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  • 4/5 Oh J. 1 year ago on Google
    Stayed 3 nights as part of a holy city tour package. Room was spacious enough and well kept. Bright and clean and fairly modern. Room cleaning was okay and reliable. I had a small balcony which was a big plus. Breakfast and dinner buffets were outstanding. Selection changed everyday and group tables were clearly labelled and organized. There was always hot drinks included and food quality was good. Someone clearly made it a point to prep for guests to have a confortable dining experience. Location of the hotel was a bit away from the old city but it was in a clean and posh neighbourhood. Tour bus loading area was tight and busy, but organized. Nice spacious and bright lobby, lifts and corridors. Summarily, its a busy convention/tour hotel catering to fast moving turnaround visitors. Worked for me. Would've liked to see free shuttle services to different parts of the city. All in all a fine stay..
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  • 1/5 rodrigo L. 1 year ago on Google
    Its very dirty, the service is bad, the rooms are old and the bathroom looks like its from a hospital, plus the shower floods the room and the shower courtins seem to have pee on them. The air conditioning doesn't work. The breakfast is good in variety but the taste is average or bad.
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  • 2/5 Anthony P. 7 months ago on Google • 306 reviews
    This hotel chain advertised it's a 5 🌟 accommodation in Jerusalem. That is very true in Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 & United States 🇺🇲 location's I've Staded at. Unfortunately, Not True in Jerusalem when I compare with the same chain in Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 or USA!! 🇺🇸 Most of the Frontline Staff don't speak or understand English in the buffet restaurant or the bellhop service!! I had to call the hotel managers on duty every time I requested basic requirements from the departments mentioned to instruct them in their native language every single time!! Very very frustrating!! 😤 There's no Irons in any rooms on purpose. I had to leave my room with my items that needed ironing to another area of the hotel 🏩 to do that!! Very very inconvenient & time consuming if other guests are waiting to do so the same time as you!!

  • 1/5 Christopher D. 9 months ago on Google
    Location and buffet are good but maintenance of equipment and cleaning is not a high priority obviously. Many times the staff also seems to be annoyed by requests except from staff in the lobby and room cleaning. Restaurant staff and especially gym staff is almost rude.
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  • 1/5 Jose R. 1 year ago on Google
    This hotel service is not what you will be expected the noise of constant visitors you can’t sleep. We complain nothing was done. The room service is the worst I had ever experience.. the food is ok. What a piece of garbage is this hotel
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  • 1/5 valentina a. 1 year ago on Google
    I don’t recommend this hotel. We went to have lunch at The restaurant (lobby) and the waiter never attended us. My hair dryer was not working so i ordered another one and they never brought me a new one
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  • 5/5 Henrique C. 1 year ago on Google
    The location is excellent, close to a metro station. The structure of the hotel is very good. The service leaves something to be desired. Cleaning is not the best. In the restaurant most of the employees work in a bad mood. One even intentionally bumped into a friend of mine who was helping himself. Another point to be improved is the dinner ending time at 8 PM. They are extremely strict with this schedule. Employees drag chairs and tables forcing guests to hurry and get out of the room. If the employees are better trained, the hotel has everything to be excellent.
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  • 1/5 Amanda S. 1 year ago on Google
    I wish I could rate this hotel ZERO stars. Came into my room (staying with two other girls) and the room had not been cleaned, the bathroom was atrocious, and they were missing a bed. Socks, receipts, and dirty towels were strewn across the room from the previous guests. I called housekeeping right away and they did not come up until over an hour later when I called them again with a reminder AND went to the front desk in person. And even after they cleaned the room, they still forgot the extra bed. They only gave us two key cards so it took 4 trips to the front desk to finally get a key that worked for the third guest. One of the appeals of staying at the hotel is the dinner. I came down for dinner on time and they said dinner was delayed. I came back 30 minutes later and they told us the ovens were broken! Now I have to pay for my dinner that was meant to be free/ paid for with my hotel bill. This is one of the worst hotel experiences I have ever been through and it has only been 3.5 hours since I’ve arrived. Save yourself the stress and book a hotel somewhere else in Jerusalem.
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  • 1/5 Simche F. 2 years ago on Google
    The staff have zero actual care they just love to say we're sorry we're sorry.
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  • 3/5 Clarissa v. 8 months ago on Google • 13 reviews
    The meal hall is set up in a very chaotic manner, people walking all over eachother to get to items and we often found ourselves having to search for cutlery. The room itself was clean and comfortable and the indoor pool was nice as well, especially since it is open until 9pm.

