Top rated Hotels in Masindi, Uganda

Find the Top rated places in Masindi that you must visit based on the 5663 visitor reviews from 25 places in the city. Masindi District is a district in Western Uganda. Like many other Ugandan districts, it is named after its 'chief town' of Masindi, the location of the district headquarters.
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  1. New Court View Hotel   -   4.00 (148 reviews) £22
  2. Kabalega Resort - Masindi   -   3.90 (161 reviews) £67
  3. Masindi Kolping Hotel   -   3.90 (97 reviews) £54
  4. Hotel Victory Bijja   -   3.70 (35 reviews) £29
  5. Country Inn Masindi   -   3.60 (179 reviews) £30
  6. Masindi Hotel   -   3.60 (142 reviews) £61
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