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  • Sunday: Closed
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  • 5Dave S. 4 months ago
    Make it a day trip! LOTS to do, my only complaint is we didn’t spend full day. Very ethnic, lots to learn, staff was SO helpful and friendly! Good spot to find souvenirs. The show was Broadway quality! Much more than I expected. It was done in such an amazing way that made the audience feel so’part’ of the experience! Definitely will put on list for next trip to Hawaii!

  • 5Susana S. 1 month ago
    It was a very nice day. It was my birthday and all the stuff made me feel good. All the activities are awesome. The energy and stamina of everyone is incredible. I took hula lesson, tattoos, games, best buffet and a perfect closure. The final show is amazing! So cool!

  • 5Kristi H. 1 month ago
    Definitely recommend a few days here so you are able to tour each island with a guide and then explore on your own. The guides are wonderful. They call you family and I truly felt like they were part of mine throughout our day. Unfortunately I can't remember our guides name, but we loved and appreciated every second with her. The Luau, dinner and program was a good time and a must when you go. Overall an amazing experience and would love to go again

  • 5Albert V. 1 month ago
    Great place to emerge into the Polynesian cultures and learn about each island culture and language. Definitely a fun and family friendly place to be at. A big plus is that they let you come back for 3 additional days for free so you can see and do other activities. I recommend you pay for the fire dance Hā (Breath of Life) and the Luau for the full experience. Friendly reminder to be there when they open at 1230 so you can spend more time/see more things at the center.

  • 5Juan G. 2 months ago
    10/10 highly recommend. Even if you don’t buy the luau experience your honestly getting a lot for what your paying for. Dinner was delicious. For the show there really isn’t a bad seat in the audience. When we visited the prime minister of Tonga was also visiting… that was cool to see I guess. Would visit again if I ever come back

  • 5Carlos “Shalom” M. 3 months ago
    Highly recommended, The Polynesian Cultural Center is certainly a most wonderful experience. The family had an amazing time not only learning about the cultural, mostly we enjoyed the people. You could see that all the participants at the center took pride in the works they were doing. The emotional pact was much like that of Disney. Everyone was involved in every aspect. The center was very clean, the landscaping was carefully manicured and each learning center as I call them was an enlightening moment. My favorite was Fiji and Tonga. I love hearing the beat of the drums and singing and dancing with the crew. The grand finally show was spectacular and certainly is worth watching. I highly recommend the Polynesian Cultural Center. Also, the food at the Gateway Buffet was great!!! Wonderful!!!

  • 5Ruby C. 2 months ago
    An awesome cultural experience. Would highly recommend spending at least half a day here to take your time through all the villages. You can look through the buildings and participate in the activities from the different islands. There are heaps of friendly staff members to help you plan your experience to get the most out of it. We saw some performances and did hula dancing, weaving, spear throwing and tried some traditional foods. Definitely worth visiting.

  • 5Michael C. 6 months ago
    We visited the Polynesian Cultural Center on Memorial Day. We purchased tickets before arriving in Hawaii. The super ambassador options were sold out, so I purchased Great Buffet tickets. That included access to the islands, the buffet, and the luau show. The show was awesome. The buffet was okay, and certain island shows were really good. I view that as a great stop while in Hawaii.

  • 5Rick T. 8 months ago
    Such a great experience! So much to see and do. Plan to spend time at each of the different islands. You can easily spend a couple days here. The Lu'au was fantastic! The food was excellent and the show was very entertaining. Also, if you're a vegetarian, there is still plenty to choose from. Ask your attendant and they will give you a card listing all the vegetarian options. The Breath of Ha performance was amazing! Well worth the price of admission alone.

  • 5Lisa R. 6 months ago
    This place is beautiful. The stories told by the performers are interesting and educational. The performances are breathtaking and fun. It is really a full day experience. Don't short change yourself and leave early. If you can do the luau there I would recommend that so you don't have to leave at 6pm. Don't forget the ukulele lessons!

  • 5Jacob Yates (. 1 year ago
    Did the buffet package, which ended up being really good value. The islands had so much to do that we only saw maybe a quarter of what's available, the buffet was great, and the show at the end was fantastic! We also paid for transportation round trip, and our bus driver for the first leg was very informative and funny too. The staff (the majority of which are students at the University nearby) were very kind, attentive, and passionate about showing everyone a good time. All in all, an easy 5 stars and highly recommended for anyone.

  • 5Dom S. 4 months ago
    If you are in Honolulu Oahu Island this should be on your bucket list. It's theater show is amazing. Every pacific island showcase their culture very beautifully. You will have many options to participate in their activities. Very colorful and informative. There is a boat ride touching every islanders place. Do NOT miss the 7pm theater show. It is breath taking and very intense. Kids will love it. The Getaway buffet is like world class cuisine all in one place like Vegas Bucknell buffet. Beach is right on the other side of the road and parking is plenty. This place is on the North side of the island about 1hr from Waikiki Beach. I definitely recommend this place. ⛱️

  • 5Madison C. 3 months ago
    Really enjoyed our time here!! The cultural presentations were very entertaining and informative. Luau was a blast. The hostess really made it a great experience. And the evening show Ha Breath of Life was amazing. I would definitely recommend this place and suggest getting the upgrades for the luau and evening show!

  • 5Scott R. 7 months ago
    Great family experience. We came as a couple for the first time here. Would highly recommend getting there as soon as they open to spend more time going through each of the islands. We got there later and wished we could have spent more time. The ticket was good for three days, so that could be something if you don’t get it all in. The tour to the temple was great and the food was pretty awesome. The show was the highlight and really well done with very seasoned actors and cast that have some great heritage.

