere
    • Casual
  • Popular for
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
  • Accessibility
    • Wheelchair-accessible toilet
    • Wheelchair-accessible seating
    • Wheelchair-accessible car park
    • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Dining options
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
    • Dessert
  • Service options
    • Dine-in
    • Delivery
    • Takeaway
    • Kerbside pickup


Frequently mentioned in reviews: price (6) table (6) service (8) great (8) good (9) food (17)

  • 5Violet J. 8 months ago
    This is possibly the best restaurant on island. Good food at a reasonable price, and polite staff. I love going there. My only regret it that they don't have egg-in-pot.

  • 5Krystal R. 1 year ago
    Dinner with my family, enjoyed the all you can eat and quality

  • 5xKwazy 8. 2 months ago
    Great place, I ate here 4 times this month alone, I’ve also told friends about place and so have they. I just wish their phone was working so I can reserve a table again :)

  • 5R R. 3 years ago
    We went here for lunch on my mother's birthday. She's in a wheelchair and it surprised us that they had a table ready for her. Not only was the food quality more than what we expected the customer service was far beyond our expectations. I also loved the story the owner shared about her father. It was his wishes that their prices remains below the price of a kalbi mixed place because they've been blessed with so much. They don't take reservations so I do recommend coming early especially if you have a party of 5 or more and if I read correctly they only allow Monday - Friday for people eating alone. If a person isn't eating in your party notify the server ASAP to avoid any possible issues. They do have discounts for birthdays but must show a valid ID and person's of 90 years of age or older eats for free! Barley tea is free as well. It packs a lot of great benefits so why not. My mother and I loved it so much we're definitely going back when we have a craving for Korean BBQ. The banchans are all prepared by them and it's so delicious! My mother asked if they sold the radish kimchi but they don't lol that was her only disappointment 😂

  • 5olga f. 6 months ago
    I love this place.The food is great. The food is very tasty. The service is good. I wouldn't mind eating at this restaurant every day. I have only been to Camellia Restaurant twice since I live in California.

  • 5marcelina p. 5 months ago
    Our Bible studies group fellowship here.we had fun cooking our own food. Delightful waiters, fast, with a smile. I'll be back with my family

  • 5PINPIN o. 8 months ago
    The services is great, the waiters are really nice and friendly, the food came really fast and everything was exquisite. The price is completely affordable for All you can eat. 10/10 would recommend

  • 5Christine A. 10 months ago
    Went here 4 years ago for my birthday. My boyfriend took me, my mother and her boyfriend and had a great time. Food was amazingly perfect. Esp since I didn't have to cook it, he did! The customer service was excellent!!

  • 5Eliska M. 8 months ago
    Absolutely incredible food!! There is a wide range of food options. All food is fresh and delicious. The staff is incredibly friendly. I highly recommend visiting this exquisite restaurant. I will definitely come again!!

  • 5Brian S. 1 year ago
    This was our first time at a Korean restaurant and had no idea what we were in for. Kris helped by explaining the menu and then proceeded to help us with cooking our full meal right at the table. We loved all the new flavors and the service was fantastic! We highly recommend this place

  • 5Cynthia C. 8 months ago
    The selections were good. They had meat/chicken/pork to cook, lots of Korean vegetables, lots of veggies to cook, some already cooked foods, small dessert menu, etc. It was very filling.

  • 5Melissa S. 1 year ago
    Food was delicious, they handled the transition from buffet to at-table-service very well. They were very attentive and efficient but not annoying. Food came fast and again... Very delicious😊

  • 5Chan Hei Sam L. 5 years ago
    Great price, good food. Service is great. Flavored ice cream was so good.

  • 5Bill R. 2 years ago
    Great food at reasonable prices. You can order the dinner buffet at lunch time

  • 5walter y. 1 year ago
    Great food, good price, lots of parking, great staff to guide us through our ordering process.

  • 5Titi Kau'ilani R. 2 years ago
    Been awhile since going there. Prices are still competitive. They bring your choices to your table which is fine Food was still great!

  • 4M. 1 year ago
    We lived near here for over a year and just found out. The price is reasonable and their korean side dish is bomb!! Felt like the meat was marinated a little towards the saltier side so rice and lettuce wrap was a must. But over all, we’re def coming here again.

  • 4W W. 1 year ago
    Good food & Fast service.

  • 4Tyler A. 5 months ago
    Pretty good experience here today! I love an all you can eat Korean BBQ experience and they delivered. The service was absolutely excellent and left nothing to be desired. They didn't have the buffet like many of the photos showed, but they did basically just have a table service where they'd come by and take orders for whatever you wanted on the menu, so it wasn't too bad. You get 4 meats per order and we left full! We'll be back!

  • 4Allison S. 3 years ago
    We went and tried Stadium Camellia last weekend after months of talking about it. It was pretty good. They have a cooked buffet and raw buffet. You can cook your raw food at your table, which is awesome, because you can cook to your own liking. The food overall was pretty good. We had some of everything. The pricing is great, especially considering just how much food you can get. They do have a 2-hour limit, but you can get a ton of food in that time. The service was good. We'll definitely be back.

  • 4Brandon W. 3 months ago
    Food came out super fast. Waiters were on it and always asking if we needed anything. Well worth it.

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