• 3Sajni F. 7 months ago
    The Food is amazing.

  • 3Jowen “Sean” B. 10 months ago
    Overpriced dry atmosphere

  • 5Nicholas C. 1 year ago
    Nice lil lunch spot or for drinking n chilling

  • 5Caroline H. 1 year ago
    Levy's Plaza is the place to be! Excellent drinks, great music and the owners are fantastic! Whenever we're in Mandeville we always make a point to hangout at Raddy's!

  • 5C. 1 year ago
    Am excited to see this plaza well put together full of vibes , nice foods and enjoyments 😍

  • 5Keisha W. 1 year ago
    Thass home away from home........ Raddy n Jonathan welcomes everyone......

  • 3Delta T. 1 year ago

  • 3Indra B. 2 years ago
    Love the people, not sure I love the spot

  • 4T. 2 years ago

  • 2Alex “Lesean” B. 2 years ago
    Not the most exotic place but, occupies a pretty central location. If the store you want is there then should be easy enough to find

  • 5Yap D. 2 years ago
    Great food and fellowship with some DC friends. Had a great time with Raddy

  • 5Blee Chin V. 2 years ago

  • 5Kenneth B. 2 years ago
    Great 👍

  • 5Devoy C. 3 years ago
    Great food

  • 5Taniesh L. 3 years ago
    I'm a Levy so.....

  • 5Rajoney S. 3 years ago
    Wonderful place to just chill out if you want to either multiple ways to entertain a patron

  • 3Hilroy Lloyd N. 3 years ago
    Nice place

  • 1wayne c. 4 years ago
    Very noisy and unwelcoming

  • 3Keelon P. 4 years ago
    Nice place for a drink

  • 5Ricardo B. 4 years ago

  • 4Kishon J. 4 years ago
    Nice tranquil environment

  • 4SKYZ P. 4 years ago
    Levy's Plaza is the home of Wild Vybz which happens to be our very own chill zone. You are invited to come n set your mind at ease. Relax, have a grand time or just get wild

  • 3Sherwin A. 5 years ago
    Levys Plaza is a variety of stores and restaurants

  • 3Shawna-kay H. 6 years ago
    It's an OK plaza. It gets a little lonely at nights

Call +1 876-997-5852 Open on Google Maps


  • Crowd
    • Groups
  • Children
    • Good for kids
  • Amenities
    • Toilets
  • Offerings
    • Beer
    • Wine
    • Alcohol
  • Atmosphere
    • Casual
  • Dining options
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
    • Seating
  • Service options
    • Dine-in
    • Delivery
    • Takeaway
    • Drive-through
    • Kerbside pickup
    • Outdoor seating

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