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QG4F+29P, Banbhore, Dhabeji Town, Mirpur Bathoro, 73200, Pakistan


+92 21 99206081

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  • 4Farid S. 1 month ago
    Easy and safe route to the museum. Recommended use Google Maps for the location. On the way back, from Cafe Imran it's about 10 Kms. Entry fee is approximately Rs. 100 per person. There is always room for improvement. And currently at the site work is under progress too.

  • 5Kashif A. 5 months ago
    Very convenient for Karachites for short trip. Safe, secure and easily accessible. Other than historical importance, the place is nice for families as staff is very supportive and with well maintained canteen a few moments of relaxation can be enjoyed with good taste of tea and other refreshments with the prices that are over charged.

  • 5Chacha C. 6 months ago
    A must visit place. Specially for those who loves history. Peaceful and calm environment with tidy washrooms and a good canteen having cold drinks etc. A semi off road type road from N5 to the site but every vehicle can go over there. Good polite staff but one thing I noticed that the person who issues tickets was issuing single ticket instead issuing ticket as per number of visitors. Like we bought 15 tickets but got only one ticket for all 15 persons. Per adult person entry fee is Rs. 20/-.

  • 5Faizan Ul M. 7 months ago
    Best historical place but so sad about government of Sindh don't care about this place and giving no facilities

  • 5Ambreen Z. 8 months ago
    An archaeological site with very rich history. Ticket for museum is very low even for foreigners.

  • 5Sobia I. 1 year ago
    Historical place, if you love to know about history. Also it has some remains of Fort that was built near the Indus River. Frist mosque of South Asia is also present there.

  • 5Hamid A. 1 year ago
    Good picnic point for Family. NATURAL observation DECK.

  • 5faisal r. 1 year ago
    A historical and peacefull place, Debal Fort and it's belongings are worth watching. Safe for family visit bring kids to know them history of ancient Sindh. Ticke to Museum just Rs. 20, facilities of restaurant, rest rooms and washrooms available. The road to Museum around 2KM is not smooth but travelable. We Planned a weekend breakfast at café Imran Gharo and visited Bhbore Museum and Fort on the way back to Karachi.

  • 5Amanullah T. 1 year ago
    It is a must visit place, very nice and humble staff very peaceful and what a history. The road is little bad in some patches but overall any car can go. You can have a breakfast at cafe imran make a u turn and this place will be on your left way back to karachi

  • 5Tasnim A. 1 year ago
    A so important piece of history that very few in the most populated city in the country have visited which is not far from here. Good guides and facilities.

  • 4Qazi M. 1 year ago
    Nice Museum at Bhambhor , Sindh.

  • 4Ahmed K. 1 year ago
    Well maintained museum. Guidance also provided by the management. Basis facilities are available must visit with family.

  • 2Asim M. 1 year ago
    What could have been a great tourist attraction is now a diaplated ruin with a small museum housing stuff that the local waderas had no use for or the Sindh antiquities dept. Couldn't find a buyer for. This place is textbook example of what happens when corruption is left to run rampant. There is one thing that one needs to be thankful though, they constructed pretty good toilets separate for men and for women so even though you wouldn't find a tuck shop or souvenir shop there, you can still take a dump in peace.

  • 5Nawab Tanweer A. 2 years ago
    Good place for those who love history. The place is well maintained with only 20 Rupees entry fee. There is a nice cafe with beautiful surrounding to sit.

  • 5Anas K. 2 years ago
    Best place to visit. As it is our cultural heritage and remind us the bravery of PAKISTANI people. Must visit palce for all especially school/college must visit this place so they see what they learbed in books.

  • 3Saira B. 2 years ago
    There's no effort being made to preserve the remains. There's no addition in the museum. To attract visitors they should establish a restaurant. A sound and light show with the narration of history can attract more visitors.

  • 5Amar G. 2 years ago
    Historical site of Debul.

  • 5Waqas K. 2 years ago
    It is a good historical place with good facilities, proper washrooms, canteen where you can get local chips, coldrink and water. They also have huts AC and Non-AC. This is the place from where Bin Qasim entered Sindh and Islam entered into ASIA.

  • 4Shoaib C. 2 years ago
    Building is renovated. Clean and well managed place. Not bad for a short trip.

