Longrain Melbourne

Spacious rustic-chic Southeast Asian restaurant with cocktail bar, communal tables and share dishes.

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Longrain Melbourne - Thai restaurant in Melbourne, Australia

$$$ Southeast Asian eatery & cocktail bar

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44 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


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4.60 (806 reviews)

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  • Tuesday: 5:30 to 10PM
  • Wednesday: 5:30 to 10PM
  • Thursday: 5:30 to 10PM
  • Friday: 12 to 11PM
  • Saturday: 5 to 11PM
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: Closed


  • 5Charlotte T. 1 year ago
    Had the banquet menu, absolutely delicious

  • 5michelle l. 1 year ago
    Always stunning food and great service

  • 5A. 1 year ago
    Marvelous, fantastic, beautiful and delicious. This is the way how I would recap my experience in this restaurant. The place has a very nice atmosphere, the dishes are stunning and Alessandro made our night providing a top service. Super recommended!

  • 5Alex M. 1 year ago
    Great food especially for gluten-free food.

  • 5Mark L. 1 year ago
    Fantastic food. A separate gluten free menu which was much appreciated. A restaurant that understands low fodmap and gluten free requirements. Well done!

  • 5Kevin S. 1 year ago
    I have been here many times. The food and service never disappoints. This is a fusion food done absolutely right. Incredible flavours and textures that will satisfy even the most snobby food critics. I usually try different dishes every time but I can't help to order the pork hock as one of the dishes every single time. Definitely my favourite. Service is attentive but also pretty chill. Not overly intrusive but easy to get their attention. They are all very friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. Price is reasonable considering the quality, so I wouldn't call it expensive. Highly recommended!

  • 5Emma W. 1 year ago
    Such an amazing day. We have experienced something very big. In the fully dark

  • 5W. 1 year ago
    One of the best atmospheres of a bar that I’ve seen in the city. Really comfortable, spacious and some good tunes playing. They have some nice stuff on tap including one of my favourite orange sours from La Sirene brewery. The food menu looks good but I couldn’t try it because the kitchen was closed. The crawling is very high and has some interesting lights hanging off of it. Pretty good place for a beverage anyway. This bar is upstairs.

  • 5Jerome H. 1 year ago
    Amazing food and great cocktails. Everything is amazing. Unless you’re a duck that is...

  • 5Doug W. 1 year ago
    Do you call in Lon Grain or Long Rain or do you use the G twice and call it Long Grain like a nitwit would?

  • 5Daniel P. 1 year ago
    The standard that all Thai restaurants need to live up to in Melbourne.

  • 5Alishya S. 1 year ago
    Amazing Thai dinner! Definitely recommend getting early as they don't take bookings for small parties. Well worth the wait though!

  • 5Frankie M. 1 year ago
    In short, my experience at longrain was sensational. The floor staff were immediately helpful, polite, friendly, knowledgeable and conscientious of allergies and dietary requirements. The atmosphere was welcoming and lively, the fit out is fresh and modern, the large table size for 2 added to the luxury of the space. My friend and I ordered: The Tuna Tartare, came out within 5 minutes on a semi busy dinner time Sunday night. The tuna was incredible, the spice was heavenly and the texture showcased how fresh and succulent the fish was. Presentation was on point and the flavours were instantly overwhelming. We both knew straight away the food here was gonna be next level. The tofu, which we had with rice, we were pleasantly surprised that the portion size was adequate to have with rice as a small meal. The silken tofu was perfectly seasoned and the sweet soy brought all the flavours together. I highly recommend having a bit of extra sauce on your spoon when you enjoy. The crispy whole fish, which tonight was snapper and where to start? The presentation was identical to their Instagram, showcasing how consistent these chefs are. The meat was succulent and full of flavour under that delicious crispy coating. I'm not usually a fan of tamarind however the accompanying sauce has changed me. Was the perfect balance of flavours that carried it's way all through the fish and steamed rice. We both picked as much of the fish off the bones as we could even though we were already completely full, it was just that tasty. If you can't decide on a dessert, get the selection with all of them. The tapioca is fresh with lovely passionfruit and raspberry, the black sticky rice pudding with mango and coconut is rich creamy and full of fruit flavour, the banana fritters in coconut batter is caremilsed perfectly. In all the bill wasn't too expensive, I've definatly paid more for lower quality in China town, I'm so very happy with each moment of my experience at Longrain and eagerly looking forward to being back. Highly recommend, would hands down be the best Thai in Melbourne

  • 5Silas D. 1 year ago
    Great spot, excellent banquet.

