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  • 2shanna K. 2 months ago
    There was not much customer there and it was the lowest place ever, after finally getting the chicken, I regret not frying it at home because I think I'd do a better job, the only thing was okay was the fries. You can't have people cashing and serving at once, handling money and serving food is nasty and I think health inspector needs to go there, if anyone needs food fast, I'm sorry but this is the slowest place ever, fast means slow for them so find somewhere else or you need to order 2 hours before.

  • 5latoya b. 2 months ago
    Ok so popeyes is so comfortable to sit and eat the place is so well decorated and colors are coordinated, the food is also good but only problem is it's a tiny bit salty but the apple pie 100 and their burgers are to die for and everything else is good

  • 1Najee C. 2 months ago
    Horrible customer service. They require serious training for the branch in Mandeville. The other night, I went there to order and was greeted with the most unpleasant customer service through the drive through, I only had my card and with 3 cars behind me and 2 infront I was denied the opportunity to order and run my card indoors and the reps tone was distasteful to say the least. After waiting 30 mins I left and went to Island Grill.

  • 4Angella F. 4 months ago
    Sometimes the chicken can be too salty. But love the fries. Customer service can be improved. But it is an ok for me..

  • 5Mr. M. 4 months ago
    I've been trying other chicken salads and this time around it's another Popeye's Chicken Salad and it was better than I expected. Pics speak for themselves. They never had the usual dressing but it tasted good with the supplied sauce. Very filling.

  • 1Lesh C. 5 months ago
    The staff do not appear to be properly trained. I would definitely not go back for now. A food handling course needs to be completed by the staff and supervisor. The mistakes they made when I was there should have been basic knowledge. Myself and another patron had to sound an alarm when we saw how the food was being handled.

  • 3Rusheka L. 6 months ago
    It was a long wait the chicken is really salty. The fries are really good. Customer service was ok some were nice and some were really miserable. The bun on the chicken sandwich was soggy.

  • 5Nikolai M. 7 months ago
    I came with around 8 of my friends on a nice Saturday evening after class to relax and I must say after that first time we came back every Saturday for around 2 months and more and more of my friends came. The food tastes great line usually short decent seating and WONDERFUL food. Love popeyes would definetly recommend.

  • 2karen j. 8 months ago
    Chicken is dried and tough. So, so different from the Popeyes I eat in the States. Went through the drive thru, and I was given my food, but no drinks. Both drinks were sitting there while workers were enjoying a hug chatting time. I had to bang the blasted window for them to remember I didn't receive my drink.

  • 1Kimberley T. 9 months ago
    No customer service. Some of your cashiers needs to throw out the garbage instead of dealing with customers. Have no manners. Speaks to customers like their speaking to their families. Bright! Go learn customer service will never eat there again! That is why the customer count is low!!!!!!!! Went there since night to order some food. She told me a cost and when i checked it in my head it was different miss KIMBERLY G is her name. All she had to say was there is a increase in cost her response was: a nu mi gi u the cost miss a the machine and rolled her eyes. Little miss nah nu manners gal don't take your problems to work with you leave them at the door.

  • 5Troy B. 10 months ago
    Nice food I love the mild chicken over the spicy. Their fries are awesome 🔥

  • 4Paul G. 10 months ago
    Popeye's long awaited entrance into Mandeville is welcomed. It is strategically located on the same property once occupied by the former Star Grill (now closed down.) My visits there are always greeted by great customer service from a welcoming team. The food is of international standard and the dining area lends itself to a great dining experience. Popeye's allows for drive thru customers while having ample parking for diners. It is located in walking distance from the adjoining Tax Office and other businesses close by.

  • 4Trevaughn H. 11 months ago
    Service is good, however somewhat inconsistent with the drive-through order collection. Also, all fast-food restaurants in Jamaica, they are not as transparent as they should be. They have also gotten my order wrong 2 times out of maybe 10-15 instances. Therefore, it can be concluded, they provide a good service and is hence recommendable.

  • 4Roshane C. 1 year ago
    The newest fast food chain in Mandeville is awesome! Another option other than KFC. The service was good overall. The dining area was very clean and had beautiful artwork hanging on the walls. Of course, they accept both cash and cards. The servers preparing the orders wear plastic gloves. I like that. They have a drive-through if you don't want to go in. Parking is available, but it is limited. Waiting on your order can be a minute, but the food was good, so I guess that covered it. Their fries are pretty awesome.

  • 4Mark S. 1 year ago
    Popeye's is the newest addition to the Mandeville fast food family. The offerings are varied. The staff seems friendly and courteous. I did the popcorn shrimp combo that was fairly good. Their spicy chicken sandwich with the sweet heat sauce was is a must try once you're stopping by. Their lines are usually long but, their service is fairly quick, so go with the intention of spending a little time.

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