  • 3/5 Mtl G. 11 months ago on Google
    We were in this hotel last month. The food in the restaurant was OK, and the reception staff at check in were friendly. After that, most of the experiences with staff left me feeling that we were a bother to them, especially in the restaurant. The location of the hotel met our needs, so that was fine. Bar lounge was nice but the rooms seemed dated and 'tired'. Our room came with a number of disappointments. The keypad on the safe had 4 non-functioning numbers on the key pad. The 'fix' suggested by the staff was to just not use those 4 numbers for our code. The window curtains could not be moved to the open position because someone had hammered the tracks on the ceiling so that the curtains could not be moved. And, using the shower floods the bathroom. This is a design flaw with the shower. Others in our group had the same experience in their rooms.

  • 1/5 Ezriel Y. 1 year ago on Google
    Basic maintenance in the room was lacking. We had to request they come in to hook up the electricity. Breakfast was awful. The highlight was commercially available cakes.

  • 5/5 Meilich R. 1 year ago on Google
    DAN ATHLAN the RESERVATIONS MANAGER OF RAMADA HOTEL was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He went above and beyond to make our stay great. The hotel was pleasant enough and fairly priced If you plan on going to Jerusalem speak to DAN!!!!!!!!

  • 1/5 angela l. 1 year ago on Google
    This hotel is a disappointment! From the rooms to the food. Upon arrival the lobby bathroom was without soap, toilet paper and there was trash all over the floor. The lobby and lounge furniture was stained and the floor was extremely dirty. We stayed here 5 nights as part of an EO tour. The first room they gave us was very dirty. The bathroom had body hair on the floor and in the tub. The bathtub was worn to the cast iron. The carpet in the room was visibly dirty as well. There was no TV only a mount on the wall. We requested another room and it was promptly reassigned. The second room was better but the carpet was dirty including a wad of hair under the desk. The shower flooded the bathroom floor with every use. The food was marginal and the same thing was served everyday and reworked from the day before. The last day they put out rotten fruit. The coffee is self serve and the lines to get a cup on the morning were long! I would give this hotel NO stars if that were an option.

  • 4/5 Mark W. 1 year ago on Google
    Nice rooms but will be nicer if they would have been more maintained (paint..), but overall all was very nice and clean, food is great! Stuff is friendly! Parking free, pool is amazing!

  • 5/5 Little A. 7 months ago on Google • 9 reviews
    Hotel was spacious and perfect for our large group. The buffet breakfast and dinner option an excellent way to start and end the day. The gym, pool, sauna, steam room are a bit outdated but still great for using.

  • 5/5 Yvonne M. 9 months ago on Google
    The rooms were beautiful and staff were absolutely receptive to our needs. There were 2 twin beds, and space for a third if needed. The location was perfect and we felt quite safe. There is wheelchair accessible ramps and an inviting lobby. This hotel is definitely family friendly! The bathroom had a shower which was always clean. The water pressure was perfect and there was an ample supply of towels, hot water, soap, lotion, and shower gel. The air conditioning unit pumped in cool air which is Godsend in Israel. There is a steady Wifi connection, but Sadly there is no laundry room. However, there is an ironing room on the lower level. I had breakfast and dinner in the hotel and the food was absolutely delicious. The staff catered to vegetarians and non vegetarians alike. The fruits and vegetables were ALWAYS sweet and cool; the sherbets were todie for- Soooo good! So good! I loved it! Thanks Ramada! I had a great time.

  • 4/5 Joseph S. 1 year ago on Google
    Good value hotel. Staff are friendly and helpful. The breakfast is delicious and plentiful. Very good location. The rooms are dated but kept in decent shape.

  • 5/5 morris s. 9 months ago on Google
    It was an absolute pleasure in dealing with the Reservation Manager Dan Athlan who is an absolute gentlemen and most helpful. He arranged everything just as we requested during the busy summer season. Overall we had a very pleasant stay. Thank you Dan. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

  • 5/5 Justin G. 9 months ago on Google
    A very nice hotel in Jerusalem. Lots of large conference rooms. There are two pools and they cost money depending on which hotel you stay in.

  • 3/5 Curtiss D. 1 year ago on Google
    Rooms were not to the Wyndham standards. They looked tired and a bit unclean. Food service was not managed for the various groups in the property. Consistently running out of food at the various serving tables. Service and friendliness was reasonably with an attempt to correct.

  • 3/5 A K. 11 months ago on Google
    6/20/23, room and bathroom all reasonable clean, breakfast was good, but no sausages. However phone doesn’t work, can’s even call front desk, or friends room, nor can order room services. Front desk not able to give an estimated time they will send a tech to fix it. For the safety sake this is a major concern. No bell boy avlb when I arrived no big deal, but phone in the room is important. Hope they fix this soon and maybe check to make sure every room ‘s phone works.

