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Ishizuka - Fine dining restaurant in Melbourne, Australia

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basement level b01/139 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


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4.80 (118 reviews)

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  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: Closed
  • Thursday: 12 to 3PM, 4 to 8:30PM
  • Friday: 12 to 3PM, 4 to 8:30PM
  • Saturday: 12 to 3PM, 4 to 8:30PM
  • Sunday: 12 to 3PM, 4 to 8:30PM
  • Monday: 12 to 3PM, 4 to 8:30PM


  • 5Jason H. 1 year ago
    Ishizuka wraps you up in a warm glow of food, atmosphere and service. As a private dining experience rather than a restaurant the staff excels in attending to every detail, that is curiously associated with Japanese culture and tradition. The set menu format (keiseki) moves along at a reasonable pace, while still leaving time to talk and savor. Each dish is a small presentation, the overall meal will leave you satisfied, but not stuffed. The drink pairing is recommended with a fine selection of red, white and sake. The menu changes with the seasons, this is not a once in a lifetime experience, a return visit is assured.

  • 5Jacob B. 1 year ago
    So we decided to fly to Melbourne from Perth to try out Ishizuka and we were not disappointed at all. If you are considering trying this place please do as it blew every expectation we had. One of the best meals we have had and definitely best in Australia (so far) and some of the best service to boot. Be aware it’s not cheap tho as dinner for two with drinks pairing came in just under 700

  • 5Fiona T. 1 year ago
    The food was amazing here, especially the fatty tuna toro. We ordered an extra piece for $15 each which is $$ but considering you can’t get toro anywhere else in Melbourne, it was worth it! If you like sake, the alcohol pairing is worth paying!Wow, amazing, a real treat to eat here. Watching the dishes being created by the chefs was great. The 11 dishes tasted wonderful although I was not a fan of the Taro dish or the Sea Snail as part of a dish,

  • 5Olivia A. 1 year ago
    I love the dish so delicious

  • 5Mayank P. 1 year ago
    Amazing!!! Service was spectacular and the food was prepared with class and elegance. Highly recommend

  • 5Elina M. 1 year ago
    My favourite Japanese restaurant

  • 5Sarah M. 1 year ago
    An incredible experience, a fantastic night, and the food is the best we've had. Immaculately prepared and beautifully placed on stunning tablewear. Amazing service and absolutely worth the price.

  • 5jihad c. 1 year ago
    Simply amazing. The setup, the food and the experience was worth every penny.

  • 5Hayden F. 1 year ago
    Amazing food

  • 5Herbert F. 1 year ago
    Finding this intimate Japanese restaurant is half the fun: through secret doors and down elevators. The presentation of the food is spectacular in its minimalist attention to detail. We splurged on the ten-course meal and our tastebuds thanked us dearly; the most outstanding dish was the edamame tofu with scampi and caviar.

  • 5Connie W. 1 year ago
    Excellent food with wine pairing

  • 5Y. 1 year ago

  • 5Suzenne B. 1 year ago
    Absolutely love it!

  • 5Jessica M. 1 year ago
    Best Japanese restaurant for me. Amazing experience. The food is extremely creative and absolutely delicious. I would recommend this to anyone.

  • 5Francis W. 2 years ago
    This discreet 16-seat Japanese Kaiseki restaurant is easily one of the best dining experiences in Melbourne. Make your way down the lane that runs alongside the Citadines Hotel in Bourke st until coming to a glass door which is unlocked with the keypad code provided with the booking confirmation. in the lobby area, turn left to the lifts and make your way downstairs to B1. Out of the lift and enter Ishizuka. Immediately you will be impressed by the award-winning feel and design of the restaurant ( I’m not going to say too much about this as I don’t want to spoil your opportunity for that first impression ) Once seated you can watch the kitchen team go about their work with focus and assiduousness. Their composure and the restaurant ambiance, immediately relaxes you and prepares you for the culinary experience to come over the next couple of hours. The time positively whizzes by as course after course tantalises, enthrals and satisfies the palate. The FOH team led by Michelle are brilliant and their knowledge of the food and wine served a benchmark for venues to aspire to. They ALL knew, in detail, what food and drink they were serving. So refreshing. *Pro Tip : I rarely opt for the “matched” beverage option however in this case I did and was delighted by the quality of what was served. Yes, the dollars are not insignificant, however the quality is more than evident to justify the price tag. If they can maintain these ! Just go.

  • 5Thomas C. 2 years ago
    Amazing dinner experience. Well trained and knowledgeable chefs that provided us with great food and service. Very nice atmosphere to dine. Yakimono was my favourite dish. The cod was so perfect cooked I had to lean back to take a moment.

  • 5Yury K. 2 years ago
    I can not describe how great this place is. Food is an ART. The work of the staff at the highest level. It was an unforgettable experience. Thank you.

  • 5Mez O. 2 years ago
    Amazing dining experience. So far my best Japanese restaurant. The food was simply delicious and the entire evening was well worth it. The restaurant has 12 seats which are situated around the open kitchen and the attention to detail is fantastic. Went for the early full menu seating so all sit at the same time with 11 courses served. The dining experience lasts for approximately 2 hours. Also enjoyed the paired sake and wines. The bill was just under $800 for 2 but people travel from overseas and interstate just to eat there. It’s not just dinner it’s a total experience. Some highlights were the foie gras, wagyu and toro sushi.

  • 5Yip L. 2 years ago
    Excellent for a special occasion.

  • 5leroy l. 2 years ago
    Exquisite dining experience. Amazing food and service. Come here on an empty stomach otherwise you'll hit the wall half way into the set menu.

