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  • 5Daniel G. 1 week ago
    Into the Dark and Into the Light were both great! Fully recommend, although if you’re strapped for time then Into the Dark is the more unique experience. Our guide Pawel was funny and open, and it made us appreciative of our sense of sight!

  • 5Aistė K. 2 weeks ago
    Great excursion in the darkness. Wonderful guide and interesting feeling! Highly recomended! Thank you!

  • 5Deividas L. 1 month ago
    Visited "Towards the dark". Imagination of being blind, and the feel of it is incomparable. Only being there made me think how some people have to struggle for some basic needs. I recommend this experience to everyone. Best regards for our tour guide Pavel!

  • 4A. 1 month ago
    I believe my guides name was Sylvia. She spoke excellent English and was able to communicate very effectively. I gained great insight and understanding into her experiences as a blind person. She welcomed questions and provided detailed answers. She was also very funny too. I highly recommend her and the experience.

  • 5Hubert N. 1 month ago
    An amazing exhibition about how a person functions without sight and what the daily life of a blind person looks like. Participants move in spaces devoid of light and try to find their way in them. Incredible. I highly recommend it. We went with the kids. Everyone really enjoyed it.

  • 5S. 2 months ago
    Great experience and thanks to Paweł who showed us around on the exhibition! An amazing man with a wealth of knowledge. Our regards to Julian from the reception desk! See you at the light exhibition next week!

  • 5S. 2 months ago
    A great place for integration and a break from everyday life. We entered the exhibition into the dark in five people and, together with our guide Szymon, went through various rooms with different tasks waiting for us to solve. 50 minutes without sight is only a fraction of what blind people have on a daily basis, but it is still an incredible experience. We highly recommend and also thank Julian, who encouraged us to visit this very attraction. We will be back for a second exhibition!

  • 5Ludmila K. 2 months ago
    Dark side. A life of blind people from inside. Incredible experience softly guided by Pol. How is it to be blind. What sense you should use to cross the street, to cook, to read... Highly recommend this tour to better understand disabled people and how they accomodate themself in this world.

  • 5Irina S. 2 months ago
    A very important and useful experience for broadening one's horizons! I would definitely recommend to visit that place! Thank you to my guide Piotr for sharing that experience with me. He also allowed to ask questions (even stupid😀) in the end. Unfortunately I forgot to ask about his hobbies. Would appreciate if you replied here.

  • 5Vilija B. 2 months ago
    It was an amazing experience for the whole family! This museum introduces you the eyes of the blind. The guide was very informative and helpful, followed with a very clear English. I recommend it to everyone who is wondering what to do in Krakow. Also I would suggest booking in advance as there are only a few sessions in English.

  • 5S F. 2 months ago
    I went with my daughter to both unique WOMAI exhibits, which were amazing in different ways. In “Into the Light,” Agata led us on a tour of illusions and magical creations - the exhibits were totally absorbing. Agata’s passion for the subjects of science, physics and magic was contagious, and all of us in our group were entranced! If you love embodied sensory experience, don't miss this! In” Into the Dark,” Silvia, our blind guide, led us through various real-life scenarios and locations. This visceral, confronting and touching experience showed us an entirely new world and helped us appreciate aspects of life we may have taken for granted. This was a truly transformative experience. We are so grateful to WOMAI and Silvia, in particular, for sharing her life and experience with us and showing us around her world. I cannot recommend this journey through both exhibits highly enough. Thank you WOMAI and especially Silvia and Agata 💗🙏🏻

  • 5Guy L. 3 months ago
    Our experience with Pawel was a true delight. Putting you in the shoes of someone blind is an experience anyone should do at least once in his life to raise awareness and be more observant of what is important for them in their day to day life. We couldn't have a more interesting and fun guide. Definitely a must see if you come to Krakaw !!

  • 5Mark S. 3 months ago
    Really incredible and eye-opening experience. Pawel is so friendly and was an excellent guide! He gave us a real idea of what life is like for blind people. Would highly recommend to anyone considering a visit!,

  • 5Natalie W. 4 months ago
    Me and my partner did the blind experience and I cannot express how interesting it was. My partner needed to have his translated in English and Paweł was so helpful. His English was very good and he really explain everything very well for the both of us. It is a very good price for such a great educational moment and I could not recommend it enough. It really shows you how someone with such a disability navigates the world.

  • 5Jacek O. 4 months ago
    I recently had the pleasure of visiting WOMAI with my 4-year-old daughter, and I cannot express enough how magical and inspiring our experience was. We participated in a captivating one-hour show called "Into the Light," led by the phenomenal Agata. She truly captured my daughter's attention from start to finish, creating a memorable experience for her. At the end of the show, my little one couldn't even pick a favorite part, simply exclaiming that she loved it all without exception!