  • 5/5 Rachel W. 9 months ago on Google
    I had an extraordinary stay at Ramada Jerusalem, thanks to Mr. Dan Athlan, the reservations manager. His professionalism and attention to detail were evident from the start, making me feel like an esteemed guest. The hotel's seamless coordination and meticulous planning impressed me, from the comfortable room to the delectable restaurant offerings. Mr. Athlan's thoughtful gestures and personalized touches made the experience truly unforgettable. His passion for hospitality and genuine care for guests were heartwarming in today's world. I wholeheartedly recommend Ramada Jerusalem for an exceptional and unforgettable stay. Thank you, Mr. Athlan, for making my time there truly remarkable. Five stars are not enough to express my gratitude.

  • 5/5 Bruno H. 10 months ago on Google
    Words cannot express how grateful I am for the exceptional service provided by Mr. Dan Atlan, Reservation Manager at the Ramada Hotel in Jerusalem. From the moment I made my reservation until the end of my stay, Mr. Atlan went above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of my visit was perfect. His professionalism and attention to detail were truly impressive. Mr. Atlan not only promptly responded to all my inquiries, but he also took the time to understand my preferences and tailor my accommodations accordingly. His personalized approach made me feel valued as a guest and created a warm and welcoming atmosphere throughout my stay. Furthermore, Mr. Atlan's extensive knowledge of the local area was invaluable. He provided insightful recommendations for attractions, restaurants, and hidden gems in Jerusalem, which enhanced my overall experience and allowed me to discover the city's rich culture and history. I was particularly impressed by Mr. Atlan's commitment to ensuring my utmost comfort. He effortlessly resolved any issues or requests that arose during my stay, always with a genuine smile and a willingness to go the extra mile. His dedication to customer satisfaction is truly commendable and sets a remarkable standard for excellence in hospitality. I would wholeheartedly recommend the Ramada Hotel in Jerusalem to anyone visiting the city, thanks to Mr. Atlan's outstanding service. His passion for his role and his unwavering commitment to creating memorable experiences for guests like me are truly unparalleled. Thank you, Mr. Atlan, for your exceptional service and for making my stay at the Ramada Hotel an unforgettable one. You are a true asset to the hotel, and I look forward to returning in the future to experience your outstanding hospitality once again.

  • 5/5 BZ C. 9 months ago on Google
    From the moment I made reservations, it was evident that the heart of this exceptional hotel lies within its reservations manager, Mr. Dan Athlan. Dan's professionalism and attention to detail were evident from the very first interaction. His warm and welcoming demeanor set the tone for the entire visit, making me feel like an esteemed guest from the outset. He took the time to understand my preferences, ensuring that my stay was tailored to perfection. In a world where exceptional service seems increasingly rare, it is heartening to encounter an individual like Mr. Athlan, who takes immense pride in his work and genuinely cares about the well-being of his guests. His passion for hospitality shines through, leaving a lasting impression on each person he interacts with.

  • 3/5 Marnan (Coconut j. 1 year ago on Google
    I honestly miss working there , David Tucker is an amazing person, really cares about his workers , please say hi to him from me . I used to work at the front desk and i left in February. I still use the water bottle from Ramada 😊 I thank him very very much for treating me and the others like human beings 🩷

  • 5/5 Meir W. 9 months ago on Google
    I had the pleasure of staying at Ramada Hotel Jerusalem where DAN ATHLAN, the Reservation Manager, made my experience truly memorable. From the moment I made the reservation, DAN's attentiveness and excellent communication were evident. He ensured all my preferences were met, making check-in a breeze. Throughout my stay, he was always available to address any queries or requests with a smile. DAN's dedication to customer satisfaction is commendable, and his genuine care for guests sets a high standard for hospitality. I cannot recommend Ramada Hotel Jerusalem enough, all thanks to DAN ATHLAN's exceptional service.

  • 5/5 Karen B. 2 years ago on Google
    2nd leg of pilgrimage to Israel. Great to explore and learn more about Jesus's travels.

  • 1/5 Shlomo w. 2 years ago on Google
    Alex the receptionist should be fired. She was the rudest person I have ever met. Upon arriving at the hotel and signing up, she was talking to a friend of mine in Hebrew, and called me stupid. Then she would constantly stare me down. I hope to never see her again and if she was under my jurisdiction, she would be fired. I will not be recommending the Ramada to any of my friends because of her, alone.

  • 4/5 Debbie R. 2 years ago on Google
    Grey hotel for conferences, such a convenient location.

