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  • 5shae c. 3 months ago
    Pork pit has really improved with their service and food. Food has flavour and I really get my money's worth. Keep improving your food and service. The S jerk place won't be seeing me for a while,.

  • 5Nicole P. 3 months ago
    Came here for dinner and ordered the 1/4 jerk chicken w/rice and peas. By far the best jerk I could find on the island — the resort just didn’t have the right flavor. Pork Pit chicken is so tender and juicy, literally fresh and hot — comes right off the grill. Reasonably priced as well.

  • 4D. 4 months ago
    I had a delicious meal at Montego Bays Pork Pit, a local restaurant that specializes in jerk chicken, pork and sausages. The restaurant is located near the hip strip, across from Walter Fletcher Beach. It is easy to spot by the open pit where they smoke the meat over wood. The smell of jerk spices and smoke is irresistible. The restaurant is very casual and simple, with wooden tables and chairs, and a counter where you order your food. The menu is not very extensive, but it has everything you need for a satisfying meal. You can choose from jerk pork, chicken, ribs, fish, or shrimp, and get them with sides like festival, bread, rice and peas, or salad. They also have drinks like sodas, beers, and rum punch. I ordered the jerk chicken with rice & peas as well as a side of plantain l, and it was quite nice. The chicken was tender and juicy, with a crispy skin and a spicy kick. The plantain was a sweet that balanced the heat of the chicken. The portion was generous and filling. The service wasn't too quick but at least the staff were friendly enough, and the price was reasonable. Overall, I had a great experience at Montego Bays Pork Pit and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves jerk food or wants to try something authentic and tasty in Montego Bay. It was one of the best meals I had in Jamaica.

  • 4Frank B. 4 months ago
    Our second time in Jamaica we stopped here again on the way to Negril. It’s over an hour drive from Montego, our driver didn’t mind stopping, we bought him a meal. The food is always great and flavorful here. You have to sit outside, it was humid but a cloudy day. Give it a try and enjoy!

  • 5Tamara L. 6 months ago
    We went here twice in the week we stayed in Montego. So good. Great bbq pork. Try the ribs too because the bbq sauce is amazing. And a couple festivals to dip in it.

  • 5Princess P. 6 months ago
    Delicious food, must try on your visit to Montego Bay. They accept cards which is a plus!

  • 4Trevor R. W. 8 months ago
    This place has solid food with a local feel. Nothing fancy and and a little smoky. Others commented about being overcharged but this was not my experience. The value is great- I spent $12 (USD) for 1/4 chicken, a side, a bottle of coke, and a bottle of water!

  • 5Jayson H. 8 months ago
    Top notch jerk. Best we've had in the area. Get the pork, you won't be sorry. Bammy cakes are great too.

  • 5Kevin L (. 8 months ago
    If you are in Montegobay and are looking for the real authentic Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Jerk Pork, Or the spiciest shrimps. The Pork Pit is a must. This place the locally owned and frequently visited by the locals. Hands down the best jerk around. Grab yourself a grapefruit soda and enjoy the good vibes and even better food! One Love and eat at the pork pit!!

  • 5Stephanie D. 9 months ago
    The food was so good. The jerk pork was nice and tender. The jerk chicken was smoked and seasoned very well. We also ordered the fried festival and fried bammy. This place gave us total enjoyment. The next time I visit Jamaica 🇯🇲 I will seek them out again ♥️

  • 4T B. 9 months ago
    Food from pit quick and delicious which gets the 4stars. Food from kitchen not bad I'd give it 3stars.

  • 5Collette E. 9 months ago
    Customer service great... Atmosphere great... #Jerk Chicken#Pork...Festival...rice and peas omg....Everything just right💯😉👌

  • 5N. A. S. 11 months ago
    There's no words to describe this place. The food was awesome, the vibe was cool, and the local friendly. I had to stop back over here, before I left Jamaica to go back home. I'll recommend this place every time, especially over Scotchies. I'll be back to visit again n next year when I come back to Jamaica. Baby, you can't get jerk like this no where I tell you. Don't sleep on The Pork Pit, you'll miss out everytime.

  • 4Glen L. 1 year ago
    Fast friendly service. Oh and the food tastes good too

  • 5Faith F. 1 year ago
    Visited from Oklahoma. The jerk chicken and pork were both amazing! So tender and flavorful! Also enjoyed the bread!

  • 2Diana H. 1 year ago
    I was disappointed. I had the jerk chicken and I was expecting solid Jamaican flavor like I know they can deliver however that did not deliver. The meat was bland, not spicy, the sauce was disappointing. I am a born and bred Jamaican and I was disappointed at how Americanized the flavors have become. Maybe chef had a bad night, but it was enough for me to say I won't be returning any time soon.