  • 5Samuel W. 1 year ago
    We are up to multiple visits to longgrain, we really enjoy the curries and are working our way through the menu!

  • 5Toni O. 1 year ago
    The food was absolutely amazing and came out quite quickly. If you have the money it’s definitely worth it. We had a show that started after 7 and so we needed something to eat before. Between the two of us, we ordered three dishes and a side of rice. We were absolutely stuffed. I even got to try something new. It was interesting and I would never buy what ever it was but it went well with the dish. Mum and the couple next to us were asking about drinks and the man behind the bar was extremely knowledgeable about the entire menu of drinks. He made some recommendations after asking a few simple questions and I think both were satisfied with their choices. Over all the experience was amazing and well worth the money you pay for the food. The artwork all over the walls is also quite fascinating and a good topic to discuss whilst you eat.

  • 5André R. 1 year ago
    Some of the dishes were the best I had from a South Asian restaurant. A bit pricy though.

  • 5Rita C. 1 year ago
    Good vibes, great food and really friendly staff. Servings are hearty!

  • 5Tan F. 1 year ago
    Easily one of the best restaurants in Melbourne. The food was as amazing as the service, will be back again and again.

  • 5Brendan E. 1 year ago
    Great Gluten Free menu. Excellent service and flavour filled dishes!

  • 5Jeremy B. 1 year ago
    Simply the best and most unique of modern Thai restaurants in the world. There are about four or five signature dishes and 15 season options. I'd recommend going in a larger group if it's your first time so you can try a good range of dishes.

  • 5Briars A. 8 months ago
    Gorgeous heritage venue, majestic food. I photographed the wedding of Liv and Adam that was held upstairs at Longsong. Team seems to know what they're doing (to put it mildly). Stunning warehouse-ey space and the food was from another planet. Cheers legends!

  • 5TRACY W. 1 year ago
    Fantastic staff ,great food . Loved the vibe . Like the shared tables and dining at the bar it reminded me of dining in NYC. Upstairs is a great bar with snacks ,comfy booth seating and tables for groups. Large windows in a large loft atmosphere

  • 5Roti N. 1 year ago
    Upon arriving, I never would have thought that longrain would be extremely on a Monday night large and small tables had bums on them. The food, we ordered a few starters, little morsels of punchy flavours nestled on top of betel leaves. A nice way to start the meal and to open up the pallet. A highlight, deep fried snapper. With a tamarind sauce. A beautifully constructed dish. Fillets were cripsy, moist signs of a perfection. The fish body fried to a crisp, war's would be started over who got the tail. This is a perfect way to not waste anything, I'd recommend this dish over and again, it's pure bliss if you don't mind getting your hands dirty. To finish, a light refreshing parfait with guava. Yum!

  • 5darnell m. 1 year ago
    Came here with a group of 10. Very large table, noisy, slow service but the food was sensational, the waiter we had was highly professional and they adjusted the banquet for those with special requirements. The pork hock was amazing. Flavours of all the dishes were exciting and vibrant. Would suggest drinking beer with these dishes. The wine we had was overpowered by the food. Can’t wait to come back again

  • 5Gary W. 1 year ago
    Annie says the plain rice was excellent. The rest of us thought so too they had great service, with a nice personal touch and the food was wonderful.

  • 5Georgia W. 1 year ago
    Quality and diversity. Chef’s tasting menu was superb. Cocktails were excellent, staff professional and delightful. Restaurant beautifully decorated and music was perfect. Had a lovely dinner. Highly recommend. The staff are friendly and attentive and the place has an upbeat and social vibe which attracts a lot of interesting and outgoing people.

