Flower Drum Restaurant Melbourne

Cantonese meals in a sprawling, red-carpeted restaurant with panels of Chinese art lining the walls.

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Flower Drum Restaurant Melbourne - Chinese restaurant in Melbourne, Australia

$$$ Expansive & elegant Cantonese restaurant

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17 Market Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


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4.50 (809 reviews)

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  • 5Kazuaki I. 1 year ago
    Good Chinese restaurant

  • 5David-James N. 10 months ago
    DO: Everything on the menu that you can afford. If you have no idea do the banquet or better yet, have a chat to the waiters and they'll sort you out. DON'T: Forget the wine list. TIP: There are a lot of "off menu" items. The Neil Perry crab Noodle is my fave. Ask the Waiters and say hello to the handsome Jason, the owner of Flower Drum

  • 5Favohomo G. 10 months ago
    unique food items and very tasty...attentive staff and great ambience

  • 5Jay J. 2 years ago
    One of the best Asian restaurant in Melbourne. Highly recommend anyone to try their live seafood, price is on the expensive side but that's expected at an award winning restaurant. Service is up the level as well with very knowledgeable and polite waiters. Wide variety of good wine is also available. Finally booking is recommended as they do tend to be booked out for the night.

  • 5jimmy g. 11 months ago
    I'd never been here but had always wanted to come to this well known Melbourne icon. It's an extraordinary experience with the food and service hitting very lofty heights. We had the six course banquet and found every dish absolutely superb. The service hit incredible heights. It'd be close to to the warmest and most professional service I've ever experienced. I can't fault the restaurant. It was truly excellent.

  • 5Danni B. 11 months ago
    Awesome food and excellent service. We can't wait till the restrictions are over and we can book a table again :)

  • 5yunita p. 1 year ago
    Best Chinese restaurant in Melbourne. Good quality ingredients. KGW (King George Whitings) is thinly battered and very moist. Peking duck is good ---meat with skin ratio is my type. Jade abalone , snow crab (stir fried with foie gras) etc are very fresh. Roasted squab is best in Melbourne.

  • 5Norman C. 1 year ago
    Excellent service from the minute you walk in. Yes, dishes can be quite expensive ($4.50 per one (1) pan-fried dumpling or Xiao Long Bao), but it's all worth it. My dad rates the pork pan-fried dumplings among the best he's ever had. That's saying something. Good drinks list as well. If you're after a special event, cross this off your bucket list.

  • 5Steven C. 1 year ago
    Excellent. First class.

  • 5Bryan J. 1 year ago
    Superb. Expensive but you get what you pay for

  • 5Chris J. 1 year ago
    Had the summer banquet. Highlights included the abalone and Peking duck. Service was first rate.

  • 5Jennifer M. 10 months ago
    I was fortunate enough to be invited to lunch at the Flower Drum. We had a fixed menu, which was like a mini dim sum -- lots of small dishes. The food was excellent, as one would expect from Australia's best Chinese restaurant. I liked the braised wagyu beef the best. The service, as usual, was impecable. Of course, rhe Flower Drum is not cheap, but fortunately I was not pickng up the bill.

  • 5R. 1 year ago
    Enjoyed the food here. it must be booked in advanced and is expensive too

  • 5Narges H. 1 year ago
    When we want to celebrate we choose here!! The best service ever! Great food, great atmosphere, love this place. Thanks for all

  • 5John S. 1 year ago
    The best Chinese cuisine for a very long time

  • 5Moretti P. 1 year ago
    The service is amazing and I felt they went out of their way for the smallest of request.

  • 5angus c. 1 year ago
    Amazing! Simply outstanding food and service. Can't wait to go again

  • 5Alistair S. 1 year ago
    Perfect, as always!

  • 5Sam S. 1 year ago
    Service was second to none. Warmly welcomed and acknowledged by staff, including those we walked by on the way to our table. Extensive wine list. We originally thought we would have a banquet but then decided against it as we were not super hungry. Soup followed by mains with rice was a great choice. We enjoyed watching the many staff attend to all dinner guests. Empty plates and glasses quickly whisked away, while others took pride in serving dishes to the tables. We will be back to dine again.

