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  • 5Jasper B. 8 months ago
    They always have what I need. I called around to a couple of pet stores closer to me, and they didn't have what I was looking for. Didn't even call Kalihi. Just drove over, knowing they'd have everything. They are worth the extra drive!

  • 5Tarkan A. 9 months ago
    The staff was a great mixture of newbies and long term employees. There is always a good system going here. As far as supplies, the variety could be improved but due to the lack of space I can't attribute any negligence on their part. The diversity in available animals is great plus they are knowlegable in how to keep them humanely comfortable until they find a new forever home. Well done!

  • 5Jake K. 9 months ago
    Puppy selection here is very good and constantly having new litters coming in. Staff is helpful and knowledgable about the products they offer.

  • 1Will R. 1 year ago
    Purchased a Holland lop bunny yesterday afternoon. The fur was matted and there was discharge around the nose that we noticed that evening. However, he ate fine and drank plenty so we didn't think much more about it. This afternoon he died with no warning. I plan on contacting the store tomorrow when they open and will give an update.

  • 5George B. 1 year ago
    This is the best pet store on the island. Let's support this local store! The best bird cage selection & best quality mealworms. The store staff members are very helpful and knowledgable.

  • 1C R �. 1 year ago
    price very much high...pets are not groomed properly....

  • 5Alyssa M. 1 year ago
    Been going to Kalihi Pet since ever since! One of the cleanest pet stores on the island. Their service is great and the employees are super friendly. I absolutely love their selection of clothes for my fur child. Thank you Kalihi Pet!

  • 5Angel's Marriage C. 1 year ago
    Rancen helped us to pick the puppy. Rancen provided above and beyond customer service. He is friendly and very knowledgeable about the puppies, food they need, toys for puppies. Very grateful.

  • 5Anjelika L. 2 years ago
    When it comes to pets and all you need for your pet, Kalihi Pet Center is the best. My husband and I were looking for a puppy for a long time. When we got to Kalihi Pet Store, they had several puppies (one was sold). All puppies at the store were adorable. When I was holding the puppy at Kalihi Store, I couldn't put him back. We are happy parents of our precious puppy, and feel so lucky to have him in our lives.

  • 5John D. 3 years ago
    Great! Not cheap, however, service is good. Interesting array of goods and pets. Wish they had saltwater fish. Lots of people breeding saltwater fish now. Would be nice is a local store picked up on it. Love the bird selection. Wish they had large parrots. I am looking for female Eclectus. My male lost his mate during breeding. 🤒 Aloha!

  • 4Tom L. 4 years ago
    Friendly and knowledgeable workers. Well stocked pet store. Convenient location with lots of free parking.

  • 5Ry F. 4 years ago
    My FAVORITE pet store here in Hawaii. Their prices are reasonable, and the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. I purchased 2 very healthy parakeets from them and they were very helpful in answering all my questions. They had all the supplies that I needed when I had purchased my birds and I continue to go here for my birds food and anything else I may need. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Kalihi Pet Center. Lots of free parking too!

  • 5Sarah W. 6 years ago
    Locally owned & operated. Staff of local boys were very helpful, polite, professional, & friendly. They took the time to open & go through each aquarium kit until I found the perfect one to fit my specific needs. Their selection was smaller than the chain stores, but Kalihi Pet Center obviously cares enough to choose only high quality items to sell. Floor to ceiling merchandise. Rows tight because they really packed in as much as they could.

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