Mjølner Melbourne

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Mjølner Melbourne - Restaurant in Melbourne, Australia

$$$ Late-night food

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106 Hardware St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


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4.70 (866 reviews)

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  • Thursday: 5PM to 1AM
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  • 5Tony A. 1 year ago
    Amazing dinner service and atmosphere. Will definitely be going back.

  • 5Leia A. 11 months ago
    Service is always fantastic as is the beautiful interior. I absolutely live for their cocktails & the food is always on point. I especially love the gravlax!

  • 5Alexandra G. 10 months ago
    This place was amazing! Service was perfect, food was even better and the drinks were just amazing.

  • 5Matthew B. 11 months ago
    Such an awesome venue. Great food, great drinks, great staff. Can't wait to go back!!

  • 5Mark H. 1 year ago
    An amazing dining experience the food is beautifully presented and tasty. The restaurant is incredible and very cool

  • 5Jacob C. 1 year ago
    This place has been on my go to places in Melbourne for awhile. Booked early due to only 80 guests allowed in the restaurant however there is a bar down stairs. Had the banquet as more than 8 guest on the table which consisted of entree, main, dessert. We had a fussy eater which we let the restaruant know before hand and the amazing wait staff looked after her well. The food was delicious and not one of us could fault it. The decor of the restaruant is amazing, every where you look there is something new. Only thing to be mindful of was drink service was a bit slow but the staff looked run of their feet. However when we asked staff for drinks it was very prompt for receiving them. Definently returning here soon.

  • 5Gemma B. 1 year ago
    Phenomenal food and service

  • 5Ann R. 1 year ago
    Delightful ?

  • 5daniel d. 1 year ago
    Beers and food are top notch, the atmosphere makes you feel like your in an episode of Vikings and you can buy a horn to go!!!

  • 5Letha G. 11 months ago
    the food is very good and delicous

  • 5Nelson F. 1 year ago
    Really Cool design of the restaurant, Viking themed where you can pick your own steak knife and drink your beer from a Vikings horn. Staff are extremely friendly and nice, I ended up tipping them because they were that great !

  • 5Ian M. 1 year ago
    Excellent food. Fantastic service. Fabulous atmosphere. Highly recommended dining adventure.

  • 5diego o. 1 year ago
    Everything from interior room deco to the time to pay the bill was a great experience. Every dish was delicious and to top up a few fun surprises along the way. Cant wait to come back

  • 5Luke G. 1 year ago
    Amazing service AND food AND drink! Keep an eye on what you say yes too as the bill can quickly rack up, esspecially in the whiskey bar down stairs. Amazing place and will deffo go back!

  • 5Alan M. 1 year ago
    Excellent and unique service, tasty food, loved the atmosphere, would visit again and introduce to others!!

  • 5Cam D. 1 year ago
    Perfectly hidden, to not make this venue mainstream.

  • 5OSIREIS F. 1 year ago
    Sensational we arrived late without booking and still the staff managed to find us a table on a busy Saturday night the food was awesome and the cocktails

  • 5Daniel B. 1 year ago
    Wow. I went here for my Sister's birthday and cannot wait to go again. The theme teamed with the well trained staff serving you the authentic Viking food will make you feel like a Viking Warrior leaving their 'Victory of War' banquet. What a merry experience.

  • 5Michael M. 1 year ago
    Amazing. Really unique and cool set up. Viking theme, but not over the top. We drank beer from horns, picked our knives, ate tasty meats and enjoyed numerous great cocktails. Price was very reasonable. Service was great. Cocktail bar downstairs is a must as well. Would 100% recommend.

  • 5luke c. 1 year ago
    Unique atmosphere and experience. really enjoyable and fantastic food. The service was some of the best we've had. Will return and recommend!

  • 5Melissa S. 1 year ago
    Went there for a friend's birthday and the service was amazing! On top of giving him a birthday card and his own little present, my partner and I were catered to as Vegan/Vegetarian. Beautiful and delicious food. My Vegan main had a sauce that I didn't quite like but the entrees and desserts were outstanding. Wonderful flavours.

