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  • 2Racheli J. 2 months ago
    We came to sandals Montego Bay with the hopes and expectations one would expect from paying such a large amount of money for a short three nights. We had previously been to sandals in Saint Lucia and had a wonderful time. In Montego bay however there were many issues. First off, we had to wait almost three hours to get into our room. They didn’t even finish preparing it for us. Our AC was broken the entire time and we woke up sweating after the first morning. I called multiple times and they kept sending people, but no one fixed it. We had to sleep in a different room each night. We payed a fortune for our luxury room and couldn't even enjoy it. We had a butler who drove us crazy. He gave us a whole speech about giving him a tip even though sandals doesn’t require it, and he kept pressuring us the whole trip to make decisions about excursions and meal times so he can do everything for us and prove to us that he deserves a nice tip. We felt so smothered and annoyed. We could not relax because of him. It felt like a third person had joined our trip. The entertainment was terrible. One of the main reasons we chose this sandals was for the entertainment but It was the same group of kids performing different songs and dances each night. Not at all what you’d expect when you pay so much money. It was terribly misleading. I also called ahead of time to hear what each nights performances would be and it was not what I was told at all. We had dietary restrictions and the butler was the middle man to arrange it. It confused things and we kept getting the wrong food. Overall it was terrible and a lot of the staff seemed overly friendly In a fake way. The way they would constantly wave at the loud airplanes to try and make up for the fact that it is a super annoying reality to vacation right near a runway, felt like a move to psych us out and it was all so juvenile and fake. After this experience I’m pretty sure I’m done with sandals. We payed for a top notch luxury experience and just couldn’t wait to get home.

  • 5Sarah W. 3 months ago
    Went to StewFish the first night & the food was amazing! Stephen the chef was fantastic, got the curry Octopus and it was one of the best meals I had on the trip!!! Hospitality from all the staff was great everyone went above and beyond to make sure we had what we needed, and show us around the resort to make sure we knew where we were going.

  • 4Stanley M. 4 months ago
    Sandals Montego Bay was a very nice trip for me and my family. My butlers Micheal and Charia were exceptional and very tentative to our every need. I highly recommend the two of them if ever you visit this resort. The other persons Coleen of the poolside and Terry Ann at the bar we’re awesome. They made us feel welcome and the service they provided was far beyond what you would expect. The aforementioned persons were all we needed to enjoy this wonderful resort. Thank you

  • 5Ruth I. 4 months ago
    I love this place and I had an amazing time. I stayed here with my sister and we stayed here because we wanted to stay at a five star in Montego bay and had a really good deal on this place. The food was immaculate. The place itself and design was beautiful and the ambience was amazing. I will definitely stay here again and I loved all the workers and the service. They provided so much help with everything they were so sweet and catered to us whenever we needed them. I would highly recommend though if you’re going to take pictures with the photographers, make sure that you go and look at the pictures a day before you leave because after you leave, they will not let you get the pictures if you did not purchase all of them you can’t even look at them After you’ve left so those pictures go to complete waste.

  • 4Shardae O. 4 months ago
    Really enjoyed staying at this resort. Love love the staff! Entertainment was amazing!! The staff were very friendly and welcoming. Resort is very clean. Enjoyed all the night time activities and shows. The room was clean. The shower leaked out through cracks causing the bathroom floor to be wet. I didn't really like that there is only half a door on the shower and the other half is completely open. A couple of the staff members we will always remember that made our stay better and personable- Jerome & Raj(butlers), String Bean, Keavon, Mario @ the bar, and a gentleman ( I didn't catch his name) that we would always see and speak to in the Lobby Area.

  • 5Chris H. 4 months ago
    Highly recommended. Excellent service. Great cocktails. Huge selection of international cuisine. 5 minutes from airport. Very relaxing resort. The team here are brilliant. Good entertainment.

  • 5Chase J. 4 months ago
    Great all inclusive resort! Service was great, variety of restaurants were good. Rooms were clean and updated. We did one excursion( a catamaran snorkel adventure) very nice. Water was clear and lots of fish and coral to see. Entertainment nightly at the resort.

