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  • 3/5 Andre Y. 3 years ago on Google • 96 reviews
    It was closed and empty but a cool place to take photos
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  • 5/5 Catherine L. 5 years ago on Google • 81 reviews
    This is a swap meet held regularly. The proprietor is the nicest man. The 4th of May is a town wide swap meet with I believe 8 different locations throughout the town of Lucern Valley. We will be out there in space 3 selling neck coolers and other comfort items. It will be a lot of fun for everyone so please come out and stop by.
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  • 4/5 Bradley S. 1 year ago on Google • 222 reviews
    You know it's still nice there Jack is doing a great job he has a lot on his plate. I wish him well. If you have time check out the swap meet. It helps everyone

  • 5/5 Atormentada L. 5 years ago on Google • 163 reviews
    Good place to relax look around take pictures old stuff in that area.

  • 5/5 Dane B. 5 years ago on Google • 94 reviews
    Occasional Swap Meets and Indian Frye Bread Taco Stand on most weekends. As well as Shaved Ice Snow Cones ! Beaded Indian Jewelry and a shop that does Special Tide Dyed Clothing and Dresses and Jewelry.

  • 4/5 Steven S. 1 year ago on Google • 82 reviews
    Interesting spot of roadside Americana

  • 5/5 Cynthia P. 5 years ago on Google • 58 reviews
    My children and I enjoyed this unique little spot.

  • 5/5 Tim S. 6 years ago on Google • 48 reviews
    Gonna go back there again as soon as I can. I'm sure the family will enjoy themselves. The people there are good "down to earth" types. It's really a breath of fresh air, which we all need more of these days.

  • 5/5 Vivian L. 4 years ago on Google • 32 reviews
    I was browsing around town that I now call home. They have a swap meet every Saturday from 9 am to 4PM. Check it out

  • 5/5 Iveth C. 5 years ago on Google • 5 reviews
    The staff were nice enough to let us walk around the area!


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