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  • 2P. 2 months ago
    Staff is alright, never really talk to them. Machines have been broken for months. There's only two or three machines left in core and one is about to break. More than half the treadmills are typically down. With a limited amount of machines and a huge crowd in the evening hours its impossible to exercise. The building also reaks of a smell like mildew.

  • 5Lukas F. 2 months ago
    Perfectly suitable and what would be expected for a DoD gym. One big warehouse building, plenty of fairly modern machines & free weights, sufficient air conditioning, clean. Nothing fancy but no real complaints either.

  • 4Jacob P. 5 months ago
    Lots of equipment, can feel cramped at times but it's got everything you need. They also offer body composition analysis & weight gain/loss programs at a very low costs; from what I hear, they work very well.

  • 5Luis L. 7 months ago
    Best to go there between 1-3pm as it is less crowded. I like the sauna

  • 3Paolo Cupolillo I. 8 months ago
    The gym is pretty good and clean, There is no more martial arts room, during the COVID they disable all mats and never return it (even now in 2023), they made another cardio room with bikes (technically is the same to spread the virus 🤷🏻‍♂️). Overall the gym is really for workout!

  • 5D. 11 months ago
    Usually always at least 1 machine open for whatever you're hitting that day

  • 5Inaha M. 1 year ago
    Clean gym, numerous squat racks and not to busy after 7am compared to other local gyms (ie. 24hr fitness).

  • 5Bone S. 1 year ago
    My only real complaint in regards to the equipment is that there is an over abundance of deadlift bars in comparison to only 2 or 3 stiff bars. I always get my workout in with the appropriate bar for the lift I am training, but it would be nice to not need to stalk around the power racks looking for a stiff bar or a Rouge bar that still has some knurling left on it. Some minor things: Out of the 4 benches, I am personally only able to utilize 2 of them to the fullest due to the other 2 being a few inches too close to the ground thanks to the layer of mats underneath where my feet go. The power racks are pretty standard and there are more than enough of them. If you have arms that are a bit on the longer side it can be hard to get a wide grip on your squat due to the width of the rack and where the bar sits when racked. The dumbbells over 100 pounds tend to have different sized grips in the set. Can make heavy pressing sets a bit difficult due to the slight imbalance this creates. When it's all said and done this gym is very well equipped and the staff are great. In the civilian world a place like this would cost you upwards of $50 a month. The workers here go above and beyond.

  • 3Tyler C. 1 year ago
    They have alot but everything is rusty and alot people taking up everything.

  • 4Dereck M. 1 year ago
    Love this gym just dislike the short weekend hours

  • 5Will S. 1 year ago
    Sometimes busy but usually some equipment open to do any workout. Much better now that masks aren't required. That was a joke and the staff enforced it as if it was going to save some one from death and you were the reason for for mass spread and killing.

  • 4Alexander J. 1 year ago
    Good gym. Main area is pretty standard military gym setup, but the backroom has 6x CrossFit style cages w/ oly platforms. I prefer the outdoor HIIT area behind the gym. Great little setup, even if it's a bit rusty(salty ocean air will do that...)just wish they had more continuous hours to access the weights in the containers. ,

  • 3Klen V. 1 year ago
    Awesome environment although due to the fact that it's free, it can often be found packed to the brim with people, some of which only go for like 15 minutes and take up the spaces. If you don't mind waiting and have time to kill, then definitely the go to. If you're a busy person with a tight schedule and don't have time to wait around for people who are just there to be there then not the place for you.

  • 5Lynn A. 1 year ago
    The main Sempre Fit gym is very nice. Weekday Hours are limited for non-Active duty—but open to everyone on the weekends. The Kulia gym is small but has a good amount of cardio equipment, free weights etc. not too crowded. There is a gym dress code … which is just a matter of respect for our USMC. I appreciate the opportunity to work out at either gym. Thank you

  • 1Tyler W. 2 years ago
    Trash employee who drink the covid kool-aid gotta wear a mask even on cardio equipment like a good little sheep or your out.

  • 5David L. 2 years ago
    This gym has just about any cable machine you need to work any muscle, free weights, cardio machines, a hitt center in the back, the sauna (which is currently down at the time of this post), and even a basketball court.

  • 4Egan W. 2 years ago
    It’s a 7/8 out of 10 for overall experience it’s a Marine Gym. Just do your workout and keep it moving.

  • 1Nolan P. 2 years ago
    I was told I couldn’t have my small, 18in long gym bag because it wasn’t a drawstring bag. The bag supposedly is a safety hazard and can spread covid. God forbid we can trust these warfighters with heavy machine guns and demolition... but a duffle bag?? That’s just a risk we’re not willing to take.

  • 1Damian G. 2 years ago
    More like Planet Semper-fitness God forbid you wanted to get strong They'd rather watch your chest cave in than let somebody spot you and give you covid, as if that's a rule at any other gym.

  • 5Nick P. 2 years ago
    Good variation of equipment and free weights with cardio machines

  • 4Ashley H. 3 years ago
    Good large gym very friendly staff and just remember to bring your own towel and ID. Wear Normal clothes to the gym because if ur bra is showing to much I’ve seen people get in trouble. Honestly the gym on base is not as bad as people say. I love the sauna and how less crowded it is because of you go in the morning before work or after work it’s usually packed. Try to go for a late night run on the track then hit the weights later then sauna. Perfect way to get a good workout without having to haul on the machine before someone else does

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