$$ Casual Kamat Upachar Veg Restaurant- Maddur - Fast food restaurant in Mandya, India

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Hanakere, Hale Budanur, Mandya SH-17, Bangalore, Road, Mandya, Karnataka 571404, India




+91 98451 00888

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3.10 (2012 reviews)

Working Hours

  • Friday: 7 am to 10:30 pm
  • Saturday: 7 am to 10:30 pm
  • Sunday: 6 am to 10:30 pm
  • Monday: 7 am to 10:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 7 am to 10:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 7 am to 10:30 pm
  • Thursday: 7 am to 10:30 pm


  • Service options
    • Lunch
    • Casual
    • Coffee
    • Dinner
    • Groups
    • Dessert
    • Dine-in
    • Seating
    • Toilets
    • Delivery
    • Takeaway
    • Breakfast
    • Drive-through
    • Good for kids
    • Vegan options
    • Outdoor seating
    • Vegetarian options


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  • 5Sanjeev b. 2 years ago
    Nice clean place. Thanks to staff to allow us to sit extra time

  • 5sanjit p. 2 years ago
    One of the best place to relax

  • 5Yogesh g. 2 years ago
    Just go fot it. Nice Hotel near highway. Good family Restaurant

  • 5pavithra k. 2 years ago
    The hotel not only served us delicious food at their closing time, but also helped us sort out an issue with a punctured car tyre in the middle of the night. The hospitality is very good.

  • 5umesha m. 2 years ago
    So good

  • 4suresh p. 2 years ago
    Good place for family & travellers like me... Here I tried idly + vada... Wich is soo good for coffee I rate 3 out of 5... Yup any how it's a good hotel for breakfast... Has good parking space...

  • 4ATA G. 2 years ago
    Good ambiance

  • 4Rithesh N. 2 years ago
    Clean place, good food, somewhat on the expensive side. Nothing a traveler can't afford.

  • 4Sahana R. 2 years ago
    Good food...not bad.... good for journeys

  • 4Krishna G. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Reasons (Original) Okok

  • 4Saurabh j. 2 years ago
    Good food and Stop while returning to Bangalore from Mysore

  • 4Mahesh M. 11 months ago
    Had been to Kamat Upachar for breakfast. The ambience of this place is very good. This hotel is easily accessible as it in just on the Mysore road National highway. Food is good and overall it is value for money.

  • 4Deepak S. 10 months ago
    We have stopped here a few times for quick bite on way from Mysore to Bangalore. Ambience is good, service is great. Based on the snacks we have taken, I feel food could be a bit better, but nothing to complain about :-)

  • 4Senthilkumar N K. 2 years ago
    Interior is really very neat, spacious and luxurious. The food is good but not awesome. Good eat out for veggie. South Indian thali for Rs 135 is reasonable. But they serve it with only puri not with chapathi.

  • 4Karishma S. 3 months ago
    We ordered a veg thali platter along with this they served rice as well. It’s a busy restaurant yet they catered to us well and served us pretty quickly.

  • 4Rakesh M. 2 years ago
    3.5 rating for super duper food with reasonable price and around ambience. Area to look at - Ceiling areas are full of spiders and nets. They need to do needful at the earliest.

  • 4Sayan C. 2 years ago
    It's good but Veg. We didn't get what we wanted actually. You have to choose on the basis of what's made not what's written on the menu card.

  • 4Rohith J. 2 years ago
    Good Ambience, Very good South India Food

  • 3Vineet K. 2 years ago
    Allow service but the food does not let u down.

  • 3bpriyankad07 b. 2 years ago
    Good place. Aptly placed in the mid way to Mysore, it is suitable for both breakfast and lunch. Good food, very typical to any other Kamat restaurant. Sufficient parking space. All necessary measures taken during the pandemic conditions. Clean place, but can be cleaner.

  • 3Puneeth H R. 2 years ago
    Good for a quick bite and has ample parking area. But hygiene should be maintained further. Suggesting owner to provide ketchup packets rather than open ketchup bowl.

  • 3Guru D. 2 years ago
    Rest rooms were not cleanly maintained when I visited. The main focus which all restaurant shld for now do is Hygiene. Saw ppl not wearing masks etc. Just had Tea and it was good.