  • 3John D. 5 months ago
    Visited here while staying at Sandals Royal Caribbean. I must say that Sandals Montego Bay is beautiful and much more modernized than Sandals Royal Caribbean but when we went to Butch's for dinner we were very disappointed. Out of the 4 Sandals we have stayed at this particular Butch's was by far the worst. First off it took forever for our server to come to our table. He never brought us bread. The first item I ordered was prime rib, I was told I could not order it rare that I could only order it medium then he came back and told me it was no longer available so I ordered the NY strip medium rare and when it arrived it was way overcooked. He noticed that it was not cooked the way I wanted and wanted to take it back but I told him not to worry cause it was already 930pm and I was starving. I give him props for noticing. In my opinion they book too many reservations and stuff gets missed. Sandals Montego Bay you need to step up your game when it comes to Butch's. We pay a lot of money and to get sub par food at your signature restaurant that bears your founders name is not acceptable. Your resort may be beautiful and modern but our experience at Butch's ruined it. I'm not sure how the other restaurants are at the resort but Butch's did not impress.

  • 5Pat C. 5 months ago
    Location is the best I’ve experienced. Beautiful beaches taken great care of, plenty of chairs, lots of entertainment, great atmosphere, mostly kind employees. Price is high but personally feel it’s worth it. Only complaint is came with a group and was nearly impossible to all eat together because they kept saying they can’t accommodate that many people so most nights we had to either eat at the buffet or split up and go to different restaurants at different times. Overall though, it’s a beautiful place to spend a week.

  • 5Valarie P. 6 months ago
    My daughter got married here and everything was perfect! I loved it so much that we returned 6 months later and I loved it just as much if not more. The most beautiful sunrises and sunsets you will ever see.

  • 4Ankush C. 7 months ago
    We stayed at this resort for one week. Overall, our entire our stay was great. The location is excellent, minutes from the airport. The beach is large with plenty of space for chairs, and the water is picturesque with plenty of space to swim. This was our third Sandals. The resort is big, with lots of options to eat, many pools and bars. The service was excellent, and the staff is friendly and attentive. The food, however, was not great, well made, but lacked flavor. We found other Sandals' resorts to be better. We got the butler service. Overall, it was good but expensive, and although our butlers were great, they didn't go above and beyond. Whether it's worth it for you is up to you to decide. Without them, I think we would have had a similar experience. At the very least, it makes you feel important. At least get the Club level service. The BMW transfers are a plus.

  • 4Tristan B. 8 months ago
    Had a lovely trip here for my cousins wedding. Loved most of the staff here as they were super nice most of the time. Service from wait staff could be better but I imagine dealing with a ton of people a day gets old. I also find staying here to expensive because flights aren't included but that's just a person thing.

  • 4Sharon D. 9 months ago
    The stay at Sandals was great due to the great service and relaxed atmosphere. Most of the staff were friendly, helpful and accommodating. The resort was very clean and room cleaning services were great. However, the room wasn’t what we expected for the price. Sandals is advertised as a luxury resort with luxury resort pricing, so we expected a luxurious room. On a good note, the nightly entertainment was excellent! My husband and I had a good time, but I think we will try another Sandals resort for our next vacation.

  • 3divya s. 10 months ago
    Sad service this time around, third time staying here because first two were great. Not anymore, moving to half moon tomorrow as even sandals staff is suggesting that being better. The runaround to just get to my room was enough to put one off, found out they charged people for late checkouts and had us wait till they cleared. Not cool. Things seem downhill compared to previous stays. Another fact, staff have been told to limit drinks, unlike before, staff i know for 3 years tell me its being asked from them to hustle out customers.

