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  • 4Trasian J. 1 month ago
    I just love the barbecue chicken 🐔 😋

  • 5Bonito T. 1 month ago
    The taste of the chicken at these local KFC far exceed those on the Continental USA according my tastes buds . But once again be prepared to wait , wait and wait. You know what they say about those who wait...Good good food comes to those who wait.😋 .

  • 5D. 2 months ago
    very clean environment and i got my meal really fast

  • 1Kenisha w. 4 months ago
    This place is the worst especially the drive through it's always full and the servers are slow .I bought a famous bowl and u could see that it pass the time and they reheat it and I had diarrhea shortly after eating it never again will I purchase from this Kfc

  • 1Paul W. 4 months ago
    Inside don't has no class when I was a child I use to love coming here know I don't want to eat in there please need to be fixed up it seems the kernel need to take back is business from who's running it know they're doing a poor job

  • 5Nieci B. 5 months ago
    Have some issues but regardless I enjoyed everything

  • 3Andrei W. 5 months ago
    Nuh too like KFC, but it wasn't bad

  • 5The B. 6 months ago
    Besides being the only place open after 10:00PM on Sunday the food was scrumptious and superior to the KFC in the States jn my opinion.

  • 1C. 6 months ago
    This KFC is the worst ever. They normally don't have ice so the drink serves hot, sometimes they only have one flavor drink, the vegetables in the zinger burn, the fries fresh and cold. Plus the service is slow, let me not mention the restroom.

  • 4Avia W. 6 months ago
    Zinger was a good choice 👌

  • 5The A. 7 months ago
    Growing up in Jamaica this place was always full. Sometimes we wouldn't even bother because as soon as the chicken was ready it was pretty much done. Don't even mention when it was a holiday. Fast forward several years and visiting the island again. This place is worth the wait. It tastes nothing like KFC in North America or anywhere else. It is seasoned to the bone, juicy and will keep you coming back for more. I'm not only referring to the chicken with the barbecue being my favorite with hot and spicy being a quick second, but their other offerings are better than any KFC in the world. I'm not sure why it is so much better if it is the quality chicken or just the seasoning that is used, but whatever the variation this should be the secret recipe. You have to try the original though because that will give you the perspective on how much better it is than any other KFC. If there's anything bad to say about this location, it's that it's always full. But now I appreciate it so much more and I'm willing to wait. If and when you visit Jamaica ask them for the closest KFC and I promise you you won't be disappointed. Throw in a biscuit too for Good measure.

  • 4Alexander s. 10 months ago
    Food was good but lines where very long on the weeknds

  • 3Mickeal levy t. 11 months ago
    Their credit card machine hardly ever works and outside they want better garbage management it's always dirty

  • 3Alex M. 11 months ago
    Crowded only fridays, and Saturdays and especially sundays........during the week just expect alot of school children

  • 4Jovanna R. 11 months ago
    Went through the drive through on a Friday night! Long wait, but worthwhile! The chicken was delicious, except they did not have any sandwiches, wings or tenders.

  • 2trishanie c. 11 months ago
    KFC workers always have attitude and not only that sometimes what you ordered you don't get bathroom as well need some one for cleaning at all times security give customer threatened the customers as well..

  • 5Sherwin M. 1 year ago
    Jamaica 🇯🇲 got the best tasting KFC,if you think am lying 🤥 I can prove it,just look at the line,follow me @Promotermoore while your at it for more, thank you.

  • 1Melisha C. 1 year ago
    Not a very good experience at KFC, staff were unfriendly and had no compromise. They only had ginger beer avd ting flavour drinks which they didn't announce before my purchase. I told the staff I'm buying for little kids are those flavours are too harsh so I don't mind paying extra to get bottled drinks. They made it so difficult even when the manager tried to help it was just too much hassle, the charged my USD card 3 times and has to refund me. When I got to my mom's villa I realised they had also over charged me for the meals to what I got. Definitely poor customer service, too much attitude and no people skills. The food was pretty good though.

  • 4Damion F. 1 year ago
    Great tasting fried chicken restaurant. If you are a chicken lover you will love kfc

  • 5T W. 1 year ago
    Can't go wrong with KFC in Jamaica!!!!

  • 5kk_ f. 1 year ago
    If plankton spent his time stealing these ingredients he'd be a happy amoeba. But in all seriousness everyone already knows that kfc is rlly good even thatveganteacher.

