• 4Vanessa S. 5 months ago

  • 4Robin B. 9 months ago
    People thronging around the splendid cathedral on Christmas day.

  • 5Sean M. 1 year ago
    By chance there was a wedding going on during my visit but it was very elegant there were no restriction to enter or be questioned etc it was a lovely feeling

  • 4Pascal Artur W. 3 years ago
    Beautiful Plaza where the locals gather to talk.

  • 3Peter T. 4 years ago
    Nice to visit, but nothing special.

  • 4Alexandra C. 4 years ago
    Intricate, beautiful, and very typical Sicilian frescos inside. With a visit if you're in Mazara.

  • 5Peter S. 4 years ago
    Beautiful without being too ornate. Not many tourists when I was there. Lovely to go and just sit for a while and contemplate bigger things.

  • 5Veaceslav G. 4 years ago
    Very old and nice arhitectural catedral

  • 4Giorgia C. 5 years ago
    Personally I like so much this church!

  • 4Hannu L. 7 years ago
    Beautiful building in the center of Marsala

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