International airport for Krakow John Paul II Kraków-Balice International Airport - Airport in Krakow, Poland

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Kapitana Mieczysława Medweckiego 1, 32-083 Balice, Poland



+48 12 295 58 00

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4.00 (5438 reviews)


  • Accessibility
    • Wheelchair-accessible car park
    • Wheelchair-accessible entrance


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  • 5David C. 1 year ago
    Very clean airport. Probably the cleanest airport I've been in. Easy to find your way around. Taxis are conventiently located outside the main doors and ready to go. They take credit cards which is very easy to pay.

  • 5S J. 9 months ago
    Appears to be very compact airport. Try to complete online checkin to avoid lines. Free wifi by airport.

  • 5Yassa W. 9 months ago
    Best airport since the refurbishment, I've seen how it was transformed over the 10 year period as I travel to krakow every year to see my in laws. Very modern I must say and plenty space in cafe and also has Hilton hotel just on the door step in case of flight cancellation. Plenty parking and take the passanger bridge connecting to the terminal directly if you park in the multi story car park.

  • 4n. 1 year ago
    Nice new and modern airport. Unfortunately during peak hours all the cafes were full. The terrace entrance has a fee. As a passenger I didn't like the staff as in both my flights wasn't the most polite in the world. Generally a nice functioning airport as it should be, spacious and very clean.

  • 4Veronika L. 10 months ago
    Pretty small airport which can get very busy. Beware of pretty long lines before entering the plane now. You can find here quite a few "essential shops and cafes" here but I wouldn't recommend to do last minute shopping here.

  • 4Zago (. 8 months ago
    Second airport in Poland. In fton of arport you can find two hotels and a lot off parking places for your cars. You can rent a car on the airport but i recomende to book this earlier. Verry good conection with city center of Krakow by train. There is no problem to buy a ticket for train on the airport. Train is going every 30 min. You can find here a few pleaces to eat something and drink. There is no SELF CHECK IN PLACES so it's big minus!!

  • 4TheIncomingFireball 2. 1 year ago
    Quite a good airport. Handling a lot of airlines and passengers, they still manage to do it! Pictures show a Buzz plane(SP-RZA) and others.

  • 4Finn R. 10 months ago
    Great airport. Security is always quick, max 20 min. It would be better if the planes are reachable quicker. Low pricing airline means going by bus.

  • 4Daniil N. 5 months ago
    Quite small, modern and pretty airport. Always clean, with sockets and they have a very good direct train connection with krakow which is not displayed in google maps for some reasons. The biggest issue here is that you always have to wait for shuttle buses. In such a small airport they are completely useless, it’s easier to walk 4 minutes than waiting for them. Plus these buses are completely uncomfortable.

  • 3K. 1 year ago
    This is a small airport, so good for walking with baggage inside. Shops/Eateries are very less here. Also there is no proper signage in few places. Doesn't really look like an international airport. They can definitely improve it. Baggages aren't handled properly in coveyor belts. It's being thrown (from a height) at faster pace such that fragile/plastic items in it can/would break.My one of kitchen item handle broke and i really doubt it happened at this airport. Just imagine if things are broken at last point of entry, the disappointment would be huge.

  • 3Sven O. 9 months ago
    The airport itself is very clean and well organized. The security checks are quick and the customs staff are very friendly and helpful. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the boarding staff (Ryanair). Bad mood was demonstrated from the beginning. They obviously made fun of the passengers. There was an almost sadistic delight in rejecting the non-priority guests (obliviously elder people not fully understanding the system). Hard to beat their arrogance! I wasn't affected myself and can say that the other flight guests acted extremely friendly, despite the bad education of the flight barbies (sorry, but that's exactly the picture the girls gave). The ladies weren't on board later. Buzz's staff (flight operations) was super friendly, as it should be in the service sector. It was the flight KRK - LPA, 07:05 in the morning.

  • 2C. 2 months ago
    Good airport - security was friendly and efficient however airline staff are hungry to pick on people for money, especially non-european tourists by selectively enforcing very strict baggage policy. I fly quite a bit for work purposes and I must say that this was one of the only time I was asked to put my luggage into the little bag size measurement thing. In the meanwhile, the airline staff did not seem to notice others who carried 2-3 hand carry bags. Selectively blind. Can't recommend this airport to anyone. Be aware and cautious about this if you have to fly from here.

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