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  • 5Wong Mun S. 6 months ago
    Booked a tour of the salt plains and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of walking through a place where man and nature worked together to produce something that flavours our food so well. Kudos to our guide, Marta, who did a great job of providing a concise summary education of the still very manual salt production and the delicate ecosystem of the salt pools. Don't miss this if you are in Marsala!

  • 1Christian B. 6 months ago
    Charging €8 for a 10 minute film saying seawater contains salt is ridiculous. This museum is a joke! Nothing about the history. Trivia you should have known anyway.

  • 4Jure �. 11 months ago
    Good insight in to traditional process of salt production. The guided tour starts with 10 min informative video followed by small museum visit. The guide then takes you across different areas of the premises to show the process in real life. Worth visiting.

  • 5Sandra J. 11 months ago
    We really enjoyed the tour here, the guide was lovely and extremely knowledgeable. It was very interesting to learn all about salt cultivation. We’re really glad we did it.

  • 5A. 1 year ago
    The sunset here is a must to see📸🤩

  • 5Laurel R. 1 year ago
    Purchased the “Salt Workers For A Day” package and have zero regrets! Great experience learning about the salt pans of the area, how salt is made and harvested, and loved the experience of getting to try it ourselves. We came on a lucky morning and harvested Fiore Di Sale and got to take some salt home from our “hard work” ;) Our guide seamlessly switched between giving us the English speaking version of the tour and then the Italian version for the others in our group.

  • 5Frankie M. 1 year ago
    It's a wonderful experience. Had to wait for sunset but it was worth it.

  • 5Wee-Cheng T. 1 year ago
    Pretty place for sunset. Join a cruise around the lagoon if you can. We missed the last ferry to Mozia but a cruise around the lagoon would show you many ruins on Mozia Island that are close to the shore. The surrounding salt pans are also spectacular.

  • 4A. 1 year ago
    Beautiful at sunset and interesting to learn about the ancient ways of collecting salt. The walking tour + Windmill for €16 is a bit pricey although very informative. Go for an aperitivo in one of the two bars (the most in the demand is Mamma Caura, part of the Sei establishment but the other one, Oro Bianco, has also a lovely view) after the walk and enjoy the moment. There are more bars along the route along the Laguna. NOTE: salt is collected first at the mid/end June, in August and - if the conditions are ok - a third time later on. So don’t expect to see the salt piles that many pics show, if it’s not the right time of the year.

  • 3Muhammad Ali A. 1 year ago
    It was OK to stay for few minutes on the way from trapani to Scala di turchi.

  • 5Davide P. 1 year ago
    Great place to go. Both for dinner/dawn as to spend the day. Take the time to go to Mozia island as well as to visit the windmill. Incredible place with a lot of ancient history to tell

  • 5Peter N. 2 years ago
    Interesting place to visit.

  • 5Rens van D. 2 years ago
    Nice place, boat trip on the laguna is very nice!

  • 5Vera C. 2 years ago
    In love ❤️

  • 2Alina F. 2 years ago
    The place is amazing, unfortunately the management is the opposite. The tickets are too expensive for what's offered for the basic tour is 16€ for adults and 10€ for children under 12. The guide will walk you through the pools telling the same information that you'll see in a 15 minutes video, shown inside the windmill. It would be more interesting if the staff would illustrate the story of the Saline, why the salt is so important etc. So, at the moment I'd advice to stop there and look at the Saline from the coast without paying for a visit.

  • 5Sharon M. 2 years ago
    Definitely not to be missed Worth the drive There are also some nice bars and restaurants

  • 4d. 2 years ago
    good 2-lane dedicated bike & walking path runs the length of the lagoon but unfortunately not quite back to masala nor up to trapani as it should

  • 5Ognyan I. 2 years ago
    A beautiful National Park with amazing Nature and awesome sunsets! Also very recommendable for Windsurf and kitesurf Fans. There are couple of Surf Points and very good conditions for learning and enjoying.

  • 3Ben D. 3 years ago
    Disappointed! You cannot really see anything without paying ...

  • 5Fabio G. 5 years ago
    For whose is visiting the west part of Sicily, it is a must! With the guided tour you can enter into the salt world, learning how the salt is "cultivated" and how tough it is to do it manually, like in the pre-industrialization era. The landscapes are breathtaking, alternating colorful red/pink and bright white. At the end of the tour you can taste the 2 varieties of salt produced as well as some other products (e.g. cioccolato di Modica with salt). The guide Giusy is knowledgeable and passionate, compliments to her! The price of 15 € pp is fully justified. I strongly recommend this unique experience!

  • 4bruttium a. 6 years ago
    Beautifull place for visit the ancient salt farms in Trapani. Tours are not very well organized. Best time for visiting is in the morning or late in the afternoon (sunset). There are parking managed by abusives. Great landscape!!

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