  • 3/5 Dave W. 4 years ago on Google
    Average hotel. Reception area is clean and spacious. Rooms could do with renovation. Very slow elevators, but these were being upgraded during my stay. Average restaurant. Staff really quite disinterested, only once did I actually feel welcomed.

  • 5/5 Jupiter K. 3 years ago on Google
    Loved the hotel! The rooms were clean and the buffet had some interesting options we hadn’t seen before at the other hotels. If going around Yom Kippur or other Jewish holidays, do your research, because THE SHABBAT ELEVATOR STOPS AT EVERY SINGLE FLOOR during observances.

  • 3/5 Jeremiah R. 4 years ago on Google
    Okay so first off the good- The lobby was impressive. The staff was great. The dinning area was on point. Breakfast and dinner buffet was beautifully done. Room was a decent size. The bad- 12 floors of a very crowded hotel with only 3 working elevators. The elevators are quick but they are pre-programmed. Meaning you select your floor and it assigns you an elevator. Nice when it’s not busy but frustrating when there’s a crowd. The room was a bit on the rundown side. Had a bit of a mildew smell. From talking to others in our group I guess it was common in their rooms as well. Bathroom was nice. Beds were comfy. My biggest complaint is that you have no control of the A/C. We were visiting during the Winter time and during this time the hotel is put on universal heating. No Air conditioning. Not too bad at night because we could open the widow (we were on the 7th floor)and get a nice cool breeze. But in the morning when the sun came up and beat on the window it would get very warm in our room. Plus due to construction across the street during the day and the wind blowing dust into the room, we couldn’t open the window. Not the end of the world but just frustrating.

  • 2/5 Don E. 4 years ago on Google
    The sink is blocked the shower is blocked. The carpets are dirty. There is no service after 11.00pm none whatsoever. No water or drinks in the bedroom. We were in the 12th floor executive rooms. The rooms were smaller than any 3 star hotel in usa. The wallpaper was peeling . The door was rusty. The ac grille was leaking. They forgot to close the door between our room and the adjoining room, we did it for them. The executive dining room hadn't been cleaned from the night before at 7.30am, therefore no breakfast till after 8.00am. The fridge in our room was empty. You cannot use the elevators between 7.00am and 8.00am if you don't want to wait. There are overt 500 people using 4 elevators at that time in the morning. The breakfast had food that wasn't fresh, bread, fruit was bruised cake was stale. One of the waiter's sneezed directly on to a serving station. The lobby is loud much to loud. The smell in the lobby is extremely uninviting to say the least. This is not a 4 star hotel. Good luck...

  • 1/5 Alexander G. 4 years ago on Google
    Be aware! I have attended a conference there and got severe food poisoning, ending my day at the emergency room. A few of my colleagues had similar experience. Maybe the hotel it self is nice but their kitchen need some serious attention

  • 5/5 Ginny J. 2 years ago on Google
    Wonderful Hotel. Beautiful ❤❤ Picture outside our room window Food buffet was excellent! People were so friendly. The bread in Israel is sooo good!

  • 3/5 Suri F. 2 years ago on Google
    Summary of Pessach at Ramada Jerusalem: The good: Great crowd A lot of meat- duck, lamb, Asado, tongue Waiters were nice and available The bad: Room was absolutely filthy when we arrived. took several phone calls and complaints until someone came to clean it. Very few side dishes Dairy had no pancakes, waffles or Pizza. Very very not kid-friendly. I complained multiple times, but no one cared. It was very basic. The hotel made zero effort to change their menu and add anything more than basic. Front desk staff is extremely rude. Outdoor pool was closed most of the time. No room service or lunch available on erev chag, when yom tov is that night. They assume that people don't need to eat every day. Would not recommend this hotel to someone who is looking for more than 3 stars.

  • 1/5 Yocheved K. 2 years ago on Google
    Terrible hotel and horrible service. Do NOT come here. Disgusting rooms not clean. Food was terrible-kept serving lefttovers the whole chag. Mistake to come here

  • 5/5 mark abdel m. 1 year ago on Google
    Was there for 3 days. Niam Gool took very good care of us. Best service I have had in Jerusalem.

  • 3/5 Austin C. 2 years ago on Google
    Food was decent. Service was okay. They acted like they didn’t care.