  • 5Charlie S. 2 years ago
    Magnificent service. We went in without reservation on a busy Friday night. The staffs got us seats on a communal table straight up and we had a wonderful 90 mins from there on. Both the main dish, the lamb rendang and salmon curry were delicious. Highly recommend the betel leaves.

  • 5Andrew K. 3 years ago
    Honestly pleasantly surprised and wonder why it has taken me so long to make it to Longrain. I've walked past Longrain Sydney and Melbourne many times but I guess I presumed I would be underwhelmed. Longrain is somewhat hidden behind some beautiful large doors, opening up to a dimly lit restaurant clad with warm woods, carvings and hanging lights. Walking along the entrance I was immediately drawn to the small wine room, wishing I could have my meal in there :) There is plenty of seating and even though it is essentially one large room the tables feel private enough. Top marks for the sound dampening on the roof! Sound control in large spaces with hard surfaces is a must. Service from our 2 waiters was impeccable, friendly and ever helpful. The menu was enticing, full of modern Thai fare. We ordered quite a lot for our table and probably over ordered but all of the dishes were tasty. Plating was quite good as you'd expect. Yes I will have to say a part of me was disappointed with the lack of chilli heat which detracts from it being "authentic" but the modern take on these dishes works all the same.

  • 5Dina R. 1 year ago
    Started off with a drink upstairs. then dinner... had the set menu .. great food and service

  • 5L. 1 year ago
    The most amazing Thai meal I've ever tasted. We had the banquet. The entrees had delightful and surprinsing combinations of flavours and the main dishes were tantalizing and full flavoured. Highly recommend.

  • 5Snow M. 1 year ago
    It's the best food ever Friendly service and Nice hardworking people nice Place to have dinner!

  • 5Deswaqr K. 8 months ago
    The tastes we experienced were as good in 2020 as they were 3 years ago. With every dish you can taste each component. It’s like painting a picture on your palate. And because the restaurant is high ceilinged and spacious, you can actually hear the conversations on your table. Go early and you can easily get a table.

  • 5Maria T. 11 months ago
    Expensive but delicious, i recommend their lamb, so tender and rich

  • 5Raymond R. 1 year ago
    We will miss you

  • 5L. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Innovative taste, not traditional Thai cuisine, it is recommended that more people can share each dish, it is worth a try (Original) 口味偏創新,不是傳統泰式料理,建議多一點人可以share每道菜,值得一試

  • 5Jeanie W. 1 year ago
    Fantastic food

  • 5Shane W. 1 year ago
    Great food and service

  • 5Anthea C. 1 year ago
    Helpful, attentive service and really delicious Thai food. Really well balanced flavours in all the dishes we tried, which included their speciality betal nut scallop entree, the egg net and fish of the day mains, and the shared dessert platter. They were able to accommodate one person's preference for non-spicy food easily too. Generous serving sizes and a good drinks list including some local and some international options.

  • 5Andrew J. 1 year ago
    Never disappoints great flavours

  • 4erik v. 8 months ago
    Service was on a slow side but tolerable. Food is amazing as always.

  • 4Karuna K. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Crowded, tasty and satisfying prices. (Original) Ramai,enak dan harga memuaskan.

  • 4Sam H. 1 year ago
    Yum yum yum. The only problem I have is that there weren't enough of us dining to be able to try more of the menu! We'll just have to come back, loved this place.

  • 4Clifford J. Y. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Recommended if you are willing to try Thai cuisine in Melbourne (Original) 멜버른에서 굳이 태국요리 드시겠다면 추천

  • 3Ronda M. 1 year ago
    I have been here many times. The food and service never disappoints...

  • 1Luna L. 1 year ago
    I have always enjoyed my experience at longrain but I booked a month in advance to secure a table on V day and to receive a call to notify me I will be sitting at a communal table 4 days before the day isn't good enough. Luckily I am able to find a restaurant that wasn't complete booked out. I definitely won't be reserving a table here anymore. Booking system should give an indication of what table arrangement you are booking for

Last updated: 2020-08-25