Babu Kunvar Singh ka Kila - Historical place in Jagdīshpur, India

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FC8C+966, Jagdishpur, Bihar 802158, India

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4.30 (1875 reviews)

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  • 5ÀŘvÍÑĐ _. 11 months ago
    Amazing place...! proud feel on this place...💪my ideler🙏

  • 5Shubham Singh R. 2 years ago
    Lots of difference between my 1st visit on November 2020 and then January 2021 over cleanness, Sceneries view, and Gardening. Hope to visit Again😊

  • 5Pallavi C. 5 months ago
    Babu Veer Kunwar Singh Memorial Musueum is place which needs to be visited by all who believe in Nationalism. Babu Kunwar Singh, an Ujjaini Rajput of Jagdishpur was a great warrior known for his valor and courage, he fought against the British at the ripe age of 83 years. The museum displays arms used by him and his fellow warriors during India's first war of Independence. The court of Babu Kunwar, the Zamindar of Jagdishpur in Arah district of Bihar was converted into the museum. The front pillars of the museum are of his Kutchery. Behind the museum, is the grand old house of the royal family of Jagdishpur. There is pond next to the museum too.

  • 4Devendra S. 11 months ago
    Very nicely decorated with greenoriis 🌲 trees and foot plate of marbles and tiles it is an historical place different types of monuments are invented at this place after all nice place for peace must visit once for calm your soul.... It is effective in memory of veer kunwar Singh freedoms fighter.

  • 4Arun Kumar S. 1 year ago
    It is a palace of Babu Veer Kunwar Singh . He is a zamindar . He also take part in rebellion of 1857 . It is a great place you can find here his sculpture and other revolutionary during that time . It has a big ground . Near beside you can find food items .It is a famous site of Jagadishpur .

  • 4Jai S. 1 year ago
    If it makes you happy, no one else's opinion should matter.🙏 This is historical place #Babu kunvar Singh🙏👌🔥🔥

  • 4KUMAR S. 3 years ago
    Such a holy place of bihar Babu veer kuwar singh name of indian freedom fighter who attack on Englishman at the age of 80 year with a lots of brave.He made this kila for security of his army of freedom fighter. You must go there and visit this place.Small playground are inside go with family and enjoy there.☺️

  • 4Ankesh S. 1 year ago
    Nice place for spend time.

  • 4Vishal K. 6 months ago
    One of the oldest and historical fort in bhojpur, Bihar .This fort vis situated in Jagdishpur.

  • 3Rajan Kr. S. 10 months ago
    The birthplace of Babu Veer Kunwar Singh can be even more beautiful if attention is paid to its maintenance. The historical site of such a great personality should be protected for its cultural heritage value, which once lost becomes irreplaceable in most cases. Bihar government should take interest in preserving its old history of great rulers and freedom fighters. Here entry/ Admission is free. The museum is closed on every Monday. No parking space for four wheeler’s.

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  1. 4.30 Babu Kunvar Singh ka Kila   (1875 reviews)
Last updated: 2023-01-10
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