  • 4Rachelle R. 1 year ago
    Delicious food. Took about 20 mins to get through on a busy Friday afternoon . Received everything I orded.

  • 5876 T. 1 year ago
    It's not bad But the lines are too long most of the time but after getting your meal it's kinda worth it and there is no drive-through but one mile down the road you have another one with a drive-thru

  • 3richardo h. 1 year ago
    A bit slow with the service even with place empty but the staff was polite, its KFC so the food has to be good.

  • 1Jermilee M. 1 year ago
    On January 30, 2022, I went to the Mandeville uptown branch of this establishment. At first glance, the establishment appears to be adhering to strict Covid-19 protocols, as the security officer at the door was only allowing a certain number of people in as the place cleared out. However, he did allow people to cut the line regardless of the number of people inside the establishment, according to my observations. When questioned about it, his response was unappealing to the customer, demonstrating a lack of respect. When I entered the establishment, there was the usual line to order, but no one was inside to ensure that people were standing six feet apart. Customers were bundled together in one section after navigating the line and ordering, defeating the purpose of all the other majors put in place or lack thereof. Furthermore, customer service was slow as many of the employees could be seen walking around aimlessly and talking. In terms of the food is it as tasty as one would expect but it begs the question of if the long wait time and poor service is worth it.

  • 1Tajera C. 1 year ago
    Very poor. They are too slow. They only had 1 cashier 1 server. And that one cashier had to leave and to be serving. Total slackness and it's not the first. Was in the line for an hour on the outside and only five persons on the inside and still not getting through.

  • 4Enrique L. 1 year ago
    Getting familiar with this service

  • 5Sherane B. 1 year ago
    When they have the presenters and runners outside in the drive thru it makes it go so much faster. I love that.

  • 5Amoy B. 1 year ago
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  • 4Juanita N. 1 year ago
    Tastes much better than in the US

  • 3Winston E. 1 year ago
    Great service, drive thru was not bad, the workers outside helping with the car line, but KFC need to ask what drinks we people need before giving us what they please, I don't drink Pepsi and every time I went through the drive thru, I said no Pepsi, then when I get my orders, Pepsi included..come on man, do better at the Mandeville location. And why is there like only two flavour or one most times?

  • 5Sharon B. 1 year ago
    My favourite place but the pandemic have things going a way. Long lines hence the long waiting to get your food staff seems so overworked

  • 5Paul C. 2 years ago
    Clean environment, friendly and courteous staff, hot meals within a reasonable time and fresh atmosphere

  • 5Orlando O. 2 years ago
    The hospitality is very good and it is easy to find Town center

  • 5nikia w. 2 years ago

  • 5Nickeisha R. 2 years ago
    Policy is real nice very great customer service and the food wow real tasty and enjoyable

  • 3Shereen S. 2 years ago
    KFC workers are moving too slow ,need more server it would help more in time of the covid ,we cant cope with the sun so handle your hands fast please

  • 4Karian H. 2 years ago
    This place is a green space fit to make lasting memories with your special someone, your child, your friends, or your whole family. Turtle River Park remains a bright gem in the jewel that is Ocho Rios.

  • 5Dowayne T. 2 years ago
    Nice to take a walk and chill

  • 5Richard D. 2 years ago

  • 3Romario H. 2 years ago
    Needs to improve customer service

  • 5Dwayne F. 2 years ago
    a remarkable place to chill with friends

  • 4AJ' Entertainment T. 2 years ago
    Very nice n clean space for you and the family to visit

  • 5Jamie G. 2 years ago
    Very lovely

  • 4Patricia C. 2 years ago
    It was calming and relaxing

  • 5Neil D. 2 years ago
    Great for family picnic

  • 5Melleen G. 2 years ago
    Great family friendly park

  • 5utydan Sparta v. 2 years ago
    It is clean on the staffs are friendly

  • 4carley D. 2 years ago
    Nice cool out spot

  • 5Zenga P. 2 years ago

  • 3Wesley H. 2 years ago
    Nice recreational park for the family etc.

  • 4Tyrone P. 2 years ago
    great place to chill from the hustle and bustle of ocho and secure parking

  • 4Tanya F. 2 years ago
    Bbq Zinger is the best

  • 3T. Daphne V. 2 years ago
    Nice enough for the kids to run around and have a picnic, but the bathrooms weren't maintained so well, and it appears there are a lack of actual turtles.

