Loving Hut Richmond

Outpost of a vegan counter-serve chain with Asian-accented menus that vary by location.

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Loving Hut Richmond - Vegan restaurant in Melbourne, Australia

$ Counter-serve chain serving vegan fare

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10/242 Victoria St, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia


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4.50 (412 reviews)

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  • Tuesday: 11:30AM to 9PM
  • Wednesday: 11:30AM to 9PM
  • Thursday: 11:30AM to 9PM
  • Friday: 11:30AM to 9PM
  • Saturday: 11:30AM to 9PM
  • Sunday: 11:30AM to 9PM
  • Monday: 11:30AM to 9PM


  • 5Andrew D. 1 year ago
    Combination Hot Fun, San Choy Boy and Seaweed Salad. God this on my first visit. I'm not even vegan but it was really good and surprised me. Would go again.

  • 5kamal a. 1 year ago
    Amazing food. We all did over eating. Tried Green Thai and Assam curry and many entrees. Crispy Delight is super yummy. Recommended.

  • 5Melissa S. 1 year ago
    Delicious food as always! My favourite were the pan fried dumplings ? Lovely, friendly and fast service.

  • 5Manda F. 1 year ago
    Good food

  • 5Samantha P. 1 year ago
    Always great food.

  • 5nuttakarn s. 1 year ago
    Good food Especially papaya salad

  • 5Tully'z K. 1 year ago
    Amazing Asian vegan food. Gotta try their Rendang and Massaman curry. 5 star place if you love to eat compassionately...and if you want to eat more compassionately this will be a great place to start?

  • 5Mark R. 1 year ago
    Wow. Why did I not eat here sooner. Massa curry and the pad Thai were amazing. Can't wait to come back. #veganisnthardwhenittastesthisgood

  • 5J. 1 year ago
    Best vegan restaurant in Richmond! So delicious!

  • 5Kuhan S. 1 year ago
    The food was really delicious and the service was good too. Make sure you try the Malaysian Laksa and sago pudding, it's yum!

  • 5Nicklas L. 1 year ago
    Beautiful food, very friendly owner

  • 5David P. 1 year ago
    Their dumpling soup and mongolian bbq are absolutely amazing.

  • 5. 1 year ago

  • 5Oliver T. 1 year ago
    Had a massaman curry. It was absolutely delicious! People working there are very nice.

  • 5Tony B. 1 year ago
    Quick service, good food, attentive staff with okay prices

  • 5Jess H. 1 year ago
    Amazing vegan dishes and lovely owners! The fried wontons and their sweet & sour veggies with soy nuggets are a favourite.

  • 5Kobi Z. 1 year ago
    Perfect food, great hospitality, love it.

  • 5Jeff D. 1 year ago
    Fast and friendly and very delicious. Typical vietnamese in Richmond..... delicious

  • 5Joanna M. 1 year ago

  • 5viki y. 1 year ago
    Perfect peace food ❤️?

  • 5Chris W. 1 year ago
    Incredible tasting vegan delights!

  • 5Christopher T. 9 months ago
    If you're not vegan you will love this place and will have no reason to not be vegan! Options available for all taste buds!

  • 5Tess M. 9 months ago
    Sssooooooo tasty have never had a bad meal here!

  • 5Linh N. 10 months ago
    Always a must-go place for vegan food. Great food and sometimes even more delicious than normal restaurant

  • 5Hina S. 1 year ago
    First time having proper vegan food. Pleasantly surprised with how good it takes. Had the seasonal stir-fried veggies with soy nuggets and the tropical drink.

  • 5j. 1 year ago
    This is my second visit and the food here always makes me satisfied! Food is Delicious and the service there is good also. Reasonable price and definitely will go again!

  • 5Adam L. 2 years ago
    The moment you walk into this Cafe you can smell the beautiful aromas. We stayed for coffee and a cake, which was absolutely divine!

  • 5Vasundhara K. 8 months ago
    Best of all loving huts. My all time favorite is Tom kha soup

  • 5ning d. 10 months ago
    Excellent vegan hub loving people lovely food.

  • 5Rohan S. 1 year ago
    I have eaten at Loving Hut Richmond weekly over the past 2 years. It really is a comfort having a neighborhood restaurant where the cooking tastes like home: no excessive oil, fresh vegetables and friendly service. My personal favourite is the Pho - they have the best vegan Pho in the city (tasty, generous portion and plenty of mock meat). The broth is very hearty (and not just water/oil like other non-vegan restaurants tend to offer as a vegan option). The menu is also very diverse, organised by Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Malaysian cuisines - allowing those with a vegan diet to get a taste of the various dishes that they may not otherwise have been able to taste. Furthermore each dish has a protein element (tofu/mock meats) which allows for a complete meal. The restaurant is clean (bathroom, tables) and the staff are very friendly and welcoming. Definitely recommend and look forward to eating there again when I'm back in Melbourne!

  • 5Jumana K. 1 year ago
    Absolutely loved the meat here, and very affordable too.

  • 5R. 1 year ago
    It's pricey but one of the few vegan restaurants that serve real vegan food. Slow service though.

  • 5Zara L. 1 year ago
    Fabulous South East Asian cuisine. Gluten Free options, Vegan, mock meats if you are into it. Overall very very fresh and sumptuous!

  • 5R. 1 year ago
    Very good vegan food. Also vegan products for purchase... Very friendly and helpfull staff!

  • 4Toby K. 1 year ago
    Always love a loving hut!

  • 4Rachael M. 1 year ago
    amazing food! me and my partner came here and were greeted and sat down promptly. we ordered the sweet and sour veg with tofu nuggets and the phad thai, which were both very reasonably priced. the service could have been better as wait staff weren't too attentive however there were only two people working and the restaurant was quite busy. my partner who isn't vegan said he really liked the fake meat and it was some of the best he has had.

  • 4Kenzie B. 1 year ago
    First time visit to loving hut Richmond. I had the green curry which was a vibrant green and just delish to eat. I would say that food is on the spicey side so just beware and pick less spicey option if your not a spice fan. Me on the other hand love spice and the green curry had a good kick to it. I will be going back to this place as the vegan options are just too good to miss.

  • 4Kay G. 4 years ago
    Vegan heaven. Tasty and creative food. The place itself is a bit run-down but having so many great food choices as a vegan is really nice

  • 3Dennis C. 1 year ago
    A vegan cafe. Good value.

  • 3A. 1 year ago
    One of the few Asian vegan places around. Service feels genuine and staff are nice. Good location and food. The restaurant itself could really do with a renovation as it’s looking really outdated.

  • 2sam s. 1 year ago
    Thought I would support local business during COVID, especially one with a moral and ethical approach revamping dishes we know and love into its vegetarian and vegan counterparts. Only to be incredibly ripped off- paying $21 + $6.99 delivery for 500mL of food. Where is the ethics in that? Tried calling to resolve only to be met with frustration due being hung up on 5+ times due to poor phone line on their end and they clearly did not try to move or provide another number to call in order to resolve the issue. Animal friendly? yes. Human friendly? No Edit: I received a refund at my request.

  • 1Anish A. 10 months ago

  • 1Siska V. 10 months ago
    The food looks amazing.. if I actually got it. I ordered online assuming everything would be fine, waiting for half an hour or the food to get made and the process to proceed on the app saying it was ready for delivery. Than waited an extra 30 minutes to find they had canceled the order with no contact to me and a refund expecting to take 5-7 days to get back to my account. Terrible service, and unprofessional

Last updated: 2020-08-25