  • 5Stan H. 5 months ago
    The experience was amazing! Our guide through the darkness was Pavel, a super nice guide, who made us closer to understanding how is to live without the sense of sight, answered all of our questions. 100% recommended! Must do in Krakow!

  • 5Krakow P. 7 months ago
    The centre teaches everybody how it’s important to accept diversity. I definitely recommend you to visit both exhibitions: into the darkness and into the light💡 Note: you can’t use phones and light-emitting objects in the first one. The mission is to use only four senses and understand the world of blind people 🦮

  • 5Tomasz Kuras M. 7 months ago
    Awesome experience for a visit. Dark life exploration was an incredible experience. Paweł was an amazing and interesting guide to your you in, and look after you during the stay

  • 5Johnrel T. 8 months ago
    Tried both "into the darkness" - experiencing being blind and "into the light" - science experiments... both programs ang great experience! Staffs are awesome and this is a unique museum among other museum. Very interactive and fun! We've got to meet new friends too!

  • 5Viktória F. 10 months ago
    We was at the museum based on reviews. Our group of 3 people went to the exhibition “in the darkness”. Exhibition was with a blind guide Pawel and he is very kind and super cool. I recommend 10/10, it's a very good experience. We also learn something new.

  • 5Janka J. 10 months ago
    We attended the in the darkness exhibition as a group of 3 adults. Our guide Pawel was really nice and funny guy, who hasn’t hestitate to explain the life he is living as a blind person and answer all of our questions. I can recommend this experience when visiting Krakow.

  • 5Mister M. 10 months ago
    Amazing and “eye opening” experience. I’ve been there with a very sweet danish couple and we had the chance to share this moment of darkness together. I recommend everyone to go at least once and experience what it “feels” like to have one less sense. We all should be grateful for what we have and not give it for granted. A big thanks to Paweł and Małgorzata 🙏🏽

  • 5Alex S. 1 year ago
    I think this was one of the best modern attractions I have ever seen. As it was my first time in Cracow it was a very exciting experience. Our guide, Szymon, showed us how life looks like in his eyes. Our guide was extremely kind and understanding. He was willing to answer all of our unusual questions. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Even the waiting room was breath-taking. Very educational yet exciting and fun experience. 10/10 recommend

  • 5Anna T. 1 year ago
    I have visited “into the darkness” tour and is was amazing journey into the whole new world for me. 1 our passes very quickly. Additional thanks to Pawel who was leading this tour. He is a star of this world of darkness. I want to thank him and guys who created and supporting this space because you do something unbelievable. This place is worth visiting 100% and it can change your work totally.

  • 5Ihor M. 1 year ago
    “Into the darkness” was an amazing and insightful experience! This is truly something so simple, yet so hard to find. You explore common every day things through a completely different prism. Many thanks to the guide Pawel, who was delightful and helpful

  • 5Wojciech K. 1 year ago
    Incredible experience! Szymon was our guide. The way he walks you through his day to day scenarios, is just mind blowing. Definitely recommend to take your family and friends so you can experience life in darkness! You will remember it forever!

  • 5Sara C. 1 year ago
    I went here today with my family, it was a lovely experience. The staff was amazing and our instructor Piotr / Pawel ( I'm so sorry I don't remember his name) was so kind and helpful and apologised how he had to hold our hand in the dark part of the experience but he made me feel comfortable and helped me locate the wall whenever I needed it. The light side of the experience was also amazing, the woman showed lot of interest and passion towards the place. This place definitely needs more people visiting, not only is it entertaining but also gives you more knowledge on the blind people, which I find amazing. It's so unique unlike other places where it's just for entertainment, this is educational as well. Also provided feminine products in the bathroom which I found so sweet and thoughtful as many places don't have that!

  • 5Riccardo C. 1 year ago
    We ve had an amazing experience. My kids loved it. The staff is really really friendly, they speak very good English, and they are very knowledgeable. I truly recommend it. Must go place

  • 5Carlos M. 1 year ago
    We attended the exhibition into the darkness in the morning, and it was fantastic! Our guide Piotr took excellent care of us by guiding us in the darkness while recognizing places, noises, everyday objects in the kitchen, objects related to hobbies, etc., and answered very kindly to any questions about people that are vision-impaired. In the afternoon we attended the exhibition into the light, and it was very good, too, with many hand-on experiments having to do with our senses, and a knowledgeable guide. If you can, I advise you to do both exhibitions. If I had to choose one, the one into the darkness impressed me more, as I had not had such a experience before.

