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Motya Museum


Mozia, 91025 Marsala TP, Italy



+39 347 655 1666

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  • Saturday: 10 am to 2 pm, 3 to 7 pm
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  • 5Russ R. 8 months ago
    Very interesting place, lots of historical facts from different eras.

  • 5Dave R. 1 year ago
    Wonderful short boat ride from the salt flats to the island. Great museum as well as walking tour of features of the island ruins

  • 4Witold K. 2 years ago
    On the tiny Mozia island off the western coast of Sicily 🇮🇹 is the Giuseppe Whitaker Museum, which houses a magnificent collection of Phoenician artefacts collected by amateur archaeologist Joseph ‘Giuseppe’ Whitaker. Motya was an ancient and powerful city. Motya has become known recently for the marble statue of the Motya Charioteer.

  • 5M. 3 years ago
    Another of Sicily's hugely important historical sites, massively worth the boat trip and certainly worth spending the time to walk around the island. The museum has featured on TV due to the importance of several of the finds on the island. One part that I particularly like is that to the north what looks like a causeway is actually the remains of a Phoenician Road.

  • 4win y. 3 years ago
    Enjoyed wasting time here a little adventure you need to take a short ferry ride 5 euros return and 9 to enter the museum but still enjoyed a 35/45 minute walk around the island then back on the road

  • 5A. 4 years ago
    Interesting small museum. Set up of exhibition is historical which in my opinion is charming and adds to the experience. And (as usual in Italy) this small museum has some star pieces which would be well worth the visit alone.

  • 5Jennifer K. 5 years ago
    Lovely walks by the sea and among wildflowers and ruins - the superb charioteer in the small Museum was alone worth the visit. Good for early or late in the day and avoiding midsummer; there is no cover from the sun.

  • 4Jean Paul B. 6 years ago
    Great material in this Museum that preserves one among the most magnificent statues in the world. But please do not call it like locals il giovinetto (the youngster) but the Auriga instead (charioteer)... Have a look to my pictures, shot on purpose to give you the amazing details of this naked body veiled by a transparent chiton (tunic)... Do not miss then after the rare and emotional Punic material that includes among many other things the tombstones for the children born on the wrong period of the year who would have been burned alive. True reason for the which Phoenicians have invented the sardonic smile (about this, you'll find the most famous mask in this museum). A walking tour of the island is interesting at least for two reasons: the walls of defense at the northern gate, in the neighbourhood of the Tophet, sanctuary linked to the burial rituals where you will see cinerary urns closed by the tombstones previously evoked...

  • 3Thea S. 6 years ago
    Terrible organised museum, stopped dead in time since the seventies since it was built. But the artefacts are entirely worth a visit, an incredible array of material from the Phoenician and Greek settlements on Motya and nearby.

  • 4Marcin M. (Martines p. 6 years ago
    Worth to visit. Compared to Palermo's Royal Palace entry fee, this one is really worth to pay. For visiting around the island during hot weather take water with you and umbrella or suncream. Visit takes around 2 hours with 10 minutes (one way) ferry.

  • 5Pau I. 7 years ago
    Nice stroll

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