Top rated Zoos & Aquariums in London, United Kingdom

Find the Top rated places in London that you must visit based on the 6249074 visitor reviews from 4741 places in the city. London ( LUN-dən) is the capital and largest city of England, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.
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  1. Penguin Beach   -   4.80 (54 reviews) Good for kids
  2. WWT London Wetland Centre   -   4.60 (1910 reviews) Nature reserve with bird spotting hides
  3. ZSL London Zoo   -   4.30 (18516 reviews) Gorillas, giraffes, penguins & tigers
  4. Butterfly Paradise at ZSL London Zoo   -   4.30 (44 reviews)
  5. Battersea Park Children's Zoo   -   4.20 (1075 reviews) Small mammals, birds & reptiles
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