Vertigo Climbing Wall - Rock climbing gym in Lisbon, Portugal

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Edifício Beira Rio, Av. Infante Dom Henrique Fração S, 1950-408 Lisboa, Portugal



+351 21 132 0947

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4.50 (744 reviews)

Working Hours

  • Wednesday: (All Souls Day), 10am to 11pm, Hours might differ
  • Thursday: 10am to 11pm
  • Friday: 10am to 11pm
  • Saturday: 10am to 8pm
  • Sunday: 10am to 6pm
  • Monday: 10am to 11pm
  • Tuesday: 10am to 11pm


Frequently mentioned in reviews: friendly (6) staff (6) good (9)

  • 5Benoit S. 8 months ago
    My 8 years old loved it. Super friendly staff. Good organic food served at the coffee. Gentle pricing. Will certainly come back.

  • 5Kirill S. 7 months ago
    Solid gym,good training facilities good Cafe and staff, prices are good, no annoying forms to fill when climbing for the first time! Could use a changing room area where you can sit not on the floor to change the shoes.Route setting is ace! Gap between easy and medium levels is big through..

  • 5Mariia L. 11 months ago
    Loved my first lesson. Thank you, Andre (instructor), for a great intro, your support and encouragement. It was a fun one! The gym also has cafe and showers. Lockers don't close, so might be better not to bring valuables. Staff speak English well.

  • 5Caio A. 2 months ago
    Amazing experience!! The front-desk girls were super friendly and explained to us all details. The space has lockers for you to put personal things and rent the necessary materials (sneakers etc.) in case you don’t have them—one joyful and different experience from the usual ones in Lisbon.

  • 5Simone A. 2 months ago
    Clean and tidy gym. Nice routes for all the levels. Powder chalk is not allowed for obvious reasons, but someone can buy or rent liquid chalk at the gym. Nice and friendly stuff with food and drinks available for chilling after a climbing session. Suggested!!

  • 5June J. 1 month ago
    I love this place. Route setting is refreshed frequently but not too frequently that you don’t have time to overcome some sticky ones. The staff are lovely and friendly and the food is fresh and delicious, particularly the cookies!

  • 5Nirel Omer S. 5 months ago
    Smaller than it seems on the photos. It was very hot and a little crowded when I visited. 5 stars are due to great climbing routes (checked v3-7), great atmosphere, nice snacks and cookies. Be sure to bring your own liquid chalk or else you’ll have to either rent or buy.

  • 5Christopher P. 1 month ago
    Great bouldering gym on my vacation in Lisboa. The day pass and shoes are fairly priced and is conveniently located. Its a small bouldering gym, but the route-setting is quite good. The vibe in this gym is super friendly - very helpful front desk staff. If you are a local or visiting and have the time, I definitely recommending trying them out.

  • 4Pez C. 10 months ago
    Small but varied bouldering gym. Shoes and chalk available. Good mix of routes.

  • 4Maximillian F. 8 months ago
    Very nice gym and people. The place is very small tho and the holds are "old-school" (not a lot of friction to rely on, you need to be strong) but in general the grades are good (bit too hard for beginners maybe - I was there with a beginner and they couldn't do many of the second level) and the comparison with the v-grades are pretty accurate from my perspective (I'm no pro btw)

  • 4Will A. 1 year ago
    Super friendly staff, great route setting and wide range of grades, decent training facilities too. Affordable and liquid chalk and shoes available to hire. No safety induction, registration or basic competency checking on arrival though which was unusual coming from the UK!

  • 4Hugo B. 3 months ago
    Nice climbing gym not huge but more than sufficient, a good assortment of difficulties with nice variety of holds. The staff was very helpful and could help you in English. Only slight complaint was that there is no air-conditioning/cooling other than a couple fans and all the doors wide open. So if you are planning to visit this gym i would recommend coming early. (Note that is was 38°c outside at 1pm so maybe this could be not as big of a problem) Tldr: Great climbing experience , just don't go at (too) hot days.

  • 2B. 10 months ago
    Review edited after I did a outdoor climb with them. The good thing. Fair price, fun and talkative instructor, the place. The bad thing. Transport is not included, safety was poor due to ropes core been non existing. The instructor had poor belay technic and serval times let go of the right hand, teaching new climbers that the Grigri will catch the fall so don’t worry. Overall it was a fun experience but I would never ever climb with someone who misses the fundamentals. And yes I am also a beginner and makes lots of mistakes. Not a bad gym, not a good one either. It was first of all super crowded, which is usually a good thing, but with such a tiny gym it becomes quickly claustrophobic. There must be enough demand for a larger gym in Portugal. Also no chairs or areas for sitting, so you kinda in the way of people all the time. The problems were mediocre and I would have wanted to see some more comp style and appealing.

  • 2Vasco C. 8 months ago
    Nice route set, often overbooked. Quieter gyms available around in the city. Also, booking is not demanded (and head count not performed in a rigorous way), it is not uncommon to have the entry denied because "we have too much people" (random standard after all). Better to spam the booking and not to show up than the opposite ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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