Mandeville Plaza - Shopping mall in Mandeville, Jamaica

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2FQR+4CC, Mandeville, Jamaica


+1 876-221-5695

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3.70 (920 reviews)

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  • Thursday: 8 am to 6 pm
  • Friday: 8 am to 6 pm
  • Saturday: 8 am to 6 pm
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: 8 am to 6 pm
  • Tuesday: 8 am to 6 pm
  • Wednesday: 8 am to 6 pm


Frequently mentioned in reviews: good (6) variety (7) stores (8) plaza (9) parking (13)

  • 5Moses R. 9 months ago
    Wasn't one of my best experience but I could say that you can get all must anything you need. More of a one stop shop for yourself on the family

  • 5byron B. 8 months ago
    Books,toys,paint shop for cars,house and boat,foods and lots more under one roof

  • 5King FraGranz P. 1 year ago
    #nonverbalcues "The Best Impressions in Absence of Words"

  • 5876 T. 1 year ago
    Has alot to offer depends on what you want

  • 5Ethanie S. 6 months ago
    It's appears to be a One Stop Shopping Area where most things can be purchased. There's a Variety of Shops. I'm fascinated by the Layout of the Bookstore. I went search of Books but notice that most things are available for Children. It's a Popular Area as people do Business at the Ministry Of Labour located there I've been to the Jewelry Store the Popular Impact Stores the Farm Store and many others for small Household Articles ,clothes ,slippers etc

  • 5Winston E. 1 year ago
    Great place for a variety of goods, hair care, products and services. A one stop Plaza for most of your needs.

  • 5Jj M. 1 year ago
    Today a friendly jamacian man taught me about some diffrent watch brands. Very helpful service, great use of english. Wasn't very affordable but my new Bolex very nice. I leant about the imported Jamacian Rolex, the Bolex and picked up a fantastic 24ct gold time peice at a great price of $4200. I would recommend trying to find marley for the best customer experience

  • 5juline c. 1 year ago
    Impact my place for paints and furniture spray they have the best advisor and price love the team very costumer friendly love them.

  • 5Claudia R. 5 months ago
    A convenient mall with a variety of shops situated right at the heart of Mandeville Town. I particularly like the food court on the lower ground floor.

  • 4NOT NICE E. 1 year ago
    Yeah it's a nice spot to be......A lot of amazing business and entertainment's also there.....So for me yes it's really a nice place.👍💯

  • 4Natashia R. 1 year ago
    Good plaza filled with variety just no parking space most times

  • 4Khori F. 8 months ago
    Check out Jewelry Masters, entrance door, windows and showcases done by us

  • 4Tami's B. 4 months ago
    U can find just about everything u need here, from the supermarket to the book store, clothing, cosmetics ect.

  • 4Ricardo G. 5 months ago
    Love the experience at the store you get good welcome

  • 4Sophia m. 2 months ago
    Great for etc.

  • 4Damion M. 2 years ago
    Today wasn't too bad. There was adequate parking in the morning and wifey got some good deals

  • 4Jenjoy J. 1 year ago
    There was fine... Still the same... Quite plaza

  • 4Michelle S. 1 year ago
    Mandeville Plaza has several businesses that provides important services to the public. These include the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ), banks, and the Ministry of Labour. Other businesses include auto parts stores, a book shop, paint shops and fashion stores. It's also in close proximity to Manchester High School and Mega Mart. One frustrating drawback are the limited parking spaces that prevent shoppers from doing business at this location. However, it's still a very busy plaza.

  • 3Trishauna B. 1 year ago
    This plaza has a wide variety of stores and shops. While the prices at these stores are affordable, access to these shops was hard. Getting a parking space was a task as as early at 9am the parking spaces were fill and the are a in general doesn't offer much parking. Nonetheless, this plaza is diverse.

  • 3Geoffrey S. 1 month ago
    If you are looking for your normal supermarkets items you have a good chance of getting them hear.

  • 3Marc S. 5 years ago
    It's a plaza that has definitely seen better days. Nonetheless, it has a wide variety of stores that cater to the diverse needs of the average shopper, including: Tiny Tots, Penny's Harberdashery, Bobby Essentials, Priceless Fashions, EE -ZEE GO Travel Agency, etc. In addition, the plaza also houses a government agency ( Ministry of Labour Office) and Advantage General Insurance Company. On the plus side it has fairly good parking.

  • 3Trevaughn H. 7 months ago
    Parking is terrible and always congested but most times clean.

  • 3Rachelle R. 1 year ago
    Finding parking can be difficult at times. However you are able to purchase a wide variety of things here such as , school and office supplies, groceries, household items, livestock, pharmaceuticals and more.

  • 3Tyesha L. 1 year ago
    The hairshop helped me out, this is a great last minute stop shop.They have a good variety of hair products and well stocked on hair extensions etc.

  • 3Shanakay Cameron b. 1 year ago
    Clean place to shop not very friendly stuff quality for your money expensive. Well put together

  • 3Redd K. 1 year ago
    Ideally located with various stores for different customer needs. Permit parking is required also finding parking space can be a challenge if you drive

  • 3Halzen Ashton S. 1 year ago
    Although this plaza has some good stores parking is wanting! Hence, I only go there if I absolutely have to.

  • 3Nicola “Manes&Crowns” W. 2 years ago
    Great stores. Just needs better parking facilities.

  • 2alen flame t. 4 months ago
    It's very frustrating to realize after shopping and ready to stock the car the keys are deactivated by something that is in the plaza, car didn't start until a few hours later 😑 not only me other persons are having the same problem 😑

  • 2Errol G. 4 months ago
    No parking likely to get your tyres clamped while shopping.

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