  • 2Nkateko O. 1 year ago
    First - let me say the jerk chicken here was solid. You can see the chicken being grilled right in front of you on an open pit. However - this place gave us tourist trap vibes. They said the card machine was down - which was fine - we were ready to pay in dollars. Then when they converted it to dollars - they gave it a 50% markup on the exchange rate. The same meal that cost me $19 at another jerk chicken spot came to $60+ here. My advice - carry Jamaican bills if you go here. Beyond that - the chicken was good. So 4 stars for the food but 2 for basically trying to rip people off shamelessly.

  • 4J B. 1 year ago
    The Pork Pit was recommended by the locals, it had outside seating if you want eat there. We tried both the Jerk Chicken and Pork, it was very tasty and well seasoned. Whatever they used to smoke the meats gave it a unique flavor. Food was delicious and the portions were great, only down side was the server was not the friendliest, he could have been a little more welcoming.

  • 4Chris T. 1 year ago
    Recommend both the pork and the chicken. Pork is great. We like that the bbq pit is all open so you can see how the food is made. Also, highly recommend paying in local currency. The USD exchange rate they give you is not even close. I wish I would have had a credit card with me. Their exchange rate cost me an additional 25%+.

  • 5Ana Maria R. 1 year ago
    It's a simple place, where you can sit by the grill and look how they do the jerk meet. They weren't exactly the most happiest people on earth, but they do really good food! We shared 1 Lb of pork and some french fries and it was enough for us.

  • 3D. 1 year ago
    JMD 930 1/4lb jerk pork, very soft & juicy, could do with a tad bit more pimento flavour and pepper undertones. smoke wasnt as strong as expected. JMD300 green press plantain 4 pieces come salted &hot, they were good. JMD 170 bigga   . Would come again, only to try the jerk  chicken. Overall 7/10 Total JMD1400

  • 5Angela G. 1 year ago
    Excellent grill food! Stay with the grill items for the best enjoyment😊.

  • 5Karen W. 1 year ago
    Went here on day 2 in Jamaica and I must say they were better than Scotchies. You have to order, then get your meat, then go back and get your sides. We ordered a chicken and a half with Festival, fried plantains, and bammy, and it was all delicious. Not only is the meat well seasoned, the pepper sauce was good too though not as hot as I remember it being. Although we had the chicken you won't go wrong with the pork if that's what you prefer.

  • 4Regina R. 1 year ago
    Had the steamed Red Snapper here. It was stuffed with cabbage n Okra n Jalapeño... no dry rub. The fish was perfect. I really wanted to go back for another but there were so many other places to try. I recommend the steamed fish in Jamaica and I definitely recommend you get it here!!

  • 4Judith W. 1 year ago
    The ambiance is great. The food is sumptuous. As always it's well prepared. The best jerk pork establishment in St. James for me. I love my pork pit.

  • 5Caroline H. 1 year ago
    First and last stop every time we are on the island! Nothing like it! Everyone needs to experience the deliciousness of this place!! Superbly excellent!! ~on the island again...the pork pit is still as delicious as it ever was!! 2-19-2022

  • 1gary o. 1 year ago
    Have been there many times food always good but what they doing to tourist is absolutely Criminal. Today's exchange rate is approximately 150. Well these thieves at the pork pit currently giving unsuspecting tourist 105 for an exchange rate. They should be investigated and I will make an attempt to call the tourist board tomorrow and file a complaint.

  • 4Joshua H. 1 year ago
    Good food and prices. Staff isn't the most friendly but all is good.

  • 3Stacey M. 1 year ago
    Not the nicest staff the man on the jerk grill was nice. They were out of pretty much everything when we went and they had opened a hour ago. The jerk chicken lacked flavor which is very disappointing. The festivals were good and the fries were hot. The jerk chicken came off the grill and wasn’t even warm. I’d try it again when they have ribs and rice and peas.

  • 5Ty A. 1 year ago
    So delicious! Had the jerk chicken, rice and peas, and festivals. Everything was excellent! The chicken gets such a beautiful char from being cooked on the grill and you can taste the smokiness, it’s awesome. The chicken skin also gets a nice crispiness to it that is so satisfying. The BBQ sauce they put on top is also great. There’s so much to love, make sure you stop by when you’re in Jamaica!

  • 4Courtney G. 1 year ago
    Never a let down with the quality of their food! Truly great at their craft as Jerk legends. The smoke method they use, the type and quality of the wood they use and topping that all off with a great sauce... yummy yummy in my tummy tummy! Lol

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