Lentil As Anything, Abbotsford

Bohemian vegetarian restaurant staffed by volunteers, offering casual, pay-as-you-feel dining.

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Lentil As Anything, Abbotsford - Vegan restaurant in Melbourne, Australia

$ Pay-as-you-feel vegetarian diner

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1/3 St Heliers St, Abbotsford VIC 3067, Australia


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4.70 (2232 reviews)

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Working Hours

  • Tuesday: 9 to 11:30AM, 12 to 4PM, 5:30 to 9PM
  • Wednesday: 9 to 11:30AM, 12 to 4PM, 5:30 to 9PM
  • Thursday: 9 to 11:30AM, 12 to 4PM, 5:30 to 9PM
  • Friday: 9 to 11:30AM, 12 to 4PM, 5:30 to 9PM
  • Saturday: 9 to 11:30AM, 12 to 4PM, 5:30 to 9PM
  • Sunday: 9 to 11:30AM, 12 to 4PM, 5:30 to 9PM
  • Monday: 9 to 11:30AM, 12 to 4PM, 5:30 to 9PM


  • 5Princess S. 1 year ago
    Awesome food awesome place awesome staff

  • 5Willow M. 11 months ago
    The location & atmosphere is stunning

  • 5Rachel M. 1 year ago
    If you havent been here, you seriously need to. (I know where I'm going as soon as this covid19 quarantine is over)

  • 5kelvin l. 1 year ago
    Great food, great environment, great idea. Not only the food is good, it is healthy for you and the staff and very friendly. The idea of supporting those who needed a hand is wonderful. Bottomless refill on mains and dessert is very welcoming as well!

  • 5Serena H. 1 year ago
    I love their food! Every time you get something different, but always super yummy! Respect to the chef!

  • 5sarthak l. 1 year ago
    Amazing place with phenomenal vegan dishes. Pay what you want. I go there to check out diff recepies tbh.

  • 5Amrit S. 1 year ago
    Atmosphere. Great food. Community Vibes. Pay what's Fair and Pay for someone who can't afford to pay for a plate... Wow. This is by far and large one of the most iconic under-rated places in Melbourne. "Lentils" as it's affectionately known is a Northern Melbourne Inner Suburbs Local Favourite. The most beautiful Atmosphere with Frequent Live Music. The Vegetarian food here is simple and delicious. Lunch is great - you can load up a plate. Dinner you can choose from the wonderful menu options. The gardens, the convent surrounds just make this the most wonderful ambience. And the community that's drawn and co-creates here is just... Wonderful. Thanks Lentils Community, love your vibe, love your work, thanks for being what you are to the Melbourne Community - we appreciate and love you and we appreciate and love the convent. PS. If you go... Don't forget to walk along the river right there after... It's beautiful. Enjoy !

  • 5Cristian S. 1 year ago
    Had the fantastic oppo to be a volunteer and enjoy the pleasure of helping to the others & enjoy the delicious plates this peeps prepare to give without any discrimination to whoever would need it. LOVE THIS PLACE, 110% recommended!

  • 5Luis Salinas M. 1 year ago
    Lovely place and in a good position. The surrounding area is nice post have lunch

  • 5Angela L. 1 year ago
    Amazing place, good food and vegan, the best vegan food i ever eat! Little bit spicy but yummy

  • 5L. 1 year ago
    Delicious meals

  • 5Dark S. 9 months ago
    Excellent food, Roman rocks as bartender. Can't wait to return!

  • 5daniel f. 1 year ago
    Amazing concept and amazing food to match - check it out and give what you can to keep these guys going !!

  • 5bubblegum b. 1 year ago
    Awesome place, great food and vibe. definitely worth checking out and making donations as you finish you meal :)

  • 5YAN M. 1 year ago
    Nice food with vegan options. Live music. Very friendly staffs

  • 5Sunil G. 1 year ago
    Great food and Great environmental

  • 5Cam N. 1 year ago
    Great place, friendly volunteers and wonderful food. The area is great to have a walk around also with Collingwood children's farm a few minutes walk

  • 5Bruno B. 1 year ago
    Amazing vegan food and atmosphere.

  • 5Gabriela J. 1 year ago
    Paid extra when balling, ate for less when broke

  • 5Barbara W. 1 year ago
    Heaven !!! Best vegan place I ever been too ? !!! Big thank you to the volunteer who welcomed us at the door !!! Super magical atmosphere !!! I would love to come back to Melbourne only for that place !!!

  • 5James S. 1 year ago
    Owsome. Place to eat when you you are short of cash a feed of veg can be good for you...

  • 5Lorenzo B. 1 year ago
    My fav place in Melbourne ?

  • 5Alicia V. 11 months ago
    Partner loves this place! Love the concept and the overall vibe of the venue! The food is excellent and very healthy.

  • 5Izzy Maxwell W. 1 year ago
    You HAVE to experience this at least once. Then you'll be sure to be coming back. A "pay as you feel" set up which supports everyone from all background and life experiences, ensuring that everyone is fed, believing that everyone deserves a seat at the table. It's the most wonderful experience, the staff are kind and the food in INCREDIBLE that even the most adamant meat eaters will feel satisfied from the food. There is often live music, creative people hanging about and fairy lights making it the most calm, inclusive and friendly vibe you can get. Please experience this and please contribute to this community.