  • 5Tatiana S. 1 year ago
    Best Chinese food

  • 5Boris P. 1 year ago
    Great food, great staff, lovely environment, great service

  • 5Kate M. 8 months ago
    Ordered through Providoor. Food was amazing! And very easy to prepare. Can’t wait to visit in person after lockdown

  • 5Ritu D. 1 year ago
    I loved their service. They took very less time to serve the food on my table. The waiter was really good and friendly. When I tasted the food it was just mind-blowing. This restaurant is worth writing feedback. The ambience is also very chilled and relaxed. You will love the food here as well as the place. I strongly suggest everyone trying out this restaurant.

  • 5John C. 1 year ago
    Excellent Cantonese restaurant with very good service. Our waiter, Andy was very courteous and patient with our 2 noisy kids, and was very helpful in suggesting orders for our kids and family. I have eaten in many chinese restaurants all over the world, and quality of service, dedication and professionalism expressed by their staff and especially Andy tops them all. The food was also very good. Their Roast Duck was one of the best I have tried, and perhaps on par with the famous London Fat Duck. Also excellent was their Beef rice noodles. I would definitely go back to eat there everytime I visit Melbourne, and would recommend my friends to as well.

  • 5darnell m. 1 year ago
    I had a great dinner and overall experience at Flower Drum. Staff were all very professional and welcoming, always ready to provide you with additional information and recommendations, without being intense at all. I had the Seafood Soup Dumpling and the Peking Duck wraps. Delicious and perfectly presented both! They have a diverse list of wines available to pair with your choice of food. The restaurant is clearly more expensive than others in the area, but I believe the quality of service and food - and the experience! - fully justify the difference.

  • 5Clement L. 1 year ago
    I've always wanted to try the proclaimed "best Chinese restaurant Melbourne", and I finally did it tonight. What I can say is - I'm not disappointed, and I can see why this restaurants wins so many accolades and awards. The food and service is simply amazing. We ordered a few dishes to share, and each one of them were marvellous. This place well deserves a 5 star and I would certainly be back.

  • 5C. 1 year ago
    What a night....What an experience! From the moment you step foot at the front door you know it's going to be great. The young doorman opens the door for you with a warm welcome and guides you to the lift. Once the door slides opens the wonderful staff are there to take our coats, and soaking umbrellas from the rain... that had not dampened our night at all. We are among the first dinners to arrive (and the last to leave) we are taken to our seats in the middle dining area of the restaurant. The decor is simple yet elegant, the table set beautifully. Our waiter Derek and the Maître d quickly show us the beverage list. By this time of course, the girls had their handbags over the back of their chairs. Because you know, that's where they go right?? No! They both got a small table for their bags to rest on. How amazing is that! A few weeks ago when we made the reservation, we decided on having the Chef's signature banquet. Each dish is paired with a wine, so that is 5 different wines. And we can tell you that each one was amazing, as was every dish. From the very first mouthful til the very last. The serving size is exactly right. The tastes and textures spot on. Yes, it is expensive (you don't have to have the Chef's signature banquet though, their menu is extensive)...But it is so well worth the experience. The service is outstanding, which makes it even more well worth it. Great food and great service, the two go hand in hand. Will we go back again?....You better believe it!!!

  • 5Rachael A. 1 year ago
    I wanted to go here for so long and I ended up coming with work colleagues. They were so great - a big round table for our party of 12, with a lazy Susan in the middle. They catered for all our dietary requirements and allowed everyone to order as required. I had the salmon, steak and fried ice cream from the $65 summer menu. Was so tasty! Loved finishing off with tea and those yummy almond biscuits! Maybe the best salmon I’ve ever had. It was an expensive meal, but definitely perfect for a special occasion.

  • 5Andy S. 1 year ago
    If you're looking for the best Chinese fine dining experience, then this is the place to go. Booking is required because they are busy everyday. Besides beautiful food, they also have many great wine and spirits.