  • 1akif s. 2 years ago
    Although archaeological museums throughout Pakistan are pretty poor places - and not surprisingly as these operate without any official development funds (with 90% pr more funds going for salaries) - Bhambore must take the unenviable distinction of probably being the worse. Indeed with entry fee of about 12 US cents hardly anything is possible. The museum comprises one hall with about 10 display windows. The building was put up about 50 years ago and the only additions (to the main building) were two large plaques by an egoistic minister and officials who wanted their names to be part of history (in whatever way - negative or positive). The great innovation in the display windows is that these operate on natural light with a large vent for sunlight to lighten up the displays. A few terribly un-creative structures designed like typical government rest-rooms have been put up on the side-lawns - with the architect having no sense of place (like a facade made of stones that form the fronts of thousands of Karachi's elite homes). There was no water in the wash rooms - fortunately this was warned in advance or else I would have been left stranded. The upkeep of the main display room is pathetic - again not surprisingly as from personal experience I know that the government's actual expenditure of funds is about 30% (rest being pilfered and embezzled through corruption).

  • 4Asif J I. 2 years ago
    Its 1 hour drive from Karachi and highly recommended place to visit . 1st masjid of South Asia is there and fort where Muhammad bin Qasim came and conquered Sindh. Must visit place and specially for school and college students.

  • 5zia s. 2 years ago
    Very good place to visit.

  • 5Syedahson a. 2 years ago
    Wow... What a place. I had always heard the gateway is Sindh but didn't know before visiting this place that this is the Place from where Bin Qasim entered Sindh and the epic castle of Raja Dahir, the Shiva temple, museum and the tale of Sasui and Panhoo.... What an experience!

  • 5Jameel A. 2 years ago
    Beautifull place

  • 4Samira B. 2 years ago
    Totally like harrapa museum. Yes few articles seemed real. Yet mostly looked forged proper guides should be assigned with proper history. Our sweet guard was good at folk lore and all that he had been taught word by word like a rhetoric speech. I request the local and federal government to please attention to our real assets our history our pride

  • 5mukhtar a. 2 years ago
    Historical place must see and atmosphere is very good plan a trip with family it's very awesome

  • 5Abdullah K. 2 years ago
    Now its very well maintained and had a resting area with clean canteen. A best place for a day trip .

  • 5Sohail R. 2 years ago
    Old heritage site. It has good sight seeing options. Everyone should go there with family.

  • 5Sabeeh F. 2 years ago
    Best place to visit karachi near by... historical site and well maintained

  • 4hashim k. 2 years ago
    It’s a very small but adequate museum. Just carries the important pottery and other artefacts found in near by excavation site. Similar stones pottery pieces were found on hill also. But the place was kept nice and clean by the administration so it’s a job well done. The toilets however were all Asian style.

  • 5Savak S. 2 years ago
    Must visit point

  • 5ShabbirAbbas Bukhari T. 2 years ago

  • 2Syed Atif A. 2 years ago
    Poor collection of archeology.

  • 4Rana M. 2 years ago
    Good experience overall. Specially babul-islam.

  • 4Muhammad I. 2 years ago
    Good Palace for Day Trip

  • 4R C Kingdom M S B. 2 years ago

  • 3Taimur K. 2 years ago
    Not much to see, one can hardly view museum in 10 mins, rest are mountainous areas not much of an interest. However there are some rest houses which family can rent for a day or night stay.

  • 4Mahmood K. 2 years ago
    Good place to visit with family. Not crowded. Museum staff is very co-operative and professional.

  • 5Asif Khan K. 2 years ago
    It was really good. It is such a good historical place and environment was very good and it is a informative place for travelers

  • 5Afshan A. 2 years ago
    Its a wonderful place outside karachi full of peace n fresh air...a complete historic place...must visit

  • 5Aziz A. 2 years ago

  • 5Yasir A. 2 years ago
    Historical and lovely place 😍

  • 5Raja A. 2 years ago
    It's really good

  • 5Azar Ejaz A. 2 years ago
    Should make your kids visit this place

  • 4Foreign M. 2 years ago
    Bhambore museum is filled with ancient pots, jewelry, sewing kits, etc. The transparent glass placed at the front of the antique stuff is stained with marks, and there is no proper lightning for the historical things.

