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3888 Irving Mall, Irving, TX 75062



(972) 258-7900

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2.60 (608 reviews)

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Working Hours

  • Saturday: 7 AM to 7 PM
  • Sunday: (Easter), 7 AM to 7 PM, Holiday hours
  • Monday: 5 AM to 10 PM
  • Tuesday: 5 AM to 10 PM
  • Wednesday: 5 AM to 10 PM
  • Thursday: 5 AM to 10 PM
  • Friday: 5 AM to 10 PM

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Frequently mentioned in reviews: time (23) location (14) equipment (14) open (13) staff (13) missing (11) people (10) week (8) waiting (8) hours (8)
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  • 1/5 Jonathan G. 1 year ago on Google
    This gym is consistently not being open on time at 5AM 2-3 times per week for the past few months. Wasting everyone’s time waking up early for nothing. We’d be lucky if the gym opened at 6:30. Stop hiring new staff that is unaccountable, unreliable and inconsistent. Give some of us, the members, the code to open the door, at least we show up on time, if not early. I can deal with the broken machines, unfuctional lighting, leaking sewage pipes throughout the gym when it rains, missing clips, non functional tvs, missing dumbbells, missing locking collars for barbells, missing or broken weighted barbells, but not opening up when we all show up is just annoying, especially being jacked up on Pre. Working out in the afternoon isn’t even an option with how busy it gets. Oh, and install the missing shower head in the showers, instead of just leaving an unpatched hole where it used to be. And for anyone waiting for it to be 24 hours again, stop waiting. FC as a company made some higher management changes in mid to late 2020 . They have not changed the hours since then. Don’t send an automated reply from your notes on Medallia, I rather you do something about it to your staff rather than reply.
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  • 2/5 Carol J. 1 month ago on Google • 24 reviews New
    Why are there so few classes? Cycle had very few 3 classes a week and now there will only be two, before there were more strength classes and now only two a week, few classes and few schedules, in other branches they have a lot of variety and more schedules Not in this one!! 👎🏻