  • 5Deswaqr K. 8 months ago
    Excellent service from the minute you walk in. Yes, dishes can be quite expensive ($4.50 per one (1) pan-fried dumpling or Xiao Long Bao), but it's all worth it. My dad rates the pork pan-fried dumplings among the best he's ever had. That's saying something. Good drinks list as well. I

  • 5Rose H. 10 months ago
    Some of the best dishes you will find anywhere in Melbourne and excellent service.

  • 5Lian Wang W. 8 months ago
    good service, nice food.

  • 5Jason P. 10 months ago
    Still rocks. Sublime Peking duck

  • 5Fleur S. 9 months ago
    The best Asian mix in Australia bar no other ! This is THE place to go if in Melbourne for business or pleasure

  • 5Jason S. 9 months ago
    Best Chinese i have ever had and that keeps me coming back time after time,

  • 5Elizabeth D. 10 months ago
    I'm having such a great time and great food.

  • 4Joe G. 2 years ago
    We went here for lunch in a private room and were not disappointed. Warm greeting on arrival and great service throughout. Very attentive staff and really great food. Wines served with lunch were also great. The Chardonay was particularly very good. Would definitely recommend.

  • 4Logan M. 10 months ago
    Very authentic and fast service :)

  • 4joan W. 1 year ago
    Beautiful place and atmosphere . Food is also in good stardard. The steam fish , abalone with noddle, crab in shell are impressive. Lobster with noodle is fine. The dessert of red bean soup could be better.

  • 4Louise W. 11 months ago
    What a great experience all that time ago. Hope to be back soon after things open again.

  • 4Georgie M. 1 year ago
    After so many years away from Melbourne, finally I was back there again. Flower Drum has always been good, a place where you won't find unpleasant surprises. Our highlights that night were baked crab shells, peking duck, sautéed pearl meat, double boiled soup, and braised wallabies.

  • 4Oliver W. 11 months ago
    nice food.

  • 4grace w. 1 year ago
    Ideal place for fine dinning, good Cantonese food and good service,should visit when you are in Melbourne.

  • 4rian t. 10 months ago
    Pricing is a bit on the high side. Wine top up took ages. Food is great though especially enjoyed their peking duck and scallops.

  • 4R. 1 year ago
    The food is really nice but it is also super expensive. Most of the food choices don't make full either

  • 4James P. 9 months ago

  • 2Independent Melbourne R. 1 year ago
    We have been just the once for lunch to celebrate a special occasion. knowing all the hype and reviews, we had high expectations, especially as Cantonese cuisine (whether fine or street) is one of my staples . Without exaggeration, this place was disappointing in almost every way. I simply do not understand how it has garnered all these stars. The peking duck was at best average (there are much better specialist peking duck restaurants in Melbourne), with little complexity and the pancakes were not the paper-thin quality you would expect. Other dishes left an overall impression of being quite ordinary, but at extraordinary prices. If you are looking for an authentic taste, and not westernised chinese, this place is not it. It isn't horrible, hence two, rather than one star.

  • 2tang W. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Got the name ,,, (Original) 得過名,,,

  • 2M. 10 months ago
    I want to preface this review by stating that the service at the flower drum was exceptional. The staff are friendly and extremely efficient. However, this is where my praise ends. After much hype my brother and I finally booked a table to go to witness this fine dining experience. However what we were met with was overall disappointment. I know we are in unprecedented times and it is difficult for all, but from a food quality standpoint it was short of the mark. As an entree we ordered three different dumplings. There was nothing special about them and they seemed like something you would get from a yum cha restaurant. Then for main we got the peking duck which was very good. The duck was juicy with beautiful crispy skin. The crispy skin chicken was next. Although moist and tasty, it was mostly cold. Next was the wagyu "short ribs". Now I highlight this part because with the thought of ribs you think multiple. However, this wasn't the case and there was just one that was minutely cut to eat between two people. The sauce on it was much to be desired. The eye fillet was served next and was disappointed to be served more beans than beef. The sauce on the beef was an overkill of pepper and was not medium rare like we asked. With that we got a serve of scallop and truffle fried rice. But there was no scallops in the rice portions my brother and I got and it was truffle oil that was present not truffle itself. Overall we were met with a disappointing experience and the hype did not match the quality we received.

Last updated: 2020-08-25