Benfica's all-seated soccer stadium Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica - Stadium in Lisbon, Portugal

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Av. Eusébio da Silva Ferreira, 1500-313 Lisboa, Portugal



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  • 5Gary T. 10 months ago
    Came for the stadium tour, the guide speaker was great. It’s worth a look. The museum however is questionable as they have tons of unrelated things such as the moon landing, world wars etc and trophies for sports like under 8 table tennis… The best part of the museum is the virtual penalty shootout game.

  • 5Ian W. 3 months ago
    Probably the home of Portugal's biggest football club and in general a Sporting Institution. Paid €17.50 for a tour and access to the museum. Well worth a visit.

  • 5Pedro S. 2 months ago
    A must even if you don’t like futebol. I unfortunately didn’t have time to do the stadium tour (which I was told is incredible) but went to a couple games during my two visits to Lisbon. Easily accessible by subway, this stadium has beautiful architecture, a gigantic Benfica store inside, it is very easy to navigate and last but not least, Benfica fans are an awesome, civilized and polite crowd that chants for a good chunk of the matches. Will definitely come back for a tour to enjoy this marvellous place!

  • 5Matt O. 2 months ago
    Very impressive stadium! Our guide was a really nice guy who made us feel welcome and was very happy to answer questions. Thanks for your hospitality and thank you for allowing Jota to transfer to Celtic (we love him). Good luck for league title 38 this year!

  • 5Justin K. 3 months ago
    Amazing tour and museum! This is a must-see for any soccer fan. They have an amazing stadium and museum.

  • 5Christopher S. 8 months ago
    Great stadium. Lacking the nice, large, HD video screens common in US stadiums. But great place to watch Champions League game!

  • 5Vica V. K. 3 months ago
    Came for a stadium tour and the museum. The place is impressive. Had no idea how big and talented the club is

  • 5Ben J. 1 year ago
    We had a great tour with Cristiano on Saturday October 23. The stadium itself is lovely and somewhat similar to Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium. You are taken to the press conference room, away dressing room, tunnel and pitch side. You will also see the famous eagles. The museum is a separate building and is quite a sight to behold. It has an area in which kids can play and take penalties against a virtual goalkeeper. It is full of trophies and history and the staff are very helpful inside as well. If you visit Lisbon and you are a football fan, I recommend this tour!

  • 5Eduardo D. 10 months ago
    Leaving allegiances aside, this is a beautiful stadium. Take the tour and also visit the museum. Benfica is a Portuguese institution and its history is bound inextricably with the history of Portugal. The museum will provide a sense of why this is the case. There is a light show that is fun and compelling. Lots of trophies including Benfica's 2 Champion League wins. Excellent tributes to Eusebio arguable the best player of his time. Two live Bald Eagles (American), the mascots, which do look a little sad under the circumstances. Alas, my only disappointment is that one is not permitted into the home dressing room -- we do get to see the opposing team's dressing room, which is paltry by comparison (so the tour guide says). If you want to spend lots of money, there is the club store of course, including places for a good cup of coffee and a less impressive meal.

  • 5Altaz L. 1 year ago
    Just went over to see what all the fuss was about. I’m not really a football can (sorry!) but I must say I was quite impressed with the stadium! Not very sure I would buy the kit though! At least the parking was free!! Hope you like the photos. For some reason they weren’t allowing us to take any photos. So I had to sneakily take theses.

  • 5David N. 8 months ago
    I was excited to enjoy a stadium tour here in December 2018 with my friend Sam on a Portuguese football adventure. We were in Lisbon for the Sporting match which was played on the Sunday evening so we spent the morning doing this tour. A lot of stadium tours can be a touch on the mundane side however, this one was fantastic from the minute we arrived. Our tour group consisted of a very humerus and knowledgeable guide who had spent time in Australia which was nice to chat about. He was a season ticket holder and knew some truly fascinating bits of information about the club and its history. The ground holds just over 64,500 supporters and opened in 2004. I think from memory, it was designed by the same folk who were responsible for The Emirates in London. The tour itself lasted around 2 full hours and we had a further 3 hours in the museum after. I know, I know. 3 hours seems a long time in a football stadium museum but I love to take my time and soak up the history and information on offer. There is a fantastic mix of football and general Portuguese culture and history mapped in as a kind of timeline. I have plans to return for a match in the coming year or so but for now, I hold these fond memories of a wonderful sunny December morning in one of the more impressive modern football stadiums.

  • 5Mikolaj M. 1 year ago
    Superb stadium, took stadium trip, recommended to everyone

  • 5Mateusz G. 1 year ago
    The most beautiful football stadium in Portugal, it's possible to do a stadium tour with a guide, but visiting Benfica Lisboa shop is a must. It's also Adidas shop there and a MediaMarkt.

  • 5Simoun F. 1 year ago
    Very nice stadium, big fans and history!

  • 5Elisa T. 1 year ago
    Not a Benfica fan here BUT that doesn't mean I will not enjoy a football match. If you're in Lisbon and like football it's never a bad idea to enjoy a match of one of the football teams that Lisbon has 😎 try to book in advance and enjoy the Match!

  • 5Domenico T. 1 year ago
    In the Benfica district, accessible by the Azul metro line, the da Luz stadium is magical. Clean environment and serene envoironment, it offers visits to the museum and has a large shopping area for true lovers of the benfiquista camisola.

  • 5Trishcuits 0. 1 year ago
    Wonderful experience. We did a tour of the stadium and also watched a Benfica game. Cant wait to go back.

  • 4Niels de G. 5 months ago
    The stadium is impressive and the stadium tour only accentuates that. Though the tour is somewhat short, you do get to see a lot of the stadium and it is definitely worth the money. Of course, visiting a match may be even better, but there was no match taking place during our visit to Lisbon, unfortunately.

  • 3C. 1 year ago
    Very cool stadium. However, the stadium tour is a lot for a price of 12€ too short and superficial: you are really chased through the stadium and only get small insights. For example, you do NOT see the home team's dressing room.

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