  • 1/5 Diego A. 1 year ago on Google
    Most of the Fitness Connection locations are great. But the Irving's Fitness connection is the worst gym I've ever been to. It's dirty, the staff is not friendly and they don't respect customers, they open late when they want. In the last 8 days, 2 days they opened after 7am, those of us who arrived at 5am had to leave. I don't understand why they don't have two people opening the gym like they do at the other locations so if one of them doesn't show up the other can open on time.
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  • 1/5 Sam G. 1 year ago on Google
    To whom this may concern, fitness connection should be more responsible to open on time. Specially if it states that it open at a certain time. This tends to have multiple time during the week. Should be providing more customer service not having your customer wait outside of you gym 30 min passed the time, it should open.
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  • 1/5 Sequoia B. 2 years ago on Google
    Nice gym, with great amenities . My biggest mistake was signing up for the gyms Training sessions. I originally signed up for a month of training which seems to be a recurring deal. I was told to cancel the last week of my training session to avoid a recurring payment. When the last week of training came around, I notified my trainer that I no longer wanted to continue the sessions. She stated we had 3-5 training sessions left and proceeds to tell me about a 30 day cancellation policy. She said she had just found out about it a few days prior but proceeds to tell me about previous clients who experienced the same thing and we’re angry for not knowing about the policy. I was NEVER told about a 30 day cancellation policy when I signed up, and I feel like I was manipulated. They get you to sign up, lie about sessions and force you into these payments each month. I’ve had my membership for almost a year at the Lewisville location. I jus started coming to the Irving location in March and today I canceled it due to this. Be aware when signing up for these training sessions, and also ask for documentation before signing. Fitness Connection Training sessions are a SCAM!
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  • 1/5 Im M. 1 year ago on Google
    Been going to this gym for over three years now and drastically witnessed the downfall of its staff, equipment and over all gym etiquette and today I tried switching my schedule to morning workouts but what’s the point of waking up at 4:30 if their staff won’t show up on time to open up, I waited 30 minutes along with 10 other people wanting to workout but was severely disappointed and completely dissatisfied with my membership, will be canceling after this. Don’t recommend this gym.
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  • 1/5 Bryan H. 1 year ago on Google
    I’ve been to gyms all over the nation and world. The management and equipment is abysmal here. 75% the equipment is commercial hotel stuff. Their hours are horrendous. Personal note, their staff is ran by teenagers with snotty attitudes and after 3 days of trying to reach a manager to discuss LLC and business improvement they were gone or left early. The atmosphere here isn’t friendly and helpful. For a large scale gym it’s poor, I’m talking planet fitness bad. Not even mentioning I couldn’t get free trials to test the gym out without paying $15, then all memberships lock you into a year deal unless you pay $50 down, and pay for 2 months, that’s IF you cancel day 1. So let’s recap. Business model, equipment, management, atmosphere, all poor.
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  • 1/5 Scott W. 11 months ago on Google
    Supposed to open at 5 AM, opening guy is running nearly 30 minutes late leaving dozens of paying members waiting. Update has happened 2 more times since I left this review. Fix or I'll cancel. Edit no one here at 5 am again 4/24
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  • 1/5 Archana K. 2 years ago on Google
    Do not go to any fitness connections!!!! Please check your account for any extra charges because they don’t hesitate to charge you. Apparently my bank declined the monthly payment but fitness connection didn’t even send me one email to let me know my payment was declined but was so quick to charge me a late fee and somehow that late fee went through. And the customer service doesn’t help either, they make you submit a “google form” and say that there’s nothing they can do. What’s the point of customer service if they can’t help? Avoid fitness connection if you want a good gym and a good customer service.
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  • 3/5 Marco M. 2 years ago on Google
    This place is a little better than they used to be...if you think you are getting the 10 dollars a month...think really comes out to 15 dollars a month by the time you pay the 50 dollars joining fee and 10 dollar admin fee. Make sure you get the address where to send your cancellation letter to. It's not rocket science. If you join first of the month...then don't try to cancel on the have to allow the time for the postal carrier and the Fitness Connection staff to process your cancellation. I've joined off and on again over the years and never had a problem cancelling my membership.
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  • 1/5 davidromancelly 8 months ago on Google
    I do not like this gym at all. The only reason I come here is because it’s cheap and close to my house. it doesn’t matter about going to another gym because of the location. The area has a really high population and the location is convenient for a lot of people. Meaning no matter what time of day you show up - it will be packed. and of course when it’s busy you can’t always do the workouts you want so you have to wait which kind of sucks. Lot’s of creepy dudes in there for sure. Overall - I recommend only coming to this gym if it’s cheap and convenient. If you can find something better then go for it
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  • 1/5 abelbarrons 1 year ago on Google
