Terrace with a sweeping city view Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara - Observation deck in Lisbon, Portugal

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R. de São Pedro de Alcântara, 1200-470 Lisboa, Portugal



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4.60 (19463 reviews)

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  • 5Rich N. 1 year ago
    Lovely little vista with a great coffee shop and staff. Highly recommend for a quick break

  • 5Ivan R. 2 months ago
    Very pretty views and cool city vibes. Has a few cafes and restaurants. The area around this place is probably the best area in town.

  • 5Ross B. 3 months ago
    Great view of the city but the best part was having a man try to beg a cigarette from me (I don't smoke) and then chatting and drinking with him for more than an hour. You never know who you're going to meet so embrace these chance encounters.

  • 5Samad G. 5 months ago
    Extremely beautiful scenery. Much quieter than the other Miradouros. Mostly locals. There are lots of trees with shadows and benches to sit on. There is a telescope for a closer view of the city. The place has two corridors. At each level a shop from which drinks and snack could be bought. There is a nice white marble fountain which is quite refreshing. The only negative is that there is no wc.

  • 5Daan W. 4 months ago
    Nice view point to look over the old part of the city. It also has a small snack bar to sit down for a few minutes and enjoy some coffee. The tram ride up there is also a funny experience.

  • 5c. 7 months ago
    Great outdoor space offering stunning views of the city. There is market stalls here that are open through the day and night serving drinks and different kind of foods. The pina colada cocktail served in a fresh pineapple is an absolute must. There is many different sandwiches to try made with cured meats and cheeses. There is a stage here also which has live bands and DJs on throughout the day and night. Definitely worth a visit.

  • 5D R. 8 months ago
    I always like Lisbon. It’s a great place to visit, with a vibrant centre, as many restaurants to choose from as you can think of, catering for every cuisine of the world. The old town is exceptional. I’d recommend a tram ride, especially the funicular up the steep slopes to Jardim de São Pedro de Alcântara. Take a Tuk tuk from the park around the old town. Usually about €60 per hour., but see what you can get for your money!

  • 5Jerry M. 8 months ago
    One of the best terraces (miraduoros) in Lisbon. It's a long climb of stairs from Baixa, Chaido, and Bairro Alto, so be ready, but there are some cafes on any route up to rest, and it'll be worth the trouble.

  • 5The V. 8 months ago
    This popular spot in the city of Lisbon felt for me like the physical condensation of the city itself. People gathering in the sun, talking, chilling and playing music with no care and no stress, just having a break to a great view and sunset. Try it yourself.

  • 5Gabriela A. 8 months ago
    Beautiful view of Lisbon's downtown and perfect to see Sunrise/Sunset on the city. Very calm. Good food around. It's located between Príncepe Real and Baixa-Chiado (downtown)

  • 5Yasmin Z. 10 months ago
    Amazing view of the city, you can see the river from here. Perfect spot for a picture or just to read

  • 5L. 10 months ago
    Amazing view…. There are benches to sit down and it’s a great chance to take sunrise pictures.

  • 5Dávid Z. 10 months ago
    Nice view. Just next to the cable tram (worth to try). Nice

  • 5Raghid B. 11 months ago
    Super amazing view a nice place which you can reach it with the historic Tram 🚋

  • 5N. 1 year ago
    Sitting on a park bench in a miradoura while the musicians perform is an experience in itself. Add box wine, a little nosh and a date (friend or otherwise) and you have a special memory in the making.

  • 5arun r. 1 year ago
    In ur stay at Lisbon ,go on a weekday evening..just the point for a best view of the city and instagram pics ;)

  • 5Rafael F. 1 year ago
    One the best views of the city, a must see in Lisbon.

  • 5Veronika F. 1 year ago
    It's a great place. There is an open bar there and a women painting acrylic paint and the pictures are really gooad and cheap. Can't find a better present from Lisbon.

  • 5George H. 1 year ago
    Place with a good view of Lisbon. There is an old tram going on a steep hill - a Lisbon icon. The garden is a nice place for getting away from the city and relax and enjoy the sun. A nice place for self reflection while overlooking Lisbon and the waters.

  • 5Danut M. 1 year ago
    Nice place to see the old part of Lisabon

  • 5Bad V. 1 year ago
    Beautiful view over Lisbon and just a few steps away from elevador da gloria, perfect to watch the sunset before heading in to a night at bairro alto

  • 5Mateusz G. 1 year ago
    You have amazing view from there and it's perfect for chilling with friends or drinking on Friday night!

  • 4Larry W. 1 year ago
    Nice view of a Lisbon with a peek of the Tagus. Nice park with a fountain and statue

  • 4Greta P. 1 year ago
    Wide view of the city, very nice.

  • 4J. 6 months ago
    Great place for a beautiful view, with food and drinks on the upper level. There are also benches and tables to sit at while you grab a drink and some food.

  • 4Farhad M. 6 months ago
    A two tiered viewpoint looking East to the castle and South to the river. Not for sunsets which are due west behind the buildings backing the park. Live music, food and drink stalls and lots of people on the upper level. The lower level is quieter with benches and flowerbeds.

  • 4Sreenjoy C. 6 months ago
    Great views of the city, went there at night and the city looked beautiful with the night lights. There was also an event happening here so a lot of food trucks and a stage had been propped up. Overall, a fun place to be in or discover during your walking tour of the city. Also the tram stop next to it is very cute.

  • 4S V. 1 year ago
    Beautiful view and nice little park.

  • 4יניב . 1 year ago
    Stunning views of the city center with benches and a large garden / yard downstairs. There is a lovely cafe there. The viewpoint is actually the northern end of the cool Bairro alto neighborhood. Getting there can be done through the Telecabine. Cost of 3.80 euros round trip. Short but steep driving distance

  • 4Mortis (. 11 months ago
    A really nice place to impress your friends that are visiting the city. It is a great place to hangout, enjoy the shade (when you have it) and take beautiful panoramic pictures of Lisbon and its surroundings. If the sky is clear you can even get a glimpse of the other side of the river. A really good place to stop and take pictures before you move on to visit other places.

  • 4Daniel K. 10 months ago
    Nice views and a little cafe that you can get snacks and drinks at. I wouldn't say it's the best views in Lisbon but it's worth stopping by if you're near.

  • 3C P. 1 year ago
    cute little park on the hill with a view. you can kind of see the ocean a little bit. a few artist vendors and music in the park. would probably be nicer during sunset.

  • 3Gino K. 1 year ago
    Overrated, the trams are full of Graffiti, normally I would love that, but this was not the best art work. Next to the tram a line of semi-pro photographers, getting their snap. Watched one leave and one arrive at the spot, but the ones in San Francisco are nicer!

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