  • 5Pawel B. 1 year ago
    We visited Into the Darkness with a 10 year-old and it was an absolute blast! For an hour, you get a glimpse the world of people who are blind with a guide. You spend that time in absolute darkness, facing the most basic challenges of blind persons. With your sight turned completely off, you are out of your comfort zone, but exactly at a spot where learning happens. Our guide--Piotr--made sure that the group was taken care off. He was open to talk even about personal stuff to help us understand and empathize with people with his condition. But even some of the most basic stuff that he explained was unexpected. I was considering whether an hour in darkness might be boring or even scary for kids, but neither turned out to be true. Actually, when we were done I was surprised that an hour has already passed. I would recommend a visit to all: kids, teens, and adults, as it Into the Darkness really helps to understand a bit better people who are blind. Not only is it interesting but also builds empathy. We bought tickets on the internet in advance, but on the day of the visit. If you're OK with half an hour of wait, you could probably go there without earlier booking.

  • 5Jolita D. 1 year ago
    Very interesting, found out many new things. Many thanks to charming guide Pavel. Highly recommended.

  • 5Lubov K. 1 year ago
    #Womai - it's amazing place, where you can spend time with your family or friends with pleasure.The location is great, near to the train station and close to the old city center. I want to thank the staff of the science center, everyone was very polite and helpful. I with my son from Ukraine and we don't understand Polish very well, but the staff speaks English, so we had no problems to enjoy a great show. 🙏Thanks to our Antek guide, we not only have fun, but also got a lot of interesting information and facts about sound and magnetic waves, manipulation of light and mirrors. To conduct the tour in two languages ​​at once - it is very difficult - I am very grateful to you😻. I didn't add photos specifically, that you make your own.🌞 This tour is worth it. I recommend!

  • 5Karen Natalia S. 1 year ago
    Incredible experience! Paweł was our guide, and the way he walks you through this day by day scenarios, is just mind blowing. 100% recommend it to go with friends, family, partner, co-workers (even as a company event to bond). Note: our guide speaks several languages, and we choose to do it in Spanish.

  • 5Ali R. 1 year ago
    A hidden gem in heart of Krakow, opposite Galleria Krakowska. A must try experience. Womai let you experience the daily life of blind community via different programs (in dark and in Light) I have personally tried in the dark experience, my guide Kamil was very kind, was speaking fluent English. It was great 1 hour to experience the life of blind community in dark and utilize senses like touch and smell. It made me more thankful for the God’s blessing which we usually ignore.

  • 5Ekaterina M. 2 years ago
    Really cool place to spend time in! The "darkness" part is probably something that everyone should try - to experience life "from scratch" again. I was guided in the darkness by super intelligent and nice guy Pawel, and really advice everyone to try this part. Then I went to the "light" part with amazing Gabriella, who followed me through all the exhibition parts. We had fun, she explained the principles of light, and I felt that I am in right hands with her. At the reception I got a moment to talk to Demian (sorry if I got it wrong!), and he was also very friendly and welcoming. Had a feeling that I just spend some quality time with good friends and would really come back again ❤ Thank you guys for that!

  • 5Francisco F. 2 years ago
    Ideal for families. In particular Gabriella guided us with highest quality explanations and adapted for both children and adults, in both English and Spanish. Impressive facility and outstanding people running it.

  • 5Nick S. 2 years ago
    Great and unusual experience!

  • 5Vince N. 2 years ago
    Amazing interactive exhibition on physics phenomena, suitable for people of all ages, especially great for sparking interest in science for children and students. Gosia (Margo) was definitely one of the most enthusiastic and well-qualified tour guides out there.

  • 5s. 2 years ago
    Great experience. We took both the dark tour and the light tour. Guides Damian and Kamil were friendly, knowledgable and very enthusiastic. Amazing place.

  • 5Janus L. 2 years ago
    Great experience both the light tour, and the dark tour. The light tour have some amazing interactive activities. And during the dark tour our guide Kamil, guided us through some everyday experiences in complete darkness. And answered our questions about living as a blind person. All in all i can only recommend the WOMAI

  • 5Suleman S. 2 years ago
    Amazing museum, the guides are super friendly, Damien was very enthusiastic and made an exception for us despite coming in a little late. Very knowledgeable and a really worthwhile visit!

  • 5Andreas V. 3 years ago
    Did the "into the darkness" experience. A humbling experience that left me with unexpected thoughts and actually positive energy. There is a lot to feel when the lights are out. Thanks again to our guide and the helpful staff!

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