11 Inch Pizza

Gourmet pizza parlour with calzones, focaccia, and dessert served in a casual, woodsy-chic space.

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11 Inch Pizza - Pizza restaurant in Melbourne, Australia

$$ Gourmet pizza in woodsy-chic surrounds

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5B/359/353 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


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4.50 (578 reviews)

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Working Hours

  • Tuesday: 11AM to 9:30PM
  • Wednesday: 11AM to 9:30PM
  • Thursday: 11AM to 9:30PM
  • Friday: 11AM to 9:30PM
  • Saturday: 5 to 9:30PM
  • Sunday: 5 to 9:30PM
  • Monday: 11AM to 9:30PM


  • 5Shen Ya P. 1 year ago
    Amazing pizza at a cute cozy place

  • 5Elizabeth D. 10 months ago
    (Translated by Google) YumYumYum (Original) YumYumYum

  • 5darnell m. 1 year ago
    Had an awesome pizza here with a mate pre seeing a band in the city! Pizzas and atmosphere were amazing! Really really good! Service was fantastic too so friendly and helpful. Only thing that could have improved it was would have loved to have a nice wine glass as opposed to cafe style glasses. Even with my big nose I struggle to get a good sniff of the wine in a regular glass. Highly recommended! Do go!

  • 5Tom W. 11 months ago
    In the present state of emergency its nice to go back to familiar surroundings or in this case delivered delicious pizza, every order is the same, bbq chook and garlic pizza, enough for two with nibbles the next day! Best Pizza in Melbourne... Easy!!!

  • 5Lola A. 11 months ago
    The smell carrying this pizza home drove me insane and the flavour didn't disappoint! Eat it fresh and hot for maximum pleasure

  • 5Nicole M. 11 months ago
    such good pizzas !! absolutely amazing, was my first time ordering but definitely not my last and i highly recommend everything was just perfect :)

  • 5C. 1 year ago
    Would definitely recommend it. Very good food at a good price. Cheeses tastes like real cheese !

  • 5Mujahed S. 1 year ago
    Delicious.. one of the most yummy pizza places in Melbourne

  • 5Leonardo M. 1 year ago
    Awesome pizzas, good bases. Had the zucca and patata both unique great flavour. Great service.

  • 5SATEESH Y. 10 months ago
    Best pizzas in CBD

  • 5Alexandra Kathy D. 1 year ago
    So delicious!

  • 5sasidher r. 1 year ago
    BBQ chook is the best pizza ever

  • 5Rebecca W. 1 year ago
    Delicious pizza (take the half and half option for $3 more so that you get to taste even more of their fabulous flavour combinations) Lovely staff, clean and bright setting, just remember to reserve a table as it’s small and very popular!

  • 5Gavi M. 1 year ago
    A nice place to have good pizza. Good variety and selection. The place is located in a small by street, but the food quality is worth the find. The staff members are friendly and helpful.. Will visit the place again

  • 5Stuart T. 1 year ago
    Happy to be challenged otherwise but this is hand crafted pizza heaven! Salami with extra chilli is the go to.

  • 5Peter R. 1 year ago
    Some of the best pizza I've had in Melbourne, wish I had a picture to show but trust me it's 10 our of 10.

  • 5Aimee T. 1 year ago
    Delicious pizza and really friendly staff, even though we got there 20 minutes before closing. Highly recommend, will be back!!!!

  • 5r s. 1 year ago
    Best pizza in Melbourne so far...

  • 5Albert U. 9 months ago
    It's hard to believe that this alleyway pizza place makes some of the best pizza in Melbourne. Great quality ingredients in the perfect proportions every single time, perfect dough and an amazing team behind it all. 6/5 must try

  • 5Tiff C. 1 year ago
    Delicious pizza. Reasonable price. Fast service. Their chicken pollo pizza is amazing. If you like a white pizza, try the potato pizza ... It’s so good with the cheese blends. THE CHOCOLATE pizza is THE BEST. Perfectly balanced, not too sweet, rich and flavourful. Try this place out.

  • 5Camilla B. 1 year ago
    11 Inch pizzas are very consistent. Considering the price, the quality of the ingredients is good. Their menu is great. I love the potato pizza, also the bbq chicken. Their pizzas are fresh and tasty, they are quick and always pay attention to order instructions. They are my number 1 regular pizza place for home delivery. I have never been disappointed by their pizzas. ??

  • 5Jess J. 9 months ago
    Best pizza in the city. 11 Inch has become my go-to delivery pizza store - great value!