  • 5Josh W. 1 year ago
    The food here is not only pay as you can and vegan, it's actually really delicious! Lunch is a buffet and dinner is a set meal. Personally I prefer the buffet for the variety of vegan foods to try as a non-vegan. I have no idea how they make such a killer vegan chocolate cake! My only issue is I know for a fact that people take advantage of their kindness and use it as a free meal ticket when they could easily afford to pay. Please respect the ethos of this place when you visit.

  • 5Tara B. 1 year ago
    Awesome experience! Came in for breakfast and was delicious. Great incentive with the pay as you feel or volunteer options. As we were leaving the buffet lunch was starting and the food people came out with looked great so will definitely come back to try that

  • 5Fanny W. 1 year ago
    Great place with good food and great vibes. I had a very tasty curry, a dumpling and a delicious piece of chocolate cake. Everyone was super friendly and nice. Would go again for sure!

  • 5Edoardo P. 1 year ago
    Food is good and the atmosphere is relaxed. I like their idea of making people pay what they can afford. The principle on which this restaurant is based on is that everyone deserves a meal regardless who you are. Noble perspective. 100% recommended!

  • 5Kosetatino T. 1 year ago
    The best concept to pay it forward. I love the food, especially when they change up the menu. Best thing about it is located on a Convent which is surrounded but river walks, bike tracks, next to a children’s farm and a perfect venue to hang with Friends.

  • 5Vinit T. 1 year ago
    Amazing food and culture, brilliant concept! A really heart warming experience overall. The ambience is fresh, artsy and welcoming. Serviced by keen volunteers, very attentive. Tastewise, rich flavours worth exploring. Well done!

  • 5Hadi Y. 9 months ago
    Great atmosphere, surrounding nature, people and food. Offering rustic, homemade vegan meals from different origin. A good example of social enterprise!

  • 5Uma C. 9 months ago
    Vegetarian heaven!

  • 5Noah H. 9 months ago
    Fantastic food, great service and outside area is so beautiful and cool. We will definitely return

  • 5Rainbow A. 9 months ago
    Cool atmosphere

  • 5Ana G. 10 months ago
    Excellent service

  • 5Sascha O. 10 months ago

  • 5Dona-Mae N. 10 months ago
    Delicious food and friendly service

  • 5Toby B. 10 months ago
    Great food and a great cause!

  • 5Liselot P. 11 months ago
    Amazing food ? kind people

  • 4Benjamin C. 1 year ago
    Nice food. Friendly staff.

  • 4Niyatee S. 1 year ago
    Lovely vegan lunch buffet. I couldn’t believe the chocolate cake was also vegan. It was moist and just perfect!

  • 4Jane D. 10 months ago
    Fabulous restaurant with a whole little music scene around it. The convent is maybe the most atmospheric building in Melbourne, and the natural beauty of the setting is outstanding.

  • 4Julian B. 1 year ago
    Nice idea of just paying what you think your meal was worth. I've been there for lunch, they had a little buffet with 4-5 dishes and a soup with some bread for the side. As i am not a big fan of vegetables i was a bit sceptical but i tried all dishes and two of them where really good. On this day they had some baked potatoes and some pasta with tofu. Taste of the potatoes was very good and the pasta was good as well. 1 star minus because the soup was very tasteless. But in the end it's up to you what you pay for it so not too bad.

  • 4Rose W. 1 year ago
    Nothing fancy but the food was really good and tasted like a proper homemade meal, something I was missing due to traveling. The atmosphere is really cool with all the art on the walls and it's a place you can just relax at as you eat a meal. I went during lunch time which is a buffet and enjoyed everything I tried however I was disappointed as I heard there was cake daily but didn't see any. But overall I definitely recommend for an affordable meal (recommend to pay $12 to cover your meal or $20 to help pay it foward)

  • 4Priya P. 1 year ago
    If u r vegan or vegetarian then this is the best place to go to. There is no menu, so you rock up and whatever is available you can try. But made daily and with fresh ingredients. I like the place for its uniqueness as it runs on charity. So they have different plates, spoons, glasses, table and chairs. The only negative is the crowd sometimes is a mix of people from every walks of life. And lot of swearing or misbehaving happens. It is very rare but have seen it few times. So if you are planning to go with family then just make sure the crowd is good inside and outside. Pay as you like but please pay as some people just put coins and it’s not fair for such a great food.

  • 3I. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Well (Original) Bon

  • 1Christie H. 9 months ago
    Zero stars! I booked and had to pay in advance for 15 people to celebrate my birthday. Due to covid 19, I had to cancel. The manager, Paula, promised to refund my money back in March. It is now almost August and money has not been returned!! Bad scran to you Lentils! I have lost faith in your ethics.

  • 1Babak D. 1 year ago
    It would have been great if there was a minimum standard for hygiene.

Last updated: 2020-08-25