  • 5fayyaz s. 2 years ago
    It is great visiting place near karachi. I visited many times, but every visit give me a new feelings. I think if here arrange some camping facilities. And night stay. It will be great for adventures.

  • 5Sajan G. 2 years ago

  • 5Aisha A. 3 years ago
    Such a great place to visit. I visited this place in mid September 2020. The place was well managed, clean, and very green. The museum and its surrounding area was well maintained and not crowded at all. Bathrooms were clean as well. There weren't many shops in the vicinity but its was a nice and quite spot to bring children and learn about history.

  • 5Shahrukh N. 3 years ago
    Centuries of history is piled up amongst the ruins of Bhambore fort. This is the iconic and historical place where Muhammad Bin Qasim fought the forces of Raja Dahir in the year 712AD and eventually became successful. This led to the advent of Islam in South Asia. The place has a small museum which has beautiful old artefacts from different civilizations which lived in this region. The place interestingly has a few rest houses as well which can be rented for Rs. 5000 only for a period of 12 hours. Right behind the Fort is a tributary of River Indus. Back in the day River Indus actually used to flow across it. It is an amazing place to renew history.

  • 4Hasan T. 3 years ago
    Ancient muslim town.

  • 5Navid A. 3 years ago
    beautiful and historic

  • 5AH Bilal K. 3 years ago
    Good place to visit with family

  • 5Shafiq Rehman L. 3 years ago
    Condition of link road is pathetic

  • 5sherazi q. 3 years ago

  • 3Wahaaj S. 3 years ago
    This place was just okay as it had a typically small canteen area, the museum is well built, the fort is been in extincting stage its better if it is recovered, guest houses have been built which is a great step towards modernization , bathroom facility is also available, yes there is a ticket charge and a great water tank is also placed which in turn makes the facility as a motel with AC rooms for stay. A great place for an archealogist and historians and specifically school trips and you should pack your food as there are no restaurants there, its a great point for picnics.

  • 5Sansaar K. 3 years ago
    Historical site on the coastal Bank of Arabian sea. Little far from Karachi. Worth visiting place of Sassui

  • 4M. Danish A. 3 years ago
    Place is Full Of History. Also. It's a Place where FIRST MASJID|MOSQUE OF SOUTH ASIA WAS BUILT..

  • 5Syed Anas A. 3 years ago
    Good rest house for families

  • 5Special G. 3 years ago
    Good historical place.

  • 3Asad Ullah B. 3 years ago
    Mesueum is worth visiting if u r traveling on that route already

  • 4Ali Khan G. 3 years ago
    its good. museum is well maintained.

  • 4Anisa K. 3 years ago
    Very historical site and definitely national asset. Need to preserve it for our future generations.

  • 5Noorahmed S. 3 years ago
    Old city of sindh have a historical background

  • 2zubair a. 3 years ago
    need to improvement nd still not for family

  • 5smartiz. p. 3 years ago
    a historical place

  • 5Hammad B. 3 years ago
    Great place, an hour's drive from Karachi centre. A must visit place, serene and inspiring.

  • 3Mohammad Z. 3 years ago
    Not Maintained

  • 5Muhammad A. 3 years ago
    Nice palace

  • 4Seven Sea T. 3 years ago
    First foot prints at Sindh muhommad Bin Qasim good place for view.

  • 5syed mukhtar A. 4 years ago
    An excellent way of haritage of historically importance preservation good work must be appreciated

  • 3Muhammad Jamil K. 4 years ago
    An ancient Historical place. Remains of 4500 yrs old civilization. 65km from Karachi City.

  • 5Shayan R. 4 years ago
    It was awesome experience, Banbhore or Bhambore, is an ancient city dating to the 1st century BC located in Sindh, Pakistan. The city ruins lie on the N-5 National Highway, east of Karachi. It dates back to the Scytho-Parthian era and was later controlled by Muslims from the 8th to the 13th century, after which it was abandoned.

  • 3Arsalan Wahid A. 5 years ago
    For the historic value it's a great place to visit ,but given its far away from the city and the black of public facilities such as the basic sanitary facilities beg one to ask for more.

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