  • 3Saurabh N. 1 month ago
    Must have been one of the few good options on the highway earlier. Think they have had a drop in business with the construction of the new highway bridge in front. Food is ok nothing good or bad taste wise- Simple homely stuff which is hygienic. Washrooms are a little old but maintained with basic cleanliness, enough for a quick stop for men, need a bit more to also appeal to ladies. Service is good and the staff are polite and friendly. Overall a decent place would be great if they can renovate the washrooms and put up some boards earlier on the road to let people know of such an option.

  • 3Vijayasimha K. 2 years ago
    None of the staff was wearing face mask.

  • 3Tenzin D. 10 months ago
    I had South Indian meals which was stomach filling and it was good too..the price was reasonable. Thank god , we can pay online here ..few restaurants on highway don’t hv online payment system. The washroom was clean too and it’s on Mysore Bangalore highway.

  • 3Supreeth K. 2 years ago
    Not great

  • 3Uma Javali S. 1 year ago
    Nice place to dine in on Bangalore Mysore highway, we 4 of us visited in first week of December it was less crowded, two of us ordered for jolada rotti oota ,it was very tasty .They served hot Roti's with butter,kosambari, brinjal enegai, gram palya, salad chutney powder, curds, butter milk, rice sambar n rasam . unlimited meals. One of us took south Indian meals with poor I, sagu n usual palya, rice rasam sambar etc, Another one took Fried rice served with raitha. N gravy. Hop in for tasty lunch/ dinner

  • 3Kishan K. 1 year ago
    Genarally saw the board KAMAT and stopped. Had some hot north karnataka meals 'Jolada rotti oota'. It was good. Good amount of spice also. They have a variety of dishes on their menu. But I preferred North karnataka meals. The 'the yengai badnekai ' was very tasty

  • 3Brijesh G. 11 months ago
    Good food, courteous staff, “Appalling lavatories.” Experienced Kamath group of hotels for the first time. Ordered North Karnataka meals. Food was good for the price charged. This would’ve been a 4 -star had it not been for the conditions of the lavatories, especially the lock system. Cleanliness of a public toilet, frequented by multiple people is understandable. Two out of three lavatories do not have a bolt to lock the door. How do you expect people to be at peace, going about their business when the doors cannot be shut securely. Management has to take immediate action about this.

  • 3ujwala R. 2 years ago

  • 3priya p. 2 years ago
    Very poor delayed service

  • 3Oshin M. 5 months ago
    Good place for pitstop while travelling towards bangalore. Taste was okish, quantity is good and service is quick. Staffs are friendly. Washrooms are not very clean. Parking available

  • 2Vivek B. 5 months ago
    While coming from Mysore, we had a break at kamat Upachar, this is not a hygienic place, part of the hotel stinking with garbage smell, house flies are more, unable to have food with enjoyment. Food also very costly compare to other nearby highway hotel. Better to look into some other place. Two star given for food. Better to avoid

  • 2Veeresh M. 8 months ago
    We were here for a quick evening snacks. Ordered 1. Poori - Very oily 2. Bhaji- Just ok 3. Coffee - Very sweet Please avoid this place. There are better places Very near.

  • 2Giridhar P. 3 months ago
    No service for 20-30% tables though it looked open for dining. So we ended up waiting 20mins just to take orders after making a bit of fuss. No prioritisation based on arrival. If you are lucky to occupy a table where a server is available, then you would get food without time waste. Otherwise you would be lucky to get served even after waiting hours. Management doesn't want to intervene to solve the issue and they just say someone will come and serve and to be patient. But in reality, noone will attend you as the limited staff don't have time to even attend the assigned tables. Food was very good which is the only reason I would mind to rate this anything other than 0/1 rating.

  • 2Theja M. 2 years ago
    The place is decent enough. But the food quality and taste is very poor. Road side food tastes far better than here. They are a discredit for name KAMAT

  • 2shameera t. 2 years ago
    washrooms cleanliness is very bad

  • 2Mythila M. 2 years ago
    Vada was good. But the staff is not wearing masks ! So beware !

  • 2Dolphy D. 2 years ago
    not hygienic

  • 2Varsha D. 2 years ago
    I stopped due to it's name but tea was without sugar and no masala chai was available and coffee was ok ok...