  • 4/5 Tom R. 1 year ago on Google
    Good hotel. Did lose a bank card here and reception didn't really seem bothered in checking if one had been handed in Hotel rooms are fairly big, room had balcony and room service came in every day. The food was ok. Big pool area with loads of sun beds too

  • 1/5 David K. 1 year ago on Google
    Ramada by Wyndham Jerusalem Google review summary 4.1 Very good 2,902 reviews Rooms 2.8 Location 4.6 Service 2.8 Couples 3.5 Families 2.9 Solo 3.1 Reviews Search reviews People often mention David Katz 1/5 2 minutes ago on Google Stay away from this hotel! They have lost touch with reality and think that they are doing you a favor by allowing you to spend your money with them. After check in we decided to go out rather then go to our room. When we arrived back at the hotel later in the evening we went to our rooms and discovered that they had not been prepared, and were not cleaned from the previous guess. It took the hotel an hour and a half to get the rooms ready. This was just the beginning of a horrific experience. At 8 am we get woken up to banging on the door, I go to the door to see what the emergency could be, there is a gentleman standing there who can't speak English or Hebrew, through hand gestures and miming I understood that the emergency that they had to wake me and my family up for, was that they needed to know how many hangers were in the room. Incase you were wondering we had 10. When we went to check-out they decided to try and charge us double for one of our 3 rooms, the explanation the extra charge was because that we had one adult, and two children, instead of two adults and one child, After about an hour of arguing they walked that charge back. They refused to compensate us for not having our rooms ready until 10:30 pm says that it was our responsibility to check our rooms prior going out. It's also worth mentioning that the rooms are old and haven't been updated in 20 years. The hallway on the 2nd floor has a water leak from ceiling, the carpet in the rooms has mold on it, and the bathroom fixtures are rusting, the doors slam and over all everything is falling apart. This place operates like it's being run by teenage boys. All this for over $200 per night per room. Spend your hard earned money elsewhere. This place is a nightmare. Wyndham should remove its branding from this hotel, Its damaging their brand. The picture attached is how we received our rooms.

  • 5/5 Mor M. 1 year ago on Google
    Had a very short stay so hard to say too much but room on 11th floor had a gorgeous breathtaking view of a very busy bustling city (including tons of construction, which i happen to love). Room is spacious, soaps smell awesommmmme, shower is clean. Location is fantastic as it is right off the light rail, and very close to the central bus station and train station (outside of Jerusalem).

  • 1/5 Aharon K. 1 year ago on Google
    They did not have our room ready on arrival nor when we returned at 11pm! The room still was not ready. Waiting with children until midnight for them to clean the room. They did not comp us or give a discount.just a bad hotel experience. We ran event at the hotel and as terrible as the hotel was the event coordinator was awesome. So for events, weddings etc , great place. Hotel not so much

  • 2/5 Adem S. 2 years ago on Google
    There is no water inside the rooms, the breakfast was not good. If you try to call reception, nobody ll answer you. İt was not like a Ramada Hotel! İt was like 3 stars normal City pansion. İ am disapointed from this situation about there...

  • 3/5 Juan Carlos Calderon P. 1 year ago on Google
    Not the best place to stay. Clearly needs better maintenance. Has a good buffet and even its far from the old city it’s close to a metro station so you can visit Jerusalem easily.

  • 5/5 Chasty C. 2 years ago on Google
    This Ramada was one of the best hotel experiences ever! The hotel manager David Tucker stayed extremely late to greet our group and roll out the red carpet. From the moment we arrived David and his team went above and beyond for us. The rooms were always clean and the food was plentiful, hot and delicious! If you want a carefree stay, this is the hotel for you!

  • 3/5 Yonah O. 1 year ago on Google
    Wedding reception Friday 13th, Difficult to find both waze & Google were unable to locate it, called the hotel, the 2 different addresses they gave did not help 1½hr driving around the shuk 2km away, 1 asked people on the street for help(like the days before cell phones) & found it in several minutes B"H The chefs helper checking the food temperature with both bare hands No glove, Unsanitary! Poor ventilation, smoke from the omlete maker(preparing for many of the helpers) near the end of the event made it difficult to breathe! Plus the daughter of the Groom told me to take food home, the server dished me out a small portion & whisked away with all of it. The food manager told me they through the leftover food in the garbage, I looked in the kitchen and there were no garbage or empty serving containers.

Call +972 2-659-9999 Open on Google Maps


  • Hotel
    • ✓ Free Wi-Fi
    • ✓ Free breakfast
    • ✓ Free parking
    • ✓ Accessible
    • ✓ Pool
    • ✓ Air-conditioned
    • ✓ Laundry service
    • ✓ Business center
    • ✓ Room service
    • ✓ Kid-friendly
    • ✓ Restaurant
    • ✓ Hot tub
    • ✓ Spa
    • ✓ Fitness center
    • ✓ Bar
    • ✓ Smoke-free
    • ✗ Pet-friendly
    • ✗ Airport shuttle


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