  • 5r. 1 year ago
    There is a lot to see and do here. Definitely not enough time in one visit to do everything. I would recommend downloading the app and plan ahead what you'd like to do/see. The presentations and hands on activities were great.

  • 5Rene P. 1 year ago
    I visited it on Feb 2020. Excellent location to known different cultures, in one place. They offer transportation from Honolulu, at additional cost. Shows are amazing and also food. I personally recommend to buy Ambassador package, that’s include a guide in you language, to don’t miss any detail of your experience.

  • 5Mayur P. 1 year ago
    This center is more like an amusement park with a variety of themed island locations which give you insight into Polynesian Culture. My favorite presentation was the presentation in Samoa - the chief was very funny and it was very educational. They show you fire making, basked weaving, and the show will teach you about how everything is made from the natural environment. I would recommend coming when the park opens and staying until the end because there is plenty to do for the whole day!

  • 5Vicky T. 1 year ago
    It was a great experience ever. I wish they opened earlier so we could have more time to learn about the different cultures do all the activities. The buffet was huge and so good. All the food there were amazing.

  • 5Aiyana H. 1 year ago
    We visited this center on Tuesday, our second day in Oahu. We experienced the Alii Luau Package. I would advise anyone to book at minimum 2-3 months in advance. We arrived and parked to the left in the free parking zone. There is a statue of Hamana Kalili the father of the Shaka you can take a photo with at the front entrance. You are allowed to bring in bottled water. We entered the park with our bar codes which were scanned on our phones. We went to Aotearoa first and learned how to play with the double long handled Poi Maori which requires concentration and hand eye coordination. We learned a few sets which was so much fun! We also watched the cultural presentation which is first come first served and seats are socially distanced. The performers did a great job and included New Zealand men and women performing warrior chants and with Poi Maori and Maori sticks. Afterwards we went to Fiji and toured the chief’s home with detailed explanations of the architecture, furnishings, and etiquette. Afterwards we went into another building and did several routines with the derua which was fun along with learning some words in Fijian. They also have temporary tattoos and an area where you can learn to make coconut oil. They also have a Fijian canoe you can view on display. We then went to the presentation area and were socially distanced for seating. The cultural presentation was amazing! We watched the chief interact with a rival tribe member for his daughter’s hand to form an alliance. We watched Fijian performers sing songs with the band and dance. Also the men of the tribe did a warrior dance and chant which was powerful. Afterwards we were welcomed to take photos with a Fijian performer which we did. My boyfriend was even allowed to hold a warrior weapon in his photo. We felt the most connected to Fiji since they are black just like we are and they felt connected to us as well! Afterwards we went to Tonga where we attempted to ride on a canoe, but we decided to just take a photo at the Tonga sign. At the Samoa presentation Kap discussed Samoan culture with us, cracked and shared a drink from a coconut with a guest in the audience, started a fire with driftwood, and milked a coconut. After the amazing presentation, we watched Kap and another Samoan climb a coconut tree which was amazing! At the end of this, we took a photo with Kap. Kap also had a gallery where he sold his artwork. We went to Tahiti afterwards to witness the Tahitian wedding. Once we reached Tahiti, there was a man there that was cooking coconut bread. He allowed guests to try the bread which was delicious. We were socially distanced with seating and witnessed the beautiful Tahitian wedding which told a story of a dynamic love story through music and dance of the band and wedding dancers. I would advise you get to the activities early to get good seats. We strolled through Hawaii where we didn’t get to really do anything since their cultural presentation had not began. This seemed to be the least engaging village in my opinion. Afterwards we walked to the front and checked in at the for the luau. We were given beautiful lei’s and seated in a large dining area. The luau performances were a beautiful dedication to the story of Queen Liliuokalani along with beautiful songs some of which she composed herself. The luau was very organized in the way they allowed guests to get food with a requirement to wear provided gloves at the stations. The food was delicious and had a wide variety of Hawaiian cuisine. My favorites were the Virgin pina colada pineapple drink, the fresh fish, and the imu pork which were all delicious! Afterwards we had an hour until the Ha breath of life show which we used to relax. We weren’t allowed to take any videos or photos at the show at all. The Ha breath of life show was absolutely amazing! It told a story of a boy who became a man on the Polynesian islands through dance, song, warrior trials, battles and fire performances. I recommend all tourists and locals spend a day at the PCC which is the best attraction/luau on Oahu!

  • 5Douglas R. 1 year ago
    Amazing! Go for the whole day. The shop at the marketplace before 12:45 which is when the islands in the cultural center open. See the show at every one of the islands do the activity at every one of the islands and definitely stay for the luau floor show. It's a theatrical production of very high level. But watching it is made better from the things you learn about each culture throughout the day.

  • 5B. 1 year ago
    We went on 8/2021 and it was a wonderful way to spend the day! The staff are friendly and welcoming.The buffet variety was decent and worth the price for the convenience. However, the show at the end was absolutely the best reason to come and you definitely need to stay for it! Covid precautions weren’t intrusive and they social distanced our seating appropriately.

  • 4Randevu Travellers I. 4 months ago
    The canoe ride was enjoyable. The shows in the different villages were fun and refreshing! The tour to the different villages were just okay. We did not do the buffet because it will get too expensive. We ate at the food trucks instead, and that was good. The Ha: Breath of Life show was spectacular and a wonderful treat to end the your day at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

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