  • 2venkatesh.m v. 2 years ago
    OK ok

  • 1V J. 10 months ago
    You have to beg for food if you come here but you still have to pay. I sat on my table and was waiting for my food for more than 30 mins, food was very ok not that great, restrooms will help you see what you had earlier, unhygienic and intolerable

  • 1Roopa S. 2 years ago
    Worst food quality, worst service and absolute no taste in food and no value for money. Absolute no no... Will not recommend.

  • 1Pavan Kumar K N. 2 years ago
    Not good. Please visit any other near by place..

  • 1Supreeth H. 5 months ago
    You have a terrible staff at Kamat Maddur! On Oct 23rd around 12:20 PM, my family and senior family members arrived for lunch while we were en route to Bangalore. More than 8 employees were seated and chatting! We switched a few tables while we waited more than 15 minutes for them in the hopes that they would show up and serve us. As a result of the staff's extreme laziness, the restaurant was absolutely vacant. We are frequent diners at the Kamat hotel, so we went out of our way to get here even though we had to cross a flyover. I politely informed the manager of our disapproval and departed without placing an order for meals and I was so displeased with your personnel that I accidentally hit a tree while shifting into reverse while I was removing my car from your parking space. If you have any CC TV videos, please verify the occurrence. Such lousy service is going to cost fairly dearly to your brand value. Now, fixing my car will cost me more than Rs 25,000.

  • 1Arvind K. 2 years ago
    The service was extremely slow and the coffee was extremely sweet.

  • 1sathish k. 5 months ago
    We visited with kids in the morning around 7am. The toilets were pathetic and we waited for 15 mins and no waiter was interested to take orders. they were simply telling us that another waiter would come and take order. We lost patience and left without having breakfast.

  • 1Sumathi G. 6 months ago
    People should not go just by the name Kamat. No proper maintenance, the tables were dirty, lots of house flies no hand tissues on the table, the bowls containing pickle, sugar on the tables were very dirty, washrooms are worse. The food was not worth it. They are not giving for free, they are charging 116/- for single edli and pulav morning breakfast but absolutely not worth it and not tastier. Except the pulav I didn't find anything good. Would never recommend Very bad experience kamath hotel

  • 1Ganesh S. 2 years ago
    Not good

  • 1Sumanth V. 2 years ago
    No proper service at all

  • 1Manjunath Yashwanth R. 2 years ago
    Old stock clearance.

  • 1Bhavik M. 10 months ago
    1.It Seems like they have employed 2-3 Child Labour ( waiter ) Authorities should take action. 2. They gave us browness water , with partical suspended in it. See attached pic.

  • 1syedkhaleel S. 2 years ago
    The service is very slow

  • 1Pavan K. 1 year ago
    Visited this hotel on 29/12/2021 around 8:15PM for dinner and found cockroach in the sambar served along with Idli(photo attached). Another customer who had dined at this hotel also had some issue with their food. This is a matter of Heath and safety. The concerned department should take proper action against this hotel. The service is also very bad. We asked for water for drinking and we never got water to drink. They don’t listen properly to the order placed we place.

  • 1Umesh B. 2 years ago
    Very poor standards of everything. How kamat can be so poor in quality. Was here food was stale noone bothered to take order.

  • 1magesh v m. 2 years ago
    Good but . food prices is very expensive..

  • 1Shiva kumar Nayak C. 2 years ago
    Not good service

  • 1Mohammad S. 2 years ago
    Food taste is good, but plates needs to be replace and toilet room was not clean. Flush was not working

  • 1Raki G. 2 years ago
    Worst place to dine out

  • 1Sneha J. 2 years ago
    Horrible as hell. Worst experience. We stopped here for a quick evening break while returning to Bengaluru from mysore. Taste is not at all good neither hot. Coffee was served in cheap paper cups. Staff looks very shabby. Brand Kamat needs to focus on such restaurant whr their name and brand are getting spoilt.

  • 1Jeevanth B. 2 years ago
    Very bad service. chutney served with masala dosa was without salt.. Madhur Vada was like papad. Women toilet was horrible . Overall very bad experience... 1 star is also not recommended.

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