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  • 5Malcolm M. 2 weeks ago
    Lovely tour of the salt pans by the owner and an animated tour of the museum by the owners son. You can also buy their salt which is amazing !

  • 4Michael S. 4 weeks ago
    An interesting museum, restaurant, and an operating sea salt harvesting operation, all still in private ownership. Three sons work in different areas of the entire operation. Guided tours are in Italian and English, take about half an hour, and are very informative. The museum entrance fee is currently €4.00. There are great views from the rooftop of the museum over to Trapani and the Egadi Islands. Don't miss a walk around all the salt water ponds that are in different stages of the salt harvesting operation.

  • 5Ugo Dibe (Duca di C. 2 months ago
    I recommend visiting in the afternoon before closing so that you can also enjoy the unique spectacle offered by sunset over the Islands

  • 5Cashmere C. 2 months ago
    Very nice and worth the price of 4 euros. A tour with explanations is included.

  • 5Camila P. 3 months ago
    Beautiful place! The museum offers guide tours, very interesting and our tour guide Maria was wonderful!

  • 5Colin M. 3 months ago
    Fascinating place! The guided tour of the windmill museum itself was very good - inexpensive, interesting, informative but not overly long. I really liked all the architectural drawings and models on display inside. Once you've finished the tour, you can pay an extra euro or two to walk around the salt flats themselves. We went on a bit of a grey day, but from the looks of photos taken when the sun is out, it's a beautiful place. Would recommend a visit - just wish we'd been there on a sunny evening! note - there's a restaurant attached that was nice for a spot of lunch, though I believe that's a separate google listing.

  • 4antwan G. 4 months ago
    Great guide. Someone who lived really what he was telling us. Unfortunately is so small.. wanted to see more o learn more

  • 5Gabriel F. 5 months ago
    This is highly recommend. The visit will help the visitor to understand how the salt is extracted from sea water. The guide speaks English and she knows a lot on the subject.

  • 5r r. 6 months ago
    Fabulous guided tour of the small museum. Expertly explained and interesting. Lovely walk around the salt beds also all for 5 Euros per person.

  • 4Philip W. 8 months ago
    The Museum was closed when we were there probably because it was winter. There is a restaurant on site but we didn’t eat there. It was interesting to see the way salt was mined from the ocean.

  • 5Shoe P. 10 months ago
    Great place to learn about the Sicilian salt pans. The mill belongs to a family who also owns the museum and the shop attached to it. Please make sure you wrap up, the wind is very, very strong (and essential to salt producing).

  • 5Rhonda M. 1 year ago
    We were greeted by the granddaughter of the originator of the salt flat. The tour in English increased my knowledge of the curation of salt, which previously was nill. So that was worthwhile. The restaurant was stunning! (But we had other plans).

  • 4Marta D. 1 year ago
    Very nice short walk between the pools. Entrance is 1€/person and at the entrance you can buy salt from this region (and try it before). What I found lacking is information or signs with fun facts but overall it was very nice, short walk. There is a restaurant there as well but we did not try it.

  • 5Jonas O. 1 year ago
    Small tour in family owned museum and free walk around salt pans. Very interesting in less than an hour! Must visit!

  • 5Emma T. 1 year ago
    Very incredible place. They had an tour in English and Italian that explained the whole sea salt making process along with diagrams and models of old windmills and of people working when it was all manual. They also have lots of salt for sale (the salt is very good) along with pendants and earrings made from salt paste. Highly recommend especially cause the wind off the water basins keeps you cool.

  • 5B. 1 year ago
    Wonderful salt museum close to Trapani. It is very interesting to see how they produce salt. We explored the site and learned a lot about salt. I strongly recommend this place and rate it with 5 stars.

  • 5Pete C. 1 year ago
    An excellent insight into salt production, lovely hosts in the Museum and a wonderful photographic sight too. Excellent place to practice your composition too.

  • 5Rachel M. 1 year ago
    Incredibly interesting museum on the salt production of this family run bussiness. Included in the museum entry cost was a tour, which we had in English. Would love to visit during the salt harvest!

  • 5Pier R. 1 year ago
    Small but full of interesting facts about the local salt production. You can also go on top of the windmill, 4€ per person, worth it!! Guided Visit both in Italian and English.

  • 5Dave M. 1 year ago
    Fun little museum, a guided tour comes with the small entry fee. We had a great time and even ate at there restaurant next door. Everything was delicious.

  • 5Giulio P. 1 year ago
    Wonderful. A family owned small museum inside an ancient windmill. We especially liked the tour conducted by the granddaughter of the original owner, thank you!! 🧂🧂🧂

  • 5Irena I. 1 year ago
    You can visit the saline or/the museum. Especially charming at sunset.

  • 5Suyog M. 2 years ago
    Salty worth visiting for a bit and a nice Taverna with salty views for lunch. Nice food too the risotto was delicious!

  • 5Giulio Toscani, P. 2 years ago
    A must do in Trapani. You will discover why Salt is so important historically and why it was so expensive. The people involved are all fron the family owning thw salt museum, the Trattoria and the mine, and it is worth paying 10Euros for the visit and the walking tour.

  • 5Samantha J. 2 years ago
    This was interesting to see, we unfortunately could not experience the tour due to it being in Italian, but we were able to walk around the museum area and read about it. We were also able to purchase some of the salt after walking through and experiencing how the salt is captured from the ocean. I would definitely recommend a visit if you are in the area.

  • 5Vivian N. 2 years ago
    This place is a must se! Take a cozy and interesting walk around the salt fields, buy salt directly from producer and take a guided very interesting tour inside the museum. All the staff is very dedicated

  • 5Ksenia M. 2 years ago
    I loved this experience! Quite and peaceful, it impressed me a lot. You can walk through the salt pans on official roads and just be amazed by what is happening around. Parking is free of charge, trough amount of parking slots is very limited.

  • 3d. 2 years ago
    walk or bicycle from trapani to the museo del sale (salt museum) via the 10km path along the salina di trapani (salt flats) large rectangular colored pools bordering the sea with iconic old windmills (no facilities enroute)

  • 5Peter C. 3 years ago
    Lovely museum. A talk about the history of salt production from our guide (in English) for €3 per person. Very engaging. Very interesting.

  • 5Andrew D. 3 years ago
    A fascinating museum and tour lead by the grandson of the founder. Both informative and humorous in equal measure I came away 30 mins later knowing more about salt production than I ever though I would. Lovely gift shop as well! Oh, and stunning views from the roof.

  • 5Gary W. 4 years ago
    Interesting and informative place with knowledgeable staff - our English speaking guide was also a family member of the site owners and really knew the history well. Superb place for photography too if that's your thing! Well worth a visit.

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