  • 5Wes F. 10 months ago
    My wife and I recently stayed at Sandals Montego Bay for our honeymoon and had an amazing experience. We booked a beachfront walk out butler suite and were very happy with the suite as well as the service we were provided during our week-long stay. Our room was near the restaurants, activities, pools, and of course the beach. While the butler level rooms do come with added amenities, every employee we interacted with from the airport transfer personnel to the groundskeepers went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable and having a great time. Our butlers, Mykal and Paris, were phenomenal! They checked in on us frequently to make sure we had everything we needed during our stay. They took note of our room preferences and daily schedules and were always one step ahead of us. Each day our room was stocked with all our favorite beverages, our favorite beach spot was reserved each morning, and they would even bring us drinks and food out to the beach or pool when they knew we were getting hungry. Every afternoon they decorated our room, drew us a bubble bath, and left us little messages to let us know our trip was all about celebrating our love for each other. We had such an awesome week and unfortunately can’t remember all the names of the amazing staff we interacted with but Carlos and Renando from the water sports shop made sure we had a blast snorkeling, snubaing, and taught us how to wind surf. Peta-Gay, Kevann, and Tresann made sure everyone was having fun on the beach and in the pool by organizing fun games and rallying everyone for volleyball. All our servers for dinner were amazing, especially Natassia who kept our drinks and great food coming while we were at Oleander. Overall, this was a five-star experience. We met so many great people throughout the week and we are already counting down the days until we make another trip down for an amazing getaway.

  • 5JIM .. 11 months ago
    Sandals knows how to do this resort thing. From the rooms to the amenities, they hit their marks and then some. Montego Bay did not disappoint. We did not experience a bad meal, Soy, Butch’s & Oleander were the highlights but even the breakfast buffet was good. Our butlers were top notch and made sure we were taken care of each and every day. When we returned from an all day excursion, we were met with a snack tray of meat, cheese and crackers along with wine and a warm bath to enjoy together. The only draw back to this location is its age and proximity to the airport (jets literally fly right over) however they never flyover at night and they’re gone very quickly. We are now Sandals people booking our third trip while we were there. Well worth the money spent!!!

  • 5cody s. 11 months ago
    Great resort. Spa that will give you great massages. Exclusive excursions and experiences for couples. Buch’s is a great restaurant on the resort. Our server Nicky took AMAZING care of us at this restaurant, she is an A+. We will be back soon.

  • 5Kristen H. 1 year ago
    The grounds were beautiful. Our room was underwhelming compared to the grounds but our stay was still amazing. Staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. Timon at the latitude bar made our trip, best bartender in Jamaica.

  • 1Parker U. 1 year ago
    Food is great and beach is much better than Royal Sandals in Jamaica. However, we have found that the service here in Jamaica is very poor compared to other countries. The staff, especially the women, were extremely rude. They had very bad attitudes and smart remarks. It was really unbelievable for the price we paid. You are much better off going to Cancun or another destination where the staff are paid more or trained to teach the tourists respectfully. Will definitely not be coming back to Jamaican resorts anytime soon. Sandals- you are a scam. This is not a cheap place- and to be treated like this is inexcusable. Step it up.

  • 2ADC E. 1 year ago
    The 100 cats roaming the property 24/7 jumping out as you walk the pathways, on the furniture so you can't enjoy the beach and on tables as you eat which is disgusting . Butler Kasey was lazy and nice nasty; She hides from you and does the bare minimum . Food is average, nothing to write home about. The property looks dated but the pools are very nice. overall I'd give it a 5 out of 10 . Perfect for cat lovers , I mean you REALLY have to love them !!! The spa experience was nice , not great but that was overshadowed by the end when they try to push products on you and saying no thank you doesn't work for the employees, you have to say NO , NO and NOOOOO !!!!! It was our first time in Jamaica . Our off property experience was terrific . I regret spending 5600.00 for 5 days at Sandals because there are much better options in Montego Bay .