    3/23/23 5:45am still waiting for em to open they’re supposed to open at 5 am there’s a lot of ppl waiting outside , apparently this isn’t the first time ,I woke up at 4:30 am to come do my workout and go to workout cuz work late and it looks like they don’t care smh (7:30am) and still waiting ,u gotta be kidding me (SHAME ON YOUUUUUUU)
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  • 2/5 Scott B. 1 year ago on Google
    I have been coming here for about 10 years and my 2 problems are they screw their customers. Shame on these guys. A person stole my identity 2 different times in 10 years and time I forgot to switch to a new card. They charged me a late fee both times. If this is something that would bother you do not use this company. P.S. If you want to quit this gym you have to send a certified letter that say's to stop charging your debit or credit card.
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  • 1/5 Renee J. 1 year ago on Google
    If I could give zero starts I would!The workers here don’t help or solve any situation going on in this location! A guy at this location came up to me and harassed me over a machine he was not using and when I went to get a manager(Jose) he did nothing but take the guy side as well as the employees that were off the clock, came up to me and told Jose he was doing a superset and so he automatically took their side! Look if I see an empty machine im going to assume I can use it as to I pay a membership as well! THIS GUY WAS NOT DOING A SUPERSET HE WAS TRAINING A GIRL AND MOVED ON TO A DIFFERENT MACHINE THAT HE WAS ALREADY HOLDING! THIS LOCATION always has problems with opening anyways this was just the last straw for me not to come to this location! The other location are clean and nice and no problems it’s just the Irving location for some reason! And the kids that work there need to be re-trained on customer service because there just working there for the free gym membership and walk around like they own the place as well
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  • 1/5 Amanda R. 7 months ago on Google
    They are constantly scaling back kids club hours, an amenity I pay for now. Kids club was a free amenity before Covid. I have no problem with the upcharge but at this point, I’m paying more money and getting less benefit . The times I do use kids club the employee is always late. I have seen the same machines broken for the last two years straight. At this point I’ll drive an extra couple of miles and spend another $7 to have full kids club hours, pool, hot tub, clean and working machines, massage chairs etc at EOS.
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  • 1/5 Ahamed R. 5 months ago on Google
    The equipment, cleaning wise fitness connection is good. But their marketing is the worst ever. I joined by seeing no enrollment fee, other fees except $10 monthly. However, on the second they're charging with different numbers and different names. When I spoke to the front office, they're simply not helping at all. Even for canceling the membership, they will charge $50. Worst experience. I would recommend to choosing something else.
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  • 1/5 Prashant 0. 1 year ago on Google
    This is the second time within a week, this gym at Irving location hasn’t opened on time. Last Thursday it opened around 8AM and today it’s past 6AM but not opened yet. You guys have to be more responsible and respectful of time. How do you compensate your members for wasting their time and sleep?
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  • 1/5 Stephanie M. 7 months ago on Google
    Horrible, raggedy, broken down place. Their fire alarms go off for no reason, their machines are always broken, and to top it off, their water pipes are leaking. Just had one leak on top of their waiting lobby and leaked on top of a chair. There was no sign or tape blocking this chair off so I ended up sitting on it and it was full of water. I told the guy and girl that were there and all they did was tape it off AFTER my whole lower back was wet. I asked if I could buy one of their pants for a discount, for the inconvenience and their lack of maintenance, and he said no. (They already knew there was a leak because the guy was the one who said the pipe was leaking earlier and yet they didn’t do anything about closing off the chairs and tables) It was extremely embarrassing what I went through, knowing all the people there saw what happened and I had to go home with wet pants.
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  • 3/5 Abdurahman H. 1 year ago on Google
    It’s a pretty large facility with a nice variety of equipment. The staff is very nice, they always greet me when I walk in, and they are very helpful. For 10 dollars it isn’t bad, but it’s not amazing. There is some faulty equipment and some machines have been unrepaired for a month now. There is poor gym etiquette, many people don’t properly rerack their weights when used and many people don’t wipe off their surfaces after use. I also don’t like the limited opening hours, the gym can get very packed and many people have work and school, limiting them from going early in the morning. Please bring back 24 hours! Overall this gym is pretty good but has some poor maintenance and etiquette, but I’d say the membership is worth it.
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  • 1/5 Anthony J F. 1 year ago on Google
    I agree with all the other reviews regarding staffing and the Quality of the equipment here. I’ve been a member since 2016 and have all locations. Out of all DFW locations this one hands down has the worst equipment/ variety/ accessories and the stuff they do have is poorly kept. As someone who’s been in management for years myself, the revolving staff/ management at this location is a big 🚩🚩! This location doesn’t need an update, it needs a full renovation, I know the staff would appreciate that tremendously.
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  • 5/5 Aj P. 2 years ago on Google
    Customer service is good.. friendly and they seem to greet everyone. I really enjoy going here. I signed up because they have a play area for kids. Even though the kids area has been shut down due to covid i still enjoy the friendly, clean atmosphere with plenty of equipment to use.
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  • 5/5 Faduany M. 3 weeks ago on Google • 3 reviews New
    The best