  • 5N. 1 year ago
    Can’t recommend this place enough, this place was the best dining experience I’ve ever had. If you are looking for the authentic Kaiseki gourmet this is the perfect restaurant in Melbourne to go.

  • 5c. 1 year ago
    We had Kaiseki in Japan and really enjoyed it! So we decided to try it in Melbourne as well. It really likes what all the reviews say, delicious and interesting food ;) all the seafood was very fresh, the A5 beef from Japan was absolutely worth a try.

  • 5Amit R. 1 year ago
    Best premium Japanese Restaurant in Melbourne for Kaiseki experience. Intimate 20 seater overlooking the chef's working their skills. A must visit whether to experience Kaiseki style or celebrating that special day!

  • 5Julia Z. 3 years ago
    Highly recommend!! Everything is awesome: food,service and the interior decor.We had 12 course and pretty filled by the end.Subtle flavours especially the wayga and my favourite blue-fin tuna.Professional chefs and friendly staffs.16 seats served only, nice atmosphere makes me feel back to Japan. FYI,It’s better to get the details directions in advance as the restaurant located in mysterious basement.Overall it’s an incredible experience and pretty worthy.

  • 5Terence F. 1 year ago
    Very good kaiseki even for Japan standards, with a modern touch..

  • 5P S. 2 years ago
    Phenomenal food, great service and chefs are awesome!

  • 5Kristina W. 1 year ago
    From start to finish this was an experience to savor...the restaurant is nested in a basement and once you enter, you experience a wonderful journey in time to Japan. You follow a set menu and are taken from seafood to wagyu beef and then to amazing desserts. Service is fantastic, everyone is so knowledgeable...the seating allows you to watch all the chefs from any location, feeling intimate and comfortable. Simply brilliant.

  • 5Shirley H. 1 year ago
    Incredible dining experience! Loved every course!

  • 5Mark M. 2 years ago
    Delicious! Absolutely loved the kaiseki, great cocktails and mocktails.

  • 5Jasmine H. 1 year ago
    So we decided to fly to Melbourne from Perth to try out Ishizuka and we were not disappointed at all. If you are considering trying this place please do as it blew every expectation we had. One of the best meals we have had and definitely best in Australia (so far) and some of the best service to boot. Be aware it’s not cheap tho as dinner for two with drinks pairing came in just under 700

  • 5Deswaqr K. 8 months ago
    A place, hard to find (intentional, one suspects), in an underground minimalist japanese setting honed for titillating taste buds of connoisseurs, with seating available to only very limited number of patrons, with appropriate gentle and subtle japanese service. Highly recommend.

  • 5jimmy g. 11 months ago
    First off, love how this two hats restaurant is completely out of sight on Bourke street. This fine establishment really is a hidden gem when you have to go through an apartment building, in the elevator and make your way to the basement floor. Beautiful and traditional decor with roughly 10-14 seats. Great place for special occasions.

  • 5Mike P. 1 year ago
    Really out of the way experience begins by finding the restaurant. The surprises continue with every dish. An absolute joy for the senses. Amazing kept secret.

  • 5M. 1 year ago
    What a devine and intimate experience. I came here for my birthday and had the full tasting menu. With only a few seats, the experience is truly unique. The food was exceptional and we discovered some great wines here too! Thanks Ishizuka for a beautiful night :-)

  • 5Danielle H. 1 year ago
    We celebrated our anniversary here and I have to say one of the best dining experiences we have ever had.. The skill was absolutely breathtaking accompanied with flavours that completely transported you to seaside Japan. Could not recommend more highly, especially if your after a truly japanese fine dining experience!

  • 5Krishnah C. 1 year ago
    Each dish here is finely crafted, expertly assembled, and uses the finest of ingredients, including caviar, scampi, wagyu and toro. Every mouthful was enjoyable and delicate. Heavily seafood focussed, with only one dish containing a small amount of beef. One of us had a minor food intolerance which was accommodated easily, but you could not dine here as a vegetarian/non-fish eater and have the same experience (I don't think).

  • 5Georgia W. 1 year ago
    So we decided to fly to Melbourne from Perth to try out Ishizuka and we were not disappointed at all. If you are considering trying this place please do as it blew every expectation we had. One of the best meals we have had and definitely best in Australia (so far) and some of the best service to boot. Be aware it’s not cheap tho as dinner for two with drinks pairing came in just under 700

  • 5Anne-Lise I. 1 year ago
    Great service and detailing to food. Overall great experience. The waiters were amazing and very accommodating..

  • 5J N. 1 year ago
    Third time here, impressed with their new summer menu. I do miss the option of choosing which salt to go with my Wagyu steak, this interaction between chef and patron was a fun element to the dining experience.

  • 5Vince H. 1 year ago
    Absolutely amazing food and experience! It’s definitely a good worth!

  • 4Peter J. 1 year ago
    Perfect night out. Great ambiance and beautiful food.

  • 4Michelle S. 1 year ago
    This restaurant is a hidden gem in Melbourne. The dining experience it offers is one of a kind. The toro sushi and desserts are absolutely dying for. The reason I only give a 4 stars is due to its set menu. Would be great to offer a bit more options for diners to choose.

  • 3j L. 2 years ago
    Amazing produce served on beautiful crockery. The highlight of the night was definitely the toro sushi from the tokyo fish market. There is an option to have an additional piece of toro for the price of $15. Absolute bargain for tuna belly enthusiasts. However, it is a very expensive meal and you get what you pay for. When comparing this to my experience at minamishima, i would say minamishima is my first choice due to the price difference and similarity in experience.

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