Asian restaurant serving traditional buns and hot soy milk in a trendy space with bare-brick walls.

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Wonderbao - Restaurant in Melbourne, Australia

$ Hip stop for Asian buns & hot soy milk

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4/19-37 A'Beckett St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


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4.50 (711 reviews)

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  • Tuesday: 9AM to 8PM
  • Wednesday: 9AM to 8PM
  • Thursday: 9AM to 8PM
  • Friday: 9AM to 9PM
  • Saturday: 11AM to 4PM
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: 9AM to 8PM


  • 5Sarah L. 1 year ago
    Just sensational

  • 5Christopher P. 1 year ago
    Love wonderbao, only tried the special two as it was a quick unnecessary treat in between meals. You get the option of a pork bao or a tofu one, the tofu one didn’t do it for me but the pork is fantastic and beautifully cooked every time. Bao’s are soft and fluffy as they should be and very good value for money.

  • 5Kitty von L. 1 year ago
    The absolute best bao in town. Not to be missed. Take one for a snack or grab three to make meal out of it, you will not be disappointed. You will probably want more. The braised pork belly is the best in my opinion but, all of them are delightful. You should seriously think about going, then plan a trip, then go and eat bao there. Then come back and eat some more. So good.

  • 5Varsha S. 1 year ago
    Great baos for decent prices, compared to the rest of the city. Small and tucked away in a small strip. Can't go wrong.

  • 5Googols G. 1 year ago
    Lovely, really was. Thank you

  • 5Luna P. 1 year ago
    Simply the best Bao buns ever.

  • 5Andrew De M. 1 year ago
    Delicious baos. Support the business as they are being hidden by the metro tunnels works.

  • 5trent l. 1 year ago
    Great Baos!

  • 5Susanna C. 1 year ago
    Best freaking baos you can get in Melbs. My absolutely fav is the braised pork belly bao! Highly recommend this place. It’s a bit hard to find as it’s tucked away

  • 5Jessica D. 1 year ago
    Great quality bao and decently priced. I've tried a range and they were all delicious. Try the crispy eggplant!

  • 5Dilara K. 1 year ago
    This is a classic hole-in-the-wall, but always delivers. Harder find now, due to the Metro-Tunnel works just outside it but still a fantastic venture. I highly recommend their bao of the week, I haven't tried a bad one yet.

  • 5Wyndham R. 1 year ago
    Yes! Tasty, fast service and very reasonably priced ??????

  • 5Ryan L. 1 year ago
    Honestly the best baos around. Really simple and delicious. Staff were super friendly ?

  • 5Nidhi B. 1 year ago
    Delicious every time!

  • 5Vincent V. 1 year ago
    Wonderbao at Summer Night Market. Good food and company makes life a little bit more satisfying. Nothing could go wrong with a perfectly made Gua bao. A bite sized treats with a section of toppings and flavours. From chicken to pork and your vegetarian options. Popping by the night market? Be sure to give the baos and bite. I rate it.

  • 5Henry S. 1 year ago
    Delicious and fresh!

  • 5j. 1 year ago
    Consistently good baos! I buy the ready-to-eat warm baos, as well as the cold ones to stock up for the rainy days. At home or in the office, it's better to reheat them using a steamer - but who's got a steamer in the office! With a microwave, in order to NOT dry them; i) wrap them individually with a paper towel; ii) wet the paper towel with water; iii) wrap them again with glad wrap iv) then microwave them 15 seconds at a time (repeat if necessary; longer time in microwave if they have been frozen - although they are better if they're thawed first.) By doing these steps, one maintains the softness of the buns. Enjoy! Feedback on your 2019 Night Noodle Market: I had the gua bao pack, although the tofu has ran out by that time. The sauces on both gua baos (pork and chicken) were too sweet and overwhelming. Just a bit disappointing.

  • 5M. 1 year ago
    The chicken bao is a standout. Just yum!!

  • 5Ollie H. 1 year ago
    Awesome food! Hip place! Lovely staff! Good prices! What more could you want?

  • 5Ying c. 1 year ago
    Nice food! Love the gua baos and sweet potato chips!

  • 5Sam B. 1 year ago
    Stunning bao! Flavours, variety and combo deals were spot on. Very well priced for the quality of product. Went back three times in two days for snacks ??

  • 5darnell m. 1 year ago
    Stopped in here for a quick breakfast, but ended up returning later in the day to get another fix. The chicken bao had a suitable amount of filling but I was not blown away by the flavour and texture. It needed seasoning and the texture was a bit rubbery. The char siu pork was the opposite, the filling itself was nice but nowhere near enough of it. The gua baos however were great. We had the roast pork belly and the fried chicken. The serving of pork was very generous and the bao's themselves were light, soft and airy. The pickled vegetables accompanied the pork very well and reminded me of a Vietnamese banh mi.

  • 5Samantha T. 1 year ago
    So yummy! Lots of great options and generously filled. Fried chicken was my favourite. I like the deal where you get to choose three baos. Reasonably priced.

  • 5Anderson L. 1 year ago
    DELICIOUS! But when it's busy there's not enough seating.