  • 5/5 Ali A. 8 months ago on Google
    I’ve been at this gym since last may and I can say with 100% certainty that the staff are wonderful very positive and inspiring people. especially isaac and ray they really motivated me and my brother to push harder be better. If anybody deserves a promotion it’s those 2 even in my darkest moments they’ve proven time and time again that their positivity goes along way. Ray displays motivation to push me further while Isaac shows his positivity with his kind words and charismatic personality each deserving a promotion.

  • 1/5 Eliasim O. 1 year ago on Google
    The company has a "where else are your going to go" mentality. The customer service is horrible, the staff is always incredibly uninformed about there own place of employment. They literally only staf fit people eho are more concerned about how they look then providing good customer service. The equipment is mismatched with some using weights and others using resistance bands. And the equipment that uses weights often is missing pins for the weights. The bathrooms are nasty. And its always so over croweded! I literally can keep going. But once again... Where else am i going to go

  • 1/5 Luis L. 11 months ago on Google
    Photo taken at 5:30 am today April 24, 2023. They really open up when they feel like it. What’s worse, there were people here at 5 am waiting by the door.

  • 3/5 Blinda W. 1 year ago on Google
    I have been a member of fitness connection for a long time. I use this location rarely but when I do I love the fact that the women's section is upstairs. A few months ago when I visited this location, I told the front desk that the ladies dressing room area was too hot. They said they were working on it and it is still hot as of today. After my workout I like to take a shower change and clothes but it's too hot in there to even do that. I don't want to sweat when I'm trying to change clothes. Can you please fix this? I have a feeling the sauna in the ladies dressing room is not sealed properly and it heats up the entire area. Or the sauna is set too high.

  • 1/5 Jose H. 9 months ago on Google
    Asked about the memberships & was told a flat out lie about the options. Went online & saw what they actually offered. Already been in gyms with manipulative club members trying to get the most money they can from you. If you like unethical unprofessional club managers get a membership here asap

  • 4/5 Saeed P. 9 months ago on Google
    The main reason for this rating is its proximity to my house. The facility is adequate. The maintenance and administration could improve; equipment frequently is missing or unusable. Policies are not enforced; especially pouring water on the sauna rocks - even though a bilingual sign clearly warns not to. BTW; I'm in the sauna as I write this. All that being said, I'll still keep coming - see my first sentence.

  • 1/5 Isaac V. 1 year ago on Google
    Read the fine print they will try to trap you in a 12 month contract without you knowing until you go to cancel a couple months after joining and you can’t. Staff can’t fix this they are the ones who set you up on it so it’s their fault for not informing the person looking to join their gym. Never joining again.

  • 1/5 cristian c. 1 year ago on Google
    This gym is consistently not being open on time at 5AM 2-3 times per week for the past few months. Wasting everyone’s time waking up early for nothing. Stop hiring new staff that is unaccountable, unreliable and inconsistent. I can deal with the broken machines, unfuctional lighting, leaking sewage pipes throughout the gym when it rains, missing clips, non functional tvs, missing dumbbells, missing locking collars for barbells, missing or broken weighted barbells, but not opening up when we all show up is just annoying, especially being jacked up on Pre. Working out in the afternoon isn’t even an option with how busy it gets. 23

  • 4/5 Vaughn P. 1 year ago on Google
    The equipment is up to date,very clean. The atmosphere is work out only. The patrons here are respectful. I recommend this gym to anyone who's looking.

  • 5/5 Anissa S. 1 year ago on Google
    Always clean and friendly! I enjoy going here, the kids area and women's gym are nice perks too. The trainers are professional and encouraging! Great classes. Would be nice if 24/7 but still the hours are good for your average person. Great price too!

  • 5/5 Sandra Rodriguez A. 2 months ago on Google • 2 reviews New
    Well what can I say. It's a normal gym hahaha I go to what I go and I don't pay attention to anything
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