  • 4Deanna S. 2 years ago
    Well as their catch phrase say it is just finger likin good

  • 5Owen G. 2 years ago
    It well kept very clean as i was there the lawn mower man was cutting grass so i get all that fresh green grass small with lots of galin bird..but ther was no children to fuljoy all this was just the groundsmen,secutity ever it was very peacefull which that was all i needed

  • 5Crystal T. 2 years ago
    Customer service was great timely and covid protocol are strictly observed and enforced nice place for fast food specialize in chicken fries and burgers most meals comes with a drink they also have sides

  • 5Monica P. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Thanks 😘😘😘😘 (Original) Gracias 😘😘😘😘

  • 1Jordaine T. 2 years ago
    So slow and always don't hqve anything ready i go there to get the krispers and they always don't have it a disgrace 😤😤😤

  • 5Janique J. 2 years ago
    Good area for recreational activities.

  • 5Kadene W. 2 years ago
    Customer service was exceptional. The staff roles out their 'A' game. Big up to the security who opened the door and ushered me out. Keep up the good work.

  • 4Mark C. 2 years ago
    Great tables.

  • 5Brianna A. 2 years ago
    Amazing spot for picnics, and to look at fishes and turtles, to take very nice pictures and also to study.

  • 5Chantelle S. 2 years ago
    Relaxing spot to just inhale some nature

  • 4Derron S. 2 years ago
    This is a family park and great for couples there are benches where you can relax with fish ponds where really nice fish are located there is a stand where you can get condiments and you can carry your own food the area is well kept and very beautiful and quiet

  • 4cori k. 2 years ago
    Very nice place to relax just for 2 or for the family, has a play area for kids and the flowers are just beautiful

  • 3schl dem yah m. 2 years ago
    Nothing fancy

  • 5Nika M. 2 years ago
    Lovely. Place for you abd the fam

  • 5Gamer X. 2 years ago
    nice for family time

  • 4Simone S. 2 years ago
    Always a good spot to chill..

  • 5Genna s. 2 years ago
    the food is great and service is good

  • 5big b. 2 years ago
    It was wonderful I had wonderful breakfast

  • 5daniel s. 2 years ago
    Cool chill spot

  • 2c. 2 years ago

  • 1Kiss C. 2 years ago
    They let u stand out side in the hot sun for how ever long it may be to get a meal.. And the security's customer service is a .00%

  • 3Sunshine Pooh D. 2 years ago
    I couldn't eat inside the establishment and to think that I bought food there. I was hungry and needed to eat and they didnt allowed me to

  • 4Rotasha D. 2 years ago
    It was good

  • 4Beverley W. 2 years ago
    I was served quickly

  • 3Shadae W. 2 years ago
    Good park to take your family

  • 4Elijah W. 2 years ago
    Great place to go and chill and relive some stress

  • 5Dainna’s W. 3 years ago
    Love it here

  • 1Coil M. 3 years ago
    You guys need to look in to this rain is falling people outside In line wanting and wetting up wild people Inside get served and looking out at the rain wild they should get out and let the other who is outside to get in you guy need to put something in place for that

  • 5chenike R. 3 years ago
    Delicious food

  • 3Rohan B. 3 years ago
    The staff here are much better when it comes to speed and customer service! Still needs improvement though

  • 5Anna-kay T. 3 years ago
    Everyone loves KFC. The best Chicken!

  • 5DEMETRY H. 3 years ago
    Best kfc in Jamaica I've had so far

  • 5Maurice H. 3 years ago

  • 4Joyce A. 3 years ago
    Turtle river park is a nice place to chill from the hustle and bustle of the busy ocho rios main street. You can sit on a bench enjoy an ice cream cone or iced lollypop, read a book or newspaper and be at peace. What could be better?

