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229 Du Toitspan Rd, Belgravia, Kimberley, 8301, South Africa




+27 53 831 6324

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  • 5Tholang M. 5 months ago
    This is one of the few value for money you will ever find in Kimberley.Rooms are clean and beautiful.Had an amazing Xmas with my family,lots of swimming and nice time with other families that were there.NB 3rd time coming for stayover with my family 👪

  • 5Nolitha J. 10 months ago
    Loved my stay here, reasonably priced and the staff very friendly. Was very warm on a very cold weekend. Very close to restaurants as well

  • 5Jeannetta S. 5 months ago
    We we're welcomed with a smile and everyone was friendly and helpful my beautiful pup Ava was welkom 2 .breakfast was amaizing . The room was clean and the bed slept like a angel on a cloud thank you so mutch will decently come back again

  • 4Ik A. 1 year ago
    Enjoyed the rooms I stayed in and pls dont stay in the single beds space or single double bed..kindly request for the rooms by the pool side..speaking from experience..loved the atmosphere..staff that attended to me was very nice however I just had breakfast(which was good)cos I left very early the next day for work.

  • 4Alexander R. 7 months ago
    I was recently at this hotel with my family and the pool was really dirty so we could not swim in it ,but that won't stop me from giving 4stars

  • 3Charmaine N. 1 year ago
    The place is updated and it looks beautiful however we didnt have bath soap and shampoo we also had to wait for our towels and coffee the next day, housekeeping also took their own time cleaning the room.

  • 3Shermira P. 5 months ago
    Not bad, but the bathroom and room was rather run down. Lampshade didn't work, cracks in the toilet and bath, but other than that, a good stay.

  • 2Thabiso M. 8 months ago
    The service was very poor got there around 17h00 and my room was still dirty and bed not done from previous guests. Request an iron and board only to receive a dirty ironing board with a steamless iron will not recommend this to anyone.

  • 2Fearless D. 7 months ago
    I'd like to say that my stay at Halfway House was good - but it wasn't. We booked 4 rooms for 3 nights - and it was terrible. 1. The walls are paper thin - so you can hear every single thing the next few rooms are doing around yours. 2. It is a Hotel. A place where one settles, refreshes or rests. Yet the rooms are rented out to loud, raucous party animals drinking and partying until the wee hours of the morning. 3. Lee-roy - the manager - was kind enough to apologise. The owner as well. The staff are apologetic too...But the noise, loud music and partying continued. We slept for about 2-3 hours per night. near passed out on our drive home. 4. The internal parking area accommodates very few cars. Be prepared to park outside. 5. Mold in the bathroom tiles. Shower drains are stuffed. 6. Buy data. Hotel offers Wi-Fi...at 3mb/s download speeds - which is very very very slow guys. I gave this a 2 star rating - this is a 2-star nightclub - not a hotel run by smiling apologetic people who do nothing to fix problems they create. Stay away people. Find another place - I know I will in December when I return to Beautiful Kimberley.

  • 2Lebogang N. 10 months ago
    Aircons not working in two rooms, no milk provided in both rooms and breakfast was late that we had to leave without having had breakfast.

  • 1Refiloe P. 9 months ago
    This place looks very nice outside, you would swear that even the service is as good as it looks but I am so disappointed, you requested for an iron and it takes an hour before they bring it to you. Any thing you request takes so much time to reach to you and that time you going to work. When we got here the rooms were not done, we had to wait for 2 hours for it to be cleaned. The staff is friendly but I think they were on go slow motivation here. Maybe they not happy working here 😕. Please upgrade your working system. People can't book in ti e and still find their rooms not done by 5pm.

  • 1Tumi M. 8 months ago
    The quality of this establishment has been gradually declining in the years I’ve stayed here. They’ve made renovations but used nice looking low quality finishes. The old side is literally falling apart. I had to ask for a different room as my door wouldn’t open/ close properly. I won’t be staying here again when I’m in Kimberley. I’ve seen enough of this mess.

  • 1Kim R. 7 months ago
    I really hope that the Manager of this Hotel is taking note of these reviews. The Hotel looks very pretty but it seems as if they are not paying attention to the finer details. The showers, in the rooms we stayed was full of mold. I had to ask the cleaning lady to please use some bleach to clean the mold between the tiles in our rooms. This is disgusting. I also noticed that it seemed as if the cleaning staff did not have enough cleaning supplies. I also noticed that there was not enough cleaning staff. The fan in our bathroom did not work either. I also refused to let my kids also use the pool because it was dirty. The passages were not cleaned in the mornings. This shows me that this establishment is not being managed properly. I also would like to mention that it seems that the walls of this hotel is very thin. I could hear the noise travelling from a hotel that was a room away from ours. We hardly got any sleep, and I don't think I would go back there again. I really hope they sort that out because this could be an amazing hotel. This is definitely not a 4 star hotel.

  • 1Jonathan W. 6 months ago
    Good day... It was all good until I had to take a shower to find out there is no water at all....

  • 1andries s. 1 year ago
    Nice big room but not when you on a business trip. Room has no work station to work on. The shower drain also has a bad smell so you can feel sick when showering. Paint and plaster is coming off the wall. Room has dust and the garden needs cleaning up. For a hotel that was graded 4 stars from the grading counsel is not good. Someone must loose his job for giving this hotel 4 stars.

  • 1tsholo b. 4 months ago
    The service was very poor ,we did not have electricity for the two nights and no one came to explain to us what seems to be the issue. They said to us that they’re not affected by load shedding, it is very disappointing as your hotel comes highly recommended. Please do better and be upfront about issues you know might be unsatisfactory to guests.

  • 1O. 1 year ago
    Checked in at 5pm and one room was not cleaned from the previous guest. Basically felt like walking into a teenagers room. Had to wait until 7pm to occupy the room. Requested another room from reception and was told that there were no other rooms despite being told there rooms available for upgrade at 5pm by another staff member who was checking us in. The other room we booked was stuffy and dank. The room smelt like wet carpets!

  • 1Wakhile Z. 9 months ago
    I stayed over at half way house for a work trip and upon arrival our room was half done. The bathroom fan was not working which became a hazard because the shower steam would make the floor slippery. Had to move around in a towel. Overall service is very slow which is unfortunate for such a beautiful place. An improvement in the units and room cleaning would be great.

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