  • 5Nathan C. 1 year ago
    Freshly steamed Baos, with a really nice menu for a quick snack or lunch! Both traditional and contemporary baos on offer.

  • 5Daniel T. 2 years ago
    Very delicious pork belly and roosted pork bao. Love the food here. The pork is very tender and juicy.

  • 5Claudia C. 2 years ago
    Despite the location and seats overlooking garbage bins, the baos are amazing! Tried the pork belly, fried chicken and the eggplant. The eggplant was my fave!

  • 5Felix T. 11 months ago
    The hot soy milk is honestly underrated!

  • 5JK G. 9 months ago
    Ordered delivery during Covid times. The buns were amazingly soft when steamed. Much better than any other frozen buns you will find at Costco etc. that stick to your mouth. My 8yo ate 8 of the Korean chicken and Pork Belly Gua Bao combined!!! DELICIOUS!!! SUPER SOFT!!! SUPER EASY TO REHEAT!!! No time for a photo! Gone in a flash ;)

  • 5M. 9 months ago
    Insta: melbfoodie_mark YT: MelbFoodieMark - I absolutely love Wonderbao! It's hard not to get one of their juicy baos whenever I pass by :) Grabbed Braised Pork Belly Gua Bao & Fried Chicken Gua Bao. Bao buns were soft and fluffy and full of delicious fillings! Loved braised pork - juicy inside and crunchy outside with crushed nuts. Fried chicken blew me away as well - super crispy with right amount of seasoning and sauce :) Highly recommend this joint!

  • 5Sarah H. 1 year ago
    The best bao of my life, I still think about it. The triple combo is a great price, and I really enjoyed the eggplant bao although I'm not usually a fan! Fried chicken or pork belly are also heaven.

  • 5Daniel C. 1 year ago
    This place OMG is freaking amazing I could eat here every single day if the year and the popcorn chicken is out of this world anyone should make time out of there day and pop in for feed if you don't your the only one missing out. Cheap in price also which is always a bonus. ?

  • 4Ryan C. 1 year ago
    Really great food and super quick and friendly service. Reason for a star reduction is the very limited seating space. Other than that I would not hesitate to recommend or go back. The Bao I had was pretty big and reasonably priced!

  • 4. 1 year ago
    Bao was really chewy texture. If i can, i want to buy only Bao. Soya milk was savory. Gua Bao ($5.4) Soya milk ($4.5)

  • 4D B. 1 year ago
    Brilliant Flavours and Quick Service! I would recommend getting the Gao-Bao Box with the Crispy Eggplant, Braised Pork Belly & Fried Chicken :)

  • 4Naveen O. 1 year ago
    It's a tiny shop in the no lanes. Bit difficult to find the exact place. You have to stand in the corridor to have food. My first I had bao, it was very tasty.

  • 4Stephanie L. 2 years ago
    Small eatery tucked away on the first floor of a building. A little harder to find because of ongoing construction, but just ask for directions! Cozy albeit fast paced atmosphere, somewhere to grab a quick bite. Would highly recommend their gwa bao!

  • 4Matt O. 1 year ago
    Bao buns Pretty good but service a little slow. Noo where really to eat if the 4-5 eats are taken

  • 4José F. 1 year ago
    Excellent food for excellent prices. It is a shame that there is little space to dine in.

  • 4Bill M. 1 year ago
    Small shop that sells snacks. Chinese bao.

  • 4Joel T. 1 year ago
    Wonderbao. This is Chinese style fast-food burger place (not really a burger). The food are taste fresh, hot, and delicious. Their best baos are the Gua Baos, however, the tradition baos are awesome too. The pricing of the baos is somewhat reasonable. The tradition baos is the cheapest. For me, I have to eat about 4-5 baos to feel somewhat full, which cost about 10-13aud. The cost for that amount of baos is the same as buying a meal in a Chinese restaurant. I think going to Wonderbao is a place to have a snack between meals like an appetizer. The place is quite small only able to sit 5-8 people at a time. The ambient of the store is clean and pleasant. The staff are quite friendly. Overall, Wonderbao is a place to get a quick snack. There's a special deal for students (remember to bring your student card). The prices for one bao is reasonable as it is delicious and fresh. Worth the try

  • 3M. 1 year ago
    Got the fried chicken and a pork bun. Very quick service. Was quite nice, the buns where so soft, but you may need quite a few to fill you up. At $4.50 a piece it gets expensive quite quickly. Tucked away behind a few shops and a little hard to find with the metro tunnel works going on but Google maps will get you there eventually.

  • 3yanis j. 1 year ago
    This was a bit different for us. The three stars is not reflective on the place. The food tasted good and was of good quality. We just were not used to it.

  • 3Dilek A. 1 year ago
    Delicious food. Being a loyal customer over the last 3 years, today I noticed the filling in the gua boas have been reduced. The hero ingredient such as eggplant or chicken was half it’s size. Wonderbao - plz don’t skimp on hero ingredients

  • 3Benjamin O. 1 year ago
    Buns were good but overall could have been tastier

  • 2Jess S. 1 year ago
    cheap yes but very over rated and avoid during peak hour

  • 1Mike L. 1 year ago
    A bit underwhelmed. They do better at festivals and markets.

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