  • 5Jessica S. 1 year ago
    We had an amazing experience at 11 Inch Pizza. Warmly welcomed, such a cute little space! I LOVED that there were vegan options available. In fact, we had 2 pizzas half n half so we got to try them ALL. I couldn't even decide which was my fave. The potato pizza was divine, and I loved the pumpkin one too. We also got a beautiful and fresh side salad, which was the perfect addition. I would definitely recommend you try this pizzeria. It's a great space for a small group or date, or a yummy take away pizza. There's really something for everyone!

  • 5Nicole Y. 8 months ago
    11 Inch Pizza has become one of my absolute go to pizza places to eat from during lockdown. It is THE perfect comfort food, and tastes amazing. Even if you are not vegan, give their vegan cheese a try, it is amazing! Love the option of adding many different things to my pizza. Will always order from them again and again!

  • 5George F. 8 months ago
    The pizza was amazing, thank u for ur service to the community for doing late night drop offs...

  • 5Deswaqr K. 8 months ago
    The guys at 11 inch are always there for me. Their ingredients are superb. Their service is always friendly and fast. If you’re looking for a tasty, good-value pizza on a night out with friends or family, you should try this place. You’ll likely be back. I highly recommended this place.

  • 5Simiao X. 8 months ago
    patata is amazing, and gambero as well

  • 5Daniel B. 9 months ago
    The best pizza; tasty, good size, still hot on delivery. Really awesome to have you open during challenging times. Thank you!

  • 5Ayeisha S. 9 months ago
    My boyfriend and I would get pizza delivery every week here during covid, it was our go to and we absolutely loved it. Staff were always nice and friendly and pizza was DELICIOUS. We had to leave Melbourne and every week we are so SAD we can’t come and get 11 inch, ?? seriously some of the most yummy pizza I’ve had, the garlic focassia is absolutely YUMM. ??

  • 5Luca S. 9 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Great food pizzas are fantastic very friendly staff a really nice place ....... recommended ??? (Original) Ottimo cibo le pizze sono fantastiche il personale molto cordiale veramente un bel locale.......consigliato ???

  • 4Clint F. 1 year ago
    Great well made pizzas with generous toppings and full flavour

  • 4Carynn C. 1 year ago
    This is a gem of a place in Melbourne. We ordered the four cheese calzone, which went down in our bellies in record time and a Hawaiian pizza (our daughter’s favourite). Every bite was relished and the crust was so light and tasty. Amazing place for a cold winter meal. Service was good too. ??

  • 4Jackson H. 1 year ago
    Tasty stuff

  • 4Rohan B. 9 months ago
    nice one.

  • 4Justin S. 1 year ago
    Nice midway point between Domino's and Gourmet Wood Fired Pizza. This is real pizza, with good thin dough that is tasty on its own. Ingredients are of reasonable quality and price to match. I would have liked less cheese on mine but really, one cannot complain too much. I'm quite fussy with my Italian food but this place definitely passes. Large selection and convenient opening hours. Also good for busy lunchers.

  • 4Alex D. 10 months ago
    11 inch pizza serves a range of more traditional pizzas and speciality creations. The pizzas I've had from there have had tasty toppings, but the crusts are often soft. This isn't "real" Italian pizza but gets the job done on a cold night if you want a good plate of food. I would love to see a greater selection of soft drinks. The wait times are quick and the staff are polite and friendly

  • 4Nikita V. 1 year ago
    Great pizza! Great staff! Great vibe! Would definitely recommend! Could have a few more seats and probably something to help the wind tunnel

  • 3Santiago G. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) The pizzas are not Argentine style only passable. (Original) Las pizas no son al estilo Argentino solo pasables.

  • 2Baljit Singh K. 11 months ago
    Very salty Pizza...

  • 2Sam n. 10 months ago
    Ordered the gambero for takeaway, was quite disappointed with the amount of topping that we got, pizza wasn't cut properly so when you took a slice it fell apart. It tasted quite average for the price. Cheese was the best part.

  • 1Ahmet Sertan Y. 1 year ago
    Reserved a table through Zomato for a lunch with 3 friends. Reservation has been approved. The day we arrived, have been told that no table was available, but we could sit and have our lunch at the bench. No apology was given, no effort spent to rectify the issue. So we had to leave the venue. Dear business owner, please let me give you a hand. May be you don't know. Telephone was invented in 1876. It is very useful and very affordable these days. Please use it to notify your customers in advance when you are unable to keep your promise.

  • 1May M. 9 months ago
    I ordered my pizza via Doordash. All topping dropped to one side. Totally disappointed!

  • 1S. 1 year ago
    Not bad not good. I don’t know why this restaurant top ranked in trip advisor. Poor services and small space for eat-in.

Last updated: 2020-08-25