  • 5darnell m. 1 year ago
    Mjolner Melbourne was absolutely fantastic, excellent service, beautiful food (with vegetarian options which were delicious), and great atmosphere. We arrived about 10 minutes before opening but they were lovely and seated us early (we had a play to get to after). It was a very quiet that early on a Tuesday afternoon, but it was perfect for our first official date. It was awesome to see them leaning into the Viking feel without making it gimmicky. My only regret is that we couldn't stay longer. Definitely give yourself an hour and half or more to really soak up the experience.

  • 5Michael C. 10 months ago
    Good experience

  • 5Thomas W. 1 year ago
    Fantastic Setting, Brilliant Atmosphere, Brilliant Food and Drinks, Friendly staff who go above and beyond and really bleed the brand. Quite expensive, but the quality of the food and the whole process of the location is well worth the cost. Best place for groups or adult birthdays.

  • 5M. 9 months ago
    Insta: melbfoodie_mark YT: MelbFoodieMark ** Check them out for more food reviews in Melbourne! - What a unique dining experience! Dining experience alone should be enough for you to visit Mjølner. I personally loved the overall ambience and Nordic decos that made me feel like I was dining with Ragnar Lothbrok from Vikings :) However, I did feel like this Viking-themed venue paid a little too much attention to the theatrics than the actual foods. A few notable things about Mjølner: - The waiter brings you a selection of knives to choose from before the meal. (Man, all the knives are exceptional looking!) - You can drink beer from this badass horn - Once you finish 'Roast Bone Marrow', you can take a whisky shot using the bone marrow as a funnel. (Warning: it can get messy!) - Even your receipt looks cool with this pop-up viking ship! Foods were good but considering the price, they could've been better overall. My favourite was Roast Porchetta which delicious. Overall, I felt like dishes were a bit bland but maybe that's how it's supposed to taste. Overall, I had a pleasant time at Mjølner :) Highly recommend!

  • 5L. 8 months ago
    I ordered the Vikings feast for two and one bone marrow whiskey luge and a cocktail. It was a surprise for my fiance . Delivery was timely, well packaged ,complete with easy to follow preparation notes. The food was 5 star and plenty for leftovers. Well done indeed !

  • 5Gab M. 9 months ago
    Ordered the Viking Feast to eat at home during lockdown. Wow, restaurant quality to the table. Easy to follow instructions, excellent packaging, Cryovac beef short ribs were amazing. Music playlist tied the whole thing together for a thoroughly enjoyable evening....skal

  • 5Charlotte A. 9 months ago
    We ordered the "take home feast" during isolation to have at home. It was honestly fantastic, really good value for money, plenty of food between the four of us and then some (we had plenty of leftovers) and easy to make/put together with great instructions. One of us had the vegetarian option which was just as amazing and filling! Photo shows the food between four people (not including dessert yet). Made my partner's birthday awesome!!

  • 5Amanda H. 10 months ago
    Second visit here and after restrictions had eased a little. Food menu was the same and as delicious as always but the drinks menu was condensed which is why we went to Mjolner. Still amazing but I missed some of the other drinks on the menu. Very friendly and helpful staff as always :)

  • 5Aaron A. 10 months ago
    Went to this venue for a friends birthday - with everyone being so wary post COVID-19 restrictions, the restaurant took excellent measures to ensure social distancing were adhered to. The restaurant itself was aesthetically pleasing complimented with the friendly service the staff provided. My friend specifically selected this venue for the abundance of beverages they offer (we had to download an app to view over 300+ options!) and we weren’t disappointed. The food... sensational and generous servings for sharing around. Thank you for being so accommodating and providing high quality service, food and drinks. I will be returning!

  • 5Tahlia R. 10 months ago
    Truely a must for anyone who loves great food, great service and a real twist on standard dining. The atmosphere and decor downstairs is unreal, love the ambient themed music, the little perks that make this place really stand out. Dining here is an experience Will be back again and again

  • 5Jasmine H. 1 year ago
    We were made very welcome on arrival. Staff was accommodating and friendly, and really provided a Viking 'show' without being tacky. Everything was tastefully done. Very cool atmosphere - dark, but edgy. We had a great time and will be back. And the food is to die for - I had the venison, it was extremely delicious!

