Most reviewed Tourist Attractions in Llallagua, Bolivia

Find the Most reviewed places in Llallagua that you must visit based on the 9754 visitor reviews from 14 places in the city. Llallagua (in hispanicized spelling) or Llallawa (Aymara for a monstrous potato (like two potatoes) or animal, Quechua for the god of seed-time during the Inca period) is a town in the Potosí Department in Bolivia.
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  1. Valle de la Luna   -   4.40 (3231 reviews) Large rock formations created by erosion
  2. Cristo de la Concordia   -   4.40 (2704 reviews) Hilltop statue of Jesus Christ
  3. Amboró National Park   -   4.50 (1428 reviews) National park noted for its biodiversity
  4. Freedom House   -   4.70 (1308 reviews)
  5. Toro Toro National Park   -   4.60 (812 reviews)
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