  • 5Carol A. 1 year ago
    We visited Sandals Montego Bay for our 15 year wedding anniversary and the resort did not miss! Our last time in Jamaica was for our honeymoon, so we were due back. From the airport pickup, to our reception at check-in, we felt like we were in paradise. The food, drinks, entertainment, and hospitality were all very nice. This resort is close to the airport, and as we saw with other reviews, we quickly got used to the planes taking off. There aren't many taking off each day, and they only occur midday, not at night or early morning. The resort has several pools and restaurants, but the beach views are so beautiful! We only entered a pool once; most of our time was spent on the beach. Hospitality is five stars🌟. There wasn't one staff member that didn't ask if we needed something if they caught us idle or if we weren't holding a drink! Very proactive customer service. Thank you, Sandals, for an amazing vacation. We look forward to our next Sandals vacation, which is already scheduled for next year.

  • 2dawn d. 1 year ago
    We went for a wedding. I have been to MANY all inclusive resorts and this was by far the most expensive, so my expectations were high. We had a butler that was not available because he was a waiter and a butler to 10 other couples. There is no entertainment or activities. VERY BORING! We waited hours to eat each night and the food selection during the day was not good. The staff was AMAZING, however very hard working people. We arrived at at 10am and could not get into our room till 3, that was frustrating. There was one swim up bar with no music and hardly a bartender there. I will not be returning. Sandals needs to step it up or lower there prices!!

  • 5Demetrius M. 1 year ago
    This is a awesome resort. I don't like that there is no window in the bedroom area. But the views are breath taking. The water is so blue and clear in most areas. All you can eat food and drink. The wife loved it for her birthday.

  • 3Amy S. 1 year ago
    We had a great time. Sandals makes it seem nicer than it actually is. The room I had that I paid an astronomical amount of money for was not as nice or clean as it should of been. The best thing about this place was how friendly the staff is. They all greet you and say hello as they pass you by. They are constantly cleaning the palace so the grounds are well kept and sanitized. We had butler service and they did an awesome job, however sandals assigns too many people to a butler and they run around like crazy all day long all over the resort. So it may take awhile until you can get something and it's not the butler's fault they do an amazing job but sandals corporation needs to learn how to treat their employees. I noticed they take advantage, I watched and observed alot,occupational hazard I guess. The only reason I would book with them again and spend another 8 grand on a trip is because of their employees. They treated us great! But maybe then should not assign so many people to 2 butler's or better assign them so they don't run from one end of the Resort to the other. Had 2 awesome Butler's and thank them for taking care of us.

  • 5Ben H. 1 year ago
    Perfection! First time at an all-inclusive resort and Sandals did not disappoint. Service was incredible, rooms and views were breathtaking, the food was delicious and the drinks were outstanding. We enjoyed every minute of our honeymoon at Montego Bay and can't wait to go back again soon!!

  • 5David S V. 1 year ago
    Loved the experience of being in a different country, and coming down to Sandals Montego Bay to experience the resort life! The only thing that we don't like about the resort, is that it is very close to the airport; so if you don't like hearing planes flying over your room every 20 to 40 minutes, you may want to look at another resort (it does quiet down by 10 in the evening). The staff was friendly, the room service staff was very meticulous, very happy to get your food out to you as quickly as possible, and they are very diligent people, so they make sure that your room is well taken care of while you're out on the beach, or just doing a daily excursion. It was a fun time, and I'm certain we'll be back in the future!

  • 3noah k. 1 year ago
    Hard to rate this. You have to break it down by category. Overall great family time. Didn’t think it’s worth the cost. Food - the sushi restaurant is good. The main buffet place is fine but at $800 / day or so cost there are better overall options for resorts. Alcohol - Lots of free alcohol which is good if you want to drink all the time. I wonder if its the actual alcohol or refilled bottles. Staff - The staff 90% seem unhappy to be there and 10% actually like their jobs. Rooms - Forgettable. Nice to have a bath tub on balcony or pool in front-yard. Amenities - Scuba for "free" is nice but they are pretty strict on approving you. Snorkeling was also a fun option. There are basketball courts, volleyball, water sports and good amount of pools on the property. For the money there are other places I'd consider going in Jamaica.