  • 5Shaun H. 1 year ago
    Great place, friendly staff and good atmosphere. Food is extremely amazing and price reflects with its above average cost for food. Would recommend and go again

  • 4Matt L. 1 year ago
    Great atmosphere and a different dinning experience to most due to the Viking theme. Food was generally excellent apart from the chicken that was dry. Service was slow, taking 30 mins before drink and food order was taken. Then towards end of meal we were rushed because our table was booked. Had they told us of the time limit and been faster to take our orders this wouldn't have been an issue. However, ultimately left happy due to the generally awesome food.

  • 4Heidi M. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Super feast! (Original) Super feast!

  • 4L. 1 year ago
    You still haven't been to Mjolner...?? What the f are you waiting for? Order a beer..receive a horn ??? I just missed a bit of Epic rock!

  • 4Alison O. 1 year ago
    I wanted this to be a 5 star rated restaurant such was my anticipation of dining here. It was a special occasion as we were dining with two American friends. The ambience, food, alcoholic drink options menu were all fabulous. The drop from a five rating was due to specifically to a poor customer service experience with one if the staff who behaved as if we were interrupting whatever it was he thought he should be doing. He verged on being rude to our friends. The downstairs area seemed to have a better ambience to it if you get the choice. Would recommend this place but hope you don’t get the host we did ??

  • 4Matthew J. 1 year ago
    Great place but expensive, bring all of your silver.

  • 4Gracy B. 8 months ago
    loooooong wait but the servers were nice and the menu was quite unique. the food was alright.

  • 4David M. 1 year ago
    Came here just for drinks. I enjoyed the Viking theme music playing in the background and the horns filled with beer. I expected more Viking theme down stairs to be honest. I felt as though the bar was missing the Viking feel. Friendly service. Haven't tried the food, so will definitely be back to experience that

  • 4Mubarak R. 10 months ago
    Amazing ambience with interesting menu.

  • 4WATERMELON-Pig X. 10 months ago
    (Translated by Google) I went after the epidemic. Last week it was still set menu. I can order it this week. Unfortunately, there is no oysters today. A very unique shop, Viking style. After seating, there will be a small gift, a glass of wine, and a glass horn In the cup, those who can’t drink will also have a free non-alcoholic drink. The most impressive thing is the steak. The smokey taste is very good. The only regret is that the steak lacks some juice and is lost. However, the smokey flavor of the sauce is matched with the steak. I really like it, and this smoke The smoked flavor is very long-lasting, the side dishes on the steak are also very good, especially the onions that I don't love, they are crisp and refreshing. A store that will go again, record it. (Original) 疫情后去的,上周还是set menu,这周可以单点了,可惜今天没有生蚝,一家很有特色的店,维京风格,入座后,会有小礼物,一杯酒,装在玻璃的牛角杯里,不能喝酒的也会有一杯免费的无酒精饮料。 印象最深刻的就是点的牛排,烟熏味非常赞,唯一遗憾的是牛排缺了些汁水,有一丢丢干,但是酱汁的烟熏味配上牛排,个人真的很喜欢,而且这个烟熏味很持久,牛排上的装饰配菜,也非常赞,尤其自己不爱的洋葱,又脆又爽快。 一家会再去的店,记录下。

  • 3Divine G. 1 year ago
    Because we loved the Vikings series, I looked up on Google if there is any Viking themed restaurant and I was ecstatic when I found Mjolner Melbourne. We were excited to come in for our booked dinner last week. The place is located at the far end of Hardware street and we were amazed as soon as we saw the entrance door to the restaurant and going up to the dining area you can feel the vikingy vibe everywhere. They have shelves of helmets, horns, knives etc and we were sat to the bar area. The book menu is quite unique as well as its tell a back story of the restaurant and about alittle bit of norse gods history. We were then served by a welcome drinks to toast for Valhalla and you gotta say “skal”. Lol anyway, there is not much to choose from their food menu but atleast they have vegetarian/dietary options. You have to order the main dish and sides separately. We had roast pork $60 (which was below average it was tastless and its all meat and they put alittle bit of grated apple as a salad) no sauce or whatever, steamed brocollini 6pcs for 15$, wagyu steak 75$ (average), and bite size potatoes 15$. For drinks, we had beer and we wanted to try it on the horns but they stunk. So we ended up drinking from the bottle. It was nothing special. The food is cleary overpriced and doesn’t justify its price. Quite disappointed with the food and didn’t even bothered to take some food photos. But the ambiance, customer service from arrival to check out is 3 star. Are we coming back? Never. Thanks for the viking experience though.

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