  • 4Samuel M. 3 years ago
    Service was speedy

  • 4De-jhanae C. 3 years ago
    The experience was great

  • 5Alexi B. 3 years ago
    It's great my favorite fast food restaurant no joke 😊

  • 2Sheldon C. 3 years ago
    It doesn't have alot of attraction

  • 2Cherine L. 3 years ago
    KFC in Jamaica is one of the slowest restaurants around. Quick meal items should translate to fast food prep and serving to the customer. But after food is prepared the slowness starts and it lasts all day, everyday. Smh. Some of these supervisors ought to be fired. KFCs system was set up to function the same internationally. Within 5mins you should get your order. The staff completely ignore the timing system placed on the customers orders- the time standard. On average, it is almost always a 20min wait - at best(from cashing my order to being served)... Plus the long wait to get to the cashier. Drive thru are slow. Sometimes 30mins, and its crazy that they operate like this at almost all locations here. The company (franchisee/ operators)need to retrain their supervisors to operate on a timely basis as per order. I have worked at McDonald's and DQ (in the US) before and the fast food operation is similiar. If KFC functioned this slow in d US, they would be almost out of business. In Jamaica, however, using the food speed system and getting rid of 'slow-moving' staff(and replacing them with quick hands) would certainly more than tripple KFCs earnings.

  • 4Rasroy D. 3 years ago

  • 4Sabrina W. 3 years ago
    The food there is great, though the chicken could have been prepared a little longer.

  • 4kezzan d. 3 years ago

  • 5Rosanna G. 3 years ago
    The effort put into social distance was great swift serving and overall awesome experience

  • 5Terrisann B. 3 years ago
    It's clean n welcoming

  • 5Shenelle M. 3 years ago
    Well kept and great ambiance

  • 1Natalcia M. 3 years ago
    It was the worse

  • 1Jerome W. 3 years ago
    Poor customer service 🤬😤😠

  • 4Shaneil G. 3 years ago
    It was ok served meal on time

  • 5Omar H. 3 years ago
    The uptown KFC is better and faster than the shopping center one

  • 4Kishauna B. 3 years ago
    Social distancing was being practiced and mask were being worn.....I got through without a long wait and the customer service was great

  • 4Takiece B. 3 years ago
    Really cool chill spot to hang out, study, relax.. You can take your blanket or use the seats or gazebos provided. There's also a tuck shop and restrooms. I highly recommend!

  • 5shamir b. 3 years ago
    Fast and efficient service.

  • 4Shericea M. 3 years ago
    The line was so long today because of the covid 19

  • 5Shalona B. 3 years ago
    This place not only has turtles and fish ponds but it has a snack stand and is you want to rehydrate im sure there is someone willing to climb a coconut tree and give you fresh jelly!

  • 3rojae M. 3 years ago
    Atmosphere is cool and relaxing

  • 5Renaldo W. 3 years ago
    Great customer service... It was simply d greatest n speedy response.

  • 4D. 3 years ago
    Their food is great and thg their customer service is second to none.

  • 1B. 3 years ago

  • 4Ra D. 3 years ago
    The natural look and feel of the place allows you to enjoy nature at its fullest. There is somewhat of a stream that flows through the park that you can hear when you sit under certain gazebos. This helps one to relax and just be one with nature. The flowers are beautiful. Rides and views are good too.

  • 4tarrica a. 3 years ago
    It was good

  • 3Peter K. 3 years ago
    As usual one of the most popular fast food outlets in Mandeville. There are two branches in the town.

  • e. 3 years ago
    Turtle Park is a lovely well maintained area. You can sit down gather thoughts have a picnic it has a little pond which various things like fish Turtles. Has a stage where they have various concerts. Very quiet in the middle of Ohio town centre worth a visit.

  • 4Dorothea M. 3 years ago
    Turtle park is in Ocho it's is a lovely park for a picnic, or just to chill and just gather your thoughts sit down and read a book they have entertainment there sometime have concerts. It has a lovely pond with fish and turtles.

  • 5Darren W. 3 years ago
    It's a nice spacious place for family activities or just to take a stroll through. There's some Marine life in the center for a calming experience just to watch and appreciate. This time of year the park is lit up for the holidays and its quite lovely. Celebrating 15 years of these festivities the Saint Ann higher ups came out to express their gratitude for the ones who helped these festivities and the Ocho Rios community at large.

  • 5Rashell W. 3 years ago
    I loved it there, from the scenery when driving in, the pool, the different falls, the nature trail, the aviary (we got to feed the birds) it was beautiful. The changing rooms need to be renovated as some doors couldn't close and there were no lights in some. Other that that issue the place was pretty cool.

Call +1 876-625-0075 Open on Google Maps


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