• 5Dr Shahid B. 3 months ago
    Tea is fantastic 😊

  • 3Sobdar B. 3 months ago
    Not too good

  • 4Abdul A. 3 months ago
    The tea was fantastic

  • 3Ghulam Rasool C. 4 months ago
    Tea is good 👍 but the place is disliked 👎

  • 2Ali Khan J. 1 year ago
    Very dirty sitting area

  • 3Hasnain m. 1 year ago
    Tea was vGood but place is v poor

  • 5Ali k. 1 year ago
    Only best desi chai dhabba in the metro town (Larkana) Bring your car to hear music, smoke Nd tea. Typically desi dhaba

  • 5Abdul Ghafoor S. 1 year ago
    Wonderful to take tea here.

  • 5Muhammed S. 2 years ago
    Tea is good but place is not decent

  • 2tahir hussain m. 2 years ago
    When I first visit they give us service and tea very good but now average

  • 5Amjad A. 2 years ago
    Very popular hotel among youngsters and elders alike. They are known for quite a bit of their dishes., tea and cakes are awesome.

  • 5Mujtaba H. 2 years ago
    Tea was very fantastic. Pure Desi style dhaaba Tea.

  • 3azizullah a. 3 years ago
    Good desri food

  • 5Shoaib S. 3 years ago
    Number 1 Chai of Larkana

  • 5Wasi C. 3 years ago
    Good for tea

  • 1Saleem R. 4 years ago
    Very slow service. They serve 4 tea cups in 30 minutes.

  • 5Ali M. 4 years ago
    Awesome tea

  • 5Zohaib Ali K. 4 years ago
    Best plece of tea

  • 4Alibaba A. 4 years ago
    One of my favourite location for tea. Best tea in larkana

  • 5Sumair C. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Haq lahooti (Original) Haq lahooti

  • 3Rasool Bux S. 4 years ago
    A good place to have tea.

  • 5Waseem K. 4 years ago
    Nice tea

  • 1Farhan Q. 4 years ago
    Bad for food

  • 3Latif K. 4 years ago
    I would here you can get best tea in Larkana, though it's small tea cafe, but has a great customer service

  • 3altaf l. 4 years ago
    it's a tea shop only it has best tea.

  • 3Hamid K. 4 years ago
    Tea shop

  • 5Wasi V. 4 years ago
    Good tea

  • 5Adnan Q. 4 years ago
    v good tea shop

  • 4C. 5 years ago
    Special tea

  • 5Ahmed S. 5 years ago
    (Translated by Google) The tea is very good here, the Qambar Radios (Original) ھتي چانھن ڏاڍي سٺي ملندي آهي قمبر روڊ لا ڙڪاڻو

  • 5Ustad rajib A. 5 years ago

  • 4Kifayat A. 5 years ago
    Good fresh mix tea shop in open air.

  • 5Nisar Balhro S. 5 years ago
    Best hotel for fresh and hot tea

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