  • 3Dr. JT K. 1 year ago
    This resort was just okay. We stayed at Beaches in Turks and Caicos a few years ago and it was fantastic. This property pales by comparison. To begin with, it is located (literally) just across the fence from the takeoff runway for the airport. The planes take off every 20 minutes or so from morning until night - which is just the kind of ambiance you're looking for on vacation. When we arrived at the resort at 12:30pm, we were left sitting in the lobby for two-and-a-half hours - the entire time being told our room would be ready "any time now". Had we been told the wait would be that long, we would have changed into shorts or bathing suits and gone to the pool or ocean. The room was nice, the staff was amazing! and the food was excellent - though it would have been nice to have dinner options that didn't require you to get dressed up every night (the Pizza place and the Jerk Shack inexplicably close at 6:00pm). We were also disappointed that there were no real activities - and even the few that there were, you had to find by chance. On all of the cruises we've been on they provide a "newsletter" every morning and post events on the television. At this Sandals even the folks at the excursion desks and the concierge were confused about what was going on. We might go to another Sandals sometime - but my advice is to absolutely avoid this resort of their sister property, the Royal Caribbean, in Jamaica.

  • 5Karen L. 1 year ago
    Beautiful property, food, entertainment, drinks, accommodations, beach, pools, staff and service. Never had a bad meal. Weather was perfect (Mar. 10-16, 2022). Low flying planes not an issue for us. Could have had better service with repair of our drapes in our room but that's about the only problem.

  • 5DeeDee R. 1 year ago
    We could walk out to the beach from our room. The room was a little dated. But, we absolutely loved the location, the food, and the service. All top notch! There were so many restaurants from which to choose. Lots of included activities and the best cocktails ever! My husband and I were extremely impressed. We look forward to our next Sandal vacay!

  • 5Lacey T. 1 year ago
    We had the BEST honeymoon ever and already want to go back. The resort was incredibly clean, which is super important with COVD concerns. The staff was all absolutely wonderful. The entertainment was a blast. Our favorite restaurants were Soy and the jerk shack, and our favorite bar was latitudes. Highly recommend!

  • 4Jake V. 1 year ago
    We love the sandals franchise and this resort was not a let down. This is their original resort, so is slightly dated, but everything is impeccably kept. The grounds are beautiful and the views from nearly every room are gorgeous. The resort is more centered on the beach than the pools though so getting chairs at a pool can be a little challenging so plan ahead and get to the pool early to claim your spot. The staff is super friendly, and the Jamaican people are all upbeat and a lot of fun. There are plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from and the food and drinks were top notch. The resort is a quick 5 minute drive from the airport, so you don't waste a lot of time getting there. This does mean that you can hear planes taking off and they can be pretty loud, however it is not super frequent and not really disruptive. Overall we enjoyed our stay and this resort.

  • 5Michael F. 1 year ago
    This was our 5th visit to a Sandals Resort and our 3rd to Montego Bay. Each experience has met our high expectations - wonderful setting, great food & drink, pleasant staff and fun times. Only negative this time was that our room was not ready when we arrived and we lost a day waiting on check-in. As signature, returning guests this was a little let down but in the end we had a great experience overall. Highly recommend services at Red Lane Spa as well.

  • 5Corrina B. 1 year ago
    Sandals Montego Bay is a top-notch hotel resort. We had a beautiful room, two amazing butlers, Marvin and Stevan, who scheduled everything for us, and we ate many delicious meals. Mid-day snacks were brought to the room without us even asking for them. On the last night, New Year's Eve, we came back from an all-day excursion to a bath drawn for us and flower petals everywhere. I felt like a queen for the week. One recommendation would be to make sure to have a lot of $5's with you. Be prepared to tip the drivers and the tour guides whenever you book an excursion. You will also need to tip the drivers who pick you up from the airport and take you back to the airport, along with anyone who helps you with your bags. Also, plan on paying your butlers in cash. They prefer it that way, and I do not blame them. They deserve a good tip. If you plan on any spa services, you will need to tip them as well. American dollars